Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When idiots in an Administration do something so stupid, because they're nothing more than rubber-stamping drones, then one day, they should suffer the punishment they deserve. Consider this...

Back during the Vietnam War, Secretary McNamara came up with the bright idea to funnel non-violent criminals into the military, to fight the liberal's war in Vietnam. Stupid right? But wait, the US Army is doing that again today and SecDef Gates is allowing it! Liberals doing the same stupid thing, over and over, yet expecting a different outcome. So what happened with McNamara's 100,000 as they were dubbed? The military found them to be a useless bunch of dregs (go figure) and spent more time getting them out of the military,where they went back to their old ways, losing time, resources, and money in the process.

So where are we today? Why SecDef Gates and Admiral Mullen both rubber-stamped Obama's pandering to the vast minority of militant gays on the Left. Why bother waiting for the report, as they SAID THEY WOULD, on implementing this wonderful new social experiment? Why bother waiting for the report that says the troops DON'T want gays to serve "openly"? Nope, this regime just implement it and now that they have their "Change", they'll "Hope" for the best. The Military Times had a survey in February 2010 that stated quite clearly that 10% of the military would resign or retire immediately and another 15% would get out after their enlistment is up. That's 25% of the force voting with their feet, and rightly so.

Let's examine a few scenarios shall we?

Scenario 1: Now in the real military, not the hotel service that the Air Force is, the troops live in barracks with 2-4 men per room. Now, in our first scenario, say three guys live in a room, two straight, one gay. The two straight guys go out on the town and stroll in around midnight, to find their gay roommate getting busy on another man. Quite the morale raiser that.

Scenario 2: In another scenario, say one of those guys was raised in a religious household, in a religion like Catholicism, that sees homos as wrong, evil, an abomination in the eyes of God, as the Bible relates it, and sees the sausage snufflers going to town on one another. Isn't that a violation of HIS rights? Once again, it's okay for liberals to violate the rights of the many for the sake of the one.

Scenario 3: Out in the field, we often shower up in field showers, that are of a group nature. So homos get to shower up with the sex they love while the heteros are discriminated against by being prevented from showering up with the sex THEY love. And by showering up with other men, what is gonna happen when one of them gets "aroused" in the shower and gets a beat down for it? Oh yeah, some group that protects this "protected" class will sue about his "civil rights" being violated and another hassle is foisted on the military whose sole job is to keep this nation safe by killing our enemies.

Scenario 4: In combat, say one of the homos gets a sucking (no pun intended) chest wound and one of the troops has to perform first aid sans latex gloves, getting the blood of a gay man on his hands, that may themselves have open wounds on them, scratches, etc. Does this soldier or Marine have to choose between possibly exposing himself to the HIV virus or AIDS? How can he know that the wounded gay man does NOT have the virus since this is the group that is most likely TO get it?

Scenario 5: Respect is EARNED in the military, it is not handed out like a black beret (Shinseki) in a pathetic effort to create a little "esprit de corps." Esprit de Corps is created when a troop or a Marine for example, sweats blood for a chance to wear the Eagle Globe and Anchor and is considered afterwards, a Marine for LIFE. So imagine a mincing prancing lisping homo like Bonnie Fwank being the C.O. of a unit. Disgusting visual at the very least.

How is the military gonna handle this? Has anyone given ANY THOUGHT as to the cost of health care in the military for the most disease-ridden group in our society? Has anyone given ANY THOUGHT as to the cost of paying their life insurance after they get AIDS on active duty and die?

Liberals have mewled about this ruling, calling it akin to Truman's desegregation of the US Military. What complete and utter bullshit.

First of all, the US Marines had black troops fighting alongside white troops in the Pacific during WW2, especially on Peleliu. Chesty Puller said it best when he said, "Old Breed, New Breed,who cares, as long as it's the Marine Breed." Second of all, and perhaps the most important is that a black man and a white man can find common ground in, if nothing else, the ladies. In fact, in the Gunny's younger days, as a Corporal, he was chatting with a black Marine about whatever when a WM (Woman Marine - as we referred to them as back them) strolled by looking sharp in her green skirt and khaki blouse! We, of course, stopped talking to observe her movements and when we locked eyes after, we cracked up. True story. It did not matter that he was black or that the Gunny was white, WHO CARED when that female walked by. THAT is the common ground that will be lacking among the troops with this social experiment foisted on the US Military by Gates, Mullen, Obama, and damned liberal Congress.

In the military, there is a thing called unit cohesion and it is built on things like trust, camaraderie, and espirit de corps. We, the Navy/Marine Corps Team (it's pronounced "core" Obama, not "corpse") live in squad bays, multi-man rooms, and berthing areas to create a tightly knit group of warriors who can be counted on to work together to get the mission done. In one of the Gunny's units, we had a thief. One of the worse crimes in the Marine Corps is to steal from your brothers. We'll steal the eye teeth from our sister services but stealing from Marines is a no-no. This clown, before he was caught, created a lot of hate and discontent. After he was caught and soundly thrashed, he was turned over to the First Sergeant and was gone. What's gonna happen when some aggressive homo is introduced into a unit? What's gonna happen the first time he gets shitfaced and hits on a straight guy in the Enlisted/NCO/O Club?

You see, it's easy for Gates and Mullen to rubber stamp Obama's wishes here because THEY, as officers, lived in their own room all of their career. They know nothing of life in the ranks, and so, they greased up and bend over for their master instead of doing what they were supposed to do and protect the troops from social experimentation. This is the very sort of officer that US Army Colonel Hackworth described in his book, "About Face", calling them perfumed princes. The book is an outstanding read that describes the Army's movement from officers like Patton, Bradley, and Gavin to ones like Shinseki and Weasley Clark. This is the kind of Army that produces officers (and senior NCOs who rubber stamp whatever their officer tells them to) who take the TV out of the enlisted man's day room in Iraq for their own quarters (the Gunny heard this straight-up from the troopers who saw it) so it came as no surprise to the Gunny who knew that Gates and Mullen would do whatever Obummer told them to, so that they could keep their jobs. Billy Mitchell retired to fight what he believed in but not today's perfumed princes; now nothing but courtiers for a wannabe king.

The idiot by the name of Jimmy "the dhimmi"Carter almost destroyed the US Military, ask any veteran who had to serve under his reign of hell. The Gunny saw it first hand as a PFC! We had gear leftover from KOREA! We had rifles what were worn out in Vietnam. We had little ammo and little cash for training. Life sucked. Well, apparently this regime is going down the same road that Carter did, only they're heaping fuel on the fire. Yes, gays have served on active duty, so what? So have traitors like Benedict Arnold and the Walkers. Yes, gays have fought bravely, etc. Great. That is a straw man argument. Don't Ask, Don't Tell was working FINE folks. What this all boils down to is the typical liberal attack on the rights of some for the benefit of others, particularly if they vote dummycrat. Liberals point to countries like Sweden and say, "see, THEY have gays in the military serving openly." The Gunny would like to point out that Sweden can't fight their way out of a thick fog.

So 25% of the US Military will be voting with their feet in the coming months. Well, that's about 500,000 or so people either retiring, resigning their commissions, or separating after their enlistment expires. Where does Gates and Mullen think to recruit for this loss? The Folsom Street gang in San Fransicko? Doubtful. Somehow, the Gunny doesn't think that gays will make up the loss. In any event, the Gunny's daughter, now on active duty, will be getting out after her first enlistment, mostly because of this issue and the Gunny's son WILL join the best gun club in the world, and serve his four. Maybe by then, we'll have sane leadership again, that will repeal this bullshit, and go back to having a Congress that cares about the military, not one that exploits it for political gain. May we one day be able to punish all of those involved with this travesty.

(Thanks to Gates, Mullen, and Liberals)


  1. Gunny,
    I couldn't agree with you more. I understand how KNOWING that someone you were having to fight beside, work beside, shower beside, sleep beside, is a homosexual. I think this is a horrible decision. But these idiots are determined to MAKE people accept the perverts as normal.
    Did you know that little Barry signed by presidential decree, June as lesbian, gay, bisexual,and trangender pride day? I am appalled!!! This was snuck in on the same day he released the news about Clinton offering the job to Sestack. It has remained quiet so far.

  2. GunnyG,
    What did you expect when the Prissy POTUS bows (i.e. bends over) in front of other men at every chance?

  3. Nanna,

    Evil just keeps on pushing, doesn't it?

  4. Just when I think you can't do any better in addressing a topic, you do! I sit and wait for your brain to come up with the next one.

    I always thought Gates was a political whore.

    Keep it up, Fearless Warrior!


  5. There will be a lot that will have to be changed by the introduction of the new Packer BrigAIDS. First of all new rules of engagement, literally! Terminology will have to change. You will no longer be able to say "I've got you rear" "Drop and give me twenty", or "Cover my @ss". And "In the rear with the gear" is right out! Also DIs will have to take sensitivity training as not to offend the Willy Marys. The ACLU is going to have it's hands full with all the suits brought on because of DIs in the first day of boot camp alone. The only good I can see come of this is that maybe now you can get that salon haircut from you military barber, OK, maybe I'm stereo typing now, but at least I'm trying to look for a bright side.
    The bottom line is I'd say that they'd get it in the end, but that's where they want it after all.


  6. Summers,

    Thank you for the kudos.

    I simply cannot understand WHY liberals insist on "fixing" things that are not broken.

    And yes, both Gates AND Mullen are political whores. They disgust me.

  7. Jim,

    I have to say that they are destroying the only institution left in America that Americans have faith in but that is of course, what liberals WANT to do.

  8. Good essay. Has there ever been a study on how many "openly" gay troops have been killed or wounded by friendly fire? If this abomination stands,look for the number to increase. Drastically.

  9. Abomination now, is confusion next for the nation of the libs? Is that why they are so supportive of illegals? Aren't libs the nation of those the good LORD cast out before our ancestors?

    Leviticus 18:22-27

  10. Gates & Mullen, "Perfumed Princes"?


    They're Aftershave Whores

    I don't know when you had to have congressional approval for upper enlisted ranks but I have a reasonable suspicion that's about the time all the rest of the political b.s. started.

    These folks are more like the feudal lords (which they very much wish to emulate)
    than commanders of a mighty armed force.
    Instead of taking care of the troops they use them as stepping stones in their own quest for garlands and grandeur.

    AND THAT MEANS YOU, TOO, COLIN POWELL you effing traitor.

  11. clyde,

    It is amazing how the libs have to do everything RIGHT NOW! It is clear that the troops don't want this but Obummer and his regime MUST pander to the vast minority.

  12. Buck,

    Indeed. While I have known some excellent officers, you are right, many DO see the troops as nothing more than stepping stones to the next highest rank. I always did everything in my power to make those officer's lives miserable, in garrison and in the field.

  13. This is what happens when the people put in charge, like Gates, are only interested in their own career.
    Out on the battlefield, it doesn't make a difference because no one's asking in the heat of the battle. But as you point out Gunny, the down time and the times when wounds need to be taken care of do matter.
    And once they're allowed to come out of the closet, who doesn't think they won't become bolder and bolder about being homosexual?
    And you may as well put straight men in with straight women if you're going to do this.
    And your point that certain groups are allowed to discriminate is more valid than a lot of people may think.

  14. Just read a few comments else where that the joint chiefs were viewing the rush to action as proof Congress does not care what the troops think.
    As Gomer Pyle would say "Surprise, Surprise!"

    One thing that the bigwigs have overlooked is that when the gays are out of the closet, they will be subject to all those pesky UCMJ rules that straights have.
    Also sexual harassment charges can be filed. On the civilian side of the govt, 3rd party complaints cpould be filed.