Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Buck said... "Well, we didn't win the war but we did win a victory. We are about where England was in October 1940 after winning the Battle of Britain. It is just too bad there are so many dunderheads that love being given your money. The shame of it is these dunderheads are in states that started the Revolutionary War over a government taking THEIR money for someone else."

Churchill stated: "What General Weygand called the Battle of France is over. I expect that the Battle of Britain is about to begin."
We won big last night but then again, we knew that we would. Obama sucks. Pelosi sucks. Reid sucks. In fact, the whole damn Democrat Party along with their RINO allies, i.e., McLame, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collings, etc, all suck. Rich bluebloods dictating to the hoi polloi. The nation had a brain fart in 2006 and a bigger one in 2008.

Buck makes a great point in that while we did win ONE battle last night, we should be upset that there are so many idiots in America blind, or maybe NOT so blind, to the ills of income redistribution, etc. Take a look at the election map (Link below).

Take a look at the Blue areas, where the libs hold power. Slums. Rampant unemployment. High crime. Southern Arizona voted DUMMYCRAT? The very people who REFUSE to secure the border? Even more stunning is the states that elected a Dummycrat as Governor! MOONBEAM BROWN? Pardon the Gunny for a second...


Mexifornia is a state on the verge of total collapse and they put a moonbat in as Governor? In the Gay Area, they reelected Lynn Woolsey and Barbara Lee? They're getting the government they want and when they fail, and they will, THANK GOD that Republicans hold the House so that Mexifornia doesn't get a bailout like the Dummycrats gave to GM, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. Well done Mexifornians, you even kept the yammering loon Pete Stark. Classic.

Our Founders felt that states SHOULD be allowed to do as they will, in the great experiment, and today, the experiment includes all 57 states. We can look to Mexifornia as an example of what NOT to do in the coming months and when they fail, as they must, we must ensure that they have no claim on the Federal coffers. To those Conservatives still left on the Left Coast, the Gunny would say, it's a lost cause brethren, get out while you still can.

Maryland, Taxachusetts, New York, and Illinois, all elected Dummycrat governors. Why? Unbelievably, the dolts in Taxachusetts kept Deval Patrick, one of the dumbest SOBs to ever come down the pike! Well, then again, they reelected Chappaquiddick Ted and Hanoi John "my boat is parked in Rhode Island" Fonda Kerry, so WTF, nothing new there. Oh, and the banking queen was reelected in his hardcore gerrymandered to the max district. One of the clowns who brought us the housing and banking bust. Liberals are STUCK ON STUPID!

Apparently, there are still too many of the radical 60's clowns, the peace, love, dope crowd, the "tune in, turn on, and drop out" crowd of liberal parasites running around, voting in big government asshats and rabid socialists who are more interested in feathering their own nests and redistributing OPM (Other People's Money), in their various "bread and circuses" moment. HOWEVER, getting rid of that far-left skivvie stain Feingold alone moved Ameirca to the right a few notches.

So fellow patriots, take a few minutes today and rejoice. Sip some suds, toss back a few shots of Bushmills, and savor the moment. We won big. Then realize that the fight is FAR FROM OVER! There are still liberals in power and we cannot relax until EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM is run out of office and preferably, out of the country. November 2012 is a-coming...

"Doing right ain't got no end." Captain Redlegs.


  1. "Prez" is to speak any minute now. I'm sure he's all ready to work with Republicans now. Then he'll run off to his 200 million dollar a day trip to India.
    Heres to 2012.

  2. Nanna,

    I can't listen to Zero's nasily whining. Hell, I would vote 200 million to india if they KEPT Zero there! haha

    I can't believe that Barry would take 3,000 people with him to India. If Bush had done that, the leftists would have had kittens over it!

  3. The election went pretty much as I expected. In a way I'm sort of glad we didn't win the Senate so Obummer can't blame us as his policies continue to fail. 2012 is now the target. The Marxist have to defend many more Senate seats next time than they did this time and in states that are moving to the GOP. In 2012 we take the Senate and Presidency. One more thing; holding a majority of Governorships we get to gerrymander a bunch of Congressional seats away from the Democrats in 2012.

    "Before Alamein we never had a victory. After Alamein we never had a defeat." Winston Churchill

  4. rikdergis,

    Taking the House and the Governorships is icing on the cake. We own the Treasury. We own the States. Barry and the rest of the libs are DONE!

  5. We better pray that California makes it economically because if they fail WE will have to pay for it. The rest of the United States will have to pay. They'll never get their financial house in order because they give all their money away to illegals. California should be the poster child for how NOT to run a state.

  6. Oh yeah Gunny, Oklahoma voted to make an amendment to the constitution that says the gvt can't force us to buy health insurance, or fine us when we don't buy it. There were 3 states with that on the ballot, Arizona, Okla. and Colo. Arizona and Oklahoma passed it. Colo. rejected it... I haven't found out yet what all passed here, I know the right to carry law was also voted on. I'm just sure it passed, but don't know for sure.

  7. Anon,

    I disagreed on bailing out Mexifornia. I do not think that the other 56 states, as Obama counts, would buy off on it. I know that I would tar and feather my Rep if he voted for it, should it come to that.

    They NEED to fail and to face it. Like a drunk who hits bottom and can only look up!

  8. Nanna,

    Here in AK, I voted against a bond referendum but it passed. The idiots are taking the money out of the PFD and "promising" to pay it back.

  9. The libs were so far down the tubes that Prop 19 wnt up in smoke.

  10. Some victories are sweeter than others. The damnable slum dwellers in Detruit sent back 2 dickheads who have kept them in bondage for 60 years. Dingell and Conyers. These two OUGHT to be in jail,but,nooooo,the asshats REWARD their insolence. Time to put CONSERVATIVE boots on Obama's throat. (take it anyway you want,Ivan)Aside to ANY R who speaks "compromise". THAT ONE WORD will go down to be YOUR Waterloo.YOU.WILL.BE.FIRED.IN.2012. NO compromise with the asshats. MAKE them veto shit.

  11. Never been here till today but like what I see already..Nice Blog Bro!

  12. This is a direct quote from a e-mail.

    "Progressive heroes like Russ Feingold, Alan Grayson, and Tom Perriello stood up for everything we believe in. But they were swamped by voter frustration and corporate cash."

    OMG, what alternate universe do this turkeys live?

  13. But Gunny, Don't they always pay back what they "borrow"?
    sarc off :-)

  14. Clyde,

    I could not agree more but they are getting what they deserve and voted for. Let them fail, like California. It is the only way they'll learn.

  15. Pack Rat,

    The clown that runs moveon is a shitbird ex-army PFC! haha. He spent six years in the army and came out a PFC, that should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about the bum.

  16. Nanna,

    Yeah. They'll juggle the books and run a few more scams before we catch them at it.

  17. Pack Rat,
    What is your problem with prop 19? I'm pretty sure Gunny refers to doing shots of Irish whiskey in his post. How is pot any worse than whiskey? Also, I'm pretty sure you guys espouse small limited government. So why do you support more government meddling in the form of the drug war?

    Yes some founders thought states should be able to do what they want. They also abandoned the majority of that idea when they abandoned the articles of confederation, wrote the constitution, and implemented the supremacy clause. John Quincy Adams declared south carolina treasonous for nullifying a terribly detrimental tarriff. Madison wished to base the new political system on "natural inequality". Gerry said problems encountered under the articles were because of an "excess of democracy". The majority of founders were rich elites who were not democratic revolutionaries. Thomas Jefferson is one of the few founders that actually thought highly of states rights.

    Before I get slammed in here. I am all for states rights and limited government, but Pack Rat I am not for the drug war.

  18. I'm already sick of the media saying Sir Golfsalot showed humility and admitted the American people don't like his policies.
    What he said was that he went too fast and that we still don't get it. In other words, we're stupid. And after saying to the R's that he won when they came to him with ideas and that the R's can come along for the ride he's going to take them on but they have to sit in he says he's willing to listen to ideas and consider them. Notice he didn't say he is willing to implement any ideas from anyone else.
    He is a narcissistic liar.

    Good news though: For the first time since 1964, the State House and the legislature in Maine have a Republican majority.
    Our new Governor is not as polished as Chris Christie but he already told the fishermen if Obama tries to put more regulations on them he'll tell Obama to go to hell. :)

  19. Today Ann Coulter said this,
    "The fact that this year's crop of Senate elections was bad for the Republicans means the Senate elections two years from now, and then again four years from now, are going to be fantastic for Republicans."

    She's right. As long as we don't rest on our laurels. As long as we DO NOT slack off, lose interest or support.
    Lots of left handed politicians will be up for re-election in '12 and '14. In states not on either coast.
    Plus liberal Dem Representatives that won close and semi-close elections will suddenly find themselves running in realigned districts...realigned by the Pubs this time...
    Onward! Once more! Into the breach for God, King and Country! Uh, well, maybe not "king". Kinda got carried away, there...

  20. JPKnowMad
    You assume much.
    My comment refereed to California's decision on legalizing pot.

    Too many questions not enough answers.
    DUI is DUI whether it is pot or booze, but no test for THC at present.

    I can comment on other state's actions just like they comment about where I live.

  21. Pack Rat,
    I understand there is no roadside test for thc inebriation. What do you propose? Leave the drug war intact until there is a test for every abused substance?

  22. A little bit off topic but I just read that David Cameron took a commercial flight to the states and traveled on amtrak in the states. Wow, compare that to Obama's India trip.

  23. If California legalized pot, ten years from now they'd be trying to get everyone to quit because of the high cost of healthcare due to the lung diseases from smoking it.

  24. Beachmom,
    There are actually quite a few long term studies out that show it has no long term health risk. The DEA's own administrative judge said this "Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man". On another note, even if you were correct, the government should not tell you what you can put in your body or try to make you quit something that is bad for your body. I'm sure you would be in support of the government banning high fructose corn syrup or big macs.

  25. JPKnowmad

    Please check out this site, it refutes many of your talking points.

    There is no comparison between a drug and sugar.
    You were on better grounds comparing booze and weed.

    By the way, if you needed heart surgery, would you want your surgeon to relax by a weed or two before he started on you?

  26. Pack Rat,
    No I would not want a heart surgeon relaxing by smoking a few joints before my surgery. I also would not want him to have a few shots of whiskey either but I don't support alcohol prohibition because I'm scared my doctor might have a drink beforehand. Personal responsibility and consequences. You people sound like the nanny state that I hear you bit** about so much on here. So people can be responsible alcohol consumers but not responsible marijuana consumers? Sounds hypocritical to me.

    I checked out that link as well. They don't have a single in text citation or even refer to a named study. They do have a few sources at the end. One is the NIDA and another is a blog or something based off NIDA. I wonder why NIDA would say bad things about pot, hmm I wouldn't expect that. I can send you quite a few actual studies, short and long term, if you would like to read them. I find it hard to believe that a poster on a right wing, small government blog would link an article that uses the federal governments "science" as proof of anything. By the way, Just a few conservatives that support my position are Paul, Friedman, Buckley, Shultz, and even Gingrich.

    I also know marijuana is not the same as sugar but the argument that government should be able to tell you what to consume is the same regardless of what the substance is. BTW, I bet big macs or hfcs are responsible for higher healthcare costs and lead to more early deaths than cannabis.

  27. Still in denial , huh, JPKnowMAd?
    The writers are MD's, the referenced studies are from professional publications.

    Is all that you can accept are in text citations vs end of article citations.

    I have watched the deterioration of student and soldier due to cannabis use, going from motivated and sharp to unmotivated and dull.

  28. Denial? No. I saw the medical board that reviews each article. Yes they are all MD's. Do you think any of them actually participated in any marijuana study? No. Where did they get their information? The only thing they have listed are a few sources at the bottom three of which come from the feds. One of the remaining two states there is no association between lung cancer and marijuana. So that leaves one source. That one source is not even a study. It is a review of multiple studies in which the only short term effect they found was bronchodilation. They did however find a couple effects long term such as phlegm and wheezing, but it also states that these studies that were reviewed were not controlled for tobacco smoking so who knows if that had any effect on the study. So basically the article you linked is based almost solely on information from the federal government. I could have gotten that from kerlikowske. If you would like to read some studies for yourself I'd be glad to send you some pdfs. This is all regardless of the fact that I don't need the feds telling me I can do something because it might give me a cough. In regards to your soldier/student remark, I was honorably discharged from USMC in 07 as an NCO with two tours to Iraq. I am now a college student with a 3.4 gpa. Cannabis does not have anything to do with someone's success or failure in life. Like I keep trying to say, hold everyone responsible for their actions. No more, no less.