Thursday, June 17, 2010


The demented Ed Schultz actually wants Comrade Barry Obummer to become a virtual dictator! This moron wants Barry to DICTATE his policies to us. Why is it that the Left ALWAYS embraces totalitarianism, which, of course, always ends up in misery and death. Why can't the insane Left ever learn from their mistakes in the past? They literally whined like little girls about the evil Bush 43, taking control, boo-hoo-hoo but they want this naive stooge, so stupid that he can't speak intelligently without a teleprompter, to be the king? In a word, BULLSHIT! These leftists have run their course friends, let us rally in November to run them the HELL out of office, purge our government of them at every level, simply because America can no longer tolerate these idiots.


  1. I've gotta laugh at libidiots like this.
    They don't seem to realize that if we have dictators instead of the God given rights we now have, they'll be some of the first shut down.
    Doesn't Shultz watch "V"?

  2. Funny little man is Ed, it didn't bother him when Obama lied to him, but it's an outrage whe na company does it. But Ed, don't we expect that rom a company but not from our president. Oh I forgot, he's a leftist. My mistake.

  3. Since this asshat is on PMSNBC,all three people who watch the fool saw him. Thanks for showing us what a true asshole he is.

  4. It's getting to where we can expect anything from the left. Next they will be asking for firing squads for those that dare speak out against their communist commander in chief.

  5. Wow. I realize that this is BSNBC but calling for dictatorial actions is astonishing after all the hand ringing over G W Bush. The Democratic party really is the Projection party and is quickly becoming the Pity party.

    "If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law." Winston Churchill

  6. GOOD GRIEF!You just have to see that these minions of the left are difenatly in their OWN world----Kool-aidotopia. (new post up at the castle)

  7. Beachmom,

    Libs are dead from the neck up.

  8. Jim,

    Good point. It's ALWAYS ok when their side does it.

  9. Clyde,

    My pleasure. I did not know whether to sh*t or go blind viewing that, and then I simply laughed at the windbag.

  10. Nanna,

    That is why we must REDOUBLE our efforts to eject them peacefully in Novemner 2010 and 2012.

  11. rikdergis,

    Indeed. BTW, a GREAT GREAT quote from a real genius, Churchill. One of my favorite Americans. (He was made an honorary American.)

  12. Snow Knight,

    They take their kool-aid via I.V.!

  13. Snow Knight,

    I could not post to your blog, TH issues again, but you hit the nail on the head. What Zero and his fellow anti-semites do not realize is that God levels ANYONE who messes with the Jews.

  14. At 15:33, The Gunster whined,

    >I could not post to your blog,
    >TH issues again,

    Yes indeed. When bans you for being an unbalanced instigator of violence and a traitorous cur to boot, you stay banned.

    How long can it be before the managers of catch on that their site hosts a devious and strident America hater who calls himself the Anti-Liberal Zone and Gunsel is once again homeless?

  15. An Immorality Bedtime Tale. . .

    Once upon a time, children, there was a top Repuglican in the once-respectable House of Representatives who was in the habit of taking huge whacks of cash from giant corporations whose business it is to tear up the earth looking for oil and gas.

    This rightoid's name was Rep. Joe Barton. (Did I mention he was a conservative? That means he was both stupid and crooked AND someone who hated his own country.)

    Now as it happened, one of those giant corporations caused one of the worst environmental disasters mankind has ever inflicted on the planet, prompting the president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, to tell the head of this company that his firm would have to pay for the damages it had caused by its carelessness and stupidity.

    This so upset Rep. Barton that he felt moved to apologize to the industrialist, telling him the president's demand amounted to a "shakedown."

    Barton's toadying outraged even the heads of his own corrupt party, who feared the voting public might take Barton's words to mean that the Repuglicans don't give a flying fuck for the earth or its inhabitants, as long as their pet corporations can continue making vast profits for their principals.

    So Barton had to apologize for his apology, but the Repuglican leadership needn't have worried.

    Even as the rightoid poobahs fretted, somewhere in the dank, fetid bowels of the FoxNews network, an obedient Murdochite was preparing for broadcast a blockbuster scoop that President Obama was ineligible to hold office because he had actually been born on Saturn's moon Titan, and this news would soon knock all concerns about the environment and insane politicians out of the heads of the stunned, brain-dead American public.

    Wasn't that a nice story, children?

    Time to go to sleep now, kiddies, and dream of ducks covered in yummy chocolate syrup . . . MMM MMM MMM. . . .