Thursday, June 3, 2010


Think back to November 2008 when the Community Organizer-in-Chief was elected by idiots, morons, and parasites. They all crowed that Conservatism was dead. Time, Newsweak (pun intended), and the other liberal bobbleheads like Joe Klein and squishy CINOs like that token idiot at the NY Obama Times all said that WE needed to move more left to be competitive with the Jackass Party. Nothing could be further from the truth and the words of W. F. Buckley Jr., "the wells of regeneration are infinitely deep," spoken 50 YEARS ago, ring true today. We are seeing a resurgence of Conservatism and it scares the hell out of the Left. They KNOW that their failed ideology is a house of cards and November 2008 is the typhoon coming to blow it away like a fart in a hurricane.

Our goal is quite simply, to live free and productive lives and to be secure from outside threats and domestic tyranny. To have secure and well-defined borders with one culture and one language. American/English. Our society must embrace, support, and promote, as it’s basic tenet: Liberty, Honesty, Civic Virtue, Patriotism, and a renewed interest in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and making sure that our government toes the line, every time, all the time. The Gunny laughs when he thinks of all the nattering nabobs mewling the party line that the Age of Reagan was over and Newssqueak (now bankrupt financially as well as morally) yammered that we were all socialists now. NNNNNNNNNNN! Wrong answer. To those RINOs and CINOs who joined in with this claptrap and/or who voted for Obummer, i.e., RINO Powell, Jeffrey Hart, and that squishy token CINO at the NY Obama Times (David Brooks), how’s that 42% approval rate (and falling) of Zero working for ya? How many screw ups and lies and scandals since Jan 2009? 13 TRILLION in debt and climbing? Well done you idiots.

Burke, Kirk, Reagan, W. F. Buckley Jr, Goldwater, and a host of other Conservatives have built the foundation of modern American Conservatism on a firm bedrock with the consistency of granite. Liberalism, on the other hand, is built on a foundation of fill, over a fault line. It is just waiting for an earthquake to bring it down and the election of a constitutionally ignorant Congress in 2007 and the election of a naive fool, so utterly incompetent as to make Carter look brilliant is that earthquake! The Age of Reagan ushered in Conservatism to a government hidebound with liberalism and stupidity. Where morons ran foreign policy (and who are back again in this regime) that was passive to the point of making Neville Chamberlain look like Attila the Hun and where over educated dunces ran America to the point where it was examined on the “Misery Index”, coined to cover the Carter regime. And like the stooge now, they too sacrificed our allies on the altar of liberalism.

For example, when have Americans EVER marched on the politicians like they did to the tune of 1.7 MILLION Americans in the Tea Party march, that Obama studiously ignored? Never. Back when Buckley wrote, “God and Man at Yale,” communism was the major threat to the existence of freedom in the world followed by Liberalism. Ronaldus Magnum nailed it when he stated: “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.” Truly. So libs mewled that Conservatism was dead in 2008 but Liberal Fascism and Tyranny germinated the seeds that cannot be destroyed. Indeed, this regime consists of pandering to our enemies as they seek to oppress Americans and their authoritarian measures to tax and regulate us to the end of time have mobilized Joe and Jane Sixpack, much to the dismay of liberals. As Obama seeks to socialize the private sector, cripple the economy through idiocy like Cap and Tax (Kerry and Liebermann), and Goebbelize the Lapdog Media, Americans are awakening not only to that threat (Thank God) but also are rediscovering Conservatism and their Reagan roots. We have the playbook, all we need do is follow it. We see the universities, the colleges, and the Hollywood Limo Libs slam America and we realize that we dislike that AND that it is NOT what America is all about. The more they trample our Judeo-Christian ethics, the more we see the Left as the enemy, and rightly so.

Next, thanks to people like Ann Coulter, Rush, and Beck, who pulled the little man out from behind the curtain in the leftists’s culture war, we now know that the virulent anti-Christian liberal elites seek to destroy or, as Obama put it, “fundamentally change” what we hold dear and we’re not going to go along to get along. They who are violently hostile to our deepest convictions, i.e., no gay marriage, Obummerkare and the death panels, activist judges, abortion, the feminization and gayifying of the US Military, political correctness towards Islamofascists (building a mosque a few blocks from Ground Zero and opening it on 9/11/2010), are against us even as Obama called us “bitter clingers.” We see the enemy more clearly now than ever and hear the clarion call to fight against it. This too upsets the Left, who have had it their own way since 1968 and now, have to use SEIU thugs to beat and intimidate people ala the Brownshirts.

Who can forget the screaming SEIU thugs and ACORNholes on the PRIVATE PROPERTY of a banking executive, terrorizing this man’s TEENAGE SON. They should thank their stars that they did not do this in the Gunny’s old neighborhood in Virginia and don’t EVEN think of pulling that here in Alaska. It’s funny how shotguns and 000 buckshot tends to get rid of violent trespassers. This then is the tainted, no, poisoned fruit of a divisive ideology referred to as liberalism, under the subheading of Alinsky and Cloward/Piven. This is not what America IS. Conservatism stands on firm ground here while liberalism sinks in the quicksand of their own making. We have a president who, shame of shame, actually voted FOR allowing babies who survive an abortion to die alone, cold, in a backroom, like a piece of trash. Disgusting. Hideous. Revolting. Three words that outline liberalism well.

We should NEVER forget our Buckley roots. He who almost singlehandledly created a conservative counterculture that took the fight to the libs on their own ground…AND WON! Who would have even THOUGHT of a Heritage Foundation back when Wilson was throwing Americans in prison for protesting him or FDR was stacking the SCOTUS deck to pass his failed New Deal? Now we have a Conservative NEWS channel that is spanking liberal mouthpieces like an ugly redheaded stepchild! The birth of Conservative ideas cannot and will not be muzzled. When we study the history of our Conservative roots, we find that we literally overturned the liberal’s apple cart in the 50s and the 60s, when Kirk and Buckley and a few others began outlining and professing conservatism. That liberals could even THINK of destroying Conservatism anytime soon is laughable. Conservatism has become the conversation piece of the nation, hearkening a rediscovery of our own roots and it has the Left in alarm. Why else are they trying to do EVERYTHING…RIGHT NOW?

Many of us called it, the Gunny included, that the election of this back bench snot-nosed ideologue would result in liberals misreading the election (especially since the media ignored much of Obama’s past or spun it) and overreaching as they lurch (no reference to John Kerry) to the far left. Who can forget the dumbest woman in government, Nancy Pelosi, and her over sized gavel shoving THAT in the face of the American people at the Tea Party rally in DC? Talk about arrogance. From Cap and Tax to bowing to foreign potentates to ObummerKare to a proposed VAT (Value Added Tax) to proposing to “nationalize” OUR 401Ks/IRAs for a national retirement plan, to bailing out UNIONs like the SEIU, we Conservatives rightly rose up in zealous if not fanatical resistance. Not even the blithering idiot Joe Klein discusses the demise of Conservatism anymore. The audacity of arrogance of our ideological enemy revived us faster than we normally would have because Conservatism is what made America and will remake it again. What it boils down to today, is that the secular Leftists/Progressives have micturated on our values and beliefs for so long, that it finally energized the American Right like a defibrillator to a stopped heart. Finally. Inevitably.

Don’t Tread On Me.

WHEN has the Gadsden Flag ever been flown so much? When has the Goliad Flag EVER been flown in recent history? Probably not since the 1800’s! But for the Right, they fly proudly at our rallies, in our homes, on our cars, etc. We can thank the stupidity and the hubris of liberalism run amok in power, since January 2007, for breathing life into the Conservative Resistance Movement. Think about what we are fighting against. One, rampant multiculturalism and forced diversity is the doctrine in our educational system (in between bouts of “Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM!) and less and less REAL learning. Two, a lack of civics education, a lack of “citizen” education, and a non-stop flow of revisionist crap about America's heritage, history, and traditions. Three, a flood of “blame America first” teachings. Four, liberals and progressives pushing an anti-national dogma as well as a global progressivism or “one-world government.” (Led by them of course). Next, a lack of real appreciation for America and our freedoms. Also, we suffer constant attacks from the Left, using the ACLU, on religion in America (except for Islam that is). Lastly, a government so out of control, that it no longer represents “WE the people”.

In the past, it was the Right who was united in the defense of the USA, our Constitutional Republic, our sacred traditions, our history, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, while the Left either dithered or allied themselves with the Communists (Carter and the KGB vs Ronaldus Magnum) against us. From illegal immigration to forced globalization, to weak foreign policy under the Jackass Party, conservatives must face the fact that we can never again relax into sleepytime. Those days are history. Jefferson stated: “Eternal vigilance is the price of Freedom,” and nothing could be more right. We on the Right are the ones defending such ideas as “national sovereignty, Judeo-Christian religion and ethics, the “natural rights" principle, American exceptionalism, limited government, low taxes, Liberty, etc, not the Left, who would surrender our sovereignty for the promises (lies) of the corrupt UN and make us into slaves.

In conclusion, we MUST remember what we are fighting for. That is, in a nutshell, that we want to be free to be safe inside our own nation, to live productive lives and not be robbed blind by an extortive government, to live virtuous lives in the religion of our choice, to have a limited government that lives within the confines of the Law of the Land, The Constitution. To live in a nation that embraces freedom, civic virtue, patriotism, and American Exceptionalism and teaches THAT to our children in a traditional “melting pot” of Americans, not hyphenated Americans and illegal aliens with no allegiance to the US or a hatred of all things American! We want free enterprise, fiscal responsibility at ALL levels, and a respect for the sanctity of human life and the values that made America strong. A US Military free from social experimentation and the liberal’s need to “fix” what ain’t broke. In other words, we want OUR America back and we’re not gonna rest until we have it. One question remains…Can it be done? The Gunny believes that it can but only if all conservatives hold their common ground and fight for it. We will persevere as long as we remain grounded in truth, justice, facts, a shared remembrance of the REAL history of this nation and finally, a love of our country. STAY. THE. COURSE.


  1. I so agree with every word. Keep going friend!!

  2. Very nicely put. It's funny when you look at the track record of the left which throughout history has been a record of cruelty, autrocities, and failure. How is it that they find so many followers. Then I realize, it's greed and laziness. Leftist are greedy, lazy people that hate hard work and beleive that government will make them wealthy. The truth is that the odds are better than a million to one that you'll be murdered by socialist rather then get any wealth.

  3. The BIGGEST fans of Barack Obama at this point are Jimmy Carter and the heirs of Neville Chamberlain.

  4. Nanna,

    I'll keep going until my last breath. Like Chesty Puller said: "We're surrounded? Good, now we can fire in all directions."

  5. Jim,

    You NAILED it! Libs can NEVER point to any success under their failed ideology.

  6. Georgetwin!

    Indeed. Jimmy Carter is probably hanging on to live by a thin thread, waiting to see the outcome of the Boy Blunder one and only term.

  7. We the People will defend this nation against all threats foreign and domestic.

    This fubar of a regime has awakened the American people and we vow to save America! The America we have loved and fought for from the Revolution to today! We are in the midst of a revolution and we dare not falter for too much is at stake. America must be saved!

    Amen and God bless you Gunny, keep speaking the truth as we are listening!

  8. tazz4629,

    Thanks for the comment and the kudos. Let it be a peaceful revolution to return it to a Constitutional Republic but if we HAVE to fight, let us no back off from it.

  9. Good shit. Spot-on. Not much else to add.

  10. clyde,

    I always appreciate your pithy comments! Thx.

  11. If guns are outlawed by this bunch....can we use swords???????
    (okay, so our collection has grown considerably over the past couple of years at Ren Faires)

  12. The Progressives are without an original thought and we are finally awakening to that fact.
    It is so refreshing to see them on the defensive and in total panic, so severe that they are actually supporting Bush ideas just to look sensible.
    Too little too late as we will restore our republic and awash ourselves of this blight and call the experiment in Progressivism an absolute failure.
    God Bless America!!!

  13. I happen to be a libertarian not a conservative so we might have some disagreements. However, we can agree that the Constitution must be restored to its once exalted position in American jurisprudence. We can debate differences after that’s done. You can count on one thing from libertarians. If it isn’t in the Constitution then we stand by the iron rule that the federal government can’t do it. If we want the federal government to do something and it isn’t in the Constitution we have to convince enough folks to support an amendment to the document or we don’t get what we want.

    I took the oath to “support and defend…” and even though I left the military many years ago I have not nor will I ever renounce it. To that end I offer these amendments which I have posted in many places. Why? - because the collectivists via the bogus “general welfare”/ “living document” arguments as well as the unrestricted interpretation of the commerce clause have rendered the document almost irrelevant. IMHO we need to make it crystal clear what the Constitution was supposed to do. Just the debate around these amendments will start to bring that to light. Quite honestly I think we need to force a constitutional convention and settle this thing soon otherwise with the coming economic tsunami brought about by the current third world banana republic economic policies I could see a level of violence here like that of the 1860’s.

    1. A balanced budget Amendment with real teeth like the one from Representatives Jeb Hensarling of Texas , Mike Pence of Indiana and John Campbell of California.

    2. Repeal of the 16th Amendment that also makes plain that only consumption taxes like the FairTax are henceforth permitted cutting off the massive money pipeline that politicians use to punish enemies, reward friends and of course reward themselves.

    3. An original language or original intent amendment that makes clear that the bogus and sophistic "living document"/ "general welfare" concept is henceforth banished from American jurisprudence.

    4. An amendment that either abolishes the Fed or at the very least backs the dollar with precious metals so that out of control money creation is stopped.

    5. An amendment that explicitly makes the commerce clause (in Article I Section 8) more restrictive and in line with its original intent, i.e. limits its applicability to acts by the states that are in restraint of trade such as duties, tariffs, subsidies, etc.

    6. Repeal of the 17th Amendment and a return to Senators being appointed by the state legislatures so that the original idea of preserving state sovereignty is protected.

  14. Excellent Gunny!
    Good thing I was a cut redheaded stepchild!

    You and Jim are right when you say the progressives can't point to any real successes.
    They do control the classrooms of most of the gubmint skools and so most kids come out as adults who don't know anything about the Constitution except that it was written a long time ago.
    Texas did a great thing that will show results far and wide when they put real history back in the school books. I think we'll see results from that in the next 4 to 8 yrs.
    The more people know about our real history, the more they will reject progressives.

  15. Gunsel gibbered:

    >Think back to November 2008
    >when the Community Organizer-in-Chief
    >was elected by idiots, morons, and

    The Gunster -- great America-worshiping patriot that he pesents himself as -- thinks the majority of his fellow voters are "idiots, morons, and

    How can you love a nation if you hate the nation's people? Obviously, you can't.

    And that's why Gunny is the America-hating, treasonous enemy of this country that he is.

    Gunny would be quite content with the entire United States of America burned to a cinder, as long as one "liberal" or "progressive" (or just Barack Hussein Obama) died in the flames.

  16. And further, the Gunsel self-importantly thundered:

    >Our goal is [...] To have secure
    >and well-defined borders with one
    >culture and one language.

    Where is it written that the U.S. of A. shall be limited to having but "one culture" and "one language?" Certainly not in the Constitution.

    In fact, the U.S. can and will have as many cultures and languages as spring up naturally, according to demographics, the makeup of its population, and there isn't a thing you can do about it, fascist loser.

    La Macarena, anyone?

    >Our society must embrace, support,
    >and promote, as it’s (sic) basic
    >tenet: Liberty,

    But not, apparently, the liberty to embrace another culture or speak another language, right, you flaming hypocrite?

    What do you propose doing with those who insist on promoting an ethos separate from your trailer-park culture? Deportation? Firing squads? Gas showers?

    Obviously, you'd have "culture police" dragging away to "re-culturization camps" anyone suspected of straying from approved cultural conduct, and "language police" on the lookout for anyone foolish enough to let slip a "dinero" or wish someone "buenos dias."

    As I've said so often . . . scratch an American rightoid and you'll uncover a nazi, every time.

  17. Re your nazi comment look in the mirror ivan. The libs are the ones wanting to legislate hate crimes based on language rather than actions.
    You use terms like redneck and trailer park as negatives.

    Re official language(s) How many stop signs at an intersection? Alto? halten? dung stad sispann kuacha ??

    How to issue permits to drive? How to take care of auto accidents?

    By the way, comprende arroyo, mesa, las cruces, y el paso. Your language police example is silly and ignores the assimilation of words into English over a period of time.

  18. About the same thing you were saying....only it comes from a former Iron Curtain newspaper source...

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand
    them. This quote was translated into English from an article appearing in
    the Czech Republic as published in the Prager Zeitung of 28 April 2010.
    "The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of
    entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to
    limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the
    necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to
    have such a man for their president."
    "The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a
    mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should
    not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their
    The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool.
    It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him
    their president."

  19. Leave My Ivan alone Pack Rat you bully. He not bad because he dress like Hitler, or cause he hates black people (exect his lovers) or cause he pleasures himself watching shuff video or cause he lives in a manufactured home with wheels. Ivan is a good lover, he's always whipping me and making me crawl up his tube. So you leave him alone. Bully!

  20. FU osambinobama........

    Take ivanazak the corksoaker on down the road with you bin obama you no good nagger muslim corksoaker in your own right.

  21. Ivan the vast scope of your total ignorance. No, stupidity. Your stupidity surpasses all bounds.
    If you were just plain uninformed I would not hesitate to say ignorance. But time and again you have proven you are able to read which should mean you can also reason.
    Your refusal to do so takes you from the category of the ignorant and into that of the stupid.

  22. Uh.. Ivan...
    The NAZI movement was the National Socialist Party of Germany.


    Got that? SOCIALIST!

    So that makes YOU the NAZI, not the conservative Americans.

  23. At 1809, Rack Pat drooled:

    >The libs are the ones wanting
    >to legislate hate crimes based
    >on language rather than actions.

    What the hell are you jabbering on about? You obviously have no clue what's going on.

    Thanks for playing, idjit.

  24. At 15:07, Buck the Bumbler babbled:

    >The NAZI movement was the
    >National Socialist Party of

    As every credible historian and student of history knows full well, Hitler's Nazis weren't in any way socialists.

    Hitler's Nazis killed socialists.

    Buckaroo, you are a liar and/or a dolt.

    My money is that you're both.

    Go back to drinking heavily and falling asleep, shit-for-brains.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Ivan , you have demonstrated an inability to read something so simple as a dictionary. Here, I will help you.

    "NAZI: a member of the National socialist German Workers' party of Germany, which in 1933, under Adolf Hitler, seized political control of the country..."

    Ivan :"What the hell are you jabbering on about? You obviously have no clue what's going on."

    as an example of a group wanting enhancemnt based on sexual preference,
    Go ahead with page childish insults. It is what I expect from you these days.

  27. Wow. Ivan the Stalker managed to find his way over here.

    New site, same silly and uninformed comments by Ivan.

    Can you name a single Republican who has put forth hate crime legislation? Didn't think so.

  28. Ivan

    You make Homer Simpson look absolutely brilliant!

  29. Let's see Stewie (Ivan),Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei: Socialized healthcare in Germany, nationalized many industry i.e. Volkswagen (the Peoples Car) steel, shipping, aircraft, etc..
    Obviously you never read Mein Kampf. I read it to know the enemy, you should have read it as he was one of the fatheers of modern socialism.
    Hitlers started his political career in the German Workers' Party. He was always afraid of the Bolsheviks and was competing against them. He was even quoted as saying that "the Bolsheviks only understand Marxism, I understand socialism"
    Gee Ivan, don't you know the old proverb "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"

  30. "How can you love a nation if you hate the nation's people? Obviously, you can't"

    No Ivan, none of us hate the people, just the treasonous pieces of garbage. In other words, we just hate you Ivan.

  31. BEST YET! GUNS---The very ones who are spouting CRAP like Ivan are the very ones still brainwashed to think that the flotella was on a "peace" mission.

  32. PS GREAT quote from Jefferson!

  33. Spot on and 100% right. People are waking up to the CRAP that has been rammed by the liberal Kool-aid peddelers for FAR too long! in 1773 they tossed tea--in 2010 we toss Kool-aid!

  34. All,

    Sorry for not being able to reply. Regionally, blogspot had posting issues.