Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Gunny is not afraid of much, having almost died twice, been shot at, missiled at, and almost made into road paste by stupid drivers while on his Harley on many occasions, but this regime is scary. From day one, they have sought to slap the chains of government on us. Did Comrade Barry say "change we can believe in" or "CHAINS we can believe in?" And to prove it, the Kenyan Usurper brought in one ivory-towered socialist after another. But new information is leaking out of the tangled web of deceit that is this regime and more on Cass Sunstein is out. Glenn Beck rightly calls him the most dangerous man in this regime and damn the RINOs who voted YES on his confirmation. The usual suspects include: Snowe, Collings, Hatch, Lugar, and Bennett. THEY should have known better but then again, RINOs have ALWAYS been the minions of the Left.

“A system of limitless individual choices with respect to communications is not necessarily in the interest of citizenship and self-government.” Cass Sunstein (Republic.com 2.0)

Consider that statement from Comrade Zero’s CommieCzar, who is the Director to the White House of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA).

What Comrade Sunstein is saying, as he has stated in his book “Nudge”, (yes the Gunny bought it and read it – and it was PAINFUL to read) is that it takes government to “nudge” you into the “right” choices to make, as deemed by them. Now consider how our Founding Fathers would have viewed that. Again, we arrive at the same decision and that is, Sunstein is full of crap. His anti First Amendment stance is well-known by now, thanks to Glenn Beck and numerous other blogs. According to Sunstein, he would use government infiltrators to get into blogs and chat rooms, posing as, say, a Conservative, to post inflammatory remarks, stir the pot, etc, much like how the Left tried to infiltrate the Tea Party movement with idiots holding racist signs and wearing swastikas, and preaching hate and discontent (like Obama’s buddies Rev Wright and Farrakhan do). Sunstein would have the government basically take over your freedom of speech and “nudge” you into the right manner of speech. George Orwell called this “newspeak.” And oddly enough, Obama and Sunstein have an ally in this quest for “newspeak” with Ms. Kagan who thinks that “some speech can be disappeared.” Actually, they have another ally in the GOP, who most likely will NOT filibuster Kagan, according to Senator Kyl. It appears that the spineless and nutless GOP is going along to get along, at least in the Senate.

But what Beck and the others have not touched upon, at least in the Gunny’s research, is that Cass Sunstein also favors an almost mandatory organ donation policy. In his scary book, “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness,” the Director of OIRA is advocating a policy by which the government would “presume” someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die unless that person has explicitly indicated that his or her organs should not be taken. You see my friends, according to Sunstein, the real reason that Americans do not donate their organs is because they are required to choose donation on things like their drivers license. You see, YOU are TOO STUPID to understand that YOU need to donate YOUR organs. So with Sunstein at the helm, hospitals could just harvest the organs from stupid people who were too dumb to give permission to the hospitals.

“The major obstacle to increasing [organ] donations is the need to get the consent of surviving family members,” said Sunstein and Thaler (co-author and influential behavioral economist). Ah, the Gunny can just hear the sound of the Soviet national anthem in the background as Obama and Sunstein seek to ban our rights and as it appears, our right to be buried with the organs God gave us. Now the Gunny is an organ donor so liberals, STFU on that avenue of approach.

You see friends, as far as Obama, Sunstein, Kagan, and the rest of the putrid skunks in this corrupt thugocracy, this problem could so EASILY be remedied if the government could just step in and “nudge” you in the right direction for organ donation. Let the government be the final arbitrator in what Sunstein called “explicit consent.” That is, unless you pointedly say NO, your organs WILL be harvested and SOLD to the highest bidder and naturally, the family won’t see a dime of it. Much like how the Federal Government withholds BILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer’s money over a one year cycle, gaining interest, that THEY keep, giving you back “your money” as a “refund”. So Comrade Sunstein wants the law changed to a doctrine called “presumed consent.” These ivory towered goosestepping goons twist their words around to “preserve” our freedom of choice even as they “nudge” us in the “right” direction. This way, all of the proles will be consenting donors, that is, unless they are willing to “register” their “refusal” to donate. Which will have repercussions in some way, shape, or form. It’s how liberalism, socialism, fascism, and communism works.

Better yet (from a leftist’s view) or worse yet (from a freedom-lover;’s view) is what Sunstein calls, “mandated choices”. This process is where the government forces you to make a decision, like if YOU “stupidly” decide NOT to donate your organs, why, then, you really have no need of a driver’s license, do you? (Insert a snotty bureaucrat’s face here). “With mandated choice, renewal of your driver’s license would be accompanied by a requirement that you check a box stating your organ donation preferences. Your application would not be accepted unless you had checked one of the boxes.” Cass Sunstein. Then further down the road, the GOVERNMENT will step in and “give” you some other “mandated choices” in this matter, especially under ObummerKare. Say granny passes on. Doctor Barry and Doctor Sunstein will swoop on in and say, “you know, it cost us 100K for her treatments here but with these choices, we can alleviate some spending costs AND help some people…” Almost like the Veterans Affairs pamphlet that gave old veterans a checklist to see if their life was really worth living, nixed by the Bush Admin and revived by Ol Comrade Barry. See any issues with our individual freedoms or say, the Constitution and Bill of Rights here?

To Cass Sunstein and the other ivory towered sh*theels, WE the people are too stupid to decide our own path in life and must be “nudged” relentlessly through life, from the cradle to the grave. Yes, “incentives and nudges should replace requirements and bans,” Sunstein wrote. THEY know what is BEST for us. Of course, so did the British Empire in 1775. So did Lenin and Stalin. So did Hitler. So did Mao, Che, and Castro and evidently, so do Comrades Cass and Barry. Now review what these stealth fascists, for that is truly what they are, stated about US.

“The human brain is amazing, but it evolved for specific purposes, such as avoiding predators and finding food. Those purposes do not include choosing good credit card plans, reducing harmful pollution, avoiding fatty foods, and planning for a decade or so from now. Fortunately, a few nudges can help a lot.”

Get that? YOU are TOO STUPID to figure out if your credit card is a good one or not. You can avoid being eaten by a lion but you can’t differentiate between paying a 12% APR or a 24% APR. Duh. Indeed, YOU clap happily as oil gushes into the water, trees are felled in the woods as the hippies shriek in agony, and pollution is belched into the air! OH THE HUMANITY! You idiots you.

This is all coming from a clown who wrote that many species will quite likely become extinct if the planet continues to warm! Oh yes, Sunstein is a believer in global warming, gee go figure. Ol Cass wrote about the poor defenseless polar bear cubs, starving because their mommy was unable to hunt in melting ice. Never mind that polar bears can swim over 60 miles in the open seas. It was Sunstein who once wrote that lawyers could be granted the right to sue on behalf of abused animals! Evidently liberals, like John Edwards for example, can channel not only the spirits of dead babies for a fat trial fee but they can also channel the thoughts of animals. WTF, ALL HAIL GAIA!

It would almost be funny is that was the end of it but no, naturally with a liberal goosestepper like Sunstein, there is ALWAYS MORE. Yes, Ol Cass baby is a true believer in the government controlling the airwaves, cable, and of course, the internet through the policy of, get this, “Internet Fairness.” More Big Brotherism from the guy who endorses “newspeak.” Wonder of wonders. And again, as it is naturally with this ilk, Sunstein is anti-gun, anti-hunting, and anti Second Amendment. Way back in 2005 when Obummer was passing around petitions in Sh*tcago and Sunstein was lapping up his tenure, he “Radicals in Robes: Why Extreme Right-Wing Courts are Wrong for America.” Why is it that people like Marx, Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Obama, and Sunstein ALWAYS tell us what they are about in their books? Sunstein wrote (and this is classic liberal paternalism): “Almost all gun control legislation is constitutionally fine. And if the Court is right, then fundamentalism does not justify the view that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to bear arms.” WOW! Not only that but also THIS: “I strongly believe that the Second Amendment creates an individual right to possess and use guns for purposes of both hunting and self-defense. If confirmed, I would respect the Second Amendment and the individual right that it recognizes.” This guy is a PROFESSOR? Then again, “For the first time in the nation’s history, the US Supreme Court has ruled that the Second Amendment creates an individual right to possess guns for nonmilitary purposes.” (Boston Globe, June 27, 2008) Nonmilitary purposes? Hold on for second while the Gunny peruses the Second Amendment…

Uh, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,” um, got that, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms,” okay, check, “shall not be infringed.” Hmm, nothing in there about keeping and bearing arms in a nonmilitary manner. And they call him “smart”? He actually was allowed to “teach” students who PAID for his courses? They got robbed. Glenn Greenwald ( a liberal writer for Salon), called Sunstein’s government intervention in the internet, “spine-chilling.” Well, no sh*t, welcome to the fight ya frigging lib. Greenwald no doubt slobbered all over Obummer during the election cycle.

In closing, we see the Big Brother idea is alive and well in Comrade Barry’s administration, from it’s war on fat, to it’s war on our economy, drilling for oil, etc. Why, we’re simply being “nudged” in the right direction my friends. We don’t NEED gasoline, we’ll just walk to work. That way, we can stay healthy while micHELLe Obummer monitors our fat kids and NYC Mayor “gungrabber” Bloomberg monitors our salt and transfats intake. Then, why, we won’t even NEED ObummerKare as we’ll simply live forever in the land of milk, honey, and unicorns. From Van Jones, to John “kill em all” Holdren to Eliza “killer of free speech” Kagan to Cass “Big Brother” Sunstein, this thugocracy needs to be flushed out with a king-sized enema in November 2012.

Other notably Cass Sunstein quotes:

"Humans willingness to subject animals to unjustified suffering will be seen…as a form of unconscionable barbarity…morally akin to slavery and the mass extermination of human beings." "We ought to ban hunting." A 2007 speech at Harvard University

"Animals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives." The 2004 book, “Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions.”

"There should be extensive regulation of the use of animals in entertainment, in scientific experiments, and in agriculture." “The Rights of Animals: A Very Short Primer,” Aug 2002.

And Obama put HIM in charge? Now THAT is frigging scary.


  1. I believe that the animals I hunt do have rights,...the right to be cooked correctly and eaten and enjoyed by my family, friends, and myself.

    Sunstein is another typical idiotic liberal who believes that animals have rights and are more important than people. Personally I wonder if he actual believes this shiite (and is a complete vegetarian) or if like most liberals he uses this as "one more means to control the masses".

    The administration can "nudge"; but come November, they will be nudged back.

  2. Proof of the level of insanity we are dealing with. Animals have more/better rights than people. What we are dealing with here are the fringe of human sanity. people that are so far out of touch with reality that when you hear what they think you say to yourself "This can't be true" Yet they snuck into government because the media has covered their insanity.

    It's a sick world!

  3. Take a listen to this audio from libidiot Sunstein: http://www.breitbart.tv/uncovered-audio-obamas-regulatory-czar-pushes-creepy-plan-for-legally-controlling-internet-information/

    They really do see themselves as smarter than anyone who holds different beliefs. Whether they think they're just smarter about life or whether they think they're just smarter in a watch me scam the world and they'll never know what hit them way. That's why they seem to feel the uncontrollable urge to write it all down in books. They think their books will be historical documents. Either that or they're typical of B movie bad guys who always have to tell everyone their plans just before they blow 'em all up.

  4. Obama picking all these lunatics to make HIM look better so far has been a dismal failure. Picking the likes of Sunstein for ANYTHING makes Obama look all the more foolish.

  5. Gray Ghost,

    Indeed. NOTHING like tasty animals on my plate, right next to tasty veggies! haha

    As for Nov 2012, they'll get a swift kick in the ass vice a gentle nudge.

  6. Jim,

    BINGO! The media is seriously to blame for this regime and their corruption. And they're paying for it to as rags like Newsweek go under.

  7. beachmom,

    It's how petty tyrants and narcissists act. This regime is no better than that of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, etc. Corruption and thugocracy going hand-in-hand.

  8. clyde,

    It's all part of the hopey/changey thing. After one term of this idiot and his fellow thugs, we'll be desperately HOPING for a CHANGE!

  9. The Joker moniker is good but I miss the Marine Corps emblem.
    Did you get the email I sent?

  10. Jim,

    I did. I will repost the USMC due to the high demand! haha

  11. Great post.
    You know I read somewhere this morning (Drudge??)that the Russian scientists are saying that by the year 2014, the world will be slipping into a mini ice age. OMG, has anyone told the left?
    My daughter used to have on her driver's license that she was a doner. I had her remove it, and told her someone could tell her doctor if she passed away. But I didn't trust anyone not to let her die to harvest her organs. (Call me distrustful)
    Oh yes, a few years ago they said that when you cut a flower, or any plant, it screams. That plants worry when their owners are gone too long. So are these ignorant,brainwashed, people with the intelligence of a pencil eraser, going to do with that? Quit eating altogether, and have lawyers for broccolli?

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  13. Its really a nice blog..Keep posting in future as well.....