Thursday, June 10, 2010


Note that the clown initiating the violence is a black dummycrat. Maybe he senses his entitlement programs slipping away. THIS is why we MUST expose the posers in our midst and catch them on video. The lying liberal drove away trying to blame "whitey" once again but he started the violence, which is all these vermin know.

"Punch back twice as hard." Comrade Maobama.

UPDATE: Video can be viewed here:

Censorship at YouTube is as big a failure as this Regime is!


  1. Ah yes, it's all "whitey's fault!! so what else can we expect? And this guy in the video was protecting his wife and daughter from this slimeball that had injected himself into this protest.
    Just saw where Mexico placed their army, in tanks on the border, and pointed their guns at FBI agents, which had to retreat. Mexico is demanding that we turn over the border agent that shot the Mexican boy yesterday. they want to try him.
    I do believe that might be the straw, if our AG turns him over to Mexico.
    The left is so vicious towards Americans that it wouldn't surprise me. Especially if it was a white, law enforcment officer.

  2. Nanna,

    I saw that on Fox and listened to that idiot Holder. What a tool.

    Amazing that this regime is letting the Mexicans get away with this.

  3. but obama knows that he cant have his world leadership until he can defeat America. snice the only ones joining his national force are unions, black panthers, and such, he knows he needs more bodies. so he probably made a deal with calderone to use his military as the catalyst to start his rhiestag moment.

    he will probably use some excuse to send all national guards and military to some no threat country, while ALLOWING mexico to police our nation for us.

  4. NOVEMBER!!just cannot come too soon. Even then the damage to America these GOONS have caused will take years to repair!!I am just thankful America is waking UP and making choices--the results in California and Nevada prove it.

  5. usmcpgw,

    Check out the link at Fox Nation. The video is there.

    I have no doubt that Zero will resort to some scheme to retain power once we oust him. It's how all tyrants act.

  6. 8th,

    America WILL survive this idiot and be strong again.

    I see that the Progressives are attacking Angle in an effort to save Dingy Reid! I am planning on sending her some $$$ as we get closer to the election.

  7. Ahh yes,Obama,gonna heal that ol' racial divide. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This sonofabitch has only EXACERBATED the issue. By design. Angle had best grow a thick skin FAST,'cause you KNOW these liberal bastards WILL make shit up on her if they have to in order to save Dingy's hide. Be a TOTAL repudiation of liberalism if THIS asshat gets resoundingly defeated.

  8. clyde,

    Reid is toast and thank God for it. He and the rest of the vermin need to be run out on a rail. I see that Obummer's approval hit a NEW LOW today.


  9. How in the world can that attorney file assault charges against Tabor with a straight face? Let's hope the judge cites him and his client for contempt of court for filing frivolous charges and sends both of them to jail for a couple of days.

  10. Saw the video on ...Cavuto, I think.

    They went before a magistrate where the Tea Party guy filed a complaint.
    The magistrate let the offender go and then charged the Tea Party guy with ...can't remember the exact charge but it was the same one the black guy was charged with.
    I'm tellin' ya.
    Jesus said, "Turn the other cheek."
    We're running out of cheeks!
    And those people will be up against a lot of vets who are trained. Once learned you don't forget.
    They won't be up against a bunch of punk "ganstas" who hold their piece sideways and can't even figure out how to wear a ball cap.

  11. I'd love to see a count of all the violence at the Townhall meetings and the Tewa Party Rallies, I'd be willing to bet that all of it is started by the left, and I'll bet it's quite a lot. I was at the Cathy "Commy" Castor where she tried to get the rally filled with SEIU members (about 50)and then about 5000 Tea Party members showed up. So they seated the SEIU first, out of about 70 seats, they actual took some out when they realized there weren't enough SEIU there. And then they physically pushed out almost everyone that wasn't SEIU, punched a few people push old ladies and old men. Very barbaric.

  12. And speakin' of violence, I have a new military related post up over at the Interface. I would be particularly interested in your military take on it, Gunny.

  13. Big bad lib protestor pushing around women and then sucker punching the husband.

    May he try that again in the future with some female military member, who might leave him singing soprano.

  14. NEWS ITEM:


    "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three current and two former New Orleans police officers have been charged in connection with the shooting death of a man just after Hurricane Katrina hit the city, the Justice Department said on Friday.
    New Orleans resident Henry Glover was shot and killed on September 2, 2005, and his body was burned in a car to cover up the incident, prosecutors said in unsealing the indictment against the five men."

    Yep, another fine example of just how EXCEPTIONAL America is.

  15. >UPDATE: Video can be viewed here:

    No, it can't.

    Gunny lies. Again.

    And no one should be surprised. Liberals don't go around beating people up. That's pretty much an exclusively right-wing sport.

    From the early Industrial Revolution's strike-breaking thugs to Mussolini's Fascists, Hitler's Brown Shirts and Dixie's segregationists, violence is always the preferred tool of the brain-dead goons who comprise the right wing in every country on earth.

    If you see political violence, there's a 99% chance that there's a rightoid committing it.

    (And remember, just because someone calls himself a "leftist" -- Stalin, for example -- doesn't mean he is.)

    Once again, the Gunster is BUSTED, CAUGHT IN A LIE.

  16. Ivan:


    "Yep, another fine example of just how EXCEPTIONAL America is..."

    They were charged , rather than the case being ignored.

    ">UPDATE: Video can be viewed here:

    No, it can't"

    I had no problem a minute ago. Ivan must be ill equipped to operate a computer and mouse.
    That or the "it can't" is a falsehood>

    Is that the best you can find?

    " Liberals don't go around beating people up. That's pretty much an exclusively right-wing sport.""
    Let's see . This video and the black conservative that was beat up by SEIU members.

  17. Sorry Packrat, but I've been having a bad day, so don't go there.

    Karl Marx and I were holding hands in the park when I told him that the government should ban beards. Well, with Marx's huge beard, he got mad and stormed off. Well, this drew much attention and scared lots of people, due to the fact that people think Karl Marx is dead, when in fact I used my druidic magic to bring him back from the dead.

    I just want my Karl back....

  18. Ivan, you cheating bastard! I've been suspicous for some time now of you and Pack Rat. I'm warning you, I better be the only rodent in your life. But now you and Karl Marx? I suppose you dress up like Hitler for him too. Do you let him crawl up you KKK robe as well? I better not catch you with him or I'll scratch you insides out.