Tuesday, November 2, 2010


You gotta love these Blue States, stuck on STUPID. We can always count on the Left Coast to provide us with some serious laughs, as always, and the morons in Taxachusetts to come through for the banking queen! One of the two idiots directly responsible for the housing debacle, gets reelected! Many our new Tea Party patriots can ram a reform of Fannie and Freddie down Barney's throat, which would be a switch for him.


2. BOXER IN...


The Mexifornians actually elected MOONBEAM BROWN, the very clown who said he lied last time, has no plan, etc, etc, ad nauseum. This is actually a GOOD THING for us as Mexifornia is a massive failure waiting to happen, so let it happen on Moonbeam the Moron's watch.

We can continue to count on the Leftist morons to screw us until the adults get sworn-in in January 2011 as posted on Drudge.

1. PUMP: Fed Likely to Announce $500 Billion of Purchases... That means the liberals will take more out of their right pocket to pay off the debt in their left pocket. As the headline says:

"Biggest decision in decades" and when you devalue the dollar, WE THE PEOPLE get to enjoy a 20% DROP in the value of our dollar. Of course, the uber-rich libs in Congress, now ousted, have nothing to lose and can screw us from now until Jan 2011.

Libs, like VD, the gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Well, we didn't win the war.
    We did win a victory.
    We are about were England was in October 1940 after winning the Battle of Britain.

    It is just too bad there are so many dunderheads that love being given your money.
    The shame of it is these dunderheads are in states that started the Revolutionary War over a government taking THEIR money for someone else..

  2. There are already stories in the news today about sugar and other food products going up in price.
    Kalifornia proved once again that they are moonbats.
    You could ad insanity to that last sentence Gunny.

    On the other hand, here in Maine the people have actually shown some sort of sense. The Republicans have taken the House and Senate in the state for the first time in over 40 yrs.
    And it looks like the Govnernor is going to be a Republican.

  3. Gunny,
    My sister, and her son and daughter in law live in California. They were seriously talking of leaving there if Jerry Brown won. She has lived there for over 60 years.
    I can't believe how stooopid those people out there are. How could they vote in these losers in that they voted for last night!!
    I am thankful that we have done so well all over the country.
    Oklahoma voted to put an amendment to Okla.'s constitution that will make it illegal to use Sharia law, or any international law.
    Muslims are already saying they will sue. Oklahoma said it will be time to play cowboys and Muslims.

  4. beachmom,

    Congrats to y'all in Maine. Now KEEP the pressure on them.

  5. Nanna,

    HUGE KUDOS to the folks in OK. NICE job cutting the Muslims and the Leftists off at the knees.

  6. One more piece of good news,

    that scumbag Grayson in Florida is history although he still won't admit any mistakes.

  7. Looks as if Michigan will be run by R's. THEIR asses CAN,and WILL be kicked if THEY aren't up to the task at hand. We shall see.

  8. I thought that was a list of dog squeeze. Packy is right, Grayson is gone.
    But I have to admit that he was almost right, Republicans wanted his career to die quickly.

  9. Nanna:

    I emailed State Rep Todd Russ and asked if the legislature would send the open carry bill and the Oklahoma version of the Montana gun bill to our new governor. Henry vetoed both. I think Fallin would sign them.
    He replied email:
    "Buck. I'm nearly certain you will see it. Thanks. Todd"