Friday, June 4, 2010


UPDATE: This was supposed to be posted on the 4th but somehow, Murphy got involved and then Blogspot had posting issues.


In yesterday’s essay, “The Rise of Modern Conservatism,” the Gunny referenced the thugs from the SEIU basically attacking the house of a Bank of America executive in Silver Spring Maryland and in doing so, terrorizing a fourteen year old boy in the process. This happened on May 16 and it was a thuggery of five hundred SEIU vermin in their purple shirts aided by some scumbags from the National Political Action, which appears to be a network of Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, both pseudo-reverends, who surrounded the home of Greg Baer. In their VIOLENT protest of BofA's foreclosure policies, they came on PRIVATE PROPERTY, up to his front porch, destroyed his lawn, and made enough racket to disturb the entire neighborhood. The father came home and was assaulted by these maggots as he tried to enter HIS OWN HOME! Naturally, the DC police, nearly as corrupt as the New Orleans police, but actually dumber, did NOTHING to control the thugs or even make them move off of PRIVATE PROPERTY. Indeed, the DC Police actually ESCORTED the criminals to the Baer residence.

The Thugocracy of the Left is here my friends.

Personally, the Gunny wishes that this would have happened in Virginia where “defense of self AND others” would have had some “bitter clingers” popping caps into this crowd of scumbags or up here in Alaska, so that the grizzlies could eat well for the rest of the year! What a disgusting display of liberalism run amok under the Community Organizing Clown-in-Chief.

Let’s not forget other violent attacks by the Left in recent history:

1. The chump who pushed down a reporter trying to get the story on corrupt Liberal Martha Coakley was a leftist operative.

2. The Black Panthers who performed a little voter intimidation in Filthadelphia and who got off scot-free ala Eric Holder.

3. The SEIU beatdown of Kenneth Gladney in St. Louis in August 2009, right outside a town hall meeting held by Jackass Party Congcritter Russ Carnahan. It was captured on video and to date, nothing has been done about it by the Democrat run St Louis PD. 

4. Back in April 9 in New Orleans, GOP honcho Roger Villeres was chased by a leftist group of thugs as he left a restaurant where they were holding a convention, and then Allee Butsch, along with her boyfriend Joe Brown came out and were followed, attacked, and beaten so badly that Ms. Butsch had to have an operation to repair her broken leg.

Oddly enough, not much was reported in the Lapdog Media on this crapulence.

History repeats itself. What this crap should do is remind ANY American grounded in historical FACT that Obama uses the SEIU and other thug groups like Hitler used the SA. The brownshirts used terror, fear, and physical beatings to gain power and violence and that is very much a part of the Leftist movement! From hippies dousing our GI’s with filth and spit, to the SDS, to the Weather Underground, to Bill Ayers blowing up stuff, to his wife Bernadine Dorhn aiding and abetting Hamas with this “Free Gaza” bullsqueeze, to the recent Nation of Islam thugs going after the Secret Service at Calypso Louie’s crib, the Left’s slip has risen to show their violent thuggish existence. Let us not forget Obummer using the bully pulpit of the Presidency to attack PRIVATE CITIZENS like Joe the Plumber. Hideous. What this regime is, is nothing less than a criminal conspiracy against the people of the United States and it is run by Crime Inc, previously known as the Jackass Party.

In fact, it was the Left who were on Rove’s private property hounding HIM on more than one occasion and it was the Left who harrassed Bush 43 on land abutting his property. They attack Conservative speakers by flinging objects at them and harrass them like Code Pink did to Rumsfeld at a dinner in DC. They even send our enemies in comabt with OUR TROOPS aid, money, and medical supplies! Yet they whine for respect for Barry. Piss off libs. The Left is comprised of wild-eyed thugs who are liberals because they are unbalanced and fanatical, just like the Brownshirts were. The Left elected a poser. A liar. A Divider. The leftists have finally reached the end of their rope, started in the 60’s, and now ended in a full-blown thugocracy more akin to Mugabe’s hellhole in Zimbabwe than an American nation. Why, they even have intellectual thugs like John Holdren who wish to perform mass sterilizations and forced abortions on us, as they poison our food and water. Goosestep much Johnny? “Obama has vays of making you drink his kool-aid…” Naturally, the leftist elites studiously look away while gleeful inside; silent is consent.

Leftists embrace openly, murderers like Che and Obummer’s own myrmidons espouse their love for all things Mao. The Left is in bed with convicted criminals like Soros, who they won’t extradite to France but instead, take millions from him and use his paid drones like Media Matters to push their thin gruel of liberalism. It was Andy Stern from SEIU who stated that he spent $63 million dollars to get Obama elected and that they own the Jackass Party. The Gunny wonders if that money came from the SEIU pension fund? Does Obummer now have his civilian national security force (thuggish union drones) who are slavish to all things Obama, and who hate freedom of speech and individual freedom? This thugocracy now in power is as corrupt as corrupt can be as they perform Blagos, Sestaks, Romanoffs with wild abandon and then trot out the reincarnation of Leni Riefenstahl and Herr Goebbels, one Baghdad Bob Gibbs, to spew the party line in a display of stammering, stuttering, and scads of ums, ahs, and ers. Every dictator must have his mouthpiece, no matter how stupid.

Who else but the Left would put out pamphlets to disabled veterans about “life choices” which in other words read, “is your life REALLY worth living?” Who else but the Left would vote to leave babies who survive the liberal goddess of Abortion, to die cold and alone in a back room, like trash? Who else but the Left would actually put out a report maligning returning Iraq/Afghanistan war vets as possible right-wing TERRORISTS? Who else but the Left would bow to foreign leaders while seeking to oppress their own citizens, like something out of a George Orwell novel? Who but the Left would kick around our allies like the UK and Israel while kowtowing to every tinpot dictator and wannabe tyrant in the world as they gleefully and eagerly suck on the UN’s lower appendage? Who but the Left would install a pretender in the oval office who lacked even the most basic qualifications to flip burgers and who then vilifies anyone who does not bow down to the little boy god? Who but the Left wants to “socialize” businesses as Maxine Waters let slip?

Unfortunately for the Leftist goon squad, Conservatives today aren’t the Silent Majority of old. Nope. We’re now an awakened and tougher group of people, who have come together from ALL ACROSS AMERICA! We’re not going to tolerate scumbags who attack women, issue out beatdowns, terrorize teenage boys as the cops watch, and who flail about as violent and stupid vermin. Small wonder that since the election of the Thug-in-Chief, gun sales have soared through the roof. Why? For the protection against a tyrranical and oppressive government. For the protection against Obomunists like Lou the Looter in NOLA and SEIU thugs in Silver Springs. Fellow patriots, the left is unraveling faster than a roll of toilet paper during a Rosie O’Donnell dump session and everyday, they are becoming increasingly more violent, more out of control, and more hateful of us and America. The fish stinks from the head down and this violence and lawlessness is coming from the oval office on down, like crap from a sewer. Each new day brings new outrages from the communist in the office of the presidency who seeks to divide us on race, class, and wealth. He encourages a race war by his statements, i.e., white cops in Cambridege who acted "stupidly", yet the Thug-in-Chief stated that he did not even have all of the facts yet! Twenty years of sitting in Reverend (that’s a joke) Wright’s church of hate prepped Barry boy well as the puppet for the far left terrorists.

The Conservatives in America and the rest of the right of center population will not go quietly into that good night without a fight. This regime is precisely why our Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment to paper. As the Thug-in-Chief and his myrmidon Eric Holder ignore leftist violence in America, and get Police Chiefs in the US to follow along, we will have ourselves to rely upon. We SEE the inevitable even as we prepare for the ugly train wreck that is coming at us full blast. It would be easy for us to sit around, watch them go off of the deep end, laugh ourselves silly over it, and relish it like a fine wine but we had better make sure that we take decisive action to defeat them. There is a silver lining in the black cloud hovering over America today and it is the opportunity to toss the Jackass Party on the trash heap of history. In fact, this is the BEST opportunity we have ever had, but ONLY if we seize it, use it, and not waste it. Rest assured patriots, that our vote is IMPORTANT this coming November as the Lapdog Media, the SEIU thugs, the Black Panthers, and the other GOP van tire slashing Democrat operatives will be out there as thick as flies on a bull’s ass, on Election day. The core voters of the Left, the illegal aliens will be voting early and often as will the dead, and so, we MUST volunteer to staff the polls, we MUST exert vigilance everywhere, and we MUST win so decisively as to prevent the liberals from printing up ballots after the election, ala Al Franken, to cheat to win. Our mission in November is to vote out all leftists and then work to purge them from school boards, city councils, charities, foundations, courthouses, governors, etc. Let us relegate them to nothing more than city pooper scooper.

In closing, remember that: “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” A conflict may ultimately be the end of this nightmare as the necessary work to “create a more perfect union” but that remains the final option, as our Founders intended.

Oh yeah, the Gunny almost forgot, the SEIU owes $100 million dollars to the Bank of America. Maybe it is time the Bank of America called in SEIU’s loan.


  1. Great read here, GunnyG. What is so pitiful is that a relative hand full of union thugs have taken over the unions. Wonder when the rank and file of these various unions are going to wake up and either clean house or kick the unions out all together. The Greece Effect is coming to the U.S. very soon. It's going to get uglier and uglier as the summer wears on IMO.

  2. Mrs AL,

    I could not agree more. The Leftists will get more and more violent as they degenerate into a fragmented party of far left kooks. Guns and ammo will be the words of the day for us.

  3. GunnyG,
    I HOPE a Liberal gets mouthy with me. The last time it happened, I baited him into taking a swing at me. He missed! I took 3 at him and didn't. The last I saw of him, he was laying on the ground crying with one eye swollen shut and blood gushing from his nose

  4. SEIU....brown shirts of true!

  5. Spot-on once again.These thugs are going to be getting their November. Time to flush the turds to where they belong.

  6. You do a better job than the media. Any of the media. Not even Fox will connect the dots.
    Every time I read about the thugocracy and see the operation of libidiots I think of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, ("Brave New World")

    And, ya! Why isn't anyone with a public soap box asking why Soros hasn't been extradited?

  7. Soros.
    This alien should be deported merely for interfering in our elective process.
    I don't believe he is a citizen.
    Convicted felons are ineligible for citizenship.
    If he is a citizen, then he should be stripped of his citizenship, like the NAZI concentration camp guard was, and deported to his country of origin..

  8. I almost missed this one Gunny. I already posted on the one from today.
    But this was too good to pass up. Especially after Blanche Lincoln won in Arkansas last night. It did my heart good because Soros, and the unions were backing the other guy, and spent 10 million, for nothing. I know a Republican will win in November, but i was still glad to see her beat Soros, and the Unions.

  9. if seiu thugs ever came to my to my home like they did to the banker,i would have to greet them with my 100yr old mausa and bayonet.few people will stand up to cold steel in the belly.

  10. Nanna,
    you are correct,
    I saw that.
    I suspect some of those folks from Arkansas said to the moveon and SEIU puppets " you're not from around here, are you?"

    People from that area aren't found of outsiders telling them what to do.

    There was a bumper sticker during the oil boom that said " I don't give a d@&^ how you did it up north.

  11. Georgetwin,

    Libs are getting froggy and when they see their welfare programs going bye-bye, rest assured, violence is not far behind.

  12. clyde,

    No doubt. But WHAT happens when they're ousted is the question? I can definately see Obummer doing what he can to shut down elections for an "emergency."

  13. beachmom,

    I have emailed the DOJ about Soros FOR YEARS! I have emailed the French Embassy in DC asking them WHY they don't extradite him!

    Thanks for the kudos BTW. Just a common sense Jarhead pointing out the traitors and their scumbag behind the curtain.

  14. Buck,

    BINGO! I would PAY for his flight back to France! He is indeed a criminal and a scumbag.

  15. Nanna,

    YEAH! Seeing Soreass lose yet again, after backing losers like Owl Gore and Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry is sweet sweet sweet!

  16. Anon,

    You're exactly right. Violent trespassers should be immediately met with violence. A man's home is still his castle and when the barbarians cross the moat...