Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Liberals can be counted on for four things. One, to screw the military any way they can. Two, screw the US and our interests overseas, usually in the form of kissing our enemies asses while flipping our allies the Bird. Three, pander to their core voters with more and more entitlement programs, welfare, etc. Four, raise our taxes more and more, as the sky is the limit with liberals and stealing other people's money (OPM). 

So it stands to reason that Dingy Reid would move to slap yet ANOTHER tax raise on us.

EXCERPT: "Majority Leader Harry Reid on Monday moved toward an initial vote on a $126 billion bill to extend unemployment insurance that ran out last month for hundreds of thousands of out-of-work Americans and renew a set of popular business tax breaks. Sixty votes are needed out of the 100-member Senate. Complaints by fiscally conservative Democrats about the plan's price tag and opposition by some Democrats to the investment fund manager tax has stalled the proposal. According to several lobbyists, the majority Democrats remain shy of the 60 votes necessary. They need to attract as least one Republican (calling Senator Snowe) plus keep all of the 59 votes they generally hold in the chamber. Over the next 10 years, the Senate proposal would increase direct spending by $126 billion and add $22 billion in funding to prevent a 21 percent payment cut to doctors in the Medicare program, the Congressional Budget Office estimated. The total package adds about $80 billion to the deficit over that period, according to CBO. The legislation's so-called carried interest tax proposal would require fund managers to pay the much higher ordinary income tax rate on a majority of their income from managing investors' money. The Senate version would tax 65 percent of fund managers' income at the higher rate. A tougher House version would tax 75 percent at ordinary income rates. Currently, they only pay a 15 percent capital gains tax rate on this income, while ordinary income is taxed at a maximum of 35 percent. The top tax rate is set to rise to 39.6 percent in 2011, the year this legislation would take effect."

Did you get that? A TWENTY TWO BILLION dollar bailout to PREVENT 21% payment cut to doctors in Medicare! Doctors are ALREADY bailing from the Medicare scam and refusing to take patients under that scam. Why? Because the government never pays, or pays late, and ALWAYS pays them less than the treatment. 

A FORTY percent top tax by 2011. Nice. So they're gonna pay a 40% capital gains tax along with income tax, state tax, city tax, Social SUCKurity, etc. Why work? So you can keep 20% of what you work for?

This bill adds 80 BILLION to a skyrocketing deficit that had QUADRUPTLED under this regime and their myrmidons in the Congress/Senate. Evidently, they have time, in between choking students, to raise our taxes and screw us mercilessly. 

What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.” – Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931

Liberals have no problem pushing their failed agenda on us and as the Gunny stated yesterday, walking away with their pockets full, heedless and unpunished for the bullshit they leave in their wake. What is amazing is that the liberal's Porkulous Bailout was supposed to keep unemployment UNDER 8%, or so Comrade Barry Soetoro said. Unfortunately for us, liberals make it EASY to stay unemployed. Why work when your benefits will extended ad infinitum? This is like their withdrawal plan in Iraq. Announce the date so that the enemy lays low, mark time, and then leave claiming a victory! Why attack when the libs will leave anyway? Of course, this means raising the taxes on the REST OF US but hey, the Redistribution Community Organizer-in-Chief is all about making sure that wealth in America is redistributed fairly, except for he and his liberal elites.

You see my friends, liberals are too stupid, or too corrupt, to realize that for someone to get off of their butts and find a job, it must be painful for them because as long as someone is getting handed money for not working, their motivation to go out and find a job or take any job in order to support yourself is ROCK BOTTOM! Liberals are too stupid to realize that to save the patient, sometimes you have to amputate the diseased limb. But as we all saw with Government Motors (GM), they failed in the free market because they did not produce what the public wanted AND made a shitty product, thus, they couldn’t compete. But the libs bailed out the company, just like they do deadbeats, pouring OPM into their bank accounts, in order to stay afloat for a year or two. Then they'll start to fail again and we'll bail them out...again. This is just like what we're seeing with Fannie and Freddie who now need ANOTHER 100 BILLION+ bail out. 

In a nutshell, what will happen is that fund managers and the financial sector will cash in their stocks and bonds, close up shop, and let their employees go. Why should they stay around to pay higher and higher taxes as the liberals bleed them dry? Just like the "Millionaire's Tax" in Maryland was an EPIC failure as those evil rich people relocated, probably closing up their businesses as well, this too will screw America and our economy. We must ask ourselves WHY do 50% of all Americans pay 100% of all Federal Income taxes? WHY do we allow the stupid liberals to then mewl that WE aren’t paying our fair share of taxes? WHY are the Democrats who FAIL to pay THEIR fair share STILL walking around, i.e., Solis, Gheitner, Rangel, Daschle, etc?



  1. Fairy Screed is DESPERATE. He is either trying to BUY reelection or is employing a Scorched Earth Policy.

  2. The problem is that people in the government are no longer afraid of us. They believe they can do anything and get away with it.
    TIme to clean house in Washington, and that's just for starters.

  3. Georgetwin,

    This entire REGIME is employing a scorched earth policy. If THEY can't rule us, then they'll destroy us. Like a demented stalker.

  4. Jim,

    You are exactly right. The liberals especially have had it their way for so long, that they feel they OWN IT ALL!

    November, we'll remind them of the truth of the matter.

  5. Great as per always Gunny.
    Did you hear today (and I know you did) about Nancy Polosi's new office in San Francisco that is costing tax payers almost $19,000.00 a month?
    How many people would be able to make a house payment for that amount of money? These blown up pieces of manure, don't care a wit about the citizens of this country. They are gimmie gimmie, as much as any hangers on in the Obama base!

  6. Watch out for the asshole-in-chief to try and use the oil well blowout in the Gulf to further his Crap and Tax scheme. Ain't going to be about cleaning up the mess,just more demonization of BP,and Big Oil in general.All the asshole knows.

  7. 57 days later the binobama steps out with" It's not my fault, It's GW's". "I destroyed the housing market thence the US economy and now I aim to destroy the energy market, I am at war with BP, capitalism and the U. S. A." The AKOTUS is a LIAR. We have more natural resources than anyone in the world and it's to their shame that Dems and Repubs alike have not allowed the public sector to go get those resources and power this nation and keep our National Defense with the upper hand globally, they suck.

  8. osama declares war on BP on day 57 and on day 58 BP declares they will not pay a dividend until the AKOTUS stops kicking our ass. Who does this hurt, not osama($100 a lb beef) but the stockholders of the UK and the USA, the radical muslim pos exact target.