Tuesday, November 2, 2010



1. American voters are stupid.

2. American voters failed to understand what we [Dems] have done for them. (See #1)

3. American voters are racists.

4. American voters are ignorant bigots and rubes. (See #1 and #3)

5. American voters hate Obama. (See #1-5)

6. American voters listen too much to Rush, Beck, Hannity, and Levin.

7. American voters "wrongly" blame Democrats for the economy when it is really Bush's fault. (See #1)

8. American voters misunderstand the greatness of Obamacare and why bribery, backroom deals, and arm-twisting was needed. It was for the chillllllllldren. (See #1)

9. American voters listen too much to Sarah Palin. (See #1, #2, and #4)

10.  American voters misread the failures of Fannie, Freddie, the Ponzi scam of Social Security, and how it is important for banking queen Barney Frank and Chris "Countrywide" Dodd to stay in office to "reform" it all. (See #1, #2, and #4)

11.  American voters are too stupid to listen to the courtiers at the Lapdog Media outlets. (See (See #1, #2, #4, and #5)


  1. So funny, so cute..Made me laugh out loud, or LOL!!

  2. MUST SEE - "DEMOCRATIC CODE" on youtube.

  3. The list pretty well sums up what Liberals believe about every one else but themselves.

    Good article Gunny.

  4. You KNOW the shitmunches will be screeching that. Good stuff.

  5. As a Brit and a conservative, I have to say YOU ROCK!

    Liberals (who are anything but truly liberal) are the enemy of all hard working right-thinking people. Their failed creed of socialism needs to be driven out of America. Whatever you do - don't follow the way Europe has gone.

    All power to you guys!!

  6. In KY, the difference between (D) Chandler and (R) Barr is 900 votes with 98% reporting.

    Why do I think there is a printing press churning out ballots somewhere with the names of undocumented Democrats and cemetery occupants?

  7. Nanna,

    Thx. You know that SOMEONE has to think for them! haha

  8. Infidel Joe,

    I just watched that! We are on to them BIG TIME.

  9. Gray Ghost,

    Thx. I see that the Nevada mob is working on cheating for Dingy Reid.

    We need to go to a photo ID required nationwide. Enough voter fraud.

  10. clyde,

    The REAL problem is the losers tonight sticking it to us on the way out. Bet on it brother.

  11. JohnW,

    When we boot Imam Obummer out in 2012, we want that Churchill bust back in the WH. Rest assured, Ol Blighty is still OUR ally.

  12. Pack Rat,

    They're cheating out in Nevada as well, thanks to SEIU.

  13. No cause for celebration.

    Too many of the leftist/Marxist crooks are still in office.

    I didn't see the Dems in a bloodbath.

    We won but not by much. About the only victories were in mostly conservative states that had given Obama/Dems a shot at governing after the Pubs screwed up on conservative governing.
    Frankly I do not believe we will ever see California regain sanity.
    And Harry Reid in the Senate is like the Dems waving you the middle finger.