Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OBAMA SAID: "PLUG THAT HOLE!" (No, not michelle's mouth)



  1. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Proof he sucks!

  2. There is a HELL of a lot more damage coming from HIS mouth than that well blowout. THAT can be fixed. The Obama damage? Not so much.

  3. Like Jim said...Proof he sucks!!

  4. obama filling the hole

  5. hawhahahbawww,that pic says it all

  6. Funny,

    I bet the money trail leads to him being the cause of the oil spill and his doing nothing about it and having no support for the American people just proves it more and more to me.

    Now if they just capped him at the other end he could just self explode as full of sh*t as he is and the world could be a better place for it.

  7. At 6:25, R E egested:

    >I bet the money trail leads
    >to (President Barack Hussein
    >Obama) being the cause of the
    >oil spill

    Wow! You rightoid folks are getting more extravagantly insane all the time.

    Either someone is pumping PCP into the water supplies of trailer parks across the nation, or y'all are succumbing to the frustation of realizing that Amerca's first black president is proving to be one of the best chief executives the country has ever had and that there's nothing you can do about it.

    Ergo your carping, spittle spewing and screaming ever-wilder accusations.

    (Global warming? Midwest tornadoes? Air pollution? Dangerous asteroids caroming through space? The slim chance of winning American Idol? Damn that Obama!)

    You'd be hilarious if you weren't crazy enough to believe this stuff.

  8. Ivan,

    Actually, Obummer is only 6% black. He's 50% white and 44% Arab.

    Nice try though.

    BTW, I like the way your boy is failing.

    42% approval and falling.

  9. Ivan,
    you mean delusions like CIA invented AIDS or Bush planned 9-11 but Bush was stupid?

    Oh, no that was the left.

  10. Ivan, you mean like believeing that socialism will work this time when every time in history it has not only failed but ended in hundreds of millions of people being murdered. You mean that kind of extravagantly insane?

  11. Now if only.............

    mmmm mmm mmmmmm R E could only pi** osamabinobama and ivan out without the pain and bleeding these two worthless stones are causing.

  12. He who is married to she who must be obeyed said, "Plug the damn hole!"
    It was done.
    Now if we can only get him to say, "Secure the damn border!"

    Fat chance.

    Can't have anything interfere with the movement north by those undocumented Democrats now, can we?

  13. No,Ivan, not insane. That is left to your side. You who believe as you do that Obama is doing such a wonderful job,is such a brilliant leader,are in serious denial. This asshat is FAR,FAR removed from "leader". He cannot lead flies to shit,Ivan,and you know it.

  14. At 7:56, The Gunster yammered:

    >Actually, Obummer is only 6%
    >black. He's 50% white and
    >44% Arab.

    Gunsel, I didn't ask you to prove that you are 99 44/100 per cent nutter, but thanks for proving it all the same.

    >I like the way your boy
    >is failing.

    If by failing you mean well on his way to being recorded by history as being the most effective, competent, impressive U.S. president in living memory, then I like it too.

    Public opinion polls don't mean shit, and you know it.

  15. At 8:22, Rat Pack stammered:

    >you mean delusions like CIA
    >invented AIDS or Bush planned
    >9-11 but Bush was stupid?
    >Oh, no that was the left.

    Prove that anyone from the left side of the political spectrum claimed that the CIA "invented AIDS" or stand exposed as a liar.

    I don't know who planned 9/11 but I do know this, Ratty: Bush IS stupid. Everything he touched turned to crap, and thousands of Americans died and thousands more were maimed needlessly because of his stupidity.

    If Obama got to serve four terms he couldn't repair all the damage.

  16. Re CIA and AIDS

    Rev Wright certainly not right wing.

    If Bush was so stupid, why is Obama following so many of Bush's policies?

  17. Most effective, huh,
    the President that Deomocrats are distancing themselves from.

    The one James Carville is yelling at, to do something about the oil spill.

  18. public opinion poll in November matters

  19. At 17:54, Pack Rat whined:

    >Rev Wright certainly not right wing.

    According to the article you yourself referenced, Wright did not mention the CIA. The person who said the CIA was being blamed for starting the AIDS epidemic was John Hinderaker, a prominent CONSERVATIVE and Bush backer.

    Your second reference ( was especially useless. It attempts to debunk the CIA-invented-AIDS nonsense, but doesn't support your contention that the myth originated with "the left."

    And the Washington Post reference? Ditto. Not a word about "the left" creating AIDS.

    Thanks for wasting my time once again, dolt.

    >If Bush was so stupid, why is Obama following
    >so many of Bush's policies?

    He's not. But even a broken clock is correct twice a day. There's no question that Bush is stupid. A listen to any of his speeches produces the unarguable conclusion that he's a man of inferior intelligence further burdened by a profound ignorance of history and of his own time -- flaws exacerbated to an extreme degree by chronic alcoholism, moronic religious delusion and a totally unwarranted belief that he's not a fucking idiot.

    Bush's malevolent incompetence killed more than 4,000 Americans and maimed thousands more for absolutely no legitimate purpose. How can you defend him?

    Do you hate U.S. military personnel so much you want to see them die for no good reason? What's the matter with you?

  20. four years ago it was a fad for all the teens and such to walk around with pacifiers in their mouths. unbeknownst was that they would coat them in drugs. by puching a hole in the soft part and filling it with their favorite drug, they could walk in public and flaunt it. watching teens and college age people with these in their mouths was hilarious, what morons.

  21. "If by failing you mean well on his way to being recorded by history as being the most effective, competent, impressive U.S. president in living memory, then I like it too."


    I almost wet myself reading that! That was the funniest thing I've ever heard!
    Obama reminds me of Steve Matrin in "The Jerk"

    The man is the biggest foul up on the planet. He's an embarrassment to all Americans. He's even being slammed by his own party now for the fowl-up in the Gulf. I've is so sexually enamored he's blinded by lust.

  22. At 19:33 Jim babbled:

    >Obama reminds me of
    >Steve Matrin in "The Jerk"

    >[...] the fowl-up in the Gulf.

    >[...] I've is so sexually enamored [...]

    1. There's no such person as "Steve Matrin."
    2. No chickens have been connected with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
    3. "I've is so. . ." makes no sense whatsoever, in any human language.
    4. Obviously, the only jerk here is you.

  23. My spell chequer is back! I'll send you your check for $3.00 so you can go buy your pint of Boone's Farm Ivan.

    BTW Fowl up is right, the whole thing smells like chicken shit, just like you.

    Foul=left field
    Fowl=Chicken shit president that is afraid to make any real decisions without listening to his Marxist pinheads.