Monday, June 14, 2010


AMAZING that a US Congressman can assault someone in the street and get away with it! Congcritter Bob Etheridge of the 2nd District in North Carolina ATTACKS a student for merely asking him a question. Then he performs an act of kidnapping by seizing him and pulling him to him and holding him. Funny how liberals are wont to attack anything defenseless, i.e., fetuses, old people, the sick. Weird how they never seem to want to tussle with those who CAN defend themselves, i.e., vets, men, etc.

And of course, the liberals are rallying to him.

So let us use liberal logic in the future. Whenever a poser invades a Tea Party rally, let's stomp them into the ground. Fair is fair right? SEIU stomps a black conservative so we should do the same right?

Wrong. Let us take the moral high ground and attack them at the polls. Attack them at Townhalls. Use our GOD GIVEN RIGHT of FREE SPEECH to expose them and eject them from office. Bob Etheridge is a piece of shit, nothing less.

Oh and Congressman, I live in Alaska, come see me if you don't like what I say. Guaranteed, YOU'LL be the one manhandled.


  1. This is what the libs have been doing to America ever since Obamba got into office. This has been their reaction in one way or another to every question, every statement of disagreement, and to every one begging for the healthcare not to pass, and for the spending to stop. This was just a little more "in your face" physical. He has "apologized" Heh!

  2. Congress critter is already trying to "apologize", since he caught caught in the act of assault.

    Typical of their arrogance.

  3. Nanna,

    I just saw that. What a turd this clown is. WE are being attacked and are being FORCED to get physical.

  4. Pack Rat,

    And like Ted DRUNKennedy's attacks on waitresses, it will go unpunished.

  5. Do you suppose this asshat is a closet blue dog? Or closet something else? If that were my kid, I'd be doing time already for assaulting a congcritter. The state-run media WILL sweep this under the rug. Standard operating procedure.

  6. clyde,

    Yep SOP for the libs. Hit someone and then apologize, and PRAVDA ignores it.

  7. Not worth the effort Gunny. clyde is right the Congcritter was using this excuse to cop a feel on the young man. Nov. can't come soon enough for America.
    Someday soon the results of such lowlifedness will be corrected.

  8. The kid should have been shot!
    First, how dare he ask a member of the royal party a question.
    Second, he didn't avert his eyes.
    Third, he ask the "O" word, Obama agenda. What a terrible thing to day. I'm sure Ivan will agree, all Marxist like to shoot people.

  9. Nanna is spot on. Verbally this has been going on for quite some time. Now the veil is lifting and we are seeing the lengths to which those in power will go to retain and strengthen their power. My only reaction to this particular incident is that I would have tried to bloody this guy's nose for touching me. I will never ever start this kind of ruckus, but I will be darned if I will allow myself to be physically touched like this. This is a significant story, GunnyG!

  10. Guns...Vlad Estragon implies that the kid asked for the reaction out of this simpleton, rather than say he was out and out wrong. Typical BS. Etheridge should resign...or reinstate all those who have resigned for diarrhea of the mouth, lied about sex or moneys rec'd for what ever reason...yeah, I know. Don't hold my breath, because after all sex offenders stuff should be private, and drowners got to stay in office!!

  11. I think RE is right, the CongCritter was copping a feel. Maybe doing that in public is just his way of side-stepping out of the closet.

    This guy ( ) sounds like a good replacement for Etheridge but someone from NC would have to vouch for him. If he is the right one he probably could use some "moneybombs".


  12. All,

    Good comments! R E, you're killing me! haha

  13. Etheridge should be charged with assault.

    Although I am sure he is not "man enough" to try this in Mississippi. Men and women, like myself, in my state are generally armed and do not tolerate this type of cr*p.

    Like you said Gunny at the end of your article, "Oh and Congressman, I live in Alaska, come see me if you don't like what I say. Guaranteed, YOU'LL be the one manhandled." The same holds true in Mississippi with myself.