Friday, May 7, 2010


The Founders learned well and put our Constitution down on paper. It was not word of mouth rights but rights put down on paper for all to read. Indeed, no politician could change it without a formal amendment! The Founders had seen the politicians in England mess with the “unwritten” rights of the British subjects and had read about it in Rome so they created a legislature and gave the President the ability to veto in order to reduce the chance of mob rule. In fact, they went a step further in requiring that tax revenues could only be used only for “the general welfare” vice special interests and that laws be constitutionally “fair and proper.” The power of the government was limited by the law of the land, the Constitution, as well as the moral law of the land, the Declaration of Independence. Our individual liberties were secured by the Bill of Rights, which became the envy of the world and wonder of wonders, people flocked to live in America, coming through Ellis Island by the millions. The Founders gave us a government that we the people could hold responsible by seeing who voted for what and thus, punish them at the ballot box.

But this has been replaced by Democrats and their RINO lapdogs doing shady backroom deals. Franklin stated that we’d have a Republic as long as we could keep it and that meant following and passing on to the next generation, the rules of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that they bequeathed to us. That is, as long as we the people lived with honor, justice, and responsibility for our actions and as long as we bound our politicians to remain limited in scope. Thus, our right to life and freedom endured, until liberals seized control of the Congress and Senate in Jan 2007, following the legacy of FDR and LBJ. They enacted the Ponzi scam of Social Security, that forcibly seized taxes from persons and businesses (while Congress excluded itself), that is now broke. They enacted Medicare, forcibly seized taxes for it, and it has BEEN broke. These “bread and circus” entitlements now account for OVER 50% of annual federal spending! And now that Obummer has quadruptled the debt in ONE YEAR, the government now exists by printing more and more worthless greenback and funding itself by borrowing from our enemies.

The Mob now has control of home mortgages, bank deposits, Government Motors (previously known as General Motors), unions, student loans, and pension benefits that exceed $70 trillion dollars! Our debt is $14 trillion dollars and much of it is held by Chinese! Comrade Barry, the most UNQUALIFIED person in any room he walks into, tried blocking Chinese imports (a payoff for unions) that almost caused a trade war and could have hampered his regime’s efforts to continue funding their massive debt! Dumb is dumb in this regime. Like their Roman predecessors, the wonderfully bright members of Congress and the Senate REGULARLY DO NOT read the bills they vote on. Like a baby with a feeding tube in one end, they just keep passing more laws out of the other end, without one iota of knowledge or understanding of the effects of these laws or any previous laws on the American people, businesses, the economy, etc. Politicians are solely responsible, Wilson and FDR, for working tirelessly to expand the power of the government to "oversee" the economy, but they have failed miserably every time.

These are the same type of clowns who have presided time and time again, over things like monetary contractions, which was a major cause of the Depression, bailouts, inflation, rampant inflation, stagflation, the misery index, etc. In fact, whenever the government involves itself in our daily lives, as FDR did in 1935, when he signed the Banking Act, which centralized the power of the Fed, they idiots managed to lengthen the depression until the outbreak of World War Two. NOTHING but NOTHING that FDR and his band of clowns did lessened the misery for the American people. Funny that it took them until 2002 to apologize for inflicting such misery on the American people. “We did it. We’re very sorry. We won’t do it again.” Bernanke

But liberals, who are noted for their unique ability to make simple tasks difficult if not extremely impossible to solve, dropped the ball yet again. They forced the CRA of 1977 on us. BJ Bubba doubled down on it. They put morons like Bonnie Fwank and Chris Dodd in charge of it, even as they milked those cash cows (Fannie and Freddie), all the while saying, "its all good here!" They have subsidized borrowing to the point where a dog could probbaly get a loan for a 200,000 house! After all, they say, EVERYONE has the right to "own" a home. It is in the Constitution somewhere, or so these liberal "stains" think. So they learn nothing from the Depression in 1929 but they failed to learn the lessons of the depression of 1920 that we came through without a hitch. That, of course, you never read about in the history books. The US got out of this Depression with a little pain and suffering but it ushered in the Roaring 20's:

"we took our losses, we readjusted our financial structure, we endured our depression, and in August 1921 we started up again. The rally in business production and employment that started in August 1921 was soundly based on a drastic cleaning up of credit weakness, a drastic reduction in the costs of production, and on the free play of private enterprise. It was not based on governmental policy designed to make business good." Benjamin Anderson Economist

But the idiots running the government can't seem to keep their fingers out of our pies or their noses out of our business and here again, we find ourselves in a parallel with Rome and standing atop Mt Everest, greased on all sides with more lard than you'd find under Rosie O'Donnell's dress! The brainiacs slashed and burned their way from 2007 onward, resisting Bush's proposed reform of Fannie and Freddie, encouraged businesses to load up on debt, gave loans to morons without the ability to pay them off, lied and covered up while taking bonuses (Franklin Raines) to the tune of 90 MILLION while whining about Wall St CEO's. Divide and conquer the Mob, just like in Rome.

And like Rome, these idiots are going to take the sole superpower, in both military might and economic might, right into the sewer, just like the politicians pandering to the Mob did in Rome. They pass laws that cripple our oil production, our businesses, that pussify the American military with perfume princes like Gates and Mullen, work on a social experiment to put homos into the military, serving “openly” and what a boon to morale THAT will be. No, the only question at this point is, are they doing it out of ignorance, blatant stupidity, or malevolence and hatred for us and our way of life? Why else can explain their continued aiding and abetting of our enemies?


  1. I am so tired of the blindness of the general public. Yikes. We're in trouble and people think the Pied Piper/COWboy in chief is the man!! You know the uniter. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's disgusting.

  2. Good articles(1 & 2)very good reading,I look forward to your posts everyday.

  3. This country was founded by people of action. People that hated government and felt that government should be small and controlled by the people and not the other way around. Remember what TJ said "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." Well, that's to Obama and the clowns in government we have a government that we are in fear of.
    This country for 150 only attracted people who were like minded in that they came here to be successful,not to be a burden on society. Americans are jenerous people but we abhore laziness. Since the 1920 the government has made it more and more attractive for the lazy in the world to be attracted to the U.S. and slowly there is a change in the gene pool here that is making a once great country into a country of lazy pathetic Ivans. God save us!

  4. Obama offends people and his press secretary can't/won't answer the press's questions.

  5. Gunsel's lies:

    >The power of the government was limited
    >by [...] the Declaration of Independence.

    Utter nonsense. The Declaration has never been deemed to limit the power of the American government.

    When has the Supreme Court ever struck down a gov't action or law on the basis that it violated the Declaration of Independence? Cite the case and the date.

    >Bill of Rights, which became the envy
    >of the world

    Overblown, romantic bushwa. Most of the world didn't and doesn't give a rat's ass about the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    >Social Security [...] that is now broke.

    Social Security is perhaps the U.S. government's most-popular and relied-upon program, and it's anything but broke. The vast majority of Americans love social security, since it provides dignity and comfort in their old age and keeps millions from having to munch on Meow Mix.

    >They enacted Medicare [...] and it has BEEN broke.

    This is a lie. Medicare is rolling along quite nicely, thank you very much.

    >the power of the government to "oversee"
    >the economy, but they have failed miserably
    >every time.

    Right. We should leave the economy to the merciful ministrations of the bankers and money-moguls of Wall Street, who have proven themselves so competent, so trustworthy. . . .


    >Why else can explain their continued aiding
    >and abetting of our enemies?

    "Why else can explain. . . ?"

    The Gunsel is drunk again. What else can explain such laughable illiteracy, such hilarious hysteria?

  6. From MSN

  7. Jim fancies himself qualified to comment on public affairs, but his ignorance of history and laughable illiteracy make his every contribution a joke on himself. To wit:

    Jim wrote:

    >People that hated government

    Should be "people who hated. . ." Aside from that, America's founders did not "hate govenment" at all. They hated tyrannical, despotic government.

    >Well, that's to Obama and the clowns in government

    Should be "thanks to Obama," perhaps?

    >we have a government that we are in fear of.

    Proves once again what I've said many times -- rightoids are America's biggest pussies, afraid of very nearly everything. Most Americans are not afraid of their government unless they cheat on their taxes.

    The government's coming, the government's coming! AAaaiiiiieeeee!

    >This country for 150 only attracted people

    This is gibberish.

    >Americans are jenerous people

    No, some may be g-e-n-e-r-o-u-s. None is "jenerous." Not a one.

    >but we abhore laziness.

    Me, I abhor stupidity and illiteracy.

    >Since the 1920 the government

    What can this possibly mean?

    >there is a change in the gene pool

    It's pretty obvious that Jimbo's DNA sprung from the gene pool's shallow end.


    Such a pathetic puppy dog for his master.

    It looks like Ol Purple Lips is going after our IRA's and 401Ks like Andy Stern (SEIU) told him to. 8-obama-administration-plans-to-seize-401k-retirement-accou nts

    Get real to yank your money out before Zero gives it to the likes of his cur Ivan.

  9. Nee,

    They're getting paid off with OPM so OF COURSE they're blind.

  10. Donnie,

    Thx for the kudos. If you can, forward it out or failing that, get my links out so the word gets out on this regime.

  11. Jim,

    No matter what the lefists do, they'll never be able to squelch our desire for freedom. The 39% of Americans like Ivan will bend over for it but not the rest of us.

  12. Pack Rat,

    I LAUGHED when I read that. Gibbs is so much like Goebbels, it's hilarious.

    Or maybe like Baghdad Bob!

  13. Enjoyed every word as always.
    every now and then, I watch HGTV, and a show called "House Hunters". There have been several times when someone was buying a home, and I wondered how they could make such a lavish paymeant, or down payment. Then one day when I was really paying attention, this person said, "I didn't have the down payment, so my real estate agent got in touch with a government agency, and based on my income, they are covering my down payment." This floored me, and I realized this was one reason we got into such a mess. Giving stuff away to those with no money, for what ever their little heart desires, no matter if they are taking it from people like you, and all who pay taxes.

  14. Good posts Gunny!
    There is no doubt that this administration is the most corrupt and envious in the history of this county. As to your last question, I beleive it to be malevolence. Their actions are directed and concerted which in my mind rules out stupidity and/or ignorance.
    If this group of usurpers does try to steal our 401K's/IRA's it will be the last straw! Woe betide to those that would steal from me!

    "Liberals, it has been said, are generous with other peoples' money, except when it comes to questions of national survival when they prefer to be generous with other people's freedom and security."-William F Buckley Jr.

  15. Shazam Gunny,

    I saw that illegal sican pdf of the illegal mex stripping the hide off Americans and feeding it to the buzzards and I dont think that was as graphic as the picture you paint of lard up under the beached whales dress. That's enough to make a grown man puke.
    Once faggots get the right treatment from the real Americans in camp they will either not feel like being such girlie men or they will hit the road and decide it's time for their nap.

  16. At 13:05, The Gunster gibbered:

    >No matter what the lefists do,
    >they'll never be able to squelch
    >our desire for freedom.
    >The 39% of Americans like Ivan will
    >bend over for it but not the rest
    >of us.

    This proves you're insane.

    No one loves freedom more than I do.

    That's why I'd fight to the death to stop you rightoid assholes from turning America into the militarized, flag-waving, Bible-spouting, gun-toting, brainless, homogeneous white supremacy slave camp you lust after.

    It's not "leftists," but you conservatives who fear and loathe freedom. Why else would you be thrown into such a panic by the election of a black president, the separation of religion and government and the specter of same-sex people getting legally married? Why else would you attack the ACLU and demand that libraries and schools divest themselves of materials that make you uncomfortable?

    Rightoids love freedom, all right -- their own. They live to force everyone else's minds into a strait jacket of mindless conformity.

  17. News Item:

    "VIENNA – Israel's secretive nuclear activities may undergo unprecedented scrutiny next month, with a key meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency tentatively set to focus on the topic for the first time, according to documents shared Friday with The Associated Press.
    A copy of the restricted provisional agenda of the IAEA's June 7 board meeting lists 'Israeli nuclear capabilities' as the eighth item — the first time that that the agency's decision-making body is being asked to deal with the issue in its 52 years of existence."

    Obama! What's not to love?

  18. "That's why I'd fight to the death to stop you rightoid assholes from turning America into the militarized, flag-waving, Bible-spouting, gun-toting, brainless, homogeneous white supremacy slave camp you lust after."

    Fight to the death??? He who refuses to fight for anything? Obviously the racist has not counted Thomas, Rice, Steele, as part of the right.

  19. Ivan is special! As busy as I've been this week, running a company getting ready to go to Hawaii, I've been forced to multi-task. How sweet of Ivan to be my spell chequer. Just proof that every sperm has a purpose. Although he obviously is not qualified to comment, we overlook his typical stupidity. After all we all know he is a mindless Obamabitch. BTW Ivan, you must be torn horribly. How can you tell your friends at your KKK rallies that you support a black man?

  20. Hey Ivan, I'll bet you were proud of your lord and master, the messiah Obamanation. He was so skill full lying about the unemployment figures! Wow, unemployment increasing is good? More people out of work is good?
    The U-6 number up to 17.1?
    Wow, what a liar he is and as you are one of his worshipers I'm sure you are very happy. It's so good of him to model our economy after Greece and Spain(green economy). Oh, I forgot, their bankrupt, just like his presidency.

  21. If We Are A Nation of Laws

    Why is Rangel not in jail?
    Why is Geithner not in jail?
    Why are Barney Frank and Chris Dod not indicted and standing trial?



  22. Poor Ivan.
    Can't see the forest for the trees.

  23. At 18:11, Pack Rat, referring to yours truly, wrote:

    >Fight to the death???
    >He who refuses to fight
    >for anything?

    That's exactly what the Nazis presumed about the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto. A few dead Nazis later, they realized they'd been wrong.

    I advise you to be very careful about what you assume people will, or will not, fight for, Ratty. A mistake in this area can get you killed.

  24. Dream, Dream, Dream, all I have to do is
    Dream. I think that's what the Everly Bros said.

    SS........ not broke.....and puff it's not.
    Medicare...not broke.....and puff it's not.

    Sounds terribly like hopey, changy and dopey to me.

    Help help the nazis are coming the nazis are comming.

  25. Ivan, you are on record as not being willing to fight in the military. Where else would you fight?
    The militia? Be careful, the DHS will come after you.

    I make no such assumptions as to what people will or will not fight for.
    I can deal with persons one-on one in an adult manner.

  26. Homos in the Military?
    Oh, well.
    Guess who will be walking point?? Or..heh..drag??

  27. Ivan,
    Have you been shot at?

    Have you pulled out a firearm with intent to use it (on something other than an unarmed deer) ?

    If not, please do not talk to me about what might get one killed.

  28. At 13:51, Pack Rat scribbled:

    >Ivan, you are on record
    >as not being willing to
    >fight in the military.

    Actually, I'm not.

    What I'm on record as saying is that I'd never fight with the U.S. military as long as it engages in wars that are illegal or based on lies, or are launched primarily to swell the fortunes of its corporate elite, or to advance a colonialist agenda or to impose "democracy" on people who haven't requested such a service.

    I would be proud to fight -- and, if necessary, die -- alongside my fellow Americans to repel an invasion of the country or to defeat a homicidal regime that engages in genocide or outrageous human rights violations.

    The former has never happened. The latter describes only U.S. actions against Serbia and the Taliban.

    I can't think of any other American military action since WWII that can be seen as anything but aggressive, ill-considered and for reasons that are anything but honorable.

    All in all, the U.S. military has little to be proud of these days.


  29. Quoting Ivan
    "I'd put a gun in mouth before I'd be part of the U.S. military machine.

    Proud of being an obedient lackey in the service of corrupt, greed-crazed would-be empire builders and corporate interests?"

    Based on those comments, would you take up arms against the invaders like the survivalist types?
    Would you join the National Guard? Oh no, that's part of the machine.
    A militia? Organized by whom?

    "All in all, the U.S. military has little to be proud of these days."

    Guess who were the first responders to Haiti?

  30. Further comment

    Regardless of backgroud, it is easy to talk about battle, until the first bullet flies.

  31. Ivanazak claims American but lies just like all libs. FU ivanazak you are a lieing no good sob just like your osamabinobama.
    The military of the United States of America has never had anything to ashamed of except for 3 leaders who were not. Jimmah, BJ Bubba and the osamabinobama libs, liars and no good sobs all just like you.
    One can only hope you join the osama civilian corpse because you will be just as deserving of your desserts you receive as the osamabinobama is of what he has to come, may God have mercy on both your souls.

  32. And the good LORD said AMEN RE, I will take care of osamabinobama, the ivanazak, et al.