Tuesday, May 4, 2010


At their core, Liberals are as emotional as a 13 year old girl. But what separates them from the teen drama queen is that their emotions are always negative in nature and that the rage, the hatred, the angst, and the fury is ALWAYS directed at the world around the Leftist but never at the Leftist themselves, who often put themselves in a bad place through poor decision-making skills. The emotional leftist is little more than a whiny emotional critic, making a tempest in a teacup, and usually without a clue about what they are criticizing, i.e., drilling in the ANWR, Tax cuts vs tax hikes, etc. But to a leftist, EVERYTHING revolves around their deeply held feelings.

Take for example the leftist blogs. When Ronaldus Magnum passed, the level of hatred and profanity neared the infantile level. The same for when Ford passed. The Washington Times did a study on it back in August of 2008 and found that the level of profanity is twelve times WORSE on liberal blogs than conservative blogs. It’s a good thing they did not study the grammar and spelling on those liberal blog because if they did, they’d be able to state factually that they [leftists] operate at about the 3rd grade level!

Like a spoiled and angry teenager, Leftist’s care little for the feelings of others or moreover, the property of others. The typically angry whining liberal simply desires to destroy, smash, crush, beat up, and annihilate anything and everything around him/her because in their minds, it is ALL BAD and SO HATEFUL/EVIL/OPPRESSIVE that none of it is worth saving. For example, the French Revolution turned into a leftist mob rule where life was as cheap as a plugged nickel. The revolution in USSR was the same, leftists killing, burning, starving, destroying, etc. Mao murdered millions of opponents. Castro and Che did the same. The American revolution, a conservative revolution, did not result in the murder to Tories. And like a child, once they break it, they have no idea how to fix it. Once glance at how Obummer is wrecking America is the perfect example. The left is more than willing to “fix” something that ain’t broke, just like a kid tinkering with Dad’s watch is wont to do.

You ever see a spoiled brat at work? They are very careful to hide their agenda, such as sabotaging a sibling, a fellow student in class, etc, and the leftists are in the same mold. Leftists KNOW that to express their rage openly, their hatred openly, would marginalize them and kill their agenda. That is why the Mystical Magical Negro (LA Times) had to campaign as a “centrist” as a “uniter” and this is why the Lapdog media and liberal attack dogs went after Joe the Plumber so vociferously after Comrade Zero outed himself with the “share the wealth” off TOTUS statement. This is why they have had to infiltrate our society with a shadow party in order to undermine it and, as Comrade Zero stated, “fundamentally change” America. This works well when they promise something, take Comrade Zero’s recent promise to drill offshore and then suddenly the BP oil spill miraculously happens, and they can twist the crisis to their own ends. That way, no matter what, it is a win-win for the liberals because any suffering or distress that happens, they can groove on while working to “reform” whatever caused it. Rest assured, any offshore drilling will be ended by this spill, gas will rise in price, (as Comrade Zero wants), and their agenda item of crippling the US economy is checked off, and to hell with the American people. But they mean well.

Like a child, these liberals suffer from acute short-sightedness. Consider that Code Pink hates the US Military and wanted to send aid to their allies in al-qaeda, then currently fighting the US Marines in Fallujah. Did they think that Americans would be killed? That the families of these Devil Dogs killed or maimed would be changed forever? No. They simply saw that the Marines were kicked the sh*t out out of the terrorists, that the US was winning in Iraq, and they had to stop that! This is also clearly seen whenever liberals protest for a convicted felon like Ted Bundy, Mumia, or Tookie Williams. They could care less about the victims they murdered, they’re only concerned that this criminal is gonna meet their Maker. Not ONE liberal who protested for Tookie had anything to say about the people he murdered in cold blood. And in their short-sightedness, they fail to punish a crime and then wonder why more crimes happen and why crime rises!

At their core, these immature people called Liberals have a childish need to be taken care and looked after as if they’ve never matured. They seek and desire a the protective parent of Big Government to level the playing field and shield them from every threat and bump in the road all the while providing all that they need. Like a fantasizing child, liberals fools themselves over and over that The State will take care of them from the cradle to the grave. It never happens but like the battered wife who thinks her husband will one day change, they continue to fantasize. Maybe that is what Comrade Barry meant when he yammered about “hope and change!” Liberals are stuck at the emotion level of a child. Just look at the temper tantrums of the Left concerning gloBULL warming. Owl Gore whined that the debate was over because the consensus was in. Comrade Barry still mewls about gloBULL warming but only as it pertains to him gaining more power over us and more ability to “fix” our economy.

On the other hand are we Conservatives. Whereas the immature liberal erupts in anger when they lose what they want (ex: Gore 2000, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry 2004), we on the right don’t go high and to the right when we don’t get our way. Imagine if Bush passed a bill along the lines of ObummerKare, that liberals were against, who marched as we in the Tea Party did, and it passed as ObummerKare did, through the backroom shady deals and machinations of scheming politicians, the outrage of the Left. They would have rioted, burned cars, tore up and destroyed private property, issued out beat downs, etc. On a small scale, this is what the Left did during the Dan White trial in San Fruitcisco and in LA when that idiot got a rightful beating from the LAPD.

Conservatives want change too but we don’t “hate about it” and we prefer change that moves us slowly from the status quo in a “working” change. Who can say with a straight face that Ronaldus Magnum, the Iron Lady, and Pope John Paul II were not agents of change? But they did it slowly and peacefully, and stuck to their guns. Liberals get wrapped around the axle over every little issue but we on the Right work for change but we also prefer to live our lives. We live our lives, work, prosper and are happy. Liberals live a miserable existence of constant complaining, which is the mark of a spoiled child, one that is never happy with they have.

We see the world for what it is, a world is a dangerous, hostile, and unpredictable place. Thus, we approach change slowly in order to ensure that it is helpful not harmful to us. Consider Comrade Barry’s ending the missile shield in Eastern Europe merely to pander to his far left party comrades. It was change. Furthermore, it was change NOW and it was harmful to our ally and our nation. Any change against individual liberties is harmful as far as we Conservatives are yet the liberals are ready, willing, and EAGER to reduce their individual liberty in order to get “free” healthcare from the government in total and blissful ignorance of how bad it actually works in Britain, France, Canada, etc.

At their core, Leftism is the politics of rage. This contrasts with the usual summary that Leftism is the politics of envy. But Leftists these days seem to be a generally affluent bunch. They are certainly not on average materially disadvantaged. So material envy is an implausible motive for most of them. Envy of status, prestige and position, however, is another matter. That is where Leftist leaders come in -- something discussed at great length below.

Conservatives live their lives, work, raise their families, love their nation, serve their nation in the military, and are happier and more content than Leftists simply because WE are NOT full of rage. We don't scream "racism" or "Nazi" at every sign of dissent, indeed, WE are the ones standing a watch on the Wall of Freedom to ENSURE the GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS of ALL AMERICANS, whereas liberals are AWOL, and always have been. They are the first to oppress, first to legislate away our freedoms, and the first to run when the going gets tough. We on the Right are patriots, carrying on as our Founders would have it. We have the love of country, our flag, our Constitution, and our fellow Americans in our hearts, not hate. We leave the hating part to the Left, they've been practicing it since the days of Marx.



  1. Good discussion Gunny, especially in your comparison of Conservatives vs. Liberals.

    The proof of what you say is clearly evident in the political make-up of the US military. One poll of 1800 service men said the following:

    "These career-oriented officers and mid-grade and senior enlisted members are still far more conservative than liberal, but they are less likely today to identify with the GOP, the survey shows."

    In other words, the GOP has disappointed many in our military; but they are still very Conservative.

    This begs the question, "Why do not more Liberals serve in the US Military?"

    The answer is simple. Most Liberals are brave behind their computer screens, but no where else.

  2. Excellent, Gunny! I couldn't have said it better myself. I saw a documentary on HBO some time ago about addiction in adolescense and the difficulty in overcoming it.

    That got me to thinking about addiction to adolescense. Think about a child who is pampered emotionally by its parents all the way through high school, and even through college. Then all of a sudden they reach the point where they have to start making their own decisions and being responsible for the results. That must scare them tremendously, all of a sudden they must grow up and they aren't ready.

    So they suppress it and cling to adolescense. That may even suppress the final stage of development of their brain, where it changes from subjective (emotional) thinking to objective (logical) thinking.

    What do you think?

  3. methinks they are spiteful because the ussr no longer exists. their utopia is gone and they have to settle for cuba or china or n korea.

    since non of those countries was as powerful as the ussr in its hayday, they feel threatened that noone can take down the big bad bully USA!

    and punishment of criminals isnt right. they are only poor misunderstood oppressed victims of the evil whiteman.

    and code pink is just angry that they didnt get their free used tampons. you know, wasting money on the military and freedom instead of recycling.
    and the support they send the terrorists is just a plea for husbands.

  4. Gray Ghost,

    Liberals also don't serve because it means serving something LARGER THAN ONESELF and liberals can't do that. It's ALWAYS about them.

  5. A masterpiece Gunny!
    "But to a leftist, EVERYTHING revolves around their deeply held feelings.", this statement is the crux of the matter. Liberals are unable to separate what they WANT to be from what IS, fantasy from reality.

    "There is a boundary to men's passions when they act from feelings; but none when they are under the influence of imagination." -Edmund Burke

  6. Rickey,

    You're on the right track! haha. Liberals are mentally arrested at age 13. That is the difference between them and us.


    You're dead on. Liberals desperately want to destroy the US but it boggles the imagination as to WHY! They live here too and do they think a reduced quality of life for us is GOOD?

  8. rikdergis,

    THANK YOU for that fine Burke quote. He was a genius. I guess to sum it up, liberals are emotional children and we're the realist adults.

  9. Good post again gunny.
    You are so right about the left. I have never seen so much hate, and filth come out of mouths than I have from the left. Even the majority of the politicians on the left, have no manners, or regard for who might be in earshot of their conversations.
    As far as this gulf spill goes, this morning my son in law phoned to say that he had heard on the radio, that a law was written in 1994, stating that 10 ships had to be on hand at all times to burn off any oil spill, five were to be in the gulf at all times. We had one, and it was way out of pocket, Alaska or somewhere it shouldn't be. The law was never acted on. Soooo, whose fault is this spill? All British Petroleum or Our government? Or both?

  10. The strange thing about liberals Gunny is the same people that one minute are throwing a tantrum like an extremely spoiled 6 year old, the next minute are trying to tell those of us who have been the most responsible in society how to live our lives. I love when someone who has been irresponsible all their lives, that have never truly contributed to society, that have never hired a person, never pulled out their own check to make payroll, never put their life on the line to protect the country, that are trying to tell us that we are incapable of making decisions and running our lives.
    One of the true ironies of the universe.

  11. Hey Gunny if my yesterday rant led to this good read, I'm glad I ranted.
    I was raised to never hate anyone for any reason but after reading thru the word with understanding I realized God hated Esau, father of the Red Nation, simply because he sold his birthright.
    In all my life I have only known 2 for sure such despicable people that deserve to be hated and the justice God lays on them if it be his will, that is bin laden and bin obama two worthless enemies of We the people and God.

  12. Nanna,

    They have behaved like that since the 60's when they were spitting on the troops and blowing up buildings ala Bill Ayers.

  13. osama and obama sitting in a cave, one attacks from the outside, one attacks from the inside. they both hide behind others for protection. they both stand with muzzies against freedom. they both speak to emotions. they both support pedophiles. they know the minds of their followers.

    they dont speak to grownups. their followers are stuck in mid adolescence. the mind group is a wonderful thing, aint it?

  14. Jim,


    Obama is the MOST UNQUALIFIED person in ANY ROOM he walks into!

  15. R E,

    I had been working on this HOWEVER, you prompted me to get off of my ass on it! haha

  16. USMCPGW,

    Indeed. What liberals need is 13 weeks on Parris Island in the dead of summer.

  17. Why the binobama had the oil rig blown......

    Follow the money and don't doubt me that soros, obama and ayers are deeply involved in this attack against America.

    Gunny, I know I rub a lot of em the wrong way but just like your "about me" reads and I agree wholeheartedly with you they are my enemy too. I was around before life in America involved PC and I don't subscribe or believe in it and refuse to use it. I just hope I'm salty enough.

  18. R E,

    If you're here and with us, you're salty enough. I concur that this regime IS the enemy and that we need to purge them come Nov 2010/12.

  19. WELL PUT!! Gunny this squid TOTTALY agrees. Another problem Libs have that they are so hypocrtical!!They scream racism whon "their guy" is critized when the Bush bashing bandwagon is well oiled and still going strong!!

  20. Gunny, you just trying to feed the gators? libs on Paris Island?

  21. Crossbow,

    Thanks for the kudos. Yes, hate and hypocrisy are their bywords.

  22. USMCPGW,

    C'mon brother, the sand fleas and gators gotta eat too!

  23. Poor Gators, you heartless bastages! No gator deserves that!

  24. Well said. As another example of the emotional level on which liberals operate, you will not believe what I report here:

  25. And yet another liberal bemoaning the fact that the NYC attempted bomber WAS a Muslim.


    She apparently hoped it would be a KKK , Tea Party or militia group in staed of a traitorous Pakastani-American.

  26. Correction:
    in staed of a traitorous Pakastani-American

    should be "instead of a traitorous Pakastani-American"

  27. Good piece Gunny. Wonder why Ivan hasn't shown up to point out the grammatical errors? bwahahahahahaha

  28. Pack Rat,

    Yeah, I read what that "sword swallower" Bloomberg mewled.

  29. >The Washington Times did a study on it

    The Washington Times isn't a newspaper in the usual sense of the word, but a right-wing propaganda sheet operated by the wacko Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church. Citing it as a credible source of political information is tantamount to citing The Daily Worker.

    Thanks again, Gunsel, for your ever-present dishonesty and attempt to mislead the suckers.

    >Mao murdered millions of opponents.

    Sadly, that may be true.

    >Castro and Che did the same.

    They did nothing of the kind.

    >Once glance at how (President Barack
    >Hussein Obama) is wrecking America
    >is the perfect example.

    George Bush and his gang of idiots wrecked it. Obama is fixing it.

    >Leftists KNOW that to express their
    >rage openly, their hatred openly,
    >would marginalize them and kill their

    But you and your fellow troglodytes DON'T know this, so you continue to spew your irrational hatred, which is why you've been marginalized and your agenda has been killed.

    >they [...] wonder why more crimes
    >happen and why crime rises!

    This is a hilarious indication of just how stone ignorant (or bald-faced liar) the Gunster is. Crime in North America has been DROPPING for decades.

    >(Liberals) seek and desire a the protective parent
    >of Big Government to level the playing field and
    >shield them from every threat and bump in the road

    Conservatives seek and desire the protective parent of Big Military to level the playing field and shield them from all those scary bogeymen gathered outside our gates, just waiting to rush in and kill us because they HATE OUR FREEDOMS, Aaaaiiiieeeee!

    >On the other hand are we Conservatives.

    That means you are pussies. Rightoids, as I've proven, are the scaredest people in America -- afraid of simply everything and everybody.

    >[...] healthcare from the government in total
    >and blissful ignorance of how bad it actually
    >works in Britain, France, Canada, etc.

    Can't speak about Britain or France, but in Canada, single-payer, publicly funded health insurance works so well that a majority of Canadians consider it the single best thing about their political system and wouldn't trade it for anything.

    >At their (sic) core, Leftism is the politics
    >of rage.

    At its core, conservatism is the politics of stupidity, ignorance and merciless, pathological selfishness.

    >We don't scream "racism" or "Nazi" at every sign of dissent

    You scream "liberalism" or "Socialist" or "Commie" at every sign of dissent.


    Americans' rights were not bestowed by some Big Guy in the Sky. They were written into law by a bunch of guys in the late 1700s.

    >We on the Right are patriots

    You on the Right don't even know what patriotism is.

    >We have the love of country

    In fact, you hate your country. What you love is the mythical image of a country that never was, except in your childish imaginations.

    >and our fellow Americans in our hearts

    Rightoids love only those of their "fellow Americans" who think exactly as they do, who hold the same values, parrot the same slogans. They fear and loathe everyone else.

    In conclusion, may I note how side-splittingly hilarious it is to see the ever-psychotic Gunster attack *liberals* for "hating."

    He himself, in his recent rant-fest entitled "The Roots of Today's Radical Leftists" includes in his list of people to hate, George Bernard Shaw!

    Gunny hates not only 20th century political leaders and theorizers like Marx, Lenin and Engels (Gunsel called him "Engel"), he bears rabid hostility to a 19th-20th century Irish playwright and Nobel Prize winner.

    If anyone were seeking hard evidence of the raving, spittle-flecked, drooling madness that is The Gunster, you need look no further: Gunny hates George Bernard Shaw.


  30. Ivan the Liar:
    >Castro and Che did the same.

    "They did nothing of the kind"
    Che was a killer, Castro was the order giver.

    You Marxist dirtbags are responsible for the death of ONE BILLION people!

    "Obama is fixing it."
    If you call collapsing the economy via Cloward and pivon fixing. I call that destroying.

    Oh Look! Ivan lied again, crime has been increasing since Obama took office!

    Wow Ivan, why is it that you are ALWAYS wrong?

    Why do you support a movement that killed more people than all wars in history combined?
    Are you just another leftist scumbag? Don't answer that, we all know what you are.

  31. At 16:06, Jim-Bob screamed hysterically:

    >crime has been increasing since
    >Obama took office!

    You cite information suggesting that crime in the U.S. has risen because of the lousy economy.

    I'm not even going to bother looking at it, because everyone -- and I mean everyone -- knows it was George W. Bush and his minions whose incompetence allowed the economy to collapse and unemployment to soar. Unemployment is inextricably linked to crime rates, as every criminologist knows.

    So if crime has risen because of the lousy economy, that's one more thing for which we can indict Bush and the Republicans.

    If the crime rate has indeed risen since the economic meltdown that's just a blip that doesn't alter the fact that crime in North America has been decreasing for decades, as I said. Anyone can verify this for themselves. Anyone who believes Jimbo's idiot lies is . . . worse than an idiot.

    Meantime, it's been reported that employment in the U.S. rose in April for the third straight month -- proof positive that policies put in place by the Obama administration are succeeding in reversing the disaster caused by the bush-league ineptitude of the Bushites.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to point this out, Jimbelina.

    You may now return to drinking heavily and wondering why your double-wide smells so bad.

  32. Poor Ivan, imagine going through live that stupid.
    Hey Ivan, you opinion of economics impresses no one. An photographer from a liberal arts college that makes in a year 1/10 of what I pay in taxes gives me no faith what so ever in your ability to comment on the economy. You obviously have no clue what happened to the economy. Your ability to sight the medias propaganda, blaming Bush but with out any explanation, only that it's the policies of the last eight years only proves you inability to understand any concept more difficult then how a hinge works.
    Sorry Ivan, I don't have a doublewide, it wasn’t me that you squealed like a pig for. You're singlewide would fit in my game room with room to spin.
    BTW that racist piece of garbage you worship has unemployment among blacks at an all time record of 37%. Aren't you excited? Put your little white hood on and go burn some crosses now.

  33. Unemplyment is up to 9.9 or 17.1 percent depending on which measure you are using.


    Neither of those numbers is a good one.


    At 11:00, Jim wrote...

    -"going through live" (instead of "life")
    -"you opinion of economics" (instead of "your opinion")
    -"An photographer" (instead of "A photographer) [ITEM: Jimelina regularly hallucinates that I'm a professional photographer, and now, that I am connected to some unnamed "liberal arts college." Can't imagine where he get these notions, but I do know Jimbo should stop drinking.]
    -"that makes in a year" (instead of "who makes")
    -"what so ever" (instead of "whatsoever")
    -"Your ability to sight" (instead of "to cite")
    -"the medias propaganda" (instead of "media's)
    -"with out any" (instead of "without")
    -"proves you inability" (instead of "your inability")
    -"more difficult then" (instead of "than")
    -"You're singlewide" (instead of "your singlewide")

    Eleven blunders in post of 163 words is impressive indeed.

    Jimmie, you are functionally illiterate and should stop embarrassing yourself by publishing grade-school quality drivel until you've brought your language skills up to at least average level. Until you do, it's clear that anything you write comes from a dolt, and debating with you is like running a foot race against a paraplegic.

    You also wrote, "Put your little white hood on and go burn some crosses now."

    That comment is so astonishingly bizarre, aimed as it is at a *supporter* of America's first black president, it brings your very sanity into question, Jimbob. But then, you and your rightoid buddies do like the Big Lie, don't you?

    Never mind. Crack another Colt .45 and turn on the game. I hear the stock car races are coming on. . . .