Friday, November 12, 2010


Don't you just LOVE how the Leftists try to slide out little news blurbs over the weekend and/or holidays, hoping that Americans will be too busy to notice? Unfortunately for them, Marines like Lt D have their eyes wide open as to the scumbaggery of the Left. Kudos to the Lieutenant.

EXCERPT: GE said Thursday it will buy 25,000 electric vehicles for its fleet through 2015 in the largest-ever purchase of electric cars. GE will begin with an initial purchase of 12,000 vehicles from General Motor Co., starting with Chevy Volt in 2011. The conglomerate said it "will add other vehicles as manufacturers expand their electric vehicle profiles." The first Chevrolet Volt is expected to roll off production lines later this month. GM confirmed the announcement with
This is HILARIOUS. Remember folks, when dealing with libscum like Obama, Soros, Nutsy Pelosi, Dingy Reid, always, always, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

First, GM is now Government Motors. (Which is why the Gunny will never again buy a GM.)

Second, Jeffy Immelt at GE follows so close behind Obama and when Obama recently bent over to bow to Burger King, Immelt's head went so far up Obama's ass that he can probably see the Kenyan Usurper's liver. In fact, a quick search of Open Secrets reveals that Jeffy gave 10K to the DNC in 2008, which of course, went to the Imam's campaign of Hoax and Chains.

Third, GE donated almost 700,000 bucks to the Dummycrats in 2008, again, all of which went to the Kenyan Usurper.

Fourth, this regime gave General Electric (who owns NBC BTW) $24.9 MILLION bucks from the $787 BILLION economic Porkulous that the Kenyan signed off on in February 2009. ( And even after getting $24.9 million from the U.S. taxpayer, GE managed to shed 18,000 US EMPLOYEES in 2009. (GE 2009 annual report.) But hey, they DID manage to post a tasty profit, of 156 BILLION in 2009. (Standard & Poor's) Why exactly did they NEED 24.9 MILLION in TAXPAYER money? Ah, a kickback to Immelt for backing Ol Jug Ears.

Does that PISS YOU OFF? It should. But wait, there's MORE!

Owl Gore, Obama, GE/NBC, Soros, and the Dummycrats are all in the sack together like some sick NAMBLA fantasy. The Left STILL clings desperately to the climate change bullshit. WHY?


Owl Gore+Carbon Credit Exchange (now defunct)+Democrats and Cap and Trade = SCAM!

You see, if we DRILLED for domestic oil and refined it here in the USA, gas prices would go down ala supply and demand. But you see, because groups like GE, Owl Gore, etc, have put down a huge financial bet on "green" energy sources, such as wind and solar, which only work on certain days and nowhere NEAR the BTU output of oil, they would lose MONEY if we were "allowed" to drill for domestic oil. Hmmm, you think THIS is why the White House LIED on the oil report on offshore drilling? So as they tighten down the screws on oil and coal production ("I am going to bankrupt the coal industry," Obama) prices will go UP and we'll be "NUDGED" into underperforming green crapulence, i.e.,  the Chevy reVolt, the Edsel of the 21st century.

So what happens? GE CEO Jeffy Immelt, again, who owns NBC, starts promoting climate change fears and solar panels (made in China) amd wind turbines as a sound energy alternative. They even had OWL GORE on "Meet the Press on July 20, 2009, wringing his hands about gloBULL warming, gloBULL cooling, climate change, and of course, he attacked oil exploration. But best of all, Ol Owl can always be counted on to be the pimp on the spot as he, OH YES HE DID, touted his idea to generate ALL of the electricity needs for the USA, from, you guessed it, carbon-free sources like wind turbines. Oh yeah, Ol Pimp Gore also supports the use of coal, as long as it is processed with carbon capture and sequestration, a technology owned by, you guessed it, GE!

Why NBC even had T. Boone Pickens on Squawk Box. T. Boone wants to use natural gas and wind, of course, areas where HE has major investments. Oh, and T. Boone purchased $2 billion dollars worth of wind turbines...from GE.

So let's see how this works out? Green technology sucks. The GM reVolt sucks. Obama owns GM. Obama gave money to GE who gave him money to get elected. GM is now owned by the UAW, who also got BILLION from the US taxpayer, who calls in their marker to Obama, who they also gave huge amounts of cash to get him elected. Obama complies, naturally, and he tells his buddy Immelt to hookup GM with a nice fat order. Since GE also produces the CHARGING station for the reVolt, GE gets a nice kickback on that. Oh, did the Gunny forget to mention that GE will also get a tasty $7,500 TAXPAYER FUNDED Credit PER VEHICLE?

25,000 vehicles times $7,500 equals... 187,500,000 MILLION dollars of OUR MONEY into GE's pocket. And the Left whines about business being in the pocket of Republicans? WTF?

Oh, and where does electricity come from? Oh yeah, coal-fired power plants, probably using GE technology that they had to pay for.

This kind of scam could ONLY originate in the mind of a Chicago democrat.

Imam Obama and Jeffy in conclave

 "Here's what we'll do Boss. First we'll ban the incandescent light bulb..."


  1. GM is garbage. Last I heard GM stock has lost 20 cents of every taxpayer dollar spent. Not to mention the Volt is over-hyped. Many of the Road & Track and Car & Driver types have tested the Volt and have found that it doesn't get half the mpg that it promised and when on the highway at 65 mph it is running on gas only. What a farce. I have lost a lot of respect for GE and have sold all of my funds that held GE stock. They are all in bed together and the only way to make them suffer is to not purchase their products.

    Quick correction for you. NBC is now owned by Comcast.

    "History suggests that capitalism is a necessary condition for political freedom. Clearly it is not a sufficient condition." Milton Friedman

  2. rikdergis,

    I had to laugh when I read that when the battery is dead, the gas takes over, lugging a dead weight around! Only a liberal could think of a useless car like that.

    Comcast owns 51% of NBC while GE owns 49% as far as I can tell. It's enough to be able to dictate what Nothing But Crap puts out.

  3. GM and GE both lost my respect and patronage. Being an electrician, I get the opportunity to pass on GE products nearly daily. I own a buick I bought in 2007, it is my last GM car. I would also add the quality of the car is poor. If a union built it, I will pay extra to buy something else.

  4. Michael,

    Good for you. When I do stuff around the house, I DO NOT buy GE.

    I've been driving a Jetta since I got rid of my crappy GMC Jimmy back in 2003. I put 200K on my last Jetta, this one has 75K, and gets 28-30mph on the highway.

    I'll never buy another GM product.

  5. This EPA gives me heartburn. So much phony panic. Stupid lightbulbs,it shows almost everything wrong with liberals. They want to run the lives of the world. As I have said before, they have caused more deaths, and more misery than all the wars.
    As far as GE, I too will never buy another GE product.Our new coffee pot is Black and Decker, for that very reason!
    We have Chevy pickup trucks, but they are from the 90's, and when they go, won't be another one in our carport!

  6. Let's not forget- GE is also the world's biggest maker of wind turbines; and Obama gave millions to a Spanish company to buy GE windmills with. The scam continues....


    25,000 vehicles times $7,500 equals... 187,500,000 MILLION dollars of OUR MONEY into GE's pocket.

    A tax credit means that less tax is paid.

    A 7500 dollar tax credit means that if you oaw $7500 in taxes, and you have obtained a $7500 tax credit, then you owe to taxes.

    So, $7500 tax credit X 25,000 vehicles means that GE does not pay $187.5 million of their taxes.

    It is not money paid to GM.

    Taxpayers can't fund a credit.

    Government allows a credit.

  8. Having been an ASE mechanic for many years I can honestly say I'd NEVER buy another GM product as long as I live. They are mostly crap and fall apart just as the warranty ends. Why in God's name would I buy a product that is useless and that I already own part of? Sorry guys but I bought a hyundai only for the excellent 10yr/100000 mile waranty. I also saw the video of the cretins working at Chrysler pounding 40's and smoking joints on their lunch breaks, NICE!! I would buy a Ford as they never took a dime but then again, still built by the UAW cretins.

  9. Nanna,

    I hope GM goes into the toilet where it belongs.

  10. Craig,

    My point is, is that they're putting 187M in their pockets through that credit. In other words, they're not paying their fair share through a scam foisted on us by the the Leftist elites.

    If the government allows a credit, is that not funded through the taxpayer? Are we not funding Earned Income Credit that redistributes our income? This is a redistribution is it not?

  11. Anon,

    Well done. I myself am sold on VW's but my buddy swears by his Toyota Landcruiser. I am enjoying seeing Ford kick butt but as you say, they're still UAW run.

  12. I live in Michigan, and my job has me running all over the Southeast area to service office equipment. Several different union halls have accounts with us, and I had service calls at three of the halls the day after the election. The absolute and utter doom that hung in the air at those places was so thick it was nearly a tangible object. Every conversation was nothing but "Woe is me.", and "How could this happen?". It was difficult, to say the least, to keep from giggling. Years of working on their equipment, I am extremely familiar with the kind of crap that gets printed and distributed to the members. That knowledge combined with the smugness they had two years ago when the Dolt in Chief was put in office only made that Air of Doom the more sweeter to me. I am not the type to find pleasure in another person's misery, but knowing how these people operate I find it difficult not to take at least a small measure of pleasure in watching them wallow. You know, they try so hard to shake that stereotype of unions being nothing but a bunch of people collecting huge paychecks while sitting around doing nothing. And you know what? In over ten years experience of working in these places, that is EXACTLY what happens. Yes, some of the people do some work in there. Usually the secretaries are doing something. But the upper eschelons? At the desk in their office on the internet or reading the paper with their feet up. I wish I could go into more detail, but I prefer not to on the infinitesimal possibility that someone read this and figure out who I work for. But it is absolutely mind boggling.

    I've always liked Ford, and I was very happy that they had taken the initiative a few years ago to get their crap together on their own which resulted in them not requiring a bailout like the other two idiotic companies, especially Gubbment Motors. But Ford is still union controlled, and I long for the day someone grows the stones in this state to finally make this state RTW. My grandfather, rest his soul, who was serving in the Army as a combat engineer in Pearl December 7th and island hopped all the way to Okinawa, was intimately familiar with unions having been one of the people that helped found the carpenter's union in this area. He could not stand what they had become, and was extremely bitter when he spoke of them. Like he said, there was a time they served a purpose, and truly did exist for the workers. He was absolutely irate over the fact they had become nothing but a political machination and feeding trough for the do-nothings at the top of the union chain. He always said that after they had begun to turn into the sham they have become these days, he could never bring himself to serve in an official capacity despite being offered many positions over the years.

    To wrap this monstrous comment up, I'll share one small experience I had that really sums up just how disgusting unions have become to me. I also work at several school districts, and during one of many contract negotiation times at a particular district, all the teachers had signs in their cars complaining about how the district was basically screwing them out of decent wages. What made these signs so irritating was that a majority of these signs were taped inside the back window of a Cadillac. BMW. Lexus. Benz. It may sound pompous of me, but I find it hard to feel sympathy for someone driving around in a 45K+ car, while knowing that no matter how poor their performance as a teacher, they are basically untouchable short of a sexual misconduct or financial crime conviction. But like I said, until someone here grows the stones to push through Right to Work, I fear this state is seriously screwed.

    Ok, I'm done now. Sorry for rambling...

  13. Anon,

    Thanks for the comment. My father came from a UNION family and after Cong. Andrew May got a few of his buddies KIA, he saw the lies of the Dems! He HATED Dems after that and rightly so.

    I would suggest saving that material you gather and putting it in the hands of Beck or Rush.

  14. I may actually do that. God knows I'm in those places enough. Some of the stuff I've seen, while probably perfectly legal as far as I can tell, would make your stomach turn. Yes, I am basically on the poor end of the spectrum as far as income goes. And yes, I'd love to make 30+ dollars an hour with access to insane benefits and golden pensions. But I just cannot even begin to fathom that mindset, much less bring myself to living under it.

  15. Anon (the lib),

    Deleted your stupid post. Try formulating a coherent thought to the topic at hand and the words, "tea baggers" is so, I don't know, Christine Matthews and Roger Maddow.

  16. I never trusted T. Boone. I have thought he was only touting this crap because he is an opportunist and saw big profit with the coming cap and tax scam.
    Gvii, good post. My step father was a member of two unions. If the guy at the top didn't like you, you got moved to the bottom of the job list. He used to complain about the shop stewards telling him off if he had the nerve to clean up after himself. They told him he was taking someone else's union job by doing that.
    Teachers unions? Too much to rant about there.
    You are like an undercover conservative. Watch your back! Keep us informed!

  17. Ol' T Boone has some good ideas.

    Like if we converted cars over to natural gas we would have enough to run for another 60+ years at the same time the demand and the price for gasoline would naturally drop.
    nobody listens to Okies with good ideas.

  18. Let's not forget that electric cars are anything but "green". Not only does the battery production turn land into hazwaste sites, but the cars have to recharge frequently, and the power comes mostly from COAL FIRED POWER PLANTS!

  19. GE is taking MORE than the first production run. Good. Let THEM put up with the POS.This "car" is going to have more bugs in it than a cheap motel.Know a couple people in the test crew.I was asking how well they thought this thing would do,and they just rolled their eyes. THAT says it all.Sure glad I dumped GE and GM both,told the F.A., IF he even mentioned buying"NewGM" he would be FIRED. And his ass kicked.

  20. Let us not forget that with the banning of incandescent light bulbs we will be looking at rising mercury levels in our groundwater as people start throwing away broken CFLs rather than properly disposing of them in a EPA approved manner.
    The sad thing is, so many still believe business is in the tank for the Republicans...
    And I love my brand-new (2011) Mustang 5.0!