Wednesday, June 9, 2010


First of all, the Gunny was unable to post for a few days due to blog issues. Second, Buck brought up a good point and while I sometimes do not answer all posts, and usually NEVER answer idiots like Ivan the Witless, the Gunny does read the posts and many of you should be politically blogging as well.

Of the Founding Fathers, the two favorites of the Gunny's are Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry, in that order. Adams was a tireless proponent of liberty, working like mad to fire up the populace while Henry fired up the fence-sitters in the Congress and elsewhere.

In September 1774, Sam Adams wrote, asking God to help the Founders see their tasks clearly as well as watch over the nation. In this address, he wrote:

"Great Britain, which of old persecuted, scourged, and exiled our fugitive parents from their native shores, now pursues us, their guiltless children, with unrelenting severity. It is an indispensable duty which we owe to God, our country, ourselves and posterity, by all lawful ways and means in our power to maintain, defend and preserve those civil and religious rights and liberties, for which many of our fathers fought, bled, and died, and to hand them down entire to future generations."

Our mission statement came from the hand of Sam Adams, all of the way back in 1774, TWO HUNDRED and THIRTY FOUR YEARS ago. We OWE the future. It is, therefore, our duty to resist this tyrannical regime, staffed by liars, crooks, useful idiots, fools, and scumbags so vile, as to be beneath our contempt, who would serve us better as street sweepers, scullery wenchs (Pelosi), and latrine queens (Reid, Bonnie Fwank, etc ). 

Today, Pelosi was HECKLED by the public on a video and then mewled that they were "throwing things!" and that it was PROGRESSIVES doing it! Rejoice my friends for the cracks are widening in the Jackass Party. It was hijacked by radical scumbags from the Class of 68 and they are FALLING APART. Let us help them whenever possible. Hand them a bucket of gasoline to help them put the fire out. This band of traitors will be remembered as God and America hating Liberal vermin and Socialist bastards who tried to pull a hostile takeover of America and ended up costing Socialist/Progressive Democrats fifty years of election losses and God willing, their party.

You see, fellow patriots, these progressives thought that they could screw us and that we'd take it lying down! Americans NEVER take a screwing lying down, history shows that to be true. These radical vermin LIED to their progressive libcommie population that elected them, and now they CAN'T DELIVER THE GOODS! HAHA! They thought that with Comrade Hopey/Changey and a host of drones in the Houses, they thought Zero's call for a "fundamental change" in America would slide through the cracks. WRONG! THAT, my brothers and sisters, is WHY the Tea Party was and IS attacked so viciously. The courtiers in the Lapdog Media are a set of lying propagandists and bedwetters and the limo libs in Hollyweird NOW realize the masses are gathering at their gates with pitchforks, torches, and a wee bit of tar and feathers!

Liberal Democrats from Blue States and the political sewer in Chicago have teamed up to bring their brand of tax and spend government to the US. Their Blue States are in debt up to their eyeballs and cannot even balance their budgets, the result of decades upon decades of free spending and entitlement programs by Liberal idiots. California, for example, has a half trillion dollars of unfunded liability, that is, money it will owe to government retirees and pension and they WILL have to raise by taxing the few people who still have jobs there. The US has a national debt of 13 trillion dollars AND CLIMBING and with a budget deficit OVER a trillion dollars, this regime is spending at a frantic rate. The US is close to bankruptcy and is being run by people who know nothing about the value of money.

The idiots on the Left ran their useful idiot up the flagpole, flush with Soros, SEIU, and Hamas cash, in order to bring us their brand of big taxing and spending thugocracy to the United States. ALL BLUE STATES are in debt up to their ears and they owe it all to decades of free spending by Democrats. These morons have given us a debt to GDP ratio of NINETY ONE PERCENT, yet Comrade Hopey/Changey has party night AGAIN in the White House, on our dime, flits about like a jet-setter, on our dime, and in reality, he ain't worth a tinker's dam. The US is close to bankruptcy and Comrade NItwit is eating and playing like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Lies and damn lies emanate from the sewer in DC.

No matter WHAT the problem, liberals have only ONE solution. RAISE TAXES!

Gulf oil disaster = STOP DRILLING/RAISE TAXES!
Nashville floods = BIG GOV'T/RAISE TAXES!
Stock Market tanks = BIG GOV'T/RAISE TAXES!
Businesses failing = REGULATE/RAISE TAXES!
Illegals killing Americans = DO NOTHING/RAISE TAXES!
Unemployed numbers increase = MORE FREEBIES/RAISE TAXES!
16,000 New ARMED IRS Agents to Enforce Health Reform = RAISE TAXES!
ObummerKare = RAISE TAXES!

To Big Gavel Nancy, quite possibly the stupidest woman ever elected, the Gunny has this to say:

Dear Red Nanny Pelosi,

As November looms in your front window, and your impending firing moves towards you faster than ice cream going into Rosie O'Donnell's fat yap, the Gunny wanted to be the first to send you his wishes for a long long long life into a doddering senility. May you be jeered, heckled, badgered, cursed at, glared at, pointed out as a traitor to all things American, spit at, and banished from the sight of decent God-fearing, liberty-loving Americans like the stench in the nostrils of humanity you and your liberal progressive ilk are. The Gunny and a host of Americans BLAME YOU and the other Dummycrats (and your RINO bootlickers, i.e., Snowe, Collings, McShamnesty, Grahamnesty, Crist, etc) for turning America into the train wreck we currently have. YOU ignored us. YOU laughed at us. YOU trod through our midst with a big gavel that had we been any different, would have been used on your head, and you idiots DID WHAT YOU WANTED TO DO! There will be NOWHERE TO RUN come November 2010 or November 2012. YOU bastards have made your bed and WE will force you to sleep in it! YOU have awoken a sleeping tiger and PISSED US OFF! The American people have a history of rising up in righteous anger, banding together, and collectively coming for justice. Now you and the rest of your ilk will reap the whirlwind and when WE take over in 2010, may Comrade Obummer be impeached, the libs run out of the government for fifty years, and Soros extradited to France to be put in jail where he belongs. May your legacy be one of failure, treason, and deceit for on YOUR WATCH, Americans have the lowest approval rating for Congress IN OUR HISTORY!

This leftist regime of idiots and puppets is falling apart faster than a house of cards in a hurricane and the Gunny for one, shouts to the Heavens in joy. Comrade Zero has screwed up EVERYTHING he has laid his hand on. Is God still protecting America as Samuel Adams prayed for day and night? Evidently so. Rambutt Emanuel, the paper tiger that people were so afraid of, is now running and hiding as the news breaks that he lived RENT FREE in an apartment owned by a BP honcho. That he is linked to Sestak and Romanoff. "Oh what a wicked web we weave...." Glorious that this regime is crumbling. Glorious that the criminals in Crime Inc, formerly known as the Jackass Party, are being exposed daily. The sky is black with chickens coming home to roost, but not as Reverend Racist Wright, Obummer's pastor for 20 YEARS wanted. Obummer can do nothing but remain in permanent campaign mode, blaming Bush, like a talking doll with a struck button! Biden was half right when he stated that Zero would be tested but this jug-eared clown, who was elected without a shred of executive level experience, has failed miserably. Glorious.

Blago. UK and the DVDs. Iran. Russian and the Missile Shield. Russia/Georgia and Zero. Bowing to anyone and everyone. Israel and the abandonment of our ally. Hamas flotilla. NK-Cheonan sinking. Iran and their nukes. Terror Strikes but US vets are the issue. The GAPING Southern Border and the murdering Human Locust. A Double Dip recession. No Oil. No Gas.

The Left elected a moron. Let us REMEMBER NOVEMBER! America is a helluva lot tougher than these idiots thought. Let's THROW THE BUMS out and get back to making America the EXCEPTIONAL nation is was, until the libs took over.



  1. "It is an indispensable duty which we owe to God, our country, ourselves and posterity, by all lawful ways and means in our power to maintain, defend and preserve those civil and religious rights and liberties, for which many of our fathers fought, bled, and died, and to hand them down entire to future generations.""

    Too many people today have been convinced that the government and anyone who has worked harder and longer than they and who has earned more owes them a comfortable life. The left has successfully convinced many, many people that God has no place in the affairs of life and our nation. So, when people read this fine quote a lot of them will say, "I don't get it" or they think the government is the one who grants our rights and that we the people have nothing to do with defending them.

    I like the Petreaus/ Christie 2012!

  2. Pelosi.
    The idea of her getting defeated 11/2 can only be considered a pipe dream.
    Do you really believe that the wierdos of San Francisco would ever actually elect a true statesman?
    Yeah. Right after the Pope's wedding.

  3. RIGHT ON!!and it appears the women are leading the pack--Go Whitman and Angle!!

  4. Another Great post Gunny,
    The Sam Adams quote was particularly pertinent. I did my civic duty yesterday and voted for Keith Fimian here in VA dist 11. Hopefully many other principled Americans did the same. I get tired of hearing "Well, I didn't vote because neither choice was a good one". To that I say; get out and PICK a good one! Get involved and take back your government. I've contributed money to several congressional candidates around the country, in particular Lt Col Allen West. I used to live in Deerfield Beach FL, and that place could use a patriotic American as it's representative. November will be here soon and we need to be ready.

    "Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing." Edmund Burke

  5. Gunny,
    Boy did I miss you!!
    I loved this blog Mr.G.
    Obama is too busy with his parties to be bothered with America's problems. He wants our tax money to fund his good times. The tax payers paid for Paul McCartney, and all the other entertainers that have crooned to the first family and their friends. In 2009 alone, he spent 10 million dollars on his parties, wine and song, pizza and beer. That was out of the pockets of hard working Americans, that can't even afford to go to a movie.
    He and all the skuzzy democrats are a disgrace to America, and Lord willing they will be gone soon!!
    Please stay awhile Gunny. Stop running away, you're needed!

  6. Since even before Woodrow Wilson threw political dissenters in prison, the Democrats have been screwing up our country. LBJ enslaved over 12% of our population in "entitlement" slavery. Bill Clinton (our first black president) was only saved by a Conservative take-over of the US Congress. Now we have Obama, Pelosi, and Reid; i.e., the "Three Stooges" (and I apologize to Moe, Larry, and Curly).

    Once "We the People" take the government back over, we will need criminal investigations into every politician for the last 60 years. And perhaps this time we need to "invite" the Liberals to immigrate elsewhere.

  7. But if the repubs get a majority in the House, she will be just another rep, not the Speaker.

  8. Ahhh, how I long for the old days! Back when you could tar and feather a politician and the law was the person tying their hands up.
    Nice letter! Well though out. But I think you missed some important points. Here just a few suggested additions:
    Dear piece of dung, please allow me to suggest how to rid the world of scum, we all have great hopes of you sliding down a fifty foot razor blade, hopefully you'll find it in your heart to leave the US, May I suggest Iran.
    Just a few suggestions you could insert into your letter. Other than missing those it was great!

  9. Well said once more. One minor point to your bottom tagline: I believe his name is spelled "Petraeus."

  10. Good shit yet again,Guns. 2010 we toss the crap in the pit,2012 we bury it.AS LONG AS THE IDIOTS RUNNING the GOP PULL THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR ASSES,and BACK these good conservative candidates,and send to the 9th ring ANY and ALL RINO's.

  11. I just received an email from World Net Daily. They had an article that was really interesting. Retired Maj Gen. Paul Vallely is calling for the resignation of Obama. He sites incompetence, deceit, fraud, corruption,dishonesty, and violation of the US oath of office, and the Constitution.
    He sites the Declaration of Independence. We have every right to toss him out, since he isn't doing what he was hired for.
    His oath of office is to defend the Constitution, and from enemies, both foreign and domestic.
    He sure isn't doing that!!

  12. Beachmom,

    Gen P would slice and dice the Kenyan village idiot in the debates and Christie would spank Gaffes Biden like a 2 y.o.

  13. Buck,

    No, she'll make it but seeing her serve in a lib MINORITY, hopefully being treated like shit, like she did to the GOP, will be a richly deserved treat!

  14. Shadow Knight,

    And best of all, the Tea Party ENDORSED conservative condidates and did not run a third party spoiler.

    REVENGE on the libstains AND the RINOS!

  15. rikdergis,

    GREAT quote from Burke. He was a genius.

  16. Nanna,

    Thanks for the kind words. I'm not going anywhere but I'm on the road and blogspot had an outage where I was. Like my hero Sam Adams, I labor tirelessly for liberty.

  17. Gray Ghost,

    Can I be the investigation and then the prison czar?

  18. Jim,

    I'd like for them to take a long walk, on a short pier, and try to swim w/ 100# of chains.

  19. theinterface,

    your keen eye for detail... kudos.

  20. clyde,

    it is up to US to keep the pressure on the RINOS!

  21. Nanna,

    INDEED! I also read where the idiot is passing rules for the feds faster and faster. It is gonna take a lot of work to undo the damage that moron has done.

  22. I can see November from my HOUSE!
    146 days - Get ready, get set, VOTE!!!

  23. Gunny--November is looking better and better each day!The TIDAL WAVE is ON and the DIM-o-crats know it.

  24. Saltwater,

    LOVING IT! Reid is WAY DOWN in the polls compared to Angle!

  25. Crossbow,

    Yes they know it and it is a JOY watching them quiver in fear.

  26. Deep in his cups, with the disease of paranoia running unchecked through his alcohol-ruined brain, Gunsel screams:

    >It is, therefore, our duty to
    >resist this tyrannical regime

    Like his policies or hate them, by no stretch of any sane person's imagination can the administration of President Barack Hussein Obama be termed "tyrannical." And that means that . . .

    . . . once again, the Gunster is BUSTED -- CAUGHT IN A LIE.

    Not that he cares, of course, since he knows that his captive audience of ill-educated trailer-dwellers will blindly and stupidly accept whatever he says.

    But the desperation in Guns' babbling grows ever more apparent, and that is a very good thing indeed.

  27. Only one problem with the Gunsel's latest hysterical rant:

    >No matter WHAT the problem, liberals have
    >only ONE solution. RAISE TAXES!
    >Gulf oil disaster = STOP
    >Nashville floods = BIG GOV'T/RAISE TAXES!
    >Stock Market tanks = BIG GOV'T/RAISE
    >Recession = MORE GOV'T/RAISE TAXES!
    >Businesses failing = REGULATE/RAISE TAXES!
    >Illegals killing Americans = DO
    >Unemployed numbers increase = MORE
    >16,000 New ARMED IRS Agents to
    >Enforce Health Reform = RAISE TAXES!
    >ObummerKare = RAISE TAXES!
    >Crap and Tax = HIGH ENERGY

    The problem, of course, is that the Obama administration hasn't raised taxes at all, not on average Americans, anyway.

    And that means that the Gunster is, once again, BUSTED! AND CAUGHT IN A LIE.

  28. Here's an excerpt from Gunsel's latest psycho rant:

    "The Gunny wanted to be the first to send you his wishes for a long long long life into a doddering senility. May you be jeered, heckled, badgered, cursed at, glared at, pointed out as a traitor to all things American, spit at, and banished from the sight of decent God-fearing, liberty-loving Americans like the stench in the nostrils of humanity you and your liberal progressive ilk are."

    Wow! Does this guy know how to hate, or what? Is this loser not totally, utterly and completely insane, twisted like a pretzel with lunatic hostility? Is it normal for a person to harbor such rancor for any fellow human who hasn't personally screwed him/her?

    You jokers who comprise Gunsel's cheering section of compliant yes-men should be asking yourselves, do I really want to throw in my lot with this drooling psycho?

    Think about it.

  29. NEWS ITEM:

    "WASHINGTON – In a boost for the president on global warming, the Senate on Thursday rejected a challenge to Obama administration rules aimed at cutting greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and other big polluters.
    "The defeated (Repuglican, of course) resolution would have denied the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to move ahead with the rules, crafted under the federal Clean Air Act."
    "Obama said the vote was another reminder of the need to pass legislation to reduce the country's reliance on oil. The White House had issued a veto threat this week, saying the resolution would block efforts to cut pollution that could harm people's health and well-being."

    The president wins another one.

    Democracy in action, folks.

    Obama! What's not to like?

  30. Stewie, first of all when a government rules (in simple words that you can understand, governs against the will of the people)it is tyranny, when a government serves it is not. You god and master the messiah Obamanation is ruling. Oh and he's such a moron he isn't even doing a very good job of that.

  31. "Wow! Does this guy know how to hate, or what? Is this loser not totally, utterly and completely insane, twisted like a pretzel with lunatic hostility? Is it normal for a person to harbor such rancor for any fellow human who hasn't personally screwed him/her?"
    Stewie (Ivan) Griffin

    Well actually this ilk of which he speaks, mindless common herdistic morons that worship the moronic dolt the were conned into electing, have acted in a manner nothing short of treason. They have as you just pointed out, put into office a tyrannt that is subverting the constitution, violating our laws deserve nothing less then to be scorned, as you so richly deserve you mindless, Marxist piece of dung.

  32. Thank you Stewie, we speek of tyrany and you provide evidence of such an act. Giving power to a government agency with no oversight from it's constituants that will drastically impose regulatios and penalties on us is in fact an act of tyrany.
    Democracy in action, folks.

    Obama! What's not to like?

    Wow Stewie (Ivan the Dolt) You don't understand government at all, do you. We are not a Democracy. If we were that redicuas act would never have been passed to start with which again proves beyond any doubt two things;
    1. You god and master the messiah Obamanation is a tyrant
    2. You're a complete and total spit drooling moron

    PS Did you do your job spell chequer?

    Oh and I posted some lictures or you Ivan