Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and what do we have to be thankful for? A spoiled man-child afflicted with NPD (Narcissist Personality Disorder) in the White House happily presiding over the demise of the US as he goes about his master’s (Soros) bidding? A Congress full of criminals who won’t punish tax-cheat Rangel and who exempt themselves from going through the airport security that violates the 4th Amendment right of every American who goes through it? A DoJ run by a moron so incompetent that he very nearly allowed a terrorist to get off of the hook to the tune of 250+acquittals and 1 conviction! A Senate that cares more about repaying Big Agri for campaign contributions instead of looking out of the GOOD of the nation by passing SB 510? A DHS run by an idiot who is more concerned that an illegal alien might have to show their driver’s license in Arizona, than in an AMERICAN CITIZEN humiliated by the TSA implementing HER POLICIES! A nation ENSLAVED by eco-nazis who prevent us from harvesting our God-given natural resources, to the detriment of our economy?

In fact, we have a government SO DISCONNECTED from We the People that it has passed into the realm of something out of the twilight zone as they flim-flam us with QE1, QE2, ObammyKare, Fannie/Freddie, bailouts, etc!

Obama recently went to Europe and drubbed America AGAIN! Stephen Decatur stated: "Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations, may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong," but this foreign born fool can’t grasp what America is all about because HE IS NOT AN AMERICAN. He MAY have a birth certificate but he sure as hell ain’t an American. He knows nothing about us or what we are. Never has. Never will.

Patriotism is a love for one’s nation and it used to be in vogue in America. Now, we’ve had to hear crap about our troops from liberal scumbags like Ted DRUNKennedy, Murtha, Dingy Reid, and watched as Henry Waxman actually assisted Code Pink in sending supplies to our enemies in Fallujah even as they were engaged against our Marines! Liberal vermin vandalize military recruiting stations in Bezerkley, Detroit, and San Fransicko and asshats like Kagan work to keep the ROTC off of libholes like Harvard! Hanoi Jane and Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry scumbag the US, denigrate the military, Lurch tosses someone else’s medals, and somehow, stays in the Senate.

Nationalism is a belief that YOUR nation is the best place on Earth. A nationalist realizes that WE OWE the nation something in return for having had the luck to be born here. We used to embrace being proud nationalists and we used to be proud of the sacrifices we’ve made for the world, who turned ungrateful in the blink of an eye. China and Russia are rising in the world and maybe it is time for the world to get a taste of life under the State Capitalists! Working for a $1.50 an hour. Being told where you’re gonna work, how long, and if you don’t like it… In China, 800 million people live in poverty! A woman went to prison for a YEAR for, get this, tweeting. In America, our poor are strolling around with cell phones, eating, drinking, getting welfare, free this and that, and living the dream of hippies worldwide! Our freedoms are WORTH sacrificing for but liberals have managed to inculcate otherwise to today’s youth. To these people, they live in America but are not really Americans. They eat, drink, and take, without a second thought. THEY ARE OWED!

Think of the words in "America the Beautiful." "America! America! God mend thine ev'ry flaw, Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty in law." Then, "O beautiful for heroes prov'd, In liberating strife, Who more than self their country loved, And mercy more than life."

We’re flawed but God will fix it. FAITH. SELF-CONTROL. Liberty in LAW not the law limiting liberty! Heroes who sacrificed themselves for the NATION! The Gunny actually went to a public school way back when wherein we SANG THIS SONG with pride! Now, it’s scorned, laughed at, pissed on, excoriated, the Pledge under constant attack by some liberal dipstick named Newdow, but our school kids can sure sing shate like: "Barack Hussein Obama, MMM MMM MMM!"

So what should we be thankful for today?

One, that the election of this idiot awoke much of the Silent Majority for the betterment of America. We hold Tea Party rallies, celebrating our Americanism, and work to change America back to the way it SHOULD be. Two, we realize that we can no longer afford to piss our money away buying senseless crap made in China, and are realizing that we need to be a SAVING nation, not a spending nation ( and demand that in government as well. Three, we have the Left on the run. They are like a pesky weed, we beat them back, but they are never truly gone which coincides with four, that we are on to their agenda, and have them in our sights. WE WILL NOT BE DENIED! Five, that we WILL NOT give into Islamic terrorism and that we KNOW that we NEED a president who will say, "ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT!" and who urges Americans to unite and fight for the greatness of our nation, in the military, here and abroad. The current one ain’t it. Bush 43 wasn’t it. BJ Bubba LOATHED the military, and Bush 41 wasn’t it. Y’all KNOW who was! Six, that the mainstream media sucks. How many DECADES did Kronkite, Brokejaw, Peter Lemmings, Dan Blather yammer on with their lies, backstabbing and hamstringing America at every turn. No more.

Perhaps best of all, we are demanding a return of morals, virtue, a love of country, the Constitution as it was written, and justice to our government. Too long we’ve seen scum like Gerry Studds, Craig, and BJ Bubba Clinton run amok with their zipper’s open! Too long we’ve seen criminals like Dianne Feinstein (MILCON), Timmy Ghietner, Rangel, Solis, Dashhole, Cynthia McKinney (assaulted a Capitol cop), Torricelli, ABSCAM Murtha, Chappaquiddick Ted, Dodd, Frank, etc, get a slap on the wrist or NO punishment at all. Hit a Capitol police officer and see where YOU end up. Too long we have had to stand by and watch Traitors like Sandy Berger, Henry Waxman, Lurch, Murtha, Dingy Reid, Nutsy Pelosi, and a host of other vermin work against our military, socially experiment with them, cut the funding for political points, and then walk away from it. The LEFT has BLOOD on their hands going back to the Vietnam War and have never paid a price for it. May God grant them a swift journey to the ninth level of hell where they have to listen to Ted DRUNKennedy slur his speeches for eternity, over and over and over again.

Lastly, let us be thankful for folks like Rush, Hannity, Levin, and Beck, Sowell, Starr, (and many others) who have stood up to be counted. Who have ignited a RENAISSANCE of American thinking and a rediscovery of our Founders (that is no longer taught in schools) who PROUDLY espoused patriotism, nationalism, morality, honor, and a sense of duty to America. WE OWE! WE ARE NOT OWED! Duty. Honor. Sacrifice. Country.

We were once held hostage but our chains are falling away and WE are breaking them and THAT is what we should be most thankful for. The Creator pulled the scales from our eyes and is shining a light on the roaches on the Left. Cowboy UP Americans! We have a lot of work to do, righting what the Left, this regime, and their RINO minions have done to us but we can be thankful for THAT as well. We have a mission. If nothing else, we owe it to the troops engaged overseas, unable to fight for their rights HERE, to stay engaged with the domestic enemies of America while they fight the foreign ones.



  1. This asshelmet being in there is simply a speed bump. Still the best country,just will be much better when progressivism breathes its last.

  2. clyde,

    I concur HOWEVER, defeating the ProgStats is going to take YEARS if not decades. We lose only when WE give up the fight.

  3. I often thank God that I was born here in the greatest country on earth.
    It was a wonderful place for me to grow up. Not always an easy life, but a free and happy one.
    I have watched it change the past few years, and now it does my heart good to see people rise up to make this a wonderful place of freedom again.A place where the Constitution is loved and adhered to.Where a man's word is his bond. Where our children are taught manners, morals, and to make something of themselves through hard work, and not on the back of others. Where they are proud to be Americans, and proud of religion, (a real religion of love, not this phony Muslim trash) To be able to play a game and lose without having a riot and destroying everything in sight. To play a game and WIN without rioting and breaking windows. To be told "NO" without rioting and raising havoc because they didn't get their way. Where our government isn't willing to give our country away to illegal aliens to gain a few votes, but will protect this country with every means at their disposal.
    We are American and I want it to be returned to us the way these progressives found it!!