Monday, May 24, 2010


The Gunny received an email this weekend from a friend who stated in part, "Bro, you need to chill, you're gonna end up in a gulag." Here is the answer to that...

"For true patriots, to be silent, is dangerous." Sam Adams.

WHY is it SO HARD for politicians, especially liberals, to put America and Americans FIRST?

WHY is it that MILLIONS of Americans, and not legal immigrants mind you, but the born "here" types, who view this nation as simply a place where they hang their hats instead of feeling the pride of being an American, the pride of living in the finest nation on Earth, and protected by the finest document ever created by man?

WHY is it that the elites refuse to lead the way in America anymore, other than being first to the trough, eating their fill, and then crapping in the trough so the rest of us suffer, i.e., Franklin Raines and a 90 MILLION dollar bonus from Fannie and Freddie?

Consider this factoid that the Gunny came across this weekend while doing so research. In 1956, 400 out of 750 graduates of Princeton WENT INTO THE MILITARY; conversely, in 2004, only 9, yes, NINE, did. It is funny how the liberal left and their henchmen elitists on the right simply refuse to serve and moreover, BAN things like the ROTC and military recruiters on campus. But they still garner FEDERAL FUNDING! (Sounds like Elena Kagan, Zero's SCOTUS nominee.) It's left to us to serve this nation while the elites send their kids to Harvard, to be taught by scumbags like Obummer and Kagan! Yet back in 2008, Comrade Zero spoke OUT against Columbia's ban on the ROTC, but he reversed himself once in office by sending up Kagan to the SCOTUS! Liberals are traitorous liars and Obama is first among them.

Going back to the first question, William F Buckley once wrote: "The free market is vital to America's well-being, but without an animating national spirit underlying it, our country will degenerate into nothing more than a giant bazaar where many different people live together."

But who attacks our national spirit? Who attacks the free market? Who attacks God? The Ten Commandments in Court? The Flag? Religion (except for Islam)? Our family values? Our way of life? Who stands in the way of energy independence? Who stands in the way of a free economy, that powers America like it USED TO?

If you answered the Leftists, you're smack on target. HOWEVER, people on the Right are to blame as well for it was Bush 43 who NEVER urged Americans to serve their nation in the military. In fact, he COULD have set the example with his daughters going into the military. That smacked of elitism. Bush 43 could have taken to the bully pulpit and nailed liberals as the traitors they are. Bush 43 could have charged traitors like ABSCAM Murtha, may he rot in Hell, for condemning the Marines and Henry "Nostrilus" Waxman for aiding and comforting the enemy with an aid package Code Pink sent to the terrorists in Fallujah. But no.

With the second question, the Gunny found the answer to it in the Senate's (of all places) answer Washington's First Inaugural Address: 

"We feel, Sir, the force and acknowledge the justness of the observation, that the foundation of our national policy should be laid in private morality. If individuals be not influenced by moral principles, it is in vain to look for public virtue; it is , therefore, the duty of legislators to enforce, by precept and example, the utility as well as the necessity, of a strict adherence to the rules of distributive justice."

The love of country. The sense of duty. The idea of putting AMERICA FIRST above all else. It used to be instilled in Americans BEFORE liberals took control of the government indoctrination centers through the NEA and Teacher's Unions. Would a traitor like Bill Ayers ever been allowed to teach at a university, much less decide the cirriculum for schools 100 years ago? Hell no. More likely, he would have been tried and executed as the traitor and terrorist he is.

These are ideals so lost on the Left and their RINO allies it can no longer be considered anything but treason. Consider this jewel:

In October 2007, ABC News ran clips of a video from Osama bin Laden but that video had not been released to the public yet. The US Gov't was reading Osama's mail via a program called Obelisk. Some traitor leaked it to ABC, who then aired it. Imagine that. The program was shutdown and we lost another weapon in the fight against the Islamofascists. Imagine that someone in the FDR Admin had leaked the ULTRA program to the Japanese, that was allowing us to read their mail. Well, it would not have happened one, because back then, in war, the press was censored but two, because even liberals still loved America, somewhat. The traitor who leaked that is still at large but SOMEONE knows who did. Why have they not come forward?

No, what we in America get is an apologetic crybaby-in-chief, so lacking in testicular matter, that he bows to Chinese doormen on command. We get a sissy boy who mouths things like:

"Too often we have sent the opposite signal to our international partners. In the case of Europe, we dismissed European reservations about the wisdom and necessity of the Iraq war."

Dear Barry, they were against it because they were making MONEY OFF OF TRADING WITH SADDAM in violation of the 17 UN Resolutions (as worthless as the paper they were written on)! Europe could not even solve the Balkan issue, that was in their OWN BACKYARD! My friends, this is how stupid liberals are. We have a mommy pants wearing, non baseball throwing, limp-wristed tool who consistently sacrifices American interests and soon, our very SOVEREIGNTY, to his foreign constituency.

Our American Spirit DEMANDS that we put AMERICA FIRST! Any sacrifice of our sovereignty, whether perceived or real, must be fought tooth and nail and resisted to the utmost! Any politician(s) embracing such measures must be pilloried, scorned, raked over the coals, recalled, impeached, hounded out of office, and preferably, exiled from the US forever. Our LOYALTY has always been to the American nation and our UNITY is what has supported us from Valley Forge to the attacks on our troops by Code Pink, Murtha, Waxman, Pelosi, and liberals in general from 1968 onward.

Churchill wrote on 25 March 1949: "Victory or defeat are things which happen, but duty is a thing which is compulsory and has to go on irrespective, and carries with it its own rewards whatever the upshot of the struggle may be." OUR DUTY DEMANDS THAT WE PUT AMERICA FIRST!

Today, 24 May, Rasmussen reports that 63% of Americans want ObummerKare REPEALED! Like the Stamp Act, ObummerKare left a stench in the nostrils of freedom-loving Americans. In 1768, Sam Adams wrote:

"The Utopian schemes of leveling, and a community of goods, are as visionary and impracticable, despotic, and in our government unconstitutional. Now, what property can the colonists be conceived to have, if their money may be granted away by others, without their consent?"

Sam Adams KNEW that liberalism was a failure back THEN! This regime stands directly opposed to the American Spirit. This regime stands athwart our CONTINUED desire to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. This regime puts America and Americans LAST! Americans need to DEMAND that the elites serve as we serve, in the military. There should not be ONE POLITICIAN in DC who has not served in the US Military and that must include the President. Not some limp noodle who stands with his hands at his sides while the National Anthem is played, or who bows to foreign potentates like a subservient little pansy. It's time that Americans wake the hell up and demand that our politicians put AMERICA FIRST! That means ditching the UN and stop wasting the BILLIONS of dollars a year in dues to this organization that soundly damns us as a comical routine. That means securing our southern border, tossing out the illegals, and telling the Mexican president to take a flying leap at a rolling donut, not giving him a microphone on the White House lawn to CASTIGATE US with! AMERICA COMES FIRST! 

As we continue to fight against this regime and the myrmidons who back it, as we fight to retake our nation, remember the words of Sam Adams:

"Let us awaken then, and evince a different spirit, -a spirit that shall inspire the people with confidence in themselves and in us, -a spirit that will encourage them to persevere in this glorious struggle, until their rights and liberties shall be established on a rock." and "We shall never be abandoned by Heaven while we act worthy of its aid and protection." Sam Adams, 1777.


  1. Good article Gunny. Always say it like it is, and you do..


  2. The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.
    Thomas Jefferson

    All the founding fathers foresaw this and warned us against it. I think they thought it wasn't a case of if, but when. Power and greed eventually take over morals and principles. It's the nature of humans that some are scumbags and some are leeches. The scumbags feed the leeches our blood until we force them off. But if we fail to force them off, thry will kill hte host.

  3. Jim,

    We're working out it. Once we win in Nov 2010 and then after we eject the one-term blunder in 2012, WE MUST REMAIN involved and keep pushing this nation BACK to a CONSERVATIVE Constitutional Republic.

  4. steven,

    Thx. As long as we center ourselves in the truth and go forward with it, we can't be wrong nor can we lose.

  5. Agree with you about Bush 43,but it does go further back than that,to his daddy. We know the scummy dhimmis are,for the most part,traitorous bastards,but FAR too many repubs have sat in silence and let them get away with the crap.

  6. Clyde,

    INDEED! And those who remained silent fall into that category for silence is consent.

  7. Coupla things:

    1. There are NO "henchmen elitists on the right.." There are RINO's but they are NOT on the right. Not any more than a wolf in sheep's clothing is a sheep.

    2. For some reason the conservative right has been very reluctant to charge traitors with treason and sedition. When Hanoi Jane went to Hanoi, John Tower was one of my senators from Texas. I wrote him a letter asking that she be charged and tried for treason. He did answer me. With a very milk-toast no commitment either way but vote for me next election type letter.

  8. This was an article that is needed. It needs to be broadcast to everyone!! I want to hear from some Republicans in our government that think this way, that talk about it, and won't let the media cower him. Keep it up Gunny and you will get through.
    Our so called president is selling us out. I saw this morning where he is going to give notification to the world powers when we are going to test a new "classified" weapon. Can you believe that???

  9. Buck,

    Wow, I did not know that about Hanoi Jane. Hell, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry has violated the Logan Act over and over and nothing happens. So why do WE get punished for crimes we commit?

  10. Nanna,

    Thank you for the major kudos. They'll never shut me up, count on it.

    Obama is a traitor, I have no doubt of it. He "may" be an American but he sure isn't a REAL American.

  11. Hammering Gunny,

    The 10 who attacks questions you have are the leftoids god and 10 commandments. It reminded me of teddrunken kennedy and just about what he is most likely going through just about now, Luke chapter 16, especially verses 19-31.

    You gotta know that with Washington's address you quoted that the only line the leftoids read was "therefore, the duty of legislators to enforce" and they think that is their right to the detriment of the country.

    Keep up the good work and God Bless you and yours Gunny.

  12. Let's all vote for Rick.....

  13. From huffpo

    obama in chicago on vacation for Memorial Day

  14. R E,

    Thx brother and you can count on me staying on the attack.

  15. Pack Rat,

    Just saw that on Drudge. What a piece of dog shit Obummer is.

  16. Found at the drudge, fits quite nice with elitist scumbag commies putting self first

    SOURCE: Obama skipping Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. 'He'll be on vacation in Chicago'... .......Obama has failed all his pitiful sorry muslim lowlife life