Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Liberalism fosters corruption and oppression. Liberalism promotes brutality, viciousness (“punch back twice as hard,” Obama), injustice, wastefulness, and inefficiency. Liberalism advances the agenda of our enemies even as it stifles the Exceptionalism of America. Liberalism encourages, cultivates, and nurtures servitude of the masses. But the worse thing that this failed ideology brings to the table is the idiocy of liberals. For example, take the assault and battery and kidnapping of the college student by Congcritter Bob Etheridge. When you “get in someone’s face” with raised hands like Bob did, that is assault. When you lay your hands on someone in anger, that is battery. When you yank someone to you and hold them against their will, even for a moment, that is kidnapping. And this was CAUGHT on videotape. 

So what do the libidiots do? Why, not only do they circle the wagon around Etheridge, but they BLAME the college student for having the temerity to ask Bob, “do you support Obama’s agenda?”

Last time the Gunny looked, THEY worked for US. A citizen was asking a question of an elected official and the official clearly broke the law. Like Rangel, Solis, Ghietner, and the other tax cheats, the liberals protect them. Like Alcee Hastings, an impeached judge, Obama and the rest of the liberals not only helped him, they HIRED him into this regime. Like William Jefferson, who was sheltered from trial for MONTHS, before finally facing justice, liberals sought to protect him. From Van Jones, a radical communist to John Holdren, a radical “kill em all but us” pseudo scientist, liberalism loves ruthlessness and hatred, as long as it is practiced by THEM, against their opponents. 

Obama and his myrmidons are without a doubt, the most inexperienced idiots in ANY room they walk into. In eighteen months, this naive imbecile has had FOUR major mistakes and has blown them all. One, his $787 BILLION US Taxpayer funded stimulus package fell flat. Two, he has done NOTHING but appease dictators like the Iranian kook, Chavez, and Castro and has been overrun by thugs like Putin. Three, the lies around ObummerKare and how the Congress and Senate lied, cheated, and schemed to pass it against the overwhelming resistance of the American people. Now, Zero is bumbling around the Gulf oil spill like a toddler trying to roof a house. He has refused the help from 17 countries and four international organizations. The countries are : Canada, Mexico, Korea, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Vietnam. The organizations are: the European Union, including the European Maritime Safety Agency, the environmental unit of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, and the United Nations Environment Program and the International Maritime Organization.

One has to wonder WHY? To put Americans into tough times in order to pass his greeny agenda of Crap and Tax? To force MORE Americans to become dependent on the dole? Liberalism is a corrupt ideology that damages and destroys anything it touches, like a deadly virus.

Liberals and Progressives are not smart as they never learn from their mistakes. They are intensely ignorant and when combined with their rampant stupidity and unique inability to use knowledge and facts, they are the ultimate failure in every instance of government. They are nothing less than a guy throwing rocks straight up in the air and expecting them to land anywhere but on top of his head. And when they impact his skull, he’ll claim that he simply has not figured out how to throw them up in the sky the right way. The one area they have done well in, is in the area of "miseducation" and turning 45% of the population into looters and Peggy the Moochers, out to get some of “Obama’s stash” and get “mines” as they say. Liberalism has obliterated the concepts of personal responsibility and self respect in their adherents, or more aptly, their myrmidons.

Liberals lurch from one disaster to another, always looking for the utopia JUST around the corner, if we can just spend enough of other people’s money and garner enough power, in violation of the Constitution. Government IS the answer they mewl, if we can just get government to be more responsive (read that to mean spend our money faster), more efficient (yeah right!), and more supportive of the moochers even as they attack the producers. The grasshopper versus the ant. Thus, they find themselves in one disaster after another. Obama bows to foreign potentates and then they walk all over him (and us) in the process. Obama bankrupts the US and then spends MORE money, until our debt to GDP is now over 90%. Why, just print more money! Obummer looks at the BP oil spill, babbles on, points the finger at BP, invokes the Lin SOP, “Blame Bush,” and dithers around drinking “Bushwhackers” and giving speeches. Rest assured, Comrade Maobama will claim hero status as he takes the maximum political benefit by Blaming BP and Bush, and his kool-aid guzzling Obomunists as well as the Lapdog Media will play circle the wagon in regards to his glaring malfeasance in failing to act once again.

Liberalism delivers depravity by the truck load. WHO could imagine that Obummer would vote YES on allowing infants that survive an abortion to die alone and cold, like garbage, in a back room and STILL be elected potus? The depravity of slavery is what liberalism has in store for us. Don’t like what the libs do? Better shut up or we’ll stop your ObummerKare. You’re out of work? Better not complain about Obummer’s $100.00 a pound Wugyu beef date nights (while you eat mac and cheese) or we’ll cut off your welfare. Death by Bureaucracy! Liberalism is truly a mental disorder that leads to an empty mind, vapid of any rational thought. How else can the morons at RuffyHuffyPuffy and Daily Kooks defend Bob Etheridge? The Gunny wonders how they would react if a conservative had collared a Code Pinker like that?

Take a look at the various Blue States where liberalism has been entrenching itself since the 1950’s. These blue states (CA, MA, PA, NY, IL, WA, NM) are all strongholds of liberalism run amok and ALL OF THEM are facing bankruptcy, rampant unemployment, and being overrun by illegal aliens. Without the Red States that they hate and malign so much, they could not survive. Liberalism and Progressivism has failed. Their failed ideology has made them into a failed State and they can survive only by massive redistribution's of wealth, seized by force from the producers, via the Imperial Federal Government, and given to these failed leftist states, without one iota of oversight. Liberalism means throwing money at a problem and seeing if it sticks. If not, throw more. For example, DC spends TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND dollars per pupil with a 50% dropout rate. And their solution? Throw more money at the failed schools.

America is a deeply divided country, politically and economically, thanks to decades of liberals class, wealth, and envy warfare. They’ve chivvied us into failed economic blocs, where they can pander to them, with the majority of electoral votes coming from their inner city cesspools within these Blue States. Can ANYONE say that Michigan and Detroit were NOT destroyed by liberalism? The SEIU and academics like William Ayers are dedicated to support for the radical left and this epic failure of a president. OUR nation is under control of the same idiots who caused the economically failed Blue States (as well as the Obama Recession) and they seek to dominate the political process by pandering to the moochers and parasites; they who would sell their vote (and their souls) for a bottle of MD 20/20 and a promise.

Liberalism is locked into a life and death struggle today, that is why they’re clinging to their failed ideology like Rosie O’Donnell hanging on to a garbage can full of Taco Bell or Michael Mooreon clinging to his sack full of Big Macs! They are the true acolytes. The fanatic believers of the secular religion of Liberal Fascism, and they will jump on a hand grenade for it. The Soviet Union collapsed like Ted DRUNKennedy jumping on a straw bridge and one has to wonder if liberalism will come to an end in the same manner. When the acolytes of Keynesian economics finally crumble due to their stupidity, will we be surprised?

The Gunny believes, as he stated back in 2007/2008, that the election of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, will be the massive earthquake that topples the house of cards the Progressives have erected. Comrade Barry will lecture the American people tonight and tell us how HE’LL kick BP’s ass. Liberalism has, at it’s core belief, the though that the American electorate must be reduced to a slave status because we’re incapable of self governance. Our elite betters, liberals and RINOs, want and NEED to obliterate the Constitutional Republic and replace it with an elitist thugocracy, that buys the votes of the morons and intimidates those who stand against it. STAY FOCUSED. STAY THE COURSE!


  1. The country continues to be almost evenly divided with regard to the POSPOTUS and libs continue to bankrupt the country,the POSPOTUS gave 50 billion to the Palestinians and now wants another 50 billion stimulus(for GM & UAW),Reid wants 50 billion for unemployment benefits and other giveaways,wow, there is not that much money in the world.

  2. Very well said Gunny! It never ceases to amaze me how liberalism fails every time, every place and every situation its tried. Not only does it fail, but it always ends with cataclysmic results. Look at the hundreds of millions of people who have died, look that the devastation to the environment in socialist countries, look at the poverty and suffering. Yet every time the liberals promise the same thing. Every time they say it will be different than the last time. Every time they promise economic and social justice. And every time it's a lie.
    Liberals want your money, your life and your soul. Die slow and suffer should be their motto.

  3. Jim,

    "Liberals want your money, your life and your soul. Die slow and suffer should be their motto."

    I wish I had thought of that one. PERFECT!

  4. At this rate, we WILL have to get more ammo and spare horses for our Great 2012 Liberal Hunt. They can run, but they'll only die tired.

  5. You got it nailed Gunny!!

    I can't understand how people can keep voting in liberals. Surely they can see the same things you have talked about. When they are going down for the third time, seems they would have enough sense to grab onto the life preserver.

    Saw the cutest post on a thread the other day, it was a poem for Barbara Boxer. It said:
    Boxer rocks
    Boxer rocks
    Barbara's smart as a
    Boxer rocks.
    You might not find it as funny as I did. But just wanted to pass it along.

  6. As Georgetwin so apply said: "They can run, but they'll only die tired."

    In my family, I was always described as the "Liberal" cousin. Most of my men and women cousins are ready to start the "Great 2012 Liberal Hunt" today. It is only men and women like myself who have been holding them back by saying that we must show restraint and Christian ethics.

    Well as of today, I do not feel like holding them back. I too am tired of the damages that LIBERALS HAVE DONE TO OUR COUNTRY SINCE WOODROW WAS PRESIDENT.

    Perhaps, the "Great Liberal Hunt" is the only way to stop this damage.

    Frankly I am stock-piling ammo and guns like never before.

  7. Nanna,

    Thx for the kudos and yes, I found it funny. Boxer, Feinstein, and Pelosi are as smart as a box of rocks!

  8. Gray Ghost,

    I pray that it never comes to violence but if it does, let them start it, and let us finish it.

  9. Grey Ghost:be patient,lay back and wait,the opportunity will be coming sooner or later,the country is slowly sinking and anarchy will arise,its what the liberals are working day and night for( the green light to kill all Americans who will not bow to them)after all Liberals a a vile,evil,bloodthirsty bunch.

  10. Nanna, if you say that little poem with a New England accent, it makes more sense.

    Boxah Rocks
    Boxah Rocks
    Barbara's smaht as a
    Boxah Rocks

  11. Doesn't matter how you say the poem it was smart as a box of rocks babs who would rather be called hoe than ma'am. Senator Barbara Boxer: "Don't Call Me Ma'am" - General Michael Walsh

  12. You don't have to tell me how evil libs are; just read about the battle for charter schools in NYC.

  13. Well now, call me simple if you will, but I think liberalism can be simply defined as "a mental disorder!"


  14. Good post. About sums it up. Wonder,though,does jerubaal have 65 million lib traps?

  15. Gunny,ever wonder why this Administration is NOT pushing gun control? they don't want gun control,they want black and latino gang members locked and loaded to support their agenda,when push comes to trigger pulling they want to feel they have the advantage and they will,most Americans have never fired a shot in anger.

  16. E.,

    I saw that! Absolutely disgusting. And these libs send their larva to PRIVATE schools.

  17. the interface,

    NO DOUBT! It will be declared that after they meltdown on election day Nov 2012.

  18. clyde,

    Libs, being herd animals, don't require traps, they require stout pens and grazing land! haha

  19. Donnie,

    A scary thought but probably close to the mark.

  20. R E,

    I would not piss on Boxer if she was on fire.

  21. The Gunster babbled:
    >(President Barack Hussein Obama) will
    >lecture the American people tonight
    >and tell us how HE’LL kick BP’s ass.


    "WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama wrested a $20 billion compensation guarantee and an apology to the nation from British oil giant BP Wednesday, announcing the company would set up a major claims fund for shrimpers, restaurateurs and others whose lives and livelihoods are being wrecked by the oil flooding into the Gulf of Mexico.

    "Applause broke out during a community meeting in Orange Beach, Ala., on the news.

    "'We asked for that two weeks ago and they laughed at us,' Mayor Tony Kennon said. 'Thank you, President Obama, for taking a bunch of rednecks' suggestion and making it happen.'

    "Obama had said he would 'make BP pay,' and the company's chairman said after four hours of intense White House negotiations that BP was ready."

    OBAMA DOES IT AGAIN! First he spanks General Motors and succeeds in reversing the Bush financial meltdown, then, against all expectations, he passes a health-insurance-reform bill. Now he brings British Petroleum to heel, proving he's the most effective president the U.S. has had in decades.

    So -- ignoring the crazed bullshit that comprises Gunsel's ever-more-paranoid rants and the bitter gripes from other rightoids -- one has to say, what's not to like?

  22. At 9:55, Gray Ghost wrote:


    >[...] I too am tired of the damages

    >Perhaps, the "Great Liberal Hunt"
    >is the only way to stop this

    >Frankly I am stock-piling ammo
    >and guns like never before.

    Why are you stockpiling weapons, Gray Ghost? Are you planning to shoot someone? And if so, who are you planning to shoot?

  23. BP was going to provide $ anyway.
    This way, they can dodge any mistakes in handing it out.
    Obama can not force any company to hand over assets without legal authority or court orders. Neither of which he has.

    So, Ivan, why did the Great One stay on the golf course instead of waiving the Jones Act and allowing the Dutch ships to clean up spilled oil when it was offered 3 days after the explosion so that most of the oil would not reach the shore like it's doing now?????

  24. Wow Ivan he has single handedly because of his incompetence destroyed the beaches and estuaries along the Gulf Coast and you applaud him. Wow, you are dumb as a box of rocks.
    "First he spanks General Motors"
    You mean Nationalized it like the Marxist Fascist he is.
    "succeeds in reversing the Bush financial meltdown, then, against all expectation"
    Again Ivan, the economy is in shambles, unemployment keeps going up currently the U6 number is at 16.1 and rising (even after the census jobs) finance is stuck, stock market is a rollercoaster, and you moron leader the ObamaNation want to impose a huge carbon tax that would crush the economy. This makes him the second dumbest person on the planet, second only to you.
    "he passes a health-insurance-reform bill"
    BTW Ivan, the truth now comes out, this will add enormously to the deficit, you can't keep your doctor, there will be rationing. Wow, that's what we said all along, so once again further proof he's a liar and a piece of dung just like you.

    He'll be remembered as the worst president in history. Aren't you proud!

  25. Jim,

    Good reply to Lemmwink's loverboy.

    Obum-Phuck is destroying the Jackass Party and indeed, WILL REPLACE Carter as the worst potus ever. I for one, am loving it. America NEEDED a wake-up call and Barry provided it.

  26. Donnie
    You might be surprised how many Americans have "fired a shot in anger."
    And they don't hold their piece sideways ala "gangsta" fashion.
    And they know the correct way to wear a ballcap.
    And I think
    they're getting

  27. Oh Yeh, I forgot about Lemmiwinks. the last post I saw he looked like he was mad at Ivan. How about it Ivan, have you been cut off? No more back end rendezvous?
    Don't Ivan, I'm sure you'll get yours in the end...