Monday, November 29, 2010


The Gunny called it many moons ago when he said that the Liberals would begin de-evolving as they see their utopia of "Gimme-Gimme" slipping away. The mask begins to slip away as 2012 approaches and the Libs are out of power, hopefully forever.

And Libpig Mark Penn wishes Americans dead so Obama can get a bump in his approval ratings! Obama COULD have gotten a bump had he dealt with the NorK's instead of playing basketball and getting a smack in the yap.

And at HuffHo, the liberals boo-hoo over the punk the FBI busted trying to bomb the tree lighting ceremony in Portland. Check out a few posts.

HUFFPOST SUPER USER capt ayhab: "How wonderful. Our entire intelligence apparatus is engaged in targeting a 16 year old Somalian named Mohammad, approaching him with fame and glory, wait till he is 18, teaching him how to build a bomb. Better yet build one themselves and detonate in remote area. Buy him a van, fill it with fake explosives. Get him a cell phone, give him a number to dial to explode the device in crowded and the arrest him."

euell: "I just feel terrible for his parents and family; our hearts and prayers go out to them."

photog606: "ANOTHER "terrorist" manufactured out of whole cloth… the FBI only had to supply the time, the location and the phony bomb… then swoop in to save the gullible US citizenry from a scenerio THEY set-up and created."

Olethea: "Please make an attempt to educate yourself. Religious terrorism is not limited to one religion. Here you go: The Christian Militia plot against law enforcement."

WRichardWagner: "The FBI has hundreds of these muslim sleeper patsies. Whenever the public gets uppity about police state measures, they activate one. Gotta keep the muslim terrorist phantom menace alive. Good to know the FBI is keeping us safe by luring unstable youth into incriminating themselves, then busting them. I wonder how much this ''we're fightin' the terrists'' PR theatre cost tax payers over 18 months."

harmlesstree: "And I am sure this attempted terrorist attack, by a Somali, has nothing to do with what the U.S. has done to his homeland, just like 9-11, and all the other acts of Islamic terrorism directed against us, had nothing to do with the brutal foreign policy America conducts within the Islamic world? I must say, I love sanctimonious Americans whose government is, and has been since WW2, the greatest purveyor of violence, to borrow a line from Martin Luther King, in the world ( the U.S. is literally responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people over the last 60 years) lecturing Muslims about violence!"

Johnny Steps: "This shouldn't even be news, and the fact that the mouthbreathers are insisting this is validation of the efforts of our right wing anti terror campaigns is just insulting to those of us with anything resembling intelligence. Take note everyone this is the right wing world view in action where we can manipulate people into serving the role of our boogeyman and thereby prove our usefulness merely by manufacturing an enemy."

EarDrummer: "If america would learn humility then we wouldn't have to worry about people trying to kill us, as it is, america's lack of humility obligates people to kill us."

Earl: "Do you think that muslim kids might feel a bit more "American" if we weren't reserving public spaces for christian-only ceremonies?"

ItsBarranti: "No, the threat was NOT real. It was fabricated. A poor minority was strung along by the FBI and then offered the tools and encouragement to do what they wanted him to do."

More insanity here:


  1. Total ignorance of law displayed by the HuffPo posters and no review of the news.

    Young man was givien multiple chances to back out and told many children would die. His attitude: I don't care.

    At every chance to turn around , he went full speed ahead. We are lucky that he was intercepted,oor we would be mourning the deaths of hundreds of persons.

  2. Yeah, but us folks out here in the heartland are terrorists clinging to our guns and religion...

  3. These people have got to be brain dead. I'm with Rush, if you are gone and not paying attention to them, and live in the real world for a few days, when you come back, you realize these people have no brains what so ever!!
    Is it my imagination, or are these crazies getting worse???

  4. Pack Rat,

    I hope he gets a fair trial, followed by a first-class hanging.

  5. Buck,

    Yeah, and don't forget those returning Iraq vets who may be courted by us right-winger terrorists! haha

  6. Nanna,

    They're losing it and expect it to get worse as the Democrat party fragments more and more. They sold their souls to the fringe groups and now the bill is coming due!

  7. Sadly it will get worse before it gets better--the the hope is that there is a power that trasends this troubled earth--and he was born at Christmas!

  8. I bet those HuufPo's including Hal think that SKM was entrapped by the CIA, and that 9-11 was an inside job. Why else are Bubba and W appearing together?

  9. Crossbow,

    I could not agree more on both points.

  10. Pack Rat,

    No doubt. The meltdown of the Left continues unabated.

  11. Libs. Showing yet again the mental disorder it truly is.

  12. I wonder if they would be so tolerant if it had been a Code Pink rally.
    Come to think of it, I have a few extra bucks I could send in to pay for such an op...

  13. Larry,

    Whenever I see Code Pink, I give them the one-finger salute with gusto.

  14. Code Pink
    21 Century's version of
    "Better Red Than Dead."