Friday, June 18, 2010


Ed Schultz might be a goosestepping Obomunist but he got it right with the following when he called it what it was, a SHAKEDOWN! Has the Community Organizer-in-Chief been taking lessons from race pimps Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton?

"President Obama, you are the dude.
The president takes the heads of BP behind closed doors, shakes them down for $20 billion, and gets an apology. …the president of the United States took on a multinational, shook them down for $20 billion for the American people. President Obama got more out of BP than the Congress ever has. And just remember, weeks ago the Democrats were trying to lift the liability cap from $75 million to $10 billion. … President Obama doubled the amount in a 20-minute meeting. President Obama has done more to kick ass on oil companies than any other president ever has. … And now, you know what? This $20 billion is just chump change. It's not a cap. It's a start.

He can't go to Congress and get $20 billion because the Republicans will never work with him. So his only option is to go to the American people and say look, we're going to hold these people accountable, I'm going to have to figure it out some way. We're going to hold them accountable. So, he doesn't meet with them right away, but over time he lets this boil up with emotion of the American people, puts BP in a corner as far as public relations is concerned. Let's all get documented, then he says come on into my office, now it's time to talk. And he walks away in a 20-minute meeting with a $20 billion commitment. "

It might be that Herr Schultz drives a solar powered car but the Gunny doubts it. Only stupid liberals would think that stopping drilling in America is a good thing. In their fantasy world, America runs on love, kisses, and songs like Kumbaya but in the real world, it runs on coal and oil and like things that are GOOD for America, liberals declare war on it. What makes this situation so funny is that Obummer mouthed off to BP in total ignorance of federal laws that are ALREADY ON THE BOOKS for making BP pay and have been since the 1970's. The spin on the Community Organizer-in-Chief's 56 DAYS of INACTION is classic. Ed is the new Baghdad Bob!

WHY are liberals espousing ON THE AIR for Husseini to be a "dictator"? The very foundations of our Constituional Republic are under attack by Zero and his radical leftist Class of 68 terrorists and LIBERALS CHEER THIS? They seek to be dominated by this wannabe potus who is nothing more than a tool of Soros?

Liberalism = Appeasement and bowing to our enemies, oppression of Americans.


  1. Ed Schultz: Be careful what you wish for.

  2. Does Schultz or ANY of these idiots UNDERSTAND what the word "totalitarianism" means? Knowing these fucking idiots,I doubt it.