Friday, May 28, 2010


It must be a primary requirement to be a flipping moron and have severe brain damage to be a liberal. It has to be considering the stupid things they do. The only other explanation is that they've managed to survive nature's attempts to weed them out of the gene pool by some quirk of fate!

Consider these headlines yesterday:

Economic rebound slowed last quarter...
PAPER: This crash is worse than 2008...
Things Obama Is Doing Instead of Going to Gulf: Duke Photo, Lunch with Bill, Vacation...
PAPER: US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus...
NY Considers Huge New Millionaire Tax...
Uncertainty over Medicare pay sets doctors on edge...
State Department: Troops won't be used to stop illegals...
Obama ignores Texas plea for help...
Barney Frank wants to see Rep. Djou's birth certificate...

It appears that liberals are simply to damn stupid to grasp this thing called history. It provides these things we like to call, "lessons learned." Liberals should think of these "lessons learned" as the times that their mommies told them to stop banging their heads on the floor during temper tantrums or stop poking Rover in the eyes before he bites you...again. These "lessons learned" can be thought of as, "guidelines" or a map if you will.

For example, Woodrow Wilson chucks 30,000+ Americans behind bars for protesting his progressive regime. That's bad. So liberals could look at that and say, let us not go down that slippery slope again but no, what do they do? They ignore the "lessons learned" here and appoint Elena "some speech can be disappeared" Kagan as a SCOTUS nominee. Or even better, not one but TWO liberal professors at UCLA see the light in a paper on how FDR prolonged the misery of his fellow Americans during the Depression through Keynesian economics but this idiot running the most corrupt regime ever seen in America, flanked by his Class of 68 radical leftists is repeating the same things once again. Throwing mountains of other people's money at a problem with the same result every doesn't work.

In New York, they are just as stupid as any liberal, anywhere. A new huge millionaire tax. Wow. Sounds great to the plebs as they get their bread and circuses but in the real world, this is just another epic leftist failure. Why you ask?

The poor do not create jobs. The poor do not expand businesses. The poor do not have innovative ideas, that lead to new products, that lead to new industries, that lead to jobs, economic growth, etc. The rich do. So when idiots like the moronic left running New York, Mexifornia, previously in New Jersey, and other Blue States need money for their entitlement programs, they just raise the corporate taxes and the tax levels on the rich. The problem is, is that soon, the rich move away, taking their businesses with them, or selling them, with the subsequent loss of jobs and tax revenue, causing a shortfall as the libs have noted for decades but are too stupid to learn from it. So they raise the tax levels to make up the shortfall and more businesses an people leave, and thus, yet another shortfall. More taxes, more shortfalls, more spending, and bingo, we have the various Blue States wanting bailouts from the Fed, with other people's money. One wonders what happens when other people's money runs out?

In another excellent example of liberal idiocy, it appears that The Pantsuit Porcine One from Chappaqua, running the joke we call the State Department is blabbering that the rich don't pay their fair share. Another stupid liberal heard from. In the real world where WE live, not the fantasy utopia of the leftist morons, the top 10% in America pay 68% of the taxes with the bottom 50%, the core leftist "Gimme-Gimme"! voters paying ZERO! But they get a refund of other people's money through the Earned Income Credit scam. This all excludes people like Timmy Ghietner, Solis, Sebelius, Rangel, and all of the other liberals who dodge their taxes until they're caught, and then they pay up and say, oops, I forgot.

In yet another headline today, Peggy Noonan whines about Obama being incompetent. Again, another "jane-come-lately" or in the words of Bruce Willis in "Die Hard", "welcome to the party pal!" The Gunny laughs at people like Peggy who suddenly realize that Comrade Barry sucks big time. Well duh. Our economy is in free-fall, our enemies smell a weakling, but another headline has Barry spending hours at golf, of course, on our dime. Peggy, had you done your homework, back in 2007/2008, along with the rest of us, you'd have known from jump street that Barry could not run a lemonade stand much less the Presidency, and that his friends where enemies of this nation. But thanks for playing.

Liberals really are idiots. Consider the BP spill. Shit happens. You react and fix the problem and move on. But no, not liberals. They have to pander, posture, and blame. It's Bush's fault that this happened, heedless of the FACT that the Obummer Administration actually gave this rig a safety award. Damn those pesky facts. So what do the leftists do? Why, shut down offshore drilling. Not for the Russians, the Cubans, the Chinese, or the Brazilians (Soros), nope, just for the Americans. Then, they go a step further and outlaw drilling in Alaska's north slope, ANWR (again), and the Chukchi Sea, heedless of the jobs lost, revenue lost, or the rise in energy prices to Americans. All to pander to their eco-nazis horde, who think that since they are losers, seeking to live out their pathetic granola breath, bean sprouts in their beards, tree hugging, bunny kissing like our prehistoric hunter-gathering ancestors did, that the rest of us should too. Not the rest of the world, just Americans. Payback for being a successful nation perhaps. Who cares that nature regularly vents oil into the ocean naturally, we must not allow one drop to hit the ocean! Even it is costs Americans ten bucks a gallon at the pumps, because, don't ya know, the Euro-pee-ons pay that much. That's because they're stupid socialists whose gravy train is running out of other people's money at breakneck speed. Watching the EU run aground on Dumbass Reef is almost as entertaining as watching this regime run up on the Dumbass Jimmy Carter Reef. Liberals, doing the same stupid thing, over and over, yet expecting a different result.

Perhaps the best example of liberal idiocy is from the brainiacs in the State Department who WON'T use troops to stop the flood of human locust from our southern border. This should surprise no one. Liberals are idiots. They don't CARE that illegals take jobs away from real Americans. Liberals don't CARE that illegals send the money BACK TO MEXICO, and don't keep it here in America. Liberals don't CARE that illegals rape, pillage, and plunder American citizens. Liberals don't CARE that illegals shoot cops, run up court costs, run up prison costs, run up auto insurance costs because they drive drunk, drive without a license, and when they hit and kill America citizens, they flee back to Mexico and go unpunished. Bush 43 and the GOP is too blame here as well, with McShamnesty and Grahamnesty leading the pack of morons in the Senate. America is being overrun by third worlders and gangs like MS-13, but it's all good for the liberals since illegals vote early and vote often. And that's all the left cares about. The left is like the captain of the Titanic screaming down from the bridge, "more speed, more power, full steam ahead", etc as the ship sinks around his ears.

The examples that liberals are idiots abounds in America, from Herr Wilson, to Konzentrationslager Kamp Kommandant FDR, through Truman, JFK, LBJ in the extreme, the moron Karter, BJ Bubba, and now the serial narcissist-in-chief, more concerned with his golf game and the freebies he gets than the deal Americans are getting. In fact, Comrade Barry actually LAUGHED about his 42% approval rate and it is headed down faster than a fat intern on a former impeached potus. One has to wonder when the hell Americans are going to wakeup and smell the stench of feces that emanates from a liberal every time they open their mouths to lie to us. From ObummerKare that they rammed down our throats (63% now want it repealed), to Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry's "Crap and Tax", to the nationalizing of OUR 401Ks/IRAs for a national retirement plan, to the new 170 BILLION dollar union pension plan bailout ("no more bailouts." Obama), with our money, liberals, and their myrmidons like McShamnesty, Grahamnesty, Snowe, Collings, etc, repeatedly exhibit all of the IQ of a garden slug. Liberals are idiots as well as traitors.


  1. check these out.

    and the one before it. this is what libs think of as good border control.

  2. Amazing. Brother, libs are dumb as dirt. They can no longer deny it! haha

  3. Medicare cuts to begin June 1 with no replacement system in place,Obamacare does not exist and never will,so our senior citizens(they are us) with little or no income now will have NO medical care,so I guess all nursing homes will be evicting those that cannot pay,thanks for supporting this AARP.

  4. Gunny
    You are right on in your assessment of liberals.
    Some of my grandkids are stupidly Libs. There isn't any arguing with them. They just shut down. No reasoning, no discussion, just shut down. "Well I believe what I believe" type thing. Makes me crazy!!

  5. Nanna,

    All you can do there is plan the seed of doubt in their brain concerning liberalism and leave it alone. It'll grow and they'll see the light and convert to the light OR, it'll rot and they'll stay moronic liberals.

  6. Of course Auntie Zeituni got her hip replacement and free housing courtesy of Obambi.

  7. Gunny, don't hold back, tell us how you really "feel".

    (Personally, I believe that even some Liberals are starting to see the truth. And it really hurts them.)

    Case in point:

    I spoke this morning with a small subcontractor at a job site in North Mississippi. The owner is a naturalized American (originally from Mexico). His company is small, only himself and 4 workers. All of them are naturalized citizens. AND ALL OF THEM WANT ALL ILLEGALS ARRESTED AND SENT BACK HOME. NOW. Not tomorrow, but now.

    The owner told me he voted for Obama. And then he apologized. He and his family are working hard to get his small share of the "American Dream". (Two of his 4 workers are his children.)

    He said that now he understands the problem with Democrats. And he vowed he would never vote for another empty "suit" like Obama again. (I also gave him the address for your web site. He needs an education in "stronger" words than I normally use.)

    It is happening Gunny. The average American citizen is getting an "education" in the problems the policies of the Liberal elites actually causes. They are starting to understand that these policies will kill our country.

    This does not bode well for the future of the Democrats.

  8. that is the second clip watch the first one too.

    methinks that these are hussiens cousins that he is counting on for the next election. since he doesnt have enough panthers and sieu thugs to cover all election precincts, he is importing his family of muzzies to plant plastic bottlebombs.

    Good safety info that I have never heard; be careful and watch the video

    Pay attention to this.

    1. A plastic bottle with a cap.
    2. A little Drano.
    3. A little water.
    4. A small piece of foil.
    5. Disturb it by moving it; and BOOM!!
    6. No fingers left and other serious effects to your face, eyes, etc..

    People are finding these bombs in mailboxes and in their yards, just waiting for you to pick it up intending to put it in the trash. But, you'll never make it!!! It takes about 30 seconds to blow after you move the thing.

    See "SNOPES"'s true. This happened just a few days ago...April 27, as a matter of fact.


  9. Gray Ghost,

    Let us "HOPE" for THAT "CHANGE"! haha.

    We owe Zero a debt of gratitude for helping us awaken the masses to the hell that is liberalism, socialism, etc.

  10. i was watching Glenn Beck yesterday when he showed a clip of obambie. my 10 yr old daughter was walking by and saw it. i didnt see her behind me but i did hear her comment of "dumbass". i couldnt turn around and scold her as i was laughing to hard.

  11. usmcpgw,

    That doesn't surprise me in the least. The Left is violent and with bombers like Ayers and Dorhn advising SEIU thugs, it'll get worse before it gets better. BUT, this is the last gasp of liberalism, and once they shoot their wad, it'll be over.

  12. Gunny'
    Thanks for the advice. Lord knows I've planted enough "seeds." Now I'll wait and see what happens.

  13. Good stuff once again,Gunny. Amazing the blatant hypocrasy of Hitlary's statement,considering her and the Slickmeister have not one,but TWO foundations. Not because they are so charitable,mind you,but it IS an excellent vehicle to 1)shield income from taxation, and 2)start the funds on a circuitous route back to...guess who?!!!

  14. clyde,

    you hit the nail on the head. Between that and their many trust funds, like Ted DRUNKennedy left for his lib-larva, they dodge their taxes over and over while we pay up.

  15. usmcpgw,

    Kudos to you and the wife for teaching your kids well. Mine are noted anti liberals! haha

  16. usmcpgw, Awesome! Your daughter is a smart girl.

    Gunny, hence my favorite word for the libs: libidiots.

  17. Some libidiot messed up the osamabinobama jersey, they wanted to let him know he is number one so this is what he got.......

    the idiot forgot that this numero uno dumbass gets told he is number one like this by Americans.......

  18. Spot on as usual, Gunny.
    Yes. the Mombasan Candidate is showing that he is in way over his head. I believe it is starting to take its toll.
    Stop by for my latest take on that.

  19. Too, too funny.

    Seeing Gunsel declare that "liberals are idiots" is exactly like hearing a chimpanzee complain that monkeys stink.

  20. George Washington's doctors were liberals.
    Do ya' think?

    First Georgie gets sick. So they bleed him to cleanse his body of bad blood.

    So he gets sicker. So they bleed him some more.
    And he gets even sicker. So they bleed him again.
    And he dies.
    They called it bad blood brought on by pneumonia.
    Or something like that. They didn't take responsibility for bleeding him to death.
    They must have been the first liberals...

  21. Good Comparison Ivan, when you consider Chimpanzees have about three times the intellect of most monkeys and conservatives have about three times the intellect of liberals.
    Well done!

    Oh BTW Liberals stink!

  22. Prepair for war. This is all being done with willfull intent. WE know history. The results are undeniable:A depression at the least, with a war being very likely. powder is dry.