Tuesday, November 16, 2010


In the air again
Just can't wait to get in the air again.
The life I love is spending taxpayers money with my friends
all 3000 of them for another ride
as I fly off to hide
And I can't wait to get in the air again.
In the air again

Goin' places that I've been befer.
Giving speechs with my te-le-prompter
Flying on Air Force One like I may never do again
when I get pounded in twenty-twelve
And I can't wait to get in the air again.
In the air again

Like a band of kenyans we travels the airways
Cuz we're the ones we've been waiting on.
Insisting that the taxpayers keep paying our ways
We're always way up and gone
The hell with the domestic scene
I'm gonna keep spending all YOUR green
In the air again
In the air again.
That's right folks, the Kenyan Usurper is off to see the wizard in Old Europe again, where he can give his canned speeches and bash the United States, and bask in the adoration of the socialists as the president of the world vice the President of the United States. This, my friends, is what happens when idiots elect an UNVETTED clown who still has yet to produce a birth certificate to the satisfaction of a chunk of the American public. (42% as of April 2010). In the opinion of the Gunny, a real American citizen, as president, would not have flown over to stump for his cuz, Odinga, in Kenya, would he or she? No.

What Imam Obama reminds the Gunny of, is the leader who leads by email, is rarely seen by the troops, last in, first out, and not worth a cup of warm spit. The real question is, who the hell can we convince the Eurotards to KEEP HIM? Make him the leader of NATO and then we can tear up the NATO treaty (once and for all) and lose Imam "I saw Asia on 200 million a day" Obama once and for all. But in any event, we'll be able to put our collective foot in his ass in November 2012.




  1. I'm pretty sure the 200 million a day was made up http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/india.asp and there's really no point arguing over the birth certificate thing.Do you believe the president should never travel? Or just until were out of debt and/or the recession is over?

  2. I believe that the POTUS should GOVERN. He lost his ass in Asia, blew an easy trade deal with the S. Koreans, and accomplished nothing. We'll never know the REAL cost of the trip since the WH has not revealed the true number. So much for transparency huh?

    And yeah, I DON'T think the moron should be out golfing, vacationing, traveling, eating 100.00 a pound Kobe beef, having date night, fly-bys over NYC, etc, etc, until things get better.

    In fact, things WILL get better once with dump this jackass in 2012.

  3. pushpins,

    BTW, LOVED that vacation Moochelle and her brats took to Spain on our dime. I did not know SHE had been elected co-president like Hitlery was.

  4. This man is wierd. He keeps it up, maybe we won't have to wait until 2012, but then again I tend to be too hopeful.
    But I read that he is losing it. Going nuts, bonkers, two fries short of a happy meal. Pitching temper tantrums over nothing etc. Finding a conspiracy in everthing. We can only hope that if it is true, someone watches him VERY close!!

  5. Sung to the tune of Wille Nelson's "On The Road Again"? You and I both know what he's up to. Living like P.Diddy(or whatever the hell he calls himself),50 Cent,et al, on the backs of taxpayers.

  6. Nanna,

    As I posted on my old TH blog, he is a serial narcissist and when a narcissist DOES NOT get what they want, they go off the deep end. No one listened. Obama is a spoiled kid that got everything he wanted and thus, we have a crybaby man-child flitting about looking for that adulation like before the election.

  7. clyde,

    Yep, that's the tune and you are exactly right, it's all about enjoying life on US! Barry has been riding the gravytrain HIS WHOLE LIFE!

  8. The Electorate
    Product of over 50 years of socialist/Marxist infiltration into our education system.

  9. Gunny,

    I know its wrong and I was raised not to ever hate anyone, I know we're all Gods Children and to respect other cultures and realize that we are all different. I also know through reading the logos that unless we share common heritage and faith then you are not my brethren. I just can't help it I hate this kenyan SOB who hates my heritage and nation.
    That photo you posted shows just how sorry a no good sob this enemy of the USA is. One full term of this huge stinkin turd is just too much.

  10. Buck,

    As well as having a rich white granny spoil the hell out of him. You know, a parallel between Barry and Hitler is that they had abusive/absentee fathers, children of a divorce, and being spoiled/indulged by a female.

  11. R E,

    Hopefully Issa can uncover the truth and impeach this turd BEFORE his term is up! THAT would make the Dems 2 for 2 in the impeachment category! HAHA!