Monday, November 29, 2010


"Sen. John Kerry calls for Israel to cede Golan Heights and East Jerusalem..."

Wow, is Hanoi John Fonda Kerry on an AUTHORIZED mission to negotiate for the US Gov't or is it like all of the other times, where he violates the Logan Act and the US Government does nothing about it?

Gunny G calls for Hanoi Jean Fonda Kerry to STFU and pay the 500,000 in taxes on his boat. BTW Jean, don't you got some rich widows to chase?


  1. Good frigging grief. I wonder if this asshat ever listens to himself. WHO THE FUCK is Lurch the Tax Cheat to be telling Israel ANY-GODDAMN-THING. Agree with you,Guns. Hey,ASSHELMET, S.T.F.U. While you are at it,JUST.GO.AWAY. Dammit,Massachusetts,WHAT are you people thinking over there? Dump the gigolo in 2012. PUHLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!!!

  2. Those places belong to Israel because Israel paid the blood price for them. If the Arabs want it back, they can pay the same price.
    Hanoi John should go to f*ckin' Federal PMITA Prison for the treasonous crap he pulled while we still had people in-country in Viet Nam. Instead the MASSholes send him to Congress, along with that other traitorous f*ck Ted Kennedy (not to mention Bawney Fwanks). We ought to give the bastards back to the Brits.
    'Course, I'm just one of those stupid people who got sent to "Irak" (or off the coast of, rather).
    Thanks for getting my blood pressure up Gunny, I was really concerned I wouldn't need my meds today.

  3. Imagine that Lurch was the Dim's best candidate in '04 and the douchebag could have been our prez.

    Like Clyde said, please Massachusetts dump him!!!!

    I too wish that he would just STFU and go away. That is one boring self centered SOB if there ever was one.

  4. Larry,

    Good post and I agree. Sorry to boost your BP. I keep mine down by having a set of darts and some pictures of my favorite libs to throw them at!

  5. Hardnox,

    Not to mention that Lurch is dumb as a post.

  6. What is the matter with those New England states?
    These people's ancestors DIED carrying forward the banner of liberty.
    They foist on the rest of us the likes of Kennedy, Frank, Kerry...and Romney. Don't forget Romney.
    What is wrong with these people? These descendents of patriot Americans???

  7. They are born with the words: "gimme-gimme" coming out of their mouths.

    Kerry is the poster boy for a bag of dogsh*t. I would spit in his face in a NY nanosecond.

  8. Sometimes I think democrats,especially the ones that hunger for publicity, just think of the most offencive thing they can think of that would drive a conservative bonkers. They don't think (I don't think they have the capicity for a real thought)They just jump in to have something shocking to say. Real mental midgets!!

  9. Can you imagine a game of catch the grenade?

    Catch the dodgeball?

    Note Kerry's eyes are closed.