Thursday, November 11, 2010


"When my stepfather was a boy, he watched his own father and older brother leave home to fight and die in the struggle for Indonesian independence," Obama told the audience.

Too bad the so-called Command-in-Chief was AWOL/UA from praising AMERICAN veterans, who have kept the wolf away from the front door since 1775 but he managed to praise his fellow Indonesians. Is he off to Kenya next to praise his relatives who fought in the Commie Mau-Maus?

EXCERPT: WASHINGTON -- "Today is Veterans Day. Do you know where your president is? With his feeble flame of "hope" thoroughly doused here in the United States by last week's elections, President Obama has set out around the globe in search of throngs still enthralled by his flowery rhetoric. He found them, of course, in Indonesia this week by telling them about how Americans must stop mistrusting Islam. So that is why your president is halfway around the world instead of being here in the United States to celebrate the sacrifices American soldiers, sailors and airmen have made around the world to keep the real, still-burning flame of freedom alive."

How Ronaldus Magnum praised AMERICAN Veterans: (excerpt)

"I think sometimes of General Matthew Ridgeway, who, the night before D-day, tossed sleepless on his cot and talked to the Lord and listened for the promise that God made to Joshua: "I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee." We're surrounded today by the dead of our wars. We owe them a debt we can never repay. All we can do is remember them and what they did and why they had to be brave for us." (A speech given at Arlington, link below).




  1. I voted for this proud AMERICAN! If you people really think that Obama has anything in mind except the best interest of America than you have have swallowed the kool aid that your pundits have been brewing for years. May god have mercy on your vindictive souls.

  2. Imam Obama is the most un-American President ever. That's saying something after witnessing Jimmy Carter and BJ Clinton.

    God Bless all of the veterans who have sacrificed so much to preserve our way of life. Happy belated birthday to USMC, 235 years of honor and service.

    "The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him." G.K. Chesterton

  3. How DARE he call himself the Commander in Chief. He is the Phony in Chief, the Chicken in Chief, the Kenyan in Chief, The Muslim in chief, the Appeaser in Chief, The Actor in chief, The Pansy in chief,the Fool in Chief, but NEVER the Commander in Chief!!!

  4. Good points on this Veterans Day. I am seeing more outpouring of vet recognition today than I think I have ever seen. It's great!
    Also, Google "AP Fort Snelling Memorial Rifle Squad" for numerous articles around the country about this group of Vets. Even (gasp) MSDNC. Disclosure, I am a member.

  5. Like they say, "Actions speak louder than words".
    And this is just my opinion, but if I hear another person claim that Barry has flowery language or is a gifted speaker, I may just break my keyboard typing an angry response.
    He has a cadence that is elementary. He can't seem to say more than 6 words at a time. He always sounds like a boring lecturer and he and Shelly Antoinette always sound like they're issuing us orders or telling us off.

  6. Thank GOD all who serve are of higher caliber than the vast majority of our "leaders". Especially the P.L.L. To all who are or who have served,a heartfelt thank you. Honor and Valor are two words these clowns in office for the most part,have NO IDEA of the meaning of those words.

  7. My regard for our resident is beyond disgust. He represents no one of this nation except himself.

    I hope the new congress begins impeachemnt proceedings on day one. The clown has to go.

    He is an embarassment to this great nation and unworthy of his office.

  8. Libscum,

    Thanks for posting that. We're always interested in the inner workings of the tiny cranial vaults of you libs.

  9. rikdergis,

    I could not agree more. He goes over there and gets on his knees and STILL gets the shaft from the G20 clowns! HAHA.

    This trip on our dime was simply a "Love Me Again" tour for foreign audiences.

  10. Nanna,

    The perfect summation of his creds!

  11. Navyvet,

    There are only two groups who rate recognition and/or special rights in America and that is Vets, and their families and supporters. Can't have warriors w/o a homefront.

  12. beachmom,

    I LMMFAO at the idiot's speech where he was all out of breath like he ran a marathon before his speech.

    Obama is an absolute 100% asshat.

  13. clyde,

    I'd settle if they knew WTF the meaning of honor, courage, and integrity was.

  14. Hardnox,

    I could not agree more. I'll be glad when he is just a bad memory in Jan 2013.

  15. At least he'll only be a one term president.

  16. I read an exerpt from Obama's interview with Oreily, before the election.

    Without the TOTUS, Obama stammers all over the place

  17. Libscum,
    when Democrats are angry with him and liberal newspapers are taking Obama to task, it is hardly all the work of right wing pundits.

    You want koolaid, Chris Matthews and Keith Oberman are dispensers of koolaid at the Jim Jones level.

  18. Libscum,

    With a handle like yours at least you know what you are.