Wednesday, May 12, 2010


If you have watched the series “Deadwood”, then you’ve heard Al Swearengen telling someone that their fear of him or an outcome (usually becoming late night vittles for Wu’s pigs) smells like “cat piss.” That is what we Conservatives smell when a liberal walks past us. The fear emanates from them like the stink off of Rosie O’Donnell after she attacks an “all-you-can-eat” burrito bar at Taco Bob’s. You see my friends, liberals don't believe much of anything in their heart of hearts. No, they’re simply power-mad political whores. They commit to little and they stand for nothing. And thus, they fall for everything. That is why Putin played “kick the Dope around” with Obama for the umpteenth time. The only thing these pesky varmints are committed to is liberalism and ultimately, a European-style socialism, BTW, that is sure working well in Greece and Spain! We should define liberalism as the political means that will ensure the destruction of our society simply because Liberalism forces its adherents to choose between reality and leftist ideology, and they ALWAYS choose wrong. Rampant liberalism, like what we’re seeing in Britain vs. Islam, brings in the death of that culture! In America, we’re seeing liberals tie a hangman’s noose, step up on a stool, wrap it around their necks, and take one giant step for mankind. All the Gunny has to say about that is: “need some help libs?”

Liberals continue to force their will upon an angry populace that is counting down the days until the mid-term elections. Up here in God’s country, that is a major subject of discussion, tossing the bums out. Senator Begich, yeah, that means you. He sucked as a mayor and he sucks as a Senator. Just another rubber-stamping libturd with his nose near Comrade Zero’s posterior vent hoping to catch a sniff or two. What they fail to note and what they can NEVER understand (that’s why they’re liberals) is that the basic belief of the majority of Americans is Individualism. We want the government to stay the hell out of our lives, abiding by the Constitution, which means that they are limited in scope, and dedicated to following the Constitution as it was written, not as it is interpreted by idiots at Harvard (who, BTW, quit quoting the Constitution as LAW in 1920), a school that produces morons like Obama the petition circulator and Kagan the anti-military school nazi. Our rights belong to each individual, not to the government or a group or a collective, as the liberals would prefer it. In fact, liberals ATTACK our individual rights and have done so since Wilson chucked over 30,000 AMERICANS into prison for speaking out against him and his regime! In a perfect example of this is SCOTUS wannabe Kagan’s little essay on stripping free speech and getting government involved in deciding it! In 1996, while working for BJ Bubba, this libpig wrote in the University of Chicago Law Review, “Private Speech, Public Purpose: The Role of Governmental Motive in First Amendment Doctrine,” that basically states that the government CAN restrict speech if it believes that speech might cause harm, either directly or by inciting others to do harm. To Kagan and the Left, the governmental motive is “the most important” factor.

Their fear is that we are on to them and we are. We see the enemy, we know their tactics, and they are out in the open and our artillery barrage will be a landslide of votes AGAINST THEM!  From Cloward-Piven to Alinsky, we’ve got their number and November is steadily coming on. Liberals think that they can piss on the God-given rights of Americans that are granted by our birth into this great nation. We are READING the Constitution of the United States of America as never before and are DEMANDING that the government toe the line. This drives fear into their nasty little hearts because for decades, they’ve had the Lapdog media in their pockets, spewing their party mantra like Pravda did for the Soviets. We are DEMANDING that politicians follow a document that limits their power over us and indeed, forces them to submit to US! THAT, my friends, is why they smell like cat piss.

When we invoke our RIGHTS under the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence, we invoke our own independent action, which causes liberals many sleepless nights. Americans acting independently? Americans who refuse the interfering hand of government? Americans exercising their rights without a government bureaucrat’s permission. OH THE HUMANITY! Liberals seek to chain us through “government-granted” rights but that form of existence basically allows you no right to your own life. Just ask Obummer’s science CommieCzar John Holdren, he wants forced abortions, forced sterilizations, and drugs in our food and water to keep us evil proles from breeding! Government given rights can be revoked at any time and our Founding Fathers knew that and acted against it. Liberals would have us as slaves waiting for and acting on their permission.

What liberals fear is that that we’ve tumbled to the fact that liberalism is insanity. It is an ideology based on lies about God and Man, the world, and our society. Liberalism is at its core, and unprincipled existence, that is, as long as you follow the edicts of the government and are a good little slave. God freed mankind from our slavery yet liberals would seek to reapply those chains and their followers, Obomunists if you will, are slapping the chains on themselves with gleeful abandon. When we read the books that expose their perfidy and read the tomes written by their social scientists, i.e., John Holdren, we yank the curtain back to reveal their lies. Knowledge IS POWER and that is why Comrade Zero spoke out AGAINST information and knowledge at that commencement speech. Evidently, the moron is still on the campaign trail, if he ever stopped that is. When we connect the dots, as Beck has done on this regime, and how Rush and Hannity expose every wrong, every lie, every shady deal, libs ooze a little more cat piss. You see my brothers and sisters, liberals KNOW that WE HAVE THE POWER to oust them and only through their lies, which they use to try to convince us otherwise, can they defeat us. Oops, they just oozed a little more cat piss!

Thanks to Obama and his liberal hatchet clowns like Red Nanny Pelosi (quite possibly the stupidest woman in politics-next to Boxer that is) and Dingy Reid, a dumbass in his own league, Americans now know that the proper function of government is to protect the individual rights of Americans. They are elected by US to defend US from the force of government. That means forcing ObummerKare on us was wrong. That means that using our tax dollars to bail our Fannie and Freddie (and they’re gonna do it again) was wrong. That means that using BILLIONS of our tax dollars to bail out GREECE is wrong. It is using the force of government to rob our wallets for something that is wrong; in other words, legalized extortion and robbery. You see, we’ve been led down the garden path by socialists, er, liberals, but the Gunny digresses, who use crimes against individuals as an excuse to call it a crime against “society”. Hate speech? It is pure bull squeezings from liberals like Kagan. What has happened under liberalism is that crap like the UN is created, that bilks US out of about ONE TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, through a government who uses force and threats against us, i.e., the IRS, which results in the moral corruption and injustice that we find ourselves locked into today. The Gunny smells the cat piss on Obummer EVERY TIME he mewls about Rush, every time he whines about Beck, every time he snivels about the Tea Party being “anti-government.” Quite the switch huh? When THEY were calling for the assassination of Bush, it was cool but when WE want THEM out of power and our Constitutional Republic restored, WE are “anti-government.” Classic liberalism.

It comes back time and again to the Inalienable Rights of Americans. Our INALIENABLE rights, our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS are: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That means our government cannot in any way, shape, or form, deprive us of our rights for the benefit of another man, any other group, or The State. Yet they have tried and done it, especially with things like Scamnesty, ObummerKare, Crap and Tax, and their UNCONSTITUTIONAL BAN on drilling for oil. They are preventing US from prospering from the resources GOD GAVE US to use. That is preventing us from enjoying LIFE. Our LIBERTY means our right to freedom of action (within reasonable limits), freedom of choice, individual initiative to thrive and enjoy the fruits of one’s labor, and an individual right to private property. The Right to the pursuit of HAPPINESS is plainly, our right to live as we choose to. To choose what makes us happy and to work for it as long as we do not violate the rights of others. Liberalism believes in the right to violate the rights of some for the benefit of others. A right cannot be violated except by force and this regime, from Comrade Zero, to Red Nanny Pelosi, to Dingy Reid, to the RINOs, has done things to us without our consent, without our personal and voluntary consent, i.e., Social Suckurity (now bankrupt), Medicare (now bankrupt), Medicaid (now bankrupt), ObummerKare (ten years of taxation for six years of benefits), to QUADRUPTLING THE DEBT IN ONE YEAR, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Folks, our GOD GIVEN rights have been violated by liberals. And YOU should be PISSED OFF ABOUT IT!

So the closer we get to the mid-term elections, the more liberals will reek of cat piss. Indeed, they’re dropping out of the race before it is even started! Why? Because THEY FEAR US! And well they should. Americans have been awakened by the excesses of Congress, the Senate, and the regime currently installed in the White House, courtesy of George Soros and the parasitic left. Yamamoto’s quote after the Pearl Harbor attack is apropos here: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." Liberals have filled THE RIGHT with anger and a resolve to oust them in November 2010 and 2012! So keep oozing that cat piss libs, as we’re coming for you in November. The Gunny suspects that by election day, November 2010, we’ll need to wear gas masks to keep from breathing in their ammonia stench. Educate yourselves and educate others. STAY THE COURSE!


  1. Gunny, great article. nailed them to the wall.

    why do libs hate God? because he gave us the greatest gift ever. FREEWILL! it scares the shit out of libs that they might have to think for themselves. give them a sheepdog to guide them thru the pastures and they are in nirvana.

  2. usmcpgw,

    Thanks for the kudos. Indeed, liberals are AFRAID to think for themselves and fear having to make their own way through this world.

  3. Primus54 said:

    One of your best ever, Gunny. I will point friends and family to this one.


  4. What I see too often is that liberals have a set of talking points, and they repeat them ad nausem despite proof to the contrary.

  5. Primus54,

    Thanks brother. I woke up with this on my mind! I myself, LOVE the smell of their fear.

  6. Pack Rat,

    That is because they cannot think for themselves. It's ALL about groupthink and groupact to the liberal vermin.

  7. Civil Disobedience and non-compliance is how to defeat the stinking libs. They have no spine, no cojones, and the military and law enforcement hate the little terrorist apologists and criminal coddlers. The Obuma regime doesn't enforce laws against ILLEGAL immigrants, what makes you think they will enforce any of their other paper laws, especially when our Founding Fathers were cognizant enough of people like the liberal enemy to grant us our 2nd Amendment. Back up Civil Disobedience with force only when necessary, and it won't be necessary, since we are dealing with liberal bed-wetters here.

  8. Big Bear,

    Thanks for the excellent comment and I could not agree more. What can they do when a few million of us say NO MORE!?

  9. Anonymous,

    Thank you for proving my point.

  10. Love your answer to Anon. It does prove a point for sure!!
    The progressives know that we are out for each and every one of them, dem and repub. I know I am really sick and tired of these weasels of either stripe, selling out America. I just love it when you get on a roll, and you have been for several days.
    Keep it up. As long as you do, you keep our moral up.

  11. Wow you people are soooo scary. Shaking in mah boots here. Maybe you should take a long hard look at yourselves and realize that it's not just Liberals that are the problem.

    If you could see past your own asses, you might gain some clarity; obviously though; you could care less about working together, when together involves a *gasp* 'liberal'.

  12. Anon,
    you probably are shaking in your boots.

    You are the one attacking, "If you could see past your own asses" ,at the same time you talk about "working together".

    I would say that your idea of bi-partisan is doing it your way, no matter whta.

  13. So many flies to swat,with luck we'll get them all.

  14. Anon probably can't spell "Constitution", much less recite any of it.

    New post up at The Claw.

  15. Guns-
    Reading the book "Survivor" by Ben Sherwood. Indeed, fear has a smell. And you are on it, as usual. The anon poster cannot rebut what you've written...I smell fear!!


    "WASHINGTON (AP) – Millions of Americans are still likely to lose their homes in the coming years, but the foreclosure crisis is finally showing signs of subsiding.
    "The number of households facing foreclosure in April fell 2 percent from a year ago, the first annual decline in five years, RealtyTrac Inc. said Thursday.
    "The Obama administration is managing a $75 billion program that so far has helped about 231,000 homeowners with permanent reductions to their monthly mortgage bills. That's about 20 percent of the 1.2 million borrowers who started the program over the past year."

    (ABC News)
    "April's (U.S.) employment figures show the jobs market remains strong, with the creation of 33,700 jobs last month."

    Clearly, the bailout and other emergency programs launched by President Barack Hussein Obama's administration are having their desired effect of saving the U.S. from the financial ruin left by the Bushites and their Wall Street masters.

    It will not be lost on the electorate that the Democrats have apparently fixed what the Repuglicans broke.

    Obama! What's not to like?

  17. Have I mentioned how hilarious it is, watching you clowns pump up yourselves and each other with your phony brave talk and insincere, childish boasts?

    To wit:


    - "The fear emanates from (liberals) like. . . "

    -"Their fear is that we are on to them. . . "

    -"This drives fear into their nasty little hearts. . . "

    -"What liberals fear is. . ."

    -"Why? Because THEY FEAR US!"

    -". . .liberals are AFRAID to think for themselves and fear having to make their own way. . ."

    -"I myself, LOVE the smell of their fear."

    -"I smell fear!!"

    -"It scares the shit out of libs that. . ."

    -". . . we are dealing with liberal bed-wetters here."

    -"What can they do when a few million of us say NO MORE!?"

    You idiots sound like nothing so much as a sewing circle of 90-pound weaklings trying to gird your loins for a rumble with the toughest gang in town: They're scared of us. Yep, they're terrified. We got 'em shaking in their boots, all right. We sure are tough. . . .

    The word for what you legends-in-your-own-minds sound like is pathetic. But go ahead and keep it up if it makes you feel better.

  18. Indeed. That is a good book. Liberals, as usual, attack me on it, but my bombs fell on the target once again. Ivan the Witless and Anon did the BDA for me! haha

  19. Nanna,

    Thx. They simply don't get the point do they? But then again, that's why they're libs.

  20. 1. Oh, to get a TRUE American in the Oval. Someone who would start out by cutting off all federal funds to colleges that refuse campus recruitment by military as well as all "sanctuary" cities that refuse to uphold the laws.

    2. Another thing about the coming November... Hey! You "Black Panthers" ..yeah, you... Do not think you are going to be intimidating ANYONE this time around.

    3. And another thing. Ever notice how the socialist/Marxist/progressive/liberal types continually refer to us as "workers"? Yet they never consider themselves "workers". Hmmm, just what do they refer to themselves as?

    4. "Hate crime"... "Hate speech"... Doesn't that sound like it came out of Orwell's Dictionary of Newspeak???

    5. Those liberals "retiring" are doing so to plan a comeback in a year or two when they think it is safe. After all to run again after "retiring" will be easier to get re-elected than if you had to explain getting your ass run out of Washingt

  21. The most transparent administration puts out its interview of Kagan, but keeps her away from the press:

    They are beginning to peek behind the Wizard's curtain.

  22. Foreclosures down 2 percent from last year
    Foreclosure filings sink 2 percent from April 2009, first yearly decline in 5 years.....

    ...While the number of new delinquencies is dropping, the number of borrowers losing their homes is still rising. Banks seized a record 92,000 homes last month.
    And there are millions more potential foreclosures ahead. Nearly 7.4 million borrowers, or 12 percent of all households with a mortgage, had missed at least one month of payments or were in foreclosure as of March.

    Foreclosed homes are typically sold at steep discounts, lowering the value of surrounding properties.

  23. "Foreclosed homes are typically sold at steep discounts, lowering the value of surrounding properties"

    You are absolutely correct, rikdergis.

    This is exactly what happened in Houston TX during the oil bust in the late 80's early 90's. FHA, VA , etc would come in, recondition repossesed houses, and sell that for what they could get. Result, many of the houses in the sane neighborhood defaulted because the owners could not compete.

    Anyone who doubts this can do a little research.

  24. Do I detect the smell of fear? You bet I do. But the stink doesn't emanate from liberals.

    It's American rightizens who reek of fear, and whose every action today is an attempt to ward off the panic accompanying their realization that the world has spun out of their control and understanding.

    You rightoids babble bravely about defending the 18th century and the Constitution, blah, blah, blah, but your every word is prompted by fear.

    You fear that America is becoming a place where being male and white is no longer enough to guarantee your perceived superiority to everyone else (a fear made all too real by the election of a black man as president), and where a person's patriotism is not measured by the size of the flag outside his house or the number of "support our troops" stickers on his car.

    You fear the public schools will actually educate your children so they'll eventually realize how shockingly racist and ignorant their parents are, and they won't follow you blindly into your military, your churches and your trailer parks.

    You fear that the world is becoming a place where a country's worth is measured more by its progressiveness and creativity than by the size of its arsenal and the lethality of its weapons.

    You fear Commies and socialists, naturalists and environmentalists, liberals and leftists and Democrats and Muslims and atheists and university professors and students. You're terrified of independent thinkers and anyone not programmed to recite on command, "America is the greatest country there ever was or ever will be."

    Ironically, you fail to fear that which you *should* fear: your own ignorance and your tenuous hold on reality.

    But I fear you're not smart enough.

  25. I fear Ivan overestimates his own intelligence and underestimates that of every one else.

    "You're terrified of independent thinkers and anyone not programmed to recite on command"

    Ivan Open your ears and listen to the various MSM talking heads repeat the same talking points verbatim.

    You cannot discern the difference between fear and distrust or dislike.

  26. Hi guys.

    I was looking through this site and i'm proud to see so many americans standing up for anti-liberalism.

    I am from the UK - Scotland to be exact - and liberalism here is out of control.

    Luckily we now have a center-right westminster govbernment in power now and i hope instead of bullying Scotland they will crush liberalism once and for all.

    Keep on fighting lads!!

  27. All of this discussion along with the Libturds' responses further prove that liberalism REALLY IS a mental disorder. Keep up the good work Gunny!!