Wednesday, May 26, 2010


They [liberals] claim that Comrade Blunder Boy once “thought” about joining the military. No doubt it was a passing thought in between tokes of dope but one has to wonder WHAT military the Thug-in-Chief was thinking about joining for surely it was not the AMERICAN military. After all, Rahmbutt the Ballerina ran off to join the Israeli Army when the Gulf War broke out in 1990, to grease truck axles! The Gunny figures that maybe the US Military wasn’t good enough for The Ballerina but it is just another unanswered question in this regime as to why someone who served in a foreign military should have the President’s ear.

But Comrade Barry, the Dear Leader and Herder of Unicorn Amidst Flowing Rainbows really did join the military, which is, the Army of Saul Alinsky, and serves in the Cloward-Piven Battalion. In other words, he is a LIBERAL WARRIOR GENERAL.

You see, liberal warriors attack our allies while bowing to our enemies. Liberal warriors allow our enemies to arm up while working night and day to disarm their own nation, in the best Neville Chamberlain sort of way. Liberal warriors zip around the globe, on the taxpayer’s dime, insulting and slandering his own nation while praising the nations that are the height of oppression and suffering while of course, working 24/7 to reduce the liberty and sovereignty of American and America. The liberal warrior is a combat expert in dismantling our intelligence arms, i.e., Jimmy Carter and Senator Frank Church, and now Comrade Barry and his Bungling Boneheads; he or she is a real sapper in undermining the morale of our military with various social experiments, like McNamara's 100,000 or like the one now, of having gays serve “openly”, with the experiment led by minions like SecDef Gates, the rubberstamping myrmidon.

Yes, the liberal warrior mewls, “once more into the breach Dear Alinskites,” as they attack the Constitution by appointing far-left clowns like Elena “some speech can be disappeared” Kagan and as they entrench their pointy tin-foil covered heads in the sand as they studiously ignore any and all threats to the United States. The liberal warrior is a real expert in hand-to-hand combat as they aggressively attack our American values and beliefs in order to “fundamentally change” America into a welfare state run by fellow travelers in a European-style socialist state. They are true demolition gods as they plant TNT on the pillars of free-market capitalism under the battle plan of their generals Cloward-Piven, probably schooled in the art of blowing things up by Obama’s buddy, William Ayers, late of the Weather Underground, now a “professor” at the University of Chicago.

The liberal warrior uses propaganda experts like Baghdad Bob Gibbs to misinform, misdirection, and demoralize the opposition only in the case of the liberal warrior, the American people and America is the opposition. The liberal warrior can be counted on to arrive about 12 hours after the battle is over, when piles of dead Americans abound, to tsk tsk tsk about it and seek a quick surrender, er, parley, at any price. The liberal warrior does not care if an American city gets nuked by the Islamofascists, only that our response is measured in talking...peacefully...with love...and affection...for our enemies. After all, it's OUR FAULT they hate us.

The liberal warrior doesn’t use weapons to achieve their goals (that comes only AFTER they’ve taken everyone else’s guns, i.e., Stalin, Mao, Castro, Mugabe, etc) no, they use words! Yes, the liberal warrior believes in talking the enemy to death through endless diplomacy and endless events of good faith, like BJ Bubba Clinton giving food, oil, and nuclear technology to the North Koreans so that they would stop their nuclear race for “the bomb.” They did, until they got what they wanted. But no setback is too much for the liberal warrior, no, no, no. Why, they just offer more of the taxpayer’s money and taxpayer paid for items to the North Koreans, or the Haitians, but of course, at home, they wage a brutal campaign against their own citizens who seek religious freedom and to be left alone, i.e., Waco. The liberal warrior is always ready to talk about the problems of a nation and of course, to send in the US Military as a “meals-on-wheels” program, as BJ Bubba did in Haiti, Kosovo, Bosnia, East Timor, and Somalia and will NEVER put the enemy in harm’s way but is definitely ready to send in the US Troops with inadequate weaponry (FDR and the Pacific, Truman and Task Force Smith, JFK and the Bay of Pigs, LBJ and the M-16, Carter, Clinton, and now, Comrade Barry’s regime sending US troops out on patrols with NO ROUNDS in their weapons lest they cap an enemy but hey, survivors get a nice medal of “restraint in the face of the enemy.” The REAL warrior fixes his bayonet in the face of the enemy; the liberal warrior calls his lawyer and wets his pants.

To an American warrior, i.e., the US Marine Corps, their core values are: Honor, Courage, and Commitment but to a liberal warrior, their core values are Dishonor, Fear, and Faithlessness. The US Marine general who stated of the Marines, “there is no better friend or worse enemy,” was right on the money whereas, the liberal warrior could be described as, “no worse friend or better enemy,” of Americans that is; for it was Wilson who chucked Americans in prison for speaking out against his regime while he appeased and coddled our enemies and it was FDR who chucked Japanese and German Americans AND sicced the FBI on anyone who spoke out against HIS excesses! The liberal warrior can always be counted on to fancy appeasement over fisticuffs any day and three times on Sunday because confrontation tends to leave the liberal warrior with a yellow front and a poopy brown stain in their drawers. Oh yes, and when on liberty (off-duty) or anytime really, the liberal warrior ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS prefers hanging with the enemy, i.e., Chavez, Castro, Mugabe, over our allies like Netanyahu, who get snubbed at dinner or UK’s Brown, who get DVDs that they can’t use or I-Pods with Obama speeches on them (The Queen), that will to help her fall asleep. Talking not fighting, weakness not strength, is the way of the liberal warrior.

The liberal warrior prefers to fight over issues like Global Warming, which is proved to be a hoax, yet to the liberal warrior, Gaia is in danger, the threat is capitalism, America is thus their main focus of effort, and liberal warriors like Hanoi Jean Francois Kerry, fresh off of his ultra top secret mission into Cambodia, dispatched by President Nixon before Nixon was President, and flanked by his uber-lib ally Joe Liebermann, create their secret weapon of Crap and Tax, to unleash on America. Their secret weapon is designed to destroy the economy for the sake of our enemies. Onward Comrades! Yes, the true liberal warrior sees more as less as they seek to provide the nation with the one-two punch from their liberal arsenal, the runaway deficit and the dreaded, higher and higher “progressive” taxation with a sham of representation. It’s a real killer when employed by the liberal warrior against his/her countrymen, and it always can be counted on to win the battle of a higher misery index for the population but not the liberal warrior. It must be remembered that enormous sacrifices will be required to win this war…against America and all it stands for. The liberal warrior will fight this battle to the last dime in your pocket, your dime, not their dime.

By God, these liberal warriors mounted a full-on blitzkrieg in the war to provide the “RIGHT” of “FREE” universal Health Care. They trotted out parasite after parasite and quack after quack (in their White House provided white coats) to soften up the enemy in a pre-attack bombardment of lies and misinformation before launching the attack boats full of liberal warriors led by liberal warrior generals Obergruppenfuhrer Nanny Pelosi and Reichmarschall Dingy Reid, to fight bravely against the overwhelming majority of Americans who did not want the progressives to create a beachhead in socialized medicine that will oppress Americans who seek help, even as it accomplishes its secondary objective of draining our wallets, and its tertiary objective of driving up the cost of doing business in the United States! This economy must be forced to give up the ghost and keel over. Liberal Generals Cloward and Piven demand it. The liberal warrior knows how to fight a war, there is no doubt about it. That War on Poverty is into its 45th year and over seven trillion dollars wasted to reduce the poverty rate, which is still about the same it was in 1965. But who cares the cost? There is always more of other people's money to spend in the quest for Utopia!

The liberal warrior is something to behold my friends. They can always be counted on to botch the execution of a war effort, sell us out, leak classified information, stab the military in the back, and to always always always snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And when necessary, they will drop a bomb on a Chinese embassy building in Serbia or missile the hell out of an empty aspirin factory, after telling the terrorists it was coming, and then paying reparations to the victims from the US taxpayers, who always have more to give, if they’re squeezed just right by the liberal warrior’s allies in the Congress.

And this liberal warrior now in the White House is blazing new trails for liberals to follow and wining new battle flags to lie at the FDR statute. He has won for them: the battle of the missile shield in Poland, the battle of the Olympic Games in Chicago, the battle for the Churchill Bust in the Oval Office, the battle for arms control for the US but not Russia, the battle against freedom in Honduras, and not the least of them, the battle to provide free health care and unlimited shower time with other men, by allowing homos into the military “openly.” Oh yes, Obama the Liberal Warrior has waged the perfect liberal war of announcing withdrawal dates of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in the near future, so all they have to do is “chill out dawg” until the liberals can perform Operation Cut and Run and redeploy in Operation Enforce My Will on the domestic front. The hell with engaging enemies like Iran, North Korea, the Chinese, or providing energy independence for Americans, Obama the Liberal Warrior, He Who Descended From The Clouds at Invesco Field, prefers to force his “fundamental change” on America and fight off attempts by Americans to get the information on things like that pesky Joe Sestak bribe. THAT is more important than protecting our only real ally in the Mid-East, Israel.

The liberal warrior can always be counted on to make our enemies see things our way by doing things their way [the enemy’s way], leaving both the American people and our allies wondering what the hell is going on. Surrender IS an option for the liberal warrior. But peace is surrender and surrender is peace, just as long as the tax money flows in for the entitlement programs that buy their votes from Joe and Jane Parasite. The liberal warrior, first to oppress, last to fight…against our enemies and our national interests that is.


  1. Is there anything that Obama has taken the side of the American people on? I can't think of anything. It's always the enemy.

  2. Nanna,

    Nope, he's always on the side of the enemy but then again, that's how liberals ALWAYS do us.

  3. Since the Feds got Capone on tax evasion, maybe there will be enough ties to the WH and questions could begin as to what did Obama know and when.

    Imagine BHO taking off in VM01 giving V signs and proclaiming "I am not a crook"

  4. Packrat...that needed a spew alert!!

  5. Pack Rat,

    HAHA! Classic. I'm betting that Zero will be debate the word "bribe" like BJ Bubba debated what the word "is" really meant!

  6. Nee,

    Indeed. But Nixon had more scruples than BJ Bubba or Obummer.

  7. No question about it. Good stuff,Guns.

  8. i'll lay odds that if we ever get someone with the nads to prosecute, that each and everyone will be crying to out the other. they will all cop a plea. they will all be like rats scrambling off a sinking ship clawing and scratching to be first off.

  9. A modest observation on "OBAMA - THE LIBERAL WARRIOR GENERAL"

    If anyone here has ever wondered what sort of polemic would be produced by a semi-literate paid propagandist while he was psychotic, in the late stages of rabies and blind drunk, you need wonder no more.

  10. As if building a mosque near ground zero wasn't enough...

    I found this out today: HB 1388 - PASSED

    By executive order, President Obama has ordered that 20.3 million in migrations assistance to palestinian refugees and 'conflict victims' in Gaza.

    The 'presidential determination which allows hundreds of thousands of palestinians with ties to Hamas to settle in the U.S. with food, housing, the whole enchilada.

    Doubtful? Verify it for yourself:

  11. I think what bothers me most about this is that it's true. I was confronted during a rally by a US Marine and I pissed my pants right in front of him.

  12. Another great post,thanks for the effort.

  13. "The liberal warrior."
    An oxymoron if I ever heard one.

    So he "..once thought about joining the military.."
    I guess that gives him the right to wear a USA/USN/USMC/USAF/USCG cap to the VFW Post for
    a beer.
    Of course Nobel would probably award him the CMH because he, "..thought about..."
    Has this guy EVER had to work for anything in his life???

  14. You're absolutely right Ivan.
    You have described yourself to a "T".

  15. This memoirial day I will be thanking heroes ( in Arlington)who fought the likes of many in washington who despise liberty--the difference is they did it on a diffderent shore!---keep the fire going Guns