Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Thanks to the Alaska Native Corporation wanting to keep their rice bowls full, it looks like we're getting the Spoiled Princess back. Oh yeah, she who stated: "whoever wins the primary, I'll back," LOST the Primary and then in a tantrum, ran a write-in campaign. Rest assured folks, ALL of the Corporations here in Alaska, ran HUGE campaigns for Lisa, getting their workers to rallies, with signs all through their office spaces (the Gunny saw them himself), turning out for the RINO. Evidently, sacrifice is for other people.

All the last night, the RINO showed her true colors AGAIN. It appears that some people are SUPER-GLUED ON DUMBASS and voted for the RINO!

Murkowski: "I will tell you, I am not one of those who wants Obama to fail. If he does well, that means the country's doing well. We don't have time as a nation to spend all of what we do blocking. We have got to figure out how we get to a point where we can be sitting around the table and talking about these difficult problems and advancing some solutions."

Is this woman as stupid as that comment sounds? You betcha. Obama has a radical socialist agenda. Murkowski wants him to succeed? This is why we MUST have special elections in the future when a politician croaks, so that they can't appoint "Daddy's Little Rich Girl," who thinks that the seat is her's by right. We'll have six years of this liberal ass-kissing moron to deal with. Thanks ANC, appreciate it, Snowe, Collins, McConnell, etc, needed another RINO to help stab us in the back.

Parting Shot: "And Murkowski met with Republican leader Mitch McConnell Monday to talk about her future. She thinks compromise with the majority Democrats is possible on energy policy." NOT DRILLING? NOT REFINING? FORCING CAFE STANDARDS ON US? NOT MINING? This is a viable energy policy? Two RINOs in conclave? This stinks on ice.




  1. The news said this morning that the military votes haven't yet been counted. So maybe we still have a chance. They said she was only 1,700 votes ahead. Is this wrong?

  2. Nanna,

    It looks like the RINO will take it. I have insiders who sent me company emails touting Murkowski, telling their workers to get out and vote, organize, etc. Murkowski is doing the "voter intent" thing like Owl Gore tried to pull in Florida in 2000. Miller is suing to force them to FOLLOW Alaska State Law!

    Her integrity in the crapper as far as I am concerned.

  3. As dumb a cluck as she is,Gunny,this should not even have been close. WTF are they thinking up there? Pork?

  4. Clyde,

    Yep, she brings home the pork and like I stated earlier, evertone ELSE needs to sacrifice. They don't stop to think that there are 534 OTHER porkers at the trough!

  5. How did you get Rosie Odonnel to pose for the photo, Gunny?

  6. Alaska.
    Go figure.
    Go figure.
    Go figure.

    And we got 'em for another 6 years.

  7. I noticed the debt calculator on your main page and a note attached tanking the democrats. What is your stance on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Because we have spent somewhere around the 4 trillion mark to this date on these wars. Money that could have been spent on helping the citizens of our country and not those of the middle east.

  8. With a photo op like that she has to be a dem now. Republican womens aint that fugly.

  9. frankie,

    I wonder how the wars would have turned out had the Democrats NOT used them as political footballs against Bush43? Murtha scumbagging the troops, Dingy Reid calling the war lost, etc. You think if they had gotten BEHIND the effort instead of trying to DERAIL it, things might be different?

    I wonder what would have happened if a US Senator stated that the war was lost in say, 1943?

  10. With all do respect to our military, I dont think that any amount of money could have won us this war. Not because they are not capable but because the powers that be have decided to use them as a CONSTRUCTIVE force, when clearly our military is mean for one thing, DESTRUCTION! And I dont mean that in the liberal pussy, spitting on soldiers kinda way, (although I am a self described liberal pussy as you all would put it) but our military is mean to rob pillage plunder and kill kill kill. We are the best in the world at it. Bush43 took it upon himself to designate our boys to rebuild these shitty countries. And decided to misuse our financial and military resources for his own hubris.

  11. frankie,

    I spent a year in Iraq, have you? I saw our troops helping kids, helping iraqis of all shapes and sizes, and the iraqis I worked with were HAPPY that we were there and had ousted Saddam. I saw the bloody handprints at Al-Faw palace, where Saddam tortured and murdered people.

    And if Bush43 is to blame, why are we still there? Didn't Imam Obama promised to get us out of there? He's been in office long enough and had BOTH houses of congress to make it happen.

    Oh, and when I was in Kuwait in 90-91, I don't remember robbing or pillaging nor did I see anyone else doing it. Were you there by chance?

  12. No I haven't been there, and rob pillage plunder is a figure of speech used by my brother to describe his unit, so once again I meant it as a matter of respect as to the fact that they are the best in the world at what they do. And Im sure there are people being tortured in Mogadishu right now, do you think we should go there too? If we are gonna rush off and oust any dictator that is oppressive then we are in for a busy couple of years. We are still there because we cannot leave in the middle of something we started. We are not a bunch of assholes who are gonna shake the hornets nest and then run away when the swarm pops out. Im just saying we should have picked our battles a little better. Maybe we should have been saving our ammo for countries like IRAN who openly claim the intention to nuke us and its neighbors. Right?!

  13. frankie,

    Don't know what unit your brother was with.

    Hey, I'm ALL for removing our troops from NATO, Japan, etc, for removing the UN from our shores and us from them.

    I agree that we should have done things different but when you have libs backstabbing EVERYTHING YOU DO, how can you win? You can't.

    When you have assholes like Henry Waxman HELPING Code Pink send the terrorists in Fallujah 600K in AID, fighting against my fellow Marines, how can you win?

    Bush got us involved there but the libs lost it for us, like y'all lost Vietnam for us.

  14. frankie,

    meant to add, thanks for being civil. Very unlike a lib.

  15. You are right, when you have a government divided it is impossible for anyone to win. And one thing I do dislike about my party is the fact that all of the liberal politicians I support are so quick to come out and blame Bush for this mishandled war, but when the war was first voted on they were all very quick to jump on the bandwagon and support the use of force. Then when it doesnt go the way we planned instead of doing the right thing and getting our boys outta harms way they want to shirk responsibility rather than man up and fix their mistakes. And I wrote on an article of yours about a week ago Gunny formerly under the guise of ANON but have followed your blog since then and am trying to learn and take into account your parties views before forming my own.Keep up the good work!

  16. frankie,

    Once you commit to a force of arms, you go all out to win. Period. LtCol Allen West is the perfect example of fighting the fight to WIN and taking personal responsibility for it.

    I have no problems with liberals who act how they act IN THE OPEN but when they lie about it and hide it, i.e., the backroom deals of ObamaKare, that pisses me off.

    A good book to read on our POV is "The Conservative Mind," by Kirk. No spins, no lies, just the straight up tenets of Conservative thinking.

    For example, on welfare, we believe that LOCAL governments deal with this, not the Feds, for who knows the people who need it better than those who live around them? We don't ABANDON people, we give them a hand UP, not a hand OUT!

    Oh, and a RINO is not a Conservative, never mix the two up.