Monday, June 21, 2010


Solis, who can't be bothered to pay HER TAXES actually declares that ILLEGAL ALIENS HAVE THE RIGHT to FAIR WAGES! Sure they do, IN MEXICO! Solis wraps her moonbat brain around this concept because breaking the law IS THE DEMOCRAT WAY! Which party is the one trying to get the Ethics investigations on black politicians STOPPED? That would be Crime, Inc, aka The Democrat Party. Which party is chock full of criminals? Ah, that would be Crime Inc again. Which party can'r pay their taxes? Crime Inc. Which party employed a radical communist? Crime Inc. The Gunny could go on and on but the point is well made.

ILLEGAL ALIENS are here, ILLEGALLY! They are, ALIEN CRIMINALS and as such, cannot legally be employed! So is Solis endorsing BREAKING Federal laws? State laws? Say it ain't so Joe. Then, once employed, their earnings are "under the table", unreported and not subject to being taxed but you can bet these future Democrats will be at their local welfare office with their hands out for benefits.

What needs to happen is that when we round these criminals up, we need to put them to work on farms picking crops, police calling our highways and streets, picking up trash and cig butts, painting rocks in beautification efforts, until they pay for their court costs, transportation costs, and their deportation costs. Only THEN will that be fair to the US tax paying citizens who are currently picking up the tab for these human locust, in violent crime costs, court costs, jail costs, and welfare costs.

Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution pretty much sums up what the Federal Government IS NOT DOING along our Southern border: "and shall protect each of them against Invasion."

                     THIS picture should be distributed in Mexico.


  1. Illegals do have rights! To a speedy trial followed by a quick deportation.OK, I can go along with part of their sentence paying their cost by cleamning roadsides, toxic waste dumps(DNC headquarters), or cleaning the oil spill.

  2. All I ask is that we apply the Mexican immigration laws to the Mexican illegal aliens.

    Check it out for yourself and find what is required to be a "legal" alien in Mexico and what happens if you are not "legal".

  3. Is this video from Ms Solis supposed to invoke some kind of sympathy toward Illegals? If an Illegal is employed here it stands to reason that they are being paid less than a fair wage. Why would an employer hire an Illegal immigrant at fair market value when they can hire a legal citizen? This is obviously the government condoning illegal activity.

    "Most of the energy of political work is devoted to correcting the effects of mismanagement of government." Milton Friedman

  4. Jim,

    I need to be the Illegal Alien Czar! haha.

    They'd be worked so hard they'd be BEGGING to leave on their own.

  5. Pack Rat,

    I read those! Pretty harsh. I agree, word for word, we need them HERE!

  6. rikdergis,

    That is the Obama regime. Illegal works r HIM!

  7. Martin Luther King Started It All

    When I was in school we were taught that if a law is not a good law, CHANGE the law. Good law or bad law it is still the law. CHANGE the bad law.

    Martin Luther King started his "Civil Disobedience" which recieved the accolades of all the usual suspects and all of a sudden it became chic to flaunt the law if you didn't agree with it.

    Everyone thought it was okay. It was heroic. Patriotic to break "bad" laws.

    Today's "Sanctuary Cities" as well as the federal government's ignoring immigration laws and the demonstrations supporting criminal activities are a direct result of

    "Civil Disobedience"

  8. I was just watching Fox, followed by hearing Rush. Seems Senator Kyl said that during a meeting with OBlyin' the big O said that there would be no border security until we get comprehensive immigration reform. The WH came back and said Kyl is lying, and then Kyl said "NO I'm not" the WH says Yes you are. Not exact but just boiling it down. Me? I take Senator Kyl's word above Obama.
    This WH is so dirty, devious, albeit, crooked
    I know they are more or less blackmailing Arizona, in fact the whole United States. One day, one of their loved ones will be murdered or raped by an illegal. I wonder if it will change them, or if they will count it as collateral damage, and worth the sacrifice?

    Just pray we can soon get rid of these crooks before this country is destroyed.

  9. Perhaps the governor of Arizona will raise an Arizona "Militia" and use them on the state's border? (If the Arizona National Guard is used, our Fearless Leader can legally "nationalize" them and pull them from the border. On the other hand, Obama cannot touch a state militia.)

    I do wonder what Obama would do in either case.

    Gunny, this whole thing is getting more and more interesting. And Obama's actions concerning the illegals (and the Gulf oil spill) are becoming more and more disjointed.

    Frankly, I just keep stockpiling ammo and weapons. I pray that I never have the need of them; but I was a Boy Scout and I know their motto. And having needed and used them (i.e., weapons and ammo) during the NW Mississippi Ice Storm of 1994 and after Katrina on the Gulf Coast, I will be prepared.

    I hope Alaska is treating you well. Have you panned for gold yet? (After seeing John Wayne in "North to Alaska", I have always wanted to pan for gold.)

  10. Gray Ghost:
    I had a newsblurb but guess I flushed it. Can't find it. But it basically said Obama ws threatning several governors with arrest if they raised a state milita. Don't know other than Texas Governor Perry was one of them.....

  11. Aw we don't need to worry 'bout what is illegal -- would appear nothing is these days. Sad state of affairs, isn't it?

  12. Well,I don't want to sound pro illegal alien,but unlike a large percentage of whites and blacks around here in Florida most Mexicans have jobs and are working.

  13. At 11:44 Nanna said:


    >This WH is so dirty, devious,
    >albeit, crooked

    "albeit crooked?"

    Poor Nanna. Utterly illiterate and too dumb to know she's a laughingstock to anyone who actually graduated grade school.

    Typical for you pathetic rightoid losers, but sad to see nevertheless.

  14. At 11:55, Gray Ghost gibbered:


    >I have always wanted to
    >pan for gold.)

    That's because you've always been a silly, childish asshole.

    (P.S.: Hey, Casper, are you prepared yet to publish my address? You said you could, remember? But then . . . perhaps you're just a ridiculous liar, an aging blowhard with dreams of being a Klondike hero -- someone who shouldn't be taken seriously for a moment.)

  15. Easiest solution? DROP THEM as they come across the border. The only SURE way to stop the invasion. Coming in legally? NO PROBLEM. Cross at an official border station,not in between the damn things.

  16. Poor Ivan'
    It's too bad he doesn't recognize when he is in over his head. Even being on this website is much too deep for his poor itty bitty liberal brain. He would never in a million years understand what is being said here, so he whines, stamps his dirty little feet, and cries foul and calls his schoolyard names. Maybe someday when his little raisen brain advances (if ever) to adulthood he will be worthy to hold a conversation with someone on this site,
    Go back to your room little guy, and play with your toys, and contemplate just what an insignificant nincompoop you really are!!!!!!!

  17. Ivan the Not So Terrible......

    Why should I answer an idiot? He is so stupid, he is unable to use any more descriptive words than: "a*shole".

    He could have used "blowhard", "braggart", "bragger", "egomanic", "egotist", or even "trumpeter". But perhaps these words are above his limited vocabulary. (And the last few examples of Ivan the Not So Terrible's vocabulary appear to be that of a 3rd grader.)

    Of course his lack of intelligence could be because his father (and other male members of his family) molested him as a small child. Or it could be that his prostitute mother used him as a "come-on" while she worked the streets of New York City. All of these actions are quite common among Liberal/Socialist/Marxist "low-lifes".

    However, I was impressed that Ivan the Not So Terrible used the word "gibbered". (However, a better verb for him to have used would have been "prattle".)

    As for "Klondike hero", are you still trying to emulate the perverted male members of your family, or just your prostitute mother? Or perhaps you are aiming for more advanced areas of degeneracy which better reflect your own inferiority and depravity?

  18. Gunny,

    This is the SOP for the hcic(head criminal in charge) aka o bum steer. He extorts from every class and race equally. Example acorn, the pimps and hoes he has employed there work and slave for all that non taxed money day and night and have the community agitator to defend them as long and he gets the kickback votes and cash in hand.
    It's the same for the ricans and sicans as long as they have the illegal vote and cash they are more than welcome to be a part of his huge gang of thieves. he has already made it known that he knows closing the border would solve the problem but he isn't going to do that he wants that vote and money. His latest extortion job is with BP, they either pay up or else he is going to take them down.

  19. Nanna you leave my Ivan alone! He is smart! He was the keynote speaker at the Nazi Gay Pride convention. You wouldn't talk like that if you saw him up on stage in his little Hitler suit and high heels and garters.
    And you Gray Ghost, you leave him alone too, I have his address, especially his back door. And his relationship with me is not depraved, lots of people felch.
    PS; How do you know so much about his childhood? I thought I was the only one he told those things too.

  20. Gray Ghost:

    Psychological profile of ivan:

    He is obviously a 7th grader in the throws of pubescence with a bad skin problem and lashing out in rage because he feels he is a little girl trapped in a little boy's body.

  21. No Buck, I'm sometimes trapped inside his body. I can atest there is no little girl in there. Ivan doesn't even like girls.

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  23. At 7:08 Buck scribbled:

    . . . in the throws of pubescence . . .

    "In the throws of" !!!?


    At least you've proved than Nanna isn't the only ridiculously illiterate slug here, Buckie.

    There is a serious side to this, though. You rightoids are frustrated and angry because you can't get anything done, public-policywise, but you never seem to understand that every time you write to your congresspeople they spend all their reading time laughing at your inane, childish spelling and grammar mistakes and ignore the content of your missive. You can't be taken seriously when you write like a third-grader with terminal dyslexia, folks. And most of you here do. Fact is, you're dumb as shit, illiterate as hell and your political smarts equal those of the guy who sweeps up your trailer park. That's why you're almost universally ignored, driving the likes of the Gunster and Casper the Gay Ghost to fantasize about resorting to their muskets to drive the redcoats back across the sea. It's pathetic to see.

    Meanwhile . . . "In the throws of" -- Omigawd, make it stop.

    Wadda maroon.

  24. Stewie (Ivan) Griffin, If you are attempting to audition for a job as a spell chequer for Nanna or Buck you’re going about it poorly. You must engage them with a reasonably decent intellect at a level as to ensure they need not talk too far down to your obtuse level. May I suggest that you try to increase your communication skills to that of at least a third grader. I find it quite intriguing that your rat is defnding you. At least you have one ally backing you up (pardon the pun).

  25. that is a gerbil defending Ivan,

    There are some things a rat will not do

  26. Buck,

    One way to solve it is to arrest those responsible and chuck em in jail. King was protesting Jim Crow laws, we're protesting the Feds NOT doing their jobs.

  27. Nanna,

    I was glad that Kyl outed Zero. Barry takes his orders from Soros who is the KING of the Open Borders attack.

  28. Gray Ghost,

    Thanks for asking, all is well here. No, I have not but will in a few weeks.

  29. clyde,

    Vice dropping them, arrest them and deport them to farms so that they can WORK for US and then, when the cost of their crimes has been paid for, brand them with IA on their foreheads and deport them.

  30. NANNA!

    HAHA! You spanked Ivan like the little boy he is. Classic.

  31. R E,

    You coined a good one, O-Bum-Steer! That idiot couild not tell the truth if it came up on his teleprompter!

  32. I stand correct Pack Rat, it most certainly is a gerbil. I just learned in fact that he is the gerbil king. Very appropriate for Ivan with him being the Marxist Queen.

  33. O-Bum_Steer! GREAT!It fits Owhammy to a T". I personally believe they shound change the state name of new mexico to "East Arizona" or "West Texas"

  34. 8th man

    West Texas would be better and more accurate as part of eastern NM was part of the Republic of Texas

  35. NM could use a little more conservative influence. Either one is fine with me.