Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Leftists rely on ignorance and lies to retain their blustery positions of being in favor of "peace, tolerance, diversity, and freedom" but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, the Gunny knows, it’s a huge surprise to us all that liberals are lying varmints. Consider the words of the great messiah of the Obomunists, Comrade Zero, who recently said at a commencement ceremony, that information is a diversion.

“With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations, -- none of which I know how to work -- information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation.”

This blithering tool went on to whine that that "some of the craziest claims can quickly claim traction," which of course, means the truth about him and his regime coming out over talk radio and blogs such as the Anti Liberal Zone who was ahead of the power curve way back in 2007 and 2008 when Zero tossed his muslim skullcap in the ring. He further mewled: "All of this is not only putting new pressures on you, it is putting new pressures on our country and on our democracy."

Apparently Leftists don’t like being outed, especially when they take such great pains to create a shadow party, fund it through anti-Americans like Soros and the leftist groups like the Tides and Ford Foundations, and then staff their regime with radical leftists like Cass Sunstein and John “kill and sterilize em” Holdren. You see my friends, the Gunny knows his enemy well and when a jug eared clown like Obummer whines that information is a danger to our democracy, he really means that it is a danger to HIM and his regime. He already control the Lapdog Media, hereafter known as Pravda/TASS, but he cannot get talk radio and those evil blogs under his thumb. Freedom is a helluva thing. We can say or do what we want as long as it does not hurt others. The old saying, “the right to shake your fist in my face ends at the beginning of my nose," is still true today as is, "information and knowledge is POWER!” Liberals LOVE ignorance, we on the Right LOVE knowledge.

The Left hates America and its heritage of freedom because individual rights, private property rights, and the freedom of commerce and trade are guaranteed by the Constitution and previously, our government. We on the Right love our freedom and without fail, pony up ourselves and usually our children, to serve in the military, standing a watch like our forebears did, and do it with silent pride. Statist, or liberals as they are more commonly known, claim that they stand freedom but their idea of freedom greatly differs from ours. We stand for individual rights and freedom from coercive interference by the government but they bleat, whine, mewl, and clamor for freedom from: discrimination, poverty, want, a disadvantaged youth, a disadvantaged adulthood (usually through their own poor choices), the evil real world, thinking or doing for themselves, and from having their feelings hurt (usually by the truth). They wholeheartedly embrace a utopia that consists of “rights” like, free food, free housing, free medical care, free schools, free college educations, a bountiful retirement plan (look at the SEIU’s plan-now underfunded by a few billion), loads of freebies if one is “disabled”, plentiful welfare bennies, free abortions, in other words, basically a free ride from the cradle to the grave.

Yes, the leftists believe in freedom all right, the freedom to loot our wallets and purses in order to pay for the ease of others. Liberals believe in the right to violate the rights of others.

We are locked into a fight against the evil of the Left, never forget that. The evidence of the ills of socialism are rife throughout history and we cannot go down that road. There can be no decent compromise between the freedom-loving Right and the freedom-hating Left. Bipartisanism is dead and the liberals killed it. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Remember the movie with Denzel Washington called the “Fallen”? In it is a memorable quote about evil:

but evil just keeps on coming. You know what I mean? You saw it before, but now…it’s in your face, laughing at you…

Didn't Comrade Zero and his horde laugh at the Tea Party, calling them a sexual slur? It's how evil works. Their ideology and our values and beliefs, which were the values and beliefs of our Founding Fathers, can never coexist, those days are over, thanks to the radical 60’s hippies now in control of our government. Don’t think otherwise for that is what the Left wants you to believe. It is draining, every day, having to push back against the Leftists, especially when they control all three branches of government (until Nov 2010 and Nov 2012), control Pravda and TASS, control many of the teachers in the government indoctrination sites, but we must do it. Every day. Indeed, crushing liberalism is not an impossible dream fellow patriots; no, we can continue to refute their socialism ideals and their lies and fallacies with good ideas and…THE TRUTH!

Liberals use slogans, marketing gimmicks, and bumperstickerisms to trick people into voting for them, which is why they so desperately want to pass Scamnesty. It is easy to lie to those who refuse to think for themselves or as new immigrants, have not tumbled to the scam that liberalism is, and so it goes. They [liberals] lie about their inherent need for more and more regulations, followed by more and more taxes, followed by more and more entitlement programs, and the lack of money be damned. Like the Doritos commercial of “crunch all you want, we’ll just make more,” the liberal’s mantra is: “spend, spend, spend, we’ll just keep taxing you more.” That is, until the piper calls to pay up and then it becomes a blame game. The mission of the Right is to produce a sufficient number of leaders who can successfully refute the crapulence of the Leftists and who are not afraid to go bare-knuckles with the reactionary Left. We need to expose the putrid ideals of liberalism, their hypocrisies and lies, so that Americans will come to know them and to point and laugh at the liars and crooks, so that they will crawl back under their rocks where they belong, taking their lies and their failed ideas with them.

That is our mission statement, the annihilation of liberalism. A purging of this tainted form of Marxism from the land in order to return it to the Constitutional Republic that the Founders bequeathed us. HOW TO you ask? We need to get involved at the grass roots level and we’ve done that with the Tea Party. Next, STAY THE COURSE. Wars are won in the long-term by imposing our will on the enemy. Third, backing the the right kind of man or woman, well-steeped in the learnings of:

a. “Atlas Shrugged,” by Ayn Rand
b. “Capitalism,” by George Reisman
c. “The Conservative Mind,” by Kirk.
d. “Economics In One Lesson,” by Hazlitt
e. “The Road to Serfdom,” by Hayek
f. “The Anti-Capitalist Mentality,” by Mises (You HAVE to know your enemy!)

We must judge them by their DEEDS and ACTIONS not their words. Why else would Comrade Barry pick a radical leftist like Kagan for the SCOTUS even though she has never been a judge and has about the same judicial experience as Obama had executive-level experience? Because she has no track record for us to pick apart, other than her hatred of the US Military. We must begin to teach and train high school students and college kids in the greatness of Conservative ideals and HOW THEY HELP US! Once we reach the tipping point of capable individuals and leaders, who have read and understand the right ideas, our values and beliefs in a free market, liberty, and conservatism will spread like wildfire in our nation. Remember that the Left has held onto the media and schools since the 30’s, so we have a lot to roll back. Rosie O’Donnell did not hit 350 pounds overnight but when we finally pull the wool OFF of the people’s eyes, and they see the anti-freedom, anti-private property, anti-free market Left vice the individual liberty, private property, and limited government Right, the fat lady will sing.

We in the Silent Majority are partly to blame, the Gunny has said it before. We were asleep at the switch raising our families and working. This nation has been locked in an ideological war between Liberalism and Conservatism and it has been going on for a number of years. William F Buckley saw it in the 50’s! The Left versus the Right. Collectivism (or group think) versus Conservatism. We on the Right embrace work, integrity, honesty, thrift, a puritan work ethic, and a desire to make a better life for our family. We want to work, keep the fruits of our labor, serve our nation, and pass our cherished freedoms onto the next generation. The bottom line on leftism is its hatred of corporations, a free market, private ownership of property (the basis of freedom), and individual rights. They want a global government run by their fellow elites while we say HELL NO! to that. Who backs the UN? The Left. Who backs global government? The Left.

When we educate ourselves in what Conservatism is all about, we can go on the attack to discuss such things as the fact that property rights and individual rights go hand-in-hand. That when we have individual freedom and free markets, backed by the security of private property rights, we can have an economy that provides opportunities for the population to take advantage of, for long-term planning for growth, for a capitalist economy which will be a rising tide that will float all boats. It has worked many times in the past, that much is FACT! America can only exist as a free nation when we have a free market economy that is free from stupid regulations, excessive controls, bureaucratic red tape, high corporate and personal taxes, a mandatory minimum wages (why stop at 7.00 an hour, why not 100.00 and hour libs?), entitlement and redistribution programs that steal from others, anti-property and anti-profit leftists, and leaders like Obama that are so unqualified, that they could not run a lemon stand and make it work. When the the Left attacks our freedoms and our way of life, we on the Right MUST counterattack and point out that their ultimate goal is the elimination of individual liberty and not let up until Liberalism is chucked on the trash heap of history right where it belongs.


  1. This is why I'm so proud of the tea party movement. It's conservatives that are finally saying "enough is enough" and are banding together to say so. Before we thought that just voting was enough, then we began to realize that too much was slipping by us with us having no say in it. As you said, we were busy working and raising our families. Suddenly we realized we were being kicked in the pants, and decided to kick back. Now like you said we must not let up until Liberalism is chucked on the trash heap of history. (emphasis on trash heap)

  2. Obama needs someone to call the whaaaambulance.
    He really is thin skinned. Part of what he said at the commencement was that information is becoming a distraction.
    Ah ha!! That is what he really doesn't like. All the information that is available to us and the ease with which we, the everyday American can access it.
    He can't control 100% of the message and he is pizzed!
    Stay mad Barry.

  3. Nanna,

    Thanks for the great comment. What we must guard against is falling back into the Silent Majority. THAT is what the Leftists want. You see, they LOVE violence and protest but can't stand having US protest them...peacefully.

  4. beachmom,

    I could not agree more. Zero is a whiner, pure and simple. If he was within earshot of me, I'd point my finger at him and laugh!

  5. I hope those meds kick in soon "Gunny." I think you're a classic wack-job - angry, frightened and cowardly

  6. Anon

    A typical, ignorant liberal comment, intolerant of a difference of opinion.

    Looks like you are the one who is in need of meds.

    "wack-job" is typical liberal-style name-calling, like your cousin Ivan.

  7. Stay the course is right. You nailed it with EVERY WORD!!Gunny! The elections this November are crutial if this nation continues as a Constitutional Rebublic. (new post up) Semper Fi.

  8. Anon--for brains the true cowards are ones like YOU who are so drunk on liberal KOOOL_AID they cannot even see the iceburg from the titanic!!

  9. Pack Rat---good call.

  10. Pack Rat,

    Liberals live in fear and anon's post is just one that typifies it. They see the American people rising up and saying HELL NO to their proposed socialist "utopia" and it scares them that they might have to get a job, etc.

  11. Blackwater79,

    Thanks for the kudos. We have to keeping pounding away at the leftists. There are cracks showing in thier facade, it'll crumble in Nov.

  12. "...none of which I know how to work.." Uh...back in '08 didn't he say he had all of Michael Jackson's songs on his Blackberry or some such?
    Can the man speak without prevarication?
    About like Ivan can post without showing himself to be a fool.....

    "..We must judge them by their DEEDS and ACTIONS not their words.."
    Back in '07 or '08 didn't Obama say he could be judged by his associates??

    "..We in the Silent Majority are partly to blame.." Yeah. But back in the early '60's I was a Bircher. My HS friends were all bleeding liberals and were derisive at my every argument. Meantime I go off for 25 years. When I come home...wow, they are somewhere to the right of JBS. I guess Churchill was right about being a liberal at 20 and a conservative at 40...

    "..not let up until Liberalism is chucked on the trash heap of history right where it belongs..."
    Problem with that is maturity. Just as most small children will not learn the electric plug will shock you when told or the fire will burn you... They have to find out for themselves.
    If it were not for idealistic young people there would be no socialism. They will not listen to older (old farts), wiser (what do they know..) people. They have to find out for themselves. Of course there are some that will refuse to admit they were wrong. Fools never do.

  13. On Tuesday, May 11, 2010, the ever-obfuscating Gunny scrawled:

    >The Leftists rely on ignorance and lies

    That describes conservatives, who lie about both history ("Hitler was a socialist!") and the present ("Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.")

    >(President Barack Hussein Obama said)
    >that "some of the craziest claims can
    >quickly claim traction"

    Undeniably true. Consider the blatant lie about Obama not having been born in the U.S., for example.

    >the Gunny knows his enemy well

    By which he means, the men in the white coats, anyone without white skin, the FBI and everyone with an IQ in the triple digits.

    >when (Obama) whines that information
    >is a danger to our democracy

    Which, of course, Obama did not say at all.

    >Liberals LOVE ignorance,
    >we on the Right LOVE knowledge.

    Another whopper. American conservatives have been trying to padlock the public school system for decades, precisely because they don't want children to learn the truth about the universe they inhabit, preferring to have kids' brains programmed with bullshit about supernatural beings and how their country is the best there is, the best there ever was and the best any country could ever be.

    >The Left hates America

    Actually, it's conservatives who hate what America IS, although they get all mushy and teary-eyed fantasizing about what they (wrongly) believe America once was.

    >We on the Right love our freedom

    But you've no problem denying it to blacks, women, immigrants, atheists and anyone else you deem to be not as *really American* as you think you are.

    >Liberals believe in the right to violate
    >the rights of others.

    Wow! Talk about the Big Lie. It's not liberals who set up concentration camps where people who haven't been convicted of any crime can be tortured at the will of CIA or military inquisitors. It's not liberals who insisted that U.S. interrogators may legally torture folks. It's not liberals who kept southern blacks voteless, powerless and terrified of violence from their white neighbors for more than 100 years. It's not liberals who've filled the prisons with people whose only crime was to put some arbitrarily banned substance into their own bodies and never harmed another soul. And it's certainly not liberals who rage ceaselessly against the American Civil Liberties Union for the "crime" of defending people's rights.

    >We are locked into a fight against the
    >evil of the Left

    The only fight you rightoids are locked into is the fight against toothpaste and deodorant.

    >The evidence of the ills of socialism . . .

    . . . is myth and lies propagated endlessly by the beneficiaries of unfettered capitalism who hope people won't notice how various forms of socialism have worked just fine in places like Canada, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. (Yes, yes, we know . . . Stalin and Pol Pot were monsters and Mao did some nasty things. But those facts do not constitute an indictment of the socio-political system known as socialism, no more than the facts that Adolf Hitler was history's worst monster, Ronald Reagan was an alzheimer's-wracked, doddering fool and George W. Bush was a moron and serial liar constitute indictments of capitalism.

    >Liberals use slogans

    You mean like "Drill baby drill"?

    >marketing gimmicks

    You mean like the "push polling" so beloved by rightoid election manipulators?

    >and bumperstickerisms

    You mean like "Support our troops"?

    No, Gunster, it's invariably conservatives who reduce all complex ideas into slogans and car-bumper declarations. Watch Fox(not)News sometime (as if I didn't already know that it's where you get ALL your news).

    >(liberals) desperately want to pass Scamnesty.

    You mean like Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to several million undocumented aliens (he did, you know)?

  14. "Ronald Reagan was an alzheimer's-wracked, doddering fool and George W. Bush was a moron and serial liar ...."

    A fool and a moron that in each case defeated the "best" the dems could provide. What does that make the dems?

    Obama has found his "Katrina" in the Gulf and many of the left are angry about his lies about GITMO and the wars.

  15. At 6:24, Rat Pack lied:

    >Obama has found his "Katrina"
    >in the Gulf

    Bullshit. Obama and his officials weren't caught doing nothing while thousands of people were tormented for days by hunger, thirst and the stench of rotting bodies in a sports arena.

    That malfeasance is owned by Bush and the Repuglicans. So far, the Gulf oil gusher fiasco hasn't hurt a single human, save the workers who died when the rig exploded. Obama's fault? I think not.

    Obama had nothing to do with the Gulf oil spill, the responsibility for which lies solely with the corporations whose incompetence allowed it to happen.

    Thanks for enabling me to demonstrate, once again, what a foul liar and propagandist you are, Ratty.

    I appreciate it.