Friday, November 5, 2010

LIBERALS ARE DUMB AS DONKEYS (apologies to real donkeys globally)

You know, liberals are simply stupid. Brain dead. Morons. Blissfully ignorant and loving it. They didn’t get defeated on Tuesday, they got gut punched. They had a mudhole stomped into them and then had it kicked dry. They were shot with a 10ga double-barreled coach gun with 000 buckshot, from 5 feet away. Murdered. Crushed. Destroyed. And not just on a Federal level, i.e., the Congress, the Senate, but nationwide, from Governors to State legislators, budgets, bonds, spending, etc. WE THE PEOPLE SAY HELL NO to the liberal agenda and Obama’s putrid socialist agenda, flowing from the coffers of Soros.

But unbelievably, the morons from Mexifornia, a state with a 20 BILLION + dollar deficit, shrinking populations of REAL bona-fide American citizens, businesses fleeing like the Chinese were landing at Pismo Beach, unions strangling the state like a baby in a crib, continue to stagger further leftward! In fact, the OCRegister reported in July 2010 that in the first six months of 2010 ALONE, 84 companies LEFT Mexifornia for greener pastures, to the tune of 5 BILLION in lost revenue and 140 companies before THAT for who knows HOW MUCH lost BILLIONS! In fact, he states that Mexifornia is INDEED hostile to business and that many businesses leave without so reporting, so the number is definately higher! So do the nitwits on the Left Coast throw out the bums destroying their state? No, they REELECT THEM! The dimbulbs in Mexifornia not only elect a space cadet as Governor, they continue to validate the claim that liberalism IS a mental disease.

BTW, ANY Representative or Senator that votes FOR a bailout for this collection of dumbasses in Mexifornia should immediately, if not sooner, be drug out of the Congress/Senate, horsewhipped soundly, tarred and feathered, and run into the Potomac on a rail.

So does Nutsy Pelosi reflect on her stupidity? Nope. She says she STILL wants to lead the Dummycrats (preferably into the trash heap of history). On ABCNews, liberal comments reveal the depths of the stupidity and ignorance of the Left. Read on, and be amazed.

1. "sean hannity is the ultimate demagogue in america. he is so insane and irrational that i am completely thrown off my seat that mainstream conservatives so closely associate with him. i could never be conservative in this lifetime seeing hannity's antics being accepted by gop leadership"
Posted by: swl2010 (We don't WANT YOU in our ranks ya dumbass lib!)

2. "At least she looks better in red than another female that claimed that she could see Russia from her house. Now that one is the real joke of politics. How about this one for 2012 Pelosi/Reed ticket vs. Palin/? Now go ahead and asked yourself this one, who would you want to declare a war, Pelosi or Palin?" Posted by: Smartone_in_Law

3. "California, what is wrong with you. Your state is bankrupt, business is leaving, entitlements are the norm, and you keep voting for the same clowns. Unbelievable! you would think that when you keep hitting your fingers with the hammer that you would say, that hurts, and stop doing it. Posted by: RBMcArthur." "Why don't you mind your own business and leave California alone?" Posted by: I am_not_a_witch

4. "Good for you Nancy Pelosi. Stay strong to your principles no matter what the critics say. You did a great job to save the nation from the brink of another depression. The fact that the Republicans do not support your agenda does not mean that you are wrong. Heck, we Democrats do not support their crazy conservative, destructive agenda." Posted by: I am_not_a_witch (Yeah, less government, low taxes, balanced budget, follow the Constitution...all bad things.)

5. "The Democratic Party encompasses a wide range of views, and Nancy Pelosi is good at twisting the arms of the liberal caucus and making them go along with compromises. In 2007 Kucinich and Co. were calling for her to open investigations and bring Articles of Impeachment against Cheney and she shot that down. I think the party needs a different face, though. I'd like to see Steny Hoyer as minority leader with her as minority whip. In any event, her constituents have overwhelmingly approved her return to Congress--she should at least continue to represent them in the House." Posted by: Moggarella

6. "How can you expect democrats to fix something that republicans so effectively ruined? It takes time, and now that republicans have the majority back we'll start going in a completely different direction and reversing all the steps that have been taken. If McCain had been elected, i wouldn't be rooting against him. I'd be hoping that he would know what to do. I'm hoping to see Obama and the rest of the democrats accomplish what they were elected to do, while the rest of you conservatives would rather see them fail for the next two years just so you can take back control. It's just completely ridiculous. You don't want substantial change that takes America forward, you just want it to go back to the way it was before the economic crisis. First and foremost, the economy must be dealt with, but after that, you just want it to remain the same greedy, consumerist nation that it's become. completely pathetic." Posted by: Rydre12 (This clown needs a brain change!)

7. "I don't agree with everything she has said and done, but she is one heck of a strong leader. Let her remain in a key leadership role." Posted by: Database007

8. Good for her. She's good for the country. She should stay in public service. Posted by: ronbec09

9. In California we don't drink tea. Just Coffee. Black. Strong. -Louis Jacinto Posted by: Onodream

10. "Pelosi was just reelected with 80% of the vote. Of course she should stay in the House. Obama and the Democrats are going to need all the help they can get in battling the partisan right-wing Republicans." Posted by: sorin1842 (That ain't nothing to brag about ya squirrel!)

11. "You can say what you want about Nancy Pelosi, but she gets things done! I hope she stays on as House Minority Leader. The Democratic Party needs her in there, fighting for the middle class and for all liberals!" Posted by: smopinion Nov-4

12. "Given how much she annoys Republicans she should clearly stay on. If she didn't annoy them she would not be much of a Democrat House leader." Posted by: Astro Boy

Fellow Patriots, Liberals are frigging nuts. Mental. Lost in the sauce. Moonbats, Space Cadets. The sooner we can herd the libsheep, from the East Coast, out to Mexifornia, build one big damn wall, and separate THEM from us, we and America will be better off as soon as the last brick is set in place. The Land of the Friuits and Nuts is WELL NAMED!

For an added bonus, here are a few comments from the nitwits from the OC Register article:

Don Nelson says: “Of course they are heading to Texas. There is less regulations and plenty of poor folks to work in inhumane conditions. They would rather not speak out on unsafe working conditions than speak out and get fired.” Yeah Don, THAT’s why they’re leaving in droves.

Former Tax Auditor says: “With all the companies leaving, it should help allieviate the overcrowded freeways, high housing costs, and overcrowded schools.” And bring higher taxes moron.

Rick says: “You would have thought that most businesses would be moving to Tea Party area Arizona..” Pass the bong dude.

Mike says: “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You’ll soon discover why leaving this state, the largest market for many industries, was a bad decision.” Yeah, paying LESS in taxes really sucks.

DaveKay says: “Meanwhile, The Big Story from Sacramento… California legislature is busy passing a resolution to honor the Monarch Butterfly and its contribution the beauty of the State of California and declares August; Monarch Butterfly Month…” HAD to throw that sane comment in. DaveKay, escape while you can and bring BrianR out with ya!

What a state. Can we sell it back to Mexico, for say, an big oil field in the Gulf of Mexico? We'll even throw in the eco-nazis and hippies as slave labor for the Mexicans! At least the oil field would be productive and less smelly.

                                    YOUR STATE SUCKS!


  1. Thanks Gunny,
    I still live here in the land of fruits and nuts. YIKES I WANT OUT OF THE INSANE ASYLUM, even though I live a block away from the ocean and can see it when I drive down my street. ARGGGGHHHH Frigging ididots are STUCK ON STUPID PERMANETLY lost in the sauce yep you bet. My wife and I are seriously considering bailing out from here and going to TX. Any where, but here. Moonbeam Lord Jesus help us!!!!!! and to think my buisness was just stating to see an in crease in my bttm line. Good grief Charlie Brown

  2. Well you know it's not like me and all my AM_CON buddies you know really want to sit around and watch the long legged mac baby bamster oh bumsteer you know and his commiequeer minions you know fail for the next 2 years. THIS MUSLIM COMMUNITY AGITATOR POS HAS ALWAYS BEEN A FAILURE you know.

    We AM_CON's did all that the Gunny listed above to red nanny and the bamster and now we want them and dinghy harry red as well gone for good.

  3. California, where did you go wrong?
    From the days of Governor Reagan

  4. Too many people in California bend so far left that their brains have leaked out!!
    I for one just can't understand them. The only saving grace is the number of people that voted against the liberal idiots. I feel sorry for the conservatives stuck there.(my sister and family being some)
    Many are leaving for Texas. I hope they don't carry too many california ideas with them.

    By the way Gunny, Oklahoma is being sued by Cair, because they think we are against Muslims. Why would they think that? ha ha!:-)

  5. Rumors that a large percentage of California is somewhat brain dead are greatly under-exaggerated.

    Gunny, I use to laugh at some of my more "red-neck" relatives and friends when they were about to do some stupid-a*s stunt. Normally they would precede their actions with, "Hey yall, watch this."

    (This includes relatives and friends who go snake hunting by wading in a lake and grabbing cotton-mouths by the tail.)

    I would even some times call them idiots.

    Never again.

    Compared to these idiots In California, my snake-hunting relatives and friends are certifiable geniuses with IQ levels over 180.

  6. When Kookafornia goes belly up in a few months it will be fun to watch all the insane comments. "It's all George Bush's fault." "It is because we have so many elected Republicans here in Kookafornia."
    The good news is, even some of the total morons will see what happens under complete socialism/communism/democrat (redundancies) control.

  7. drogers,

    GET OUT while you can. I have heard that some states are offering serious tax breaks and relocation services for businesses to leave Mexifornia. You might want check out Alaska as well. Solid Conservative and we have our heads on straight.

  8. R E,

    They're gone, it's only a matter of time. Perhaps the BEST punishment we could inflict on them was to put them BACK in the minority for the rest of their time in office. Not to mention that a bunch of the ProgStats, like Reid and Nutsy Pelosi, are old geezers.

  9. Nanna,

    I fear that we may have to "reeducate" the refugees from Mexifornia so that they DO NO infect the rest of the nation. As well as watching them for years after they come in, to make sure they don't backslide into liberalism.

  10. Gray Ghost,

    HAHA! Indeed. All of the numbskulls I saw in the Corps, were reincarnations of Einstein compared to the Mexifornians.

  11. NavyVet,

    May Mexifornia be a shining example to the rest of the nation (except the libs in the NE), of what NOT to do as a state.

  12. Re: the CAIR lawsuit against OKlahoma

    70% of OK voted to require that the courts NOT use international or Sharia law in decisions.

    Would the Muslims let us use US constitutional law in Saudia Arabia? I don't think so.

    End of discussion. Case dismissed.

  13. Unfortunately, since so many people from California move here to Denver, CO, this state is still somewhat blue. There were some good conservatives who did not win. These California left-loony types really do not learn.

  14. Pack Rat,

    We need to seriously STOP being so PC and tell the Muslims to either suck it up and love THIS system or GET THE F**K OUT and go back to whatever hellhole they slimed out of.

  15. Eric,

    That is why I call liberalism an infectious virus. They're stupid and when they metastasize and break away from the mother tumor, i.e., San Fransicko, they infect their new home with the same crap they fled from, that they started in the FIRST PLACE!

    Stupid IS as stupid DOES!

  16. I am HOPING Pelosi stays in a leadership position.Having her puss out there front and center reminding us the job is not finished. Will be in '12. Bank on it.

  17. Yeah, Texas is soooo backasswards and poor. That's why I'm possibly going to get a $28/hr job soon, up from my $23.50/hr job. Let's take ALL of the nation's liberals and lock them in Taxachusetts, Noo Yawk, Corruptionois, and Californication. We'll keep the rest of the nation.

  18. Gunny,
    Nice writeup. I lived in San Diego for about 5 years, and the weather and coastline is incredibly beautiful but those wackos running it are unbelievably stupid. I live in Denver now like Eric above. Colorado is a little better but not much. I just got 5 acres out here, but it's 10 miles from a paved road and in a county that is pretty much unincorporated so my lady and I should have a fair amount of privacy. We got about a mile to our closest neighbor.

  19. Clyde,

    I concur. Nutsy Pelosi is the best friend we have!

  20. JP,

    I was stationed at Camp Pend for a few years. Awesome. But as you say, the freaks kept getting worse, PCS'd and never went back.

    Good for you and your lady. Now get some heirloom seeds for farming and canning stuff. I feel we are going to need it in the coming years.

  21. The Craw,

    GOOD LUCK my brother. Drop me a line at the dead drop if I can do anything to help.

  22. Thanks for the heads up. We already have a huge canner. We are taking or time with seeds since we are at 7700'(harder to find), but we're getting there. I was at Pendleton too(Las Flores).

    On a side note, I just saw some new book at our library entitled "The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy" by Jim Marrs. Has anyone around here read it? If so how was it?

  23. Well I'm from San Fransicko as you so politely refer to it and I would like to say that we enjoy an amazing life out here. We may not share many of the same political views as people from other areas but you're not going to make us change our views by calling us names. So wouldn't the smartest thing to do would be to find common ground we can agree on and then start from there. I agree with many of your points but dismissing someones political views because they are different than yours seems like a step in the wrong direction. America was founded by hard work and I believe it is going to take hard work on both sides of the political spectrum to get us back to where we all believe we need to be.

  24. Anon,

    Thanks for the polite comment.

    One, your city is a focal point for perverts and I find that disgusting. Sorry. I've seen the pics from the Folsom street parade via Zombie's Hall of Shame. I was recently at SFO catching a bird back Inside and saw a guy in a dress in the airport. That is NOT in keeping with mainstream America but y'all do as you will. Just keep IT THERE! Keep it OUT of the US Military.

    Two, I/WE are AGAINST your liberal agenda because it is WRONG for America. YOU want a Nanny State, WE DO NOT! YOU want rampant entitlement programs, WE DO NOT! YOUR party leaders, especially Nutsy Pelosi, have pissed on the Constitution and are blissfully ignorant of its limits on government. WE are not EPA loving eco-nazis like your side is.

    We cannot find common ground amigo, because your side is too far out for us. America is a CONSERVATIVE nation but hey, feel free to JOIN US.

    In fact, I hope you continue to read the essays here, in the hope you convert. Any way I can help, let me know. Just drop me a line at my email and I will work up a 12 step program for you.

  25. JP,

    I was at Las Pulgas!

    I'll check out that book, thanks.

    Check out food insurance dot com.

  26. Anon,
    I agree. Let's find common ground. The primary common ground should be the Constitution of the United States...not the living, breathing version that the left calls for, but the actual words ratified over 200 years ago and amended 27 times since then. That is the bedrock and the center point of our government. Unfortunately, the left in America considers it to be a right wing extremist document and does everything that they can think of to circumvent and overturn it.

    Any political views that are in opposition to the Constitution are, by definition, anti-American.

  27. You are correct on that one sir, we have the largest population of freaks in the whole world. But I think the perception that we all want a "nanny state" is incorrect. I strongly believe in the welfare system when it is being used by people who need it, such as a single mom who just lost a job in this horrible economy. But nothing OUTRAGES me more than people who abuse those systems. I believe said people should be objected to the highest penalty our state can oppose on someone. But as far as being eco-nazis, dont you believe there is some common ground we can find on that point? Hunting, albeit an American tradition is something I detest, but I wouldn't want your hunting grounds being sold off to some large corporate developer to make a strip mall out of. Just as any government agency there are flaws in it, but I think it is too bold of a statement to simply dismiss the organization and its goals. But beside our differences I will continue to read your blog because above all I can see that you are truly someone who loves this country, which is what this country could use more of. Thank you for your service to this country through our military and your continuing involvement in the political process.

  28. Anon,

    I think, that after reading your post above, that there is a conservative inside of you clawing to get out. But that is for another time. Always remember, WE are ALWAYS willing to assist in bringing you into the light.

    For example, we on the right ARE with YOU on the abuse of welfare. We agree that those in need should get LIMITED care from the government for a LIMITED time, not 99 weeks of unemployment! That is almost TWO YEARS! The majority of their care should come from their community, their church, their neighbors, as it used to be. However, the hugh majority of your fellow liberals think that entitlement programs must be chiseled in stone and expanded! Obama even stated that when he addressed that ObamaCare was just a start! That they on the left would expand it to cover everyone, everything, and everywhere.

    When I refer to eco-nazis, I am referring to clowns like those in the Sea Shepards who perform acts of terrorism to limit or curtail free and legal commerce. I am referring to ELF and ALF who destroy private property because they do not like it, i/e/. burning SUV’s, burning a ski resort, etc. I am referring to clowns who seek to limit drilling, mining, refining, and building nuclear power plants, in the vain quest for “green” energy, which hurts this nation more and more because THEY believe in global cooling/warming/change, or whatever the new fad is. Have you ever hunted or fished? It is rewarding to know that YOU put the food on the table. Try it.

    Amigo, we on the right WANT to be on common ground with the left but it is the left that dismisses it. It is the left that continues to backstab America. It was Obama that said the GOP can take a hike, “I won”, "get in the back seat", etc. It was Nutsy Pelosi that shut them out of all debates in Congress. It was the Left that imposed their will on us through ObamaKare. It is Obama that bypasses the Senate through his czars, appointing kooks like John Holdren.

    I for one will demand that the GOP NOT compromise with the Left or Obama at all. Period. Until this nation is brought back under Constitutional rule, entitlement programs are severely curtailed, spending is cut back to essential programs ONLY, and those allowed by the Constitution. My friend, whether or not you see it, we are, as we say in the Corps, in the shit locker. 93% of our GDP is DEBT! I cannot run my house thusly, can you? How then can the politicians run this nation like that? Now they're thinking about a VAT?

    I will leave you with the words of one of my personal heroes, Cicero:

    “We are taxed in our bread and in our wine, in our incomes and our investments, on our land and on our property, not only for those base creatures who do not deserve the name of man, but for foreign nations, for complacent nations who will bow to us and accept our largesse and promise to assist us in keeping the peace – those mendicant nations who will destroy us when we show a moment of weakness or when our treasury is bare, and surely it is becoming bare. We are taxed to maintain legions on their soil...We keep them in precarious balance only with our gold...They take our very flesh and they hate and despise us.”

  29. Anon,

    BTW, meant to add this.

    We KNOW that there are liberals out there who LOVE America as we do. JOIN US. Take Beck's 40 day challenge. Listen to Rush. See if you agree with what they say. What can it hurt? After all, if Obama said that I/We need to read Huffington Post to get another "view" then y'all should have to listen to OUR SIDE! No?

  30. I actually used to be a commercial fisherman, and have hunted before. Just not for me. I'm confused though how you don't believe there should be any limiting to drilling, mining and nuclear power plants. You must see that as far as drilling and mining go they are non-renewable resources which will eventually run out and also cause pollution. I know that the effectiveness of this pollution to actually cause change within the climate is being debated, but there is no denying that if left unchecked continuing upon our current output over great time would have to have a negative effect on the world we will leave to our children.
    And I myself do not think so begrudgingly of the Obama administration. But I do agree that they have dismissed the conservative agenda as a thorn in its side. It is this way on both sides of the table though, it seems like there is no political party that is free from political bias and partisanship. This is why now more than ever we as a people need to step forward and engage in dialogues with opposite ideologies so that we can learn from the best of both sides.
    How would you believe that this country is not being run under constitutional rule?

  31. Anon,

    I have no issue with those who do not wish to hunt, fish, own a gun, etc, but I DO have an issue with those like Feinstein, Nutsy Pelosi, Schumer, etc, who would take our God-given right to keep and bear arms away, who would ban hunting, etc. In fact, Obama has those types in his administration, i.e., Cass Sunstein, Mr. Nudge himself.

    Gray Ghost, a commenter here, knows this area well and would argue against that position. There is no way in Hell that “green energy” can replace oil, coal, nuclear, etc., and has been proved thus. Also, there are numerous studies of old dry oil wells being found to be full again. Why? Because it seeps up from inside the planet, or so it would seem. As far as climate change, it is pure bullshit. To think that humans could have an adverse effect upon a planet a few billion years old is a laugh. Climate change is just liberal code for control. Nothing more. We are limiting our nation’s economy over a lie while the Chinese built a new coal-fired electricity plant a week! And oddly enough, their economy is booming. And considering the amount of crap put into the atmosphere by volcanoes such as Krakatoa, and combined with the crap from the Industrial Revolution, it is a wonder we’re still here! I would suggest you read Lord Monckton’s rebuttal to Owl Gore that went unanswered. In fact, Owl dodged every debate that Monckton offered. So much for leftist dialogue.

    I would agree with your stance on bipartisanship except that the Left always expects the Right to move to their point of view. No more. I was a kid growing up in Oakland, and once saw hippie scum spitting on GI’s in 1970 at the airport. I have never forgotten that. Those hippies are running your party. It was Obama that called US “enemies” to be crushed yet he cannot call the terrorists who would destroy America “enemies” and their acts are man-caused disasters. You see, it is your side that lies, obfuscates, collaborates with our enemies, and seeks to oppress their own citizenry. Amigo, we on the right have been the silent majority since the 50’s and no more.

    As to your last question, why has Obama appointed so many Czars and left bona-fide Cabinet positions empty? That way, he can bypass the Senate and put commie revolutionaries like Van Jones in as the “green jobs” Czar. BTW, whatever happened to the billions Obama gave Van Jones from the TARP to create green jobs as he created none. Maybe Darrell Issa can find out.

    It was Nutsy Pelosi who answered a reporter’s question on the Constitutionality of ObamaKare with, “are you serious? Are you SERIOUS?” Evidently, she could not point to the section in the Constitution that gives them permission, as there is none. Indeed, forcing Americans to pay into Social Security is extremely unconstitutional.

    Was it Constitutional to bailout Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (who give LOTS to Dems) using taxpayer funds? (And yes, we CONSERVATIVES were on Bush43 about this.)

    Was it Constitutional to fire the CEO of GM?

    Was it Constitutional to seize control of GM?

    Was it Constitutional to give GM tax-exemption? Indeed, why not ALL businesses then?

    Was it Constitutional to turn GM over to the UAW? Indeed, their payoff is thus:

    1. Shareholders get 10% of the stock at the coming IPO.
    2. The Feds gets 50% percent.
    3. The Unions get 40%.

    The CATO Inst has a great read on it:

  32. One more point...

    What is most disturbing is that the Dems transferred much of their power to Obama, especially by Executive Orders! John Locke wrote: “The separation-of-powers principle means that the legislative branch cannot transfer the power of making laws to any other hands. The legislative power to make laws, and not to make legislators.” (Second Treatise of Civil Government, 1690) But that is what this Congress has done with Obama and their activist judges.

    I also suggest you might read: The Conservative Mind, as well as Broke, recently out and written by Beck. Another great read is “Liberal Lies” by Jackson, as well as the Federalist Papers.

  33. Anon,

    Yet ANOTHER unconstitutional act heard from...

  34. Hey Gunny,

    I decided to go on and get the book I mentioned "Trillion Dollar Conspiracy" by Jim Marrs. At first glance it looks a little kooky, but it looked like it had some good stuff on the banking industry. Anyway, I'm 150 pages in as I can't put it down. I haven't bothered with any fact checking yet, but it's a great read nonetheless. I would recommend it to anyone. If you are against globalization(un, wto, who, imf, bis, etc...), this book is for you.

  35. Actually the 16th amendment gives the congress the constitutional right to do so. Therefore making it constitutional for congress to impose a tax on income of any sorts. The issue here is not whether or not it is constitutional but rather do you agree on what the tax is being used for. And as citizens it is up for us to rally to show our elected officials what we want our taxes used for. As Obama voters did with the health care bill.
    And as far as Obama firing the CEO, if I'm not mistaken he did resign. As I remember it GM was up for government funds and was told they would not be given any with their current CEO. It was a private company,and they had a choice; either keep their current CEO who had run them into the ground, or restructure. The fact that they are still in business is proof that they made the decision.
    As far as coal and oil are concerned, even if the reports about oil being a renewable resource is true it does produce C02. And Anyone who has taken a 6th grade biology class knows that if you get enough C02 you will not be able to breath. At 1800 C02 concentration in the atmosphere was at 280ppm, which is a very high level itself. Now it is nearing 380ppm. If we continue this trend maybe not now, but in another century or two we are going to be in trouble as a species. Not to mention the cost to species besides us. I agree that much of the data concerning "global warming" is flawed, but the production of C02 is something I think that we cannot ignore.
    On a side note, I am a very staunch democrat. Many of my friends think like me. We are not all bad and as stupid as you think amigo. There are MANY wack-o's in our political party such as your aforementioned Pelosi's and drum circle having health nuts. But there are probably just as many such characters within your boundaries as well. So if anything I would advise you not to judge a book by its cover. We're not all bad people, just different.

  36. Anon,

    Actually, the 16th AM gives Congress the ability to levy an income tax, not mandate citizens are forced to purchase health insurance. This is different than purchasing car insurance as driving is considered a privledge, not a right. Health care is expensive because we allow illegals to fill up our ERs and free clinics. WE foot that bill, as your state can readily attest. ObamaKare is a tax and an illegal mandate. It will be reversed and chucked out by the courts, and thankfully, Alaska is one of the states suing. Also, the 10th AM has been violated for well over 100 years by the Congress and the Senate, much of which have been democrat majorities. This too is gonna change.

    The CEO was fired. The CEOs were told NOT to fly in private chartered jets. Obama violated contracts which is also unconstitutional. Had I been a CEO, I would have tokd him personally to go and screw himself.

    CO2 is required for life. The more CO2 is put out, the more plant life takes in, and emit oxygen. Globall warming, climate change, climate dusruption, whatever you call it is simply pure bullshit. The NY Obama Times actually had stories in the late 1880's (available online) about clobal cooling, etc. I was a kid when the scientists were calling for a new ice age in the 70's. If it happened, I slept through it. Even Owl Gore is on the run over this. Ask yourself this question, if CO2 is so bad, then why are the Brazilians burning down rainforests, to plant sugar cane, to produce ethanol? Ethanol is another line of bullshit fed to us by clowns like John "Kill em All" Holdren, and food prices have doubled since this crapulence started.

    The problem with Democrats is that they simply believe everything they are told. I would venture to say that the Democrat Party has been hijacked by the far left kooks whereas my party, the Tea Party, and Conservatives in general, are regular ol Americans. I call the Democrats enemies because that is what they deem us and how they treat us. Liberals called for the death of Bush, burned him in effigy, harassed him at his home but if WE do it, we're traitors, racists, bigots. That ugly asshole Henry Waxman actually ASSISTED Code Pink getting 600,000 dollars of medicine, food, and aid to terrorists fighting against my fellow Marines in Fallujah. He is responsible for getting some of my brothers killed. Murtha scumbagged my brothers as well. Dingy Reid betrayed them by calling the war a loss and that, amigo, aided and abetted our enemies. It was Hanoi John Fonda Kerry who betrayed the POW/MIAs in Vietnam. It was Ted Kennedy who assisted him. It was JFK who abandoned Cuban freedom fighters at the Bay of Pigs. It was BJ Bubba and Les Aspin who refused to allow tanks in Somalia, thus seting the stage for Black Hawk Down. I could go on, believe me. Your party has a lot to answer for as they have been running the show for much of the time since 1900. Have you ever studied the racist history of the Democrats? Google it for a real eye-opener.

  37. Anon,

    Meant to add that it's been noted that Imam Obama IGNORED the 1st anniversary of Ft Hood but managed to say something about Mumbai on his 200M dollar a day trip. Oh, and Obama has directed the US Postal Service to issue a new stamp to honor the forthcoming Eid Muslim holiday season.

    I hope everyone in America, real Americans that is, boycott that crap. And you wonder why we dislike this affirmative action muslim ass-kissing imbecile?

  38. Anon,

    Even if the CEO only resigned due to an ultimatum from Obama, why wasn't the CEO of every bank that was bailed out given the same ultimatum?
    Answer. Follow the money.


    Illegals in the ER do run up costs a little bit but not as much as most people think. There are many things that contribute to our high healthcare costs(1st in the world) as a nation. Medicare is a huge problem fiscally, bureaucratically, and medically. Throw on top of that the baby boomers who will soon be eligible for it and who most will stop paying in to it. Malpractice anxiety for doctors which causes them to change their type care. HMO's and PPO's dictating care. The rewarding of physicians for overprescribing medication. The insane markup on prescription drugs(5,000 to 100,000%). Our medical personnel earn vastly more than they do anywhere else in the world. Of course, taking care of people that don't pay for anything is a cause as well.

    For any of you who do not know who John Holdren is, he is Obama's "Science Czar". He is a supporter of forced abortions, population control through water supply contamination, and spraying pollutants into upper atmosphere in an attempt to curb global warming(that doesn't even make sense).

  39. I can very much see your point, and I believe this would overstep the boundaries of executive powers, but they were vying for public funds. I personally think that is a smart thing to do if your going to loan a private company public funds, clean house a bit. Make sure the taxpayers are making a smart investment. This is not unconstitutional, maybe an undesirable decision for some. but it falls within the bounds of constitutional law to my knowledge. If you know a section that prohibits this please let me know because to my knowledge it is legal.
    You are right that plants are great at taking in C02 but studies have shown that too much C02 will hurt plants quality. So we don't have to reorganize our transportation and energy infrastructure yet. I believe we do have to time to change before any permanent damage is cause. But in the future its going to be something we have to look at.
    And you can think of a thousand things that the democrats have done, but the republicans have probably just as many faults. Who is to say which is worse, I don't see demonizing a whole group of people because the actions of a few. There have been just as many wars fought, papers shredded and elections rigged by republicans as well. Why pass judgment on one side when clearly both have committed political fault?

  40. Hahaha Imam Obama huh?! Well my friend you all will have your day to speak up and vote him out. I definitely do not agree with just about anything you just said but really do respect that you take the time to write about it and look forward to reading further post! Keep up the good work!