Monday, June 14, 2010


Take a look at the above photo. Is it a fake? It could be. It could also be true. But in ANY CASE, the point is well made. Liberals, especially THESE TWO, STILL can't, couldn't, and never COULD salute the flag with any respect but they're HELL when it comes to burning and disgracing it. What is more telling is the expressions on their mugs. BOTH of these anti-American pieces of cow flop look like they've been sucking on lemons for a month prior to this picture. Oh how it must have pained these two leftist radicals to pay a little respect to Old Glory.

Remember this picture? An anti-American sniveler with a simmering hatred for whitey and America, could not even put his nasty hand over his little leftist heart.

And this is what passes for a Commander-in-Chief.

The Gunny was rereading General Hal Moore's book, "We Were Soldiers Once, and Young," and reflected on how liberals have betrayed us time and time again. General Moore writes about how the uncaring Johnson admin, chock full of so-called "smart" people, liberals, just like the ones that contaminate the White House now, sacrificed American troops and American interests, time and again, for political points, political expediency, and then, when the jig was up, they ran for cover, allowing pukes like Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry to betray the POW/MIAs in the end. Who knows the full gamut of their suffering under the fellow travelers of Obummer in Vietnam. May God send Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry on an express elevator to Hell one day.

The more the Gunny pondered this, the more pissed off he got. How have liberals betrayed this nation, since the Civil War my friends, and gotten away with it time and again? They foisted the blame of Vietnam on Nixon when it was LBJ and his liberal buddies who expanded the war. It was LBJ and his liberal buddies, many of them with stock in Colt Arms, who put an untested rifle (M-16) into the field, that caused men to be KILLED IN ACTION!

"We left with 72 men in our platoon and came back with 19, Believe it or not, you know what killed most of us? Our own rifle. Practically every one of our dead was found with his M-16 torn down next to him where he had been trying to fix it." Marine Corps Rifleman, Vietnam. (Time Magazine, 9 June 1967)

Time and again liberals have let us down, betrayed us, screwed us, used us as guinea pigs, and walked (or ran) away with their hands clean and their pockets full of money. Good God, think of the Battling Bastards of Bataan, left high and dry by FDR, who lied about reinforcing them, even as he sent aid to Europe to help his "Uncle Joe" Stalin. 

"We're the battling bastards of Bataan, 
No mama, no papa, no Uncle Sam, 
No aunts, no uncles, no nephews, no nieces, 
No pills, no planes, no artillery pieces, 
And nobody gives a damn."

From the liberal Copperheads in the Civil War to the Code Pink scumbags today, liberals have betrayed America over and over. If Benedict Arnold was alive today, he'd probably be Speaker of the House for the Liberals; he'd fit in like eggs on steak. 

Today we have traitors like Henry Waxman who actually AIDED Code Pink in their efforts to send 600,000 dollars worth of food and medical supplies to the foreign fighters (Al-Qaeda in Iraq) who were engaged with the Marines in Fallujah. The Gunny had buddies fighting there and Waxman worked to get them killed. Why he and Code Pinkers are not dangling on lampposts across America is a testimony to the decency of the Right and our quest for JUSTICE through legal means, not violence as the left embraces. 

How UNamerican the left is, when they betray Americans and our military by leaking information to the NY Obama Times merely for a few bucks and to try and embarrass Bush 43. Can you IMAGINE what would have happened in WW2 if some liberal had leaked that we were reading the Japanese code? They would have been ripped apart in the streets yet today, we have liberal newspapers revealing that we're reading Obama, oops, Osama bin Laden's mail via his cell phone.

Liberals LOVE to blame 9/11 on Bush 43 yet it took YEARS to plan this action and it happened on BJ Bubba's watch; he who was asleep at the switch for 8 years, while chasing tail in the Oral Office. Here is the proof:

McNamara had his 100,000 and now Gates and Mullen, two political pawns who rubberstamp everything Obama tells them to, have eliminated "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," (DADT) in a pandering effort to the far left homos, who would not serve ANYWAY! What a joy it will be to a troop who comes back to his or her room to find their roommate engaged in some sort of buggery. What a way to build morale. With the poll in the Army Times stating that a full 24% of the military will bail about this issue alone, Obama, Gates, and Mullen have worked to pull a liberal fix on something that wasn't broken. Are liberals TRYING to destroy the military? It would seem so. From Wilson in WW1 who had such a low level of supply that troops were forced to train with WOODEN rifles and use ROCKS as hand grenades to FDR who had the US Military in much the same level of weakness on 7 Dec, 1941 to Truman (Task Force Smith), to LBJ, to that pile of dog squeeze Carter, BJ Bubba, and now the Community Organizer-in-Chief. The Three Stooges (Comrade Zero, Gates, and Mullen) could not even WAIT for the Pentagon study on DADT to be done before they puckered up on Zero's posterior and screwed the military in one fell swoop. And in the end, they'll walk away, with clean hands, and working for some liberal think tank, making millions.

Why don't liberals just cut to the chase and send our troops into battle unarmed? No, they prefer the death of a million cuts until one day, the finest military this world has ever seen, is on par with the French military. Gee, thanks libs.

The Gunny looked out on his car, with his Blue Star proudly in evidence, and wondered what the HELL is wrong with Americans that they could elect an idiot so hateful of America and Americans, that he would so easily put US at risk and work to destroy the US Military, the last institution in America that Americans can put their trust into 100%. Why? Those on active duty, past, present, and in the future were and are OUR KIDS, OUR KIN, not the kin of liberals, who refuse to serve and have refused to serve for decades now. Are Red Nanny Pelosi's spawn on active duty? Hell no. They're busy flitting around the globe on the taxpayer's dime, drinking booze WE PAID FOR, using our tax dollars for their enjoyment.

The Left is the enemy of America my friends and this November, let us work to purge them from every level of our government and in 2012, let's eject the Kenyan Usurper, who should NEVER have been elected president. ( The Liberals in America are a cancer gnawing away at our vitals fellow patriots and once we're shed of them, we'll be better off, however, we must NEVER FORGET their treachery and teach each generation that liberals are indeed, the enemy of America.


  1. This is great Gunny! I loved and of course, agrred with, each and every word.
    Next election, when anyone sees Acorn, or SEIU villans anywhere near the polls, kick the stuffings out of them. Maybe we can get an honest election.
    Then in 2012, send this Muslim back to his "home" in Indonesia.

  2. Nanna,

    Indeed. I saw the video of that Liberal Congcritter grabbing that student and assaulting him. I would have wiped the floor with that shitbird liberal. We need to run them out of this nation.

  3. Amen Gunny,

    I got the WND headsup on the court clerk too, can't help but wonder how the sheeples are so stupid.
    You and I sometimes jump out on the same wave link,(not to mention the same pis**d offedness) I just this AM sent you an email with the big Zero standing up in front of his muslim rag with nary a US Flag in site around him, the podium or either totus.
    The fact this radical muslim pos hates America and all we stand for could not be more blatant and open.
    The good LORD says pray for your leaders so that they may have knowledge to lead but this excrement of puss has absolutely no cognitive powers of decision making period. My daily prayer for the osamabinobama is "may his days be few", all things in Gods will of course.

  4. R E,

    I'll check that email amigo, thanks.

    Yes, may his days in office be numbered but his days as an example of liberal incompetence BE MANY!

  5. R E,

    Got it. Thx. Here is the link for Comrade Bur'aq al Obummer FINALLY admitting he is a muslim.

    Born in Kenya, Raised in Indonesia. Elected by Soros and Hamas.

  6. pic 1 has problems , check michelles' part,and the location of the Marine's ribbons, also can find a comment on

    pic 2
    is all too real, you'd think he was a baseball player at a AAA game, except we all know he can't toss a baseball.

  7. Pack Rat,

    I know that pic 1 is a fake but the point there is their faces. Can't fake their hatred of the US.

    Your reply on Pic 2 was hilarious. I LMMFAO everytime I see him throw that ball out. What an absolute pansy.

  8. Gunny - There have always been liberals in America, people who would sell thier souls for a few sheckles, people who's only loyalty is to themselve's...

    But I will never, ever understand how anybody with an ounce of self-respect could EVER cast a vote for someone like Pelosi, Reid, Leahy, Boxer, Grayson, Waxman, Conyers, Kerry, Waters, Schumer, Slaughter, Kucinich, Frank, Rangel, Weiner, Gutierrez, Durbin, Spector, Fiengold, Landrieu, McKaskill.... Obama..

    And the list goes on and on and on....

    How in good gods heaven have we come to the point
    where people like these are who we freely elect to lead America ?

    There is just no rational explanation...

  9. You're a paranoid nitwit. The Marines must have been desperate when they signed you up -- IF you really were in the Marines. Most people who served, speak in a more mature way than you -- the Marines isn't the place for someone who's always so jealous and angry that they can't even think straight. You don't sound like someone who's served with a diverse group of people or met people from another country - you sound like someone who sits in the basement in a lounge chair in the dark with his computer in love with his own self-loathing.

    No wonder politicians look to distance themselves from losers like you.

  10. TeamNRA,

    I often wonder that myself. But when I go to liberal blogs and read their comments, I realize that these morons are ignorant and indeed, WILLFULLY ignorant.

  11. Anon,

    Were you going to refute anything I wrote or just doing yet ANOTHER ad hominim attack on me? I laugh at lib crybabies like you. So upset that we're fighting back against your welfarism and progressivism.

    SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you, in Novemberrrrrrr.

  12. Gunny,
    re Pic 1, correct you are,
    looks like they ate persimmons.

    wonder if you were in miltary, since directed anger can be useful in combat.

  13. Kinda males me think of the skit in Billy Jack. The guy that would take his hat off for the National Anthem and everyone kicked the tar out of him. Now that is America.

    I kinda like the M16, nice vermin rifle for rats and praire dogs. Course I'd sooner take my Marlin .444 into battle than an M16, of course there's a lot of weapons I take before the vermin rifle.

  14. Jim,

    The M-16A2 served me well but what I am pissed about is that they took the M-14 OUT of production and stuck the M-16 into the hands of the troops BEFORE the bugs were out of it and with a crappy 20rd mag as well!

    The libs are doing the same thing today with the homos serving openly. Implementing something BEFORE it is fully tested and expecting it to work w/o a problem.

  15. Cant hide that,even with a doctored pic. also cannot hide,nor fix,his stupidity. The lying asshat was just on,saying how the gov's of the affected Gulf states can contact him or his administration 24/7. Yep,and be summarily IGNORED.Won't acknowledge Jindal AT ALL,denies the requests,stonewalls,ad nauseum. This moron can't lead flies to shit.This little PR stunt he's doing down there,WHERE the fuck was he 5 weeks ago? Where were the calls for the best and brightest OIL WELL ENGINEERS in the world? The shithead sends LAWYERS?? Holy shit,Batman. Why has he rebuked the Dutch offer of skimmer ships? How about the booms and other items in warehouses along other coasts? Why isn't this shit on it's way? Some fricking leader.Send the lapdog media,and the 65 million abject fucking losers who voted for this supreme asshole down there clean the mess up.

  16. Thanks Gunny,

    You are the greatest, "Born in Kenya, Raised in Indonesia. Elected by Soros and Hamas."
    Truer words have never been spoken.

  17. clyde,

    I think that Jindal is STILL trying to build those barrier islands while Barry waits.

  18. R E,

    I was amazed at the former Hawaii government worker that outed Obummer's BC this weekend. Hamas did yeoman's work on those phone banks for Barry in the Gaza AND collected millions in donations via foreign credit cards.

  19. Comedy Gold, people! Comedy gold! Just call him the "N"-word, you'll feel better.

  20. anon, you puke, osamabinobama is a no good nigger muslim piece of shit, do you feel better now?

  21. It wasn't just the bugs in it Gunny, a small caliber, tight tolerance weapon is a bad choice for a rain forrest. M14 would have served much better in rain and mud and would be more accurate shooting through greenery. A 22 can be sent tumbling and off target after hitting a leaf. It was a bad choice for that field of operation. Tommy gun would have been good there. and fun.

  22. Anon, what are you talking about?

    you are the only one thinking the "N word". exceot RE who decided to make you feel better.

  23. he axed for it he got it toyota.

  24. The real tragedy of the M-16 is that it existed at all. Why they had to mess with the AR-15, which was a fine weapon, is beyond me. Then to discontinue the IMR powder that the AR-15 and M-16 used and substitute Western ball powder that didn't work ....

    They should have just used the AR-15 as is, as the Air Force under LeMay did.

    Jim has a good point, too, about the cartridge and Viet Nam, some of the problem was no cleaning kits and plating in the chamber. Thank the Bureau of Ordnance.

    Great site, Gunny!

    As my daddy used to sing, "Push their sweet faces in all muddy places and don't let their feet touch the ground."


  25. Anon,

    Typical racist liberal reply. Invoke the race card when no one is talking about race. BTW, Zero is 50% WHITE!

  26. Barry,

    Thanks for the kudos and your Daddy had it right! haha

  27. You're all wrong about us Anon, We hate him cause he's a honky. Don't you know nuthin?

    It's got nothin to do with that he sucks as a president, that he's a marxist, that he's ruined the Gulf of Mexico by his inaction, that he's tripled the national debty in one year, that he's insulted our allies, that he's enbrazened our enemies, that he's emabrassed our nation, that he's insulted our vetrans. It's beacuse his racist policies has caused 38% of the brothers to be on unemployment.

  28. Gunny you said have it all, and then some!!!!

  29. My nephews and son-in-law (US Army and US Navy) also like the M16 and the .223. I prefer my bolt actions in 7x57mm and my semi-auto FN49 in 7x57mm. I am accurate out to 350 to 400 yards with the 7x57mm. And in the FN49 I have 10 fast shots.

    But I agree with your analysis of the Viet Nam era and the M16, Gunny.

    The only thing I don't agre with is the following statement: "If Benedict Arnold was alive today, he'd probably be Speaker of the House for the Liberals; he'd fit in like eggs on steak."

    I believe even Arnold would have spit on these Liberals (look at his record up to his treason, we won the Battle of Saratoga and got French intervention due to Arnold.)