Thursday, May 6, 2010


The Roman Republic is still the longest major republic in human history and it hung around for almost five hundred years. Their methods were sometimes cruel but that was the way life was in that time and that aside, their republic was a success. The citizens of Rome enjoyed a high standard of living, much freedom of movement, and personal freedoms yet unheard of in most of the world. And HOW did the Roman citizens respond? They stepped up to the plate and served their nation. For centuries, only a ROMAN citizen could serve in the military and then only a property owner or a free man with some means. They took that martial spirit into the civic world and partook of their government in any way they could. It was not long before the legions united Italy and then much of the civilized world under a Roman banner.

But in the end, that republic broke down and then died.

What happened then is happening now in America.

The Roman politicians were ignoring their constitutional limits more and more much like our politicians are today. For example, Cicero pointed out in his famous quote, about the traitor within the gates, but once upon a time, traitors were executed or at least jailed. Yet we have scumbags like Henry Waxman aiding and abetting Code Pink in sending 600K worth of supplies to al-qaeda in Fallujah. We have dog squeeze like Nancy Pelosi, who is so stupid that she can’t even answer a question from a reporter on the unconstitutionality of ObummerKare while uttering such tripe as, “we have to pass this bill to find out what is in it!” We have an idiot in the White House who is the most UNqualified individual in any room he walks into, who calls police stupid, undermining them, bowing to foreign potentates, and playing golf while America burns. Maybe Obama is more like Nero than Lincoln is what the Gunny is thinking. 

The Roman politicians were unrestrained in their efforts to pump up the mob with more bread and circuses! They were demagogic as none before them and like Murtha, Kerry, Ted DRUNKennedy, Turban Durbin, Chuck U Schumer, and the rest of the scumbags, ruled by race and class warfare, setting American against American in order to keep their power and they were unrestrained in their pursuit of it, through cheating, lying, rigged gerrymandering, etc. And in their efforts, they undercut any politician around to chivvy him out of power that they might gain, and the hell with Rome. The perfect example of this would be the Democrats and the War on Terrorism. From 9/12/2001 on, they drug their feet, they half-stepped, they leaked classified information to the NY Obama Times, and back-stabbed the military at every opportunity. Their poltroonery is legend. Murtha lying about the Marines. Democrats voting to cut off funding to the troops. Democrats exposing weaknesses for the enemy to exploit and on and on. It was criminal and these politicians should be thankful that their efforts never harmed any kin of the Gunny’s or payback would have been a bitch.

Indeed, in Rome, the Senate, the Magistrates, Consuls, Tribunes, etc, made sure that their laws were passed by dodging the normal legislative procedures, much like our Congress, the Senate, and the White House does. Why, if King Barry wants to, he just writes an Executive Order and POOF! It happens. Who cares if he is misusing them because his fellow scumbag liberals are in the majority! The Congress wants a law, they just close the doors and do their nasty backroom deals. Remember back in 1988 when the LIBERAL MAJORITY Congress passed their 50% pay raise (while they gave the military 3%) and the American people got pissed? What did these Democrats do? They went behind closed doors and voted for a 25% raise in 1988 and a 25% raise in 89. Just like they did with ObummerKare, just like they’ll do with Crap and Tax, just like they’ll do with banning drilling for oil, oops, they’ve already done that, and just like they’ll do as they try to take control of the internet. (They lost round one a few weeks back) But never fear, Comrade Barry is appointing activist judges in the SCOTUS and elsewhere to help his pettifogging CommieCzars.

In Rome, the beard and circuses guaranteed that the growing mob depended on the wealth seized or rather, plundered, by the politicians and as the Democrats do, redistributed to the Peggy the Moochers there. And naturally, as Peggy the Moocher did, and will always do, they rolled over and voted for the one who gave them the biggest handout at election time. Again, who cares that Rome was going downhill. The mob existed merely to be a voting bloc, kinda like the way blacks and Hispanics and females are treated by the left in America today. The normal people were sucked into the deal as food prices rose, illegal aliens took jobs, the politicians coined more money (with less silver and gold in it) thus poisoning the economic well, and the corruption of the politicians, much like what we are seeing in DC, was turning a stable Republic into a living hell.

In the middle of this were the mouthy intelligentsia who called for more and more “welfare”, more and more government, more and more taxes, and for more and more foreign workers to replace the Roman workers (cheap labor), even as they ridiculed the previous Roman standards for decency, honor, courage, and commitment to the Republic. Naturally, these vermin scorned the military. Sounds just like today’s Democrats and college professors like the unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers (friend of Obama) who scream “YES” to more welfare for the masses, “YES” to higher taxes (to pay for ObummerKare, a VAT, etc), “YES” to illegal aliens (just look at how they are reacting to Arizona’s law that SUPPORTS FEDERAL LAW), “YES” to refuting America’s former standards for Church, social standards, patriotism, serving in the military, and “YES” to ignoring the standards of responsibility that made America great. Their battle cry is, “it’s not my fault!” sounds across the land. How many times has Comrade Barry and his yellow horde of liberals blamed Bush? Liberals, like their Roman “intellectual” counterparts, scorn America and our way of life. Yes, the Gunny is talking to you bitter clingers and stupid Cambridge cops out there.

There were people in Rome who saw the way things were going, who identified the guilty, saw the trends, and who warned the populace to take corrective action or their liberty and their Republic would be lost. They were ignored in the rush to “get mine” by the mob. They went from a government of limited rule to one of imperial rule. From freedom to tyranny.

What is the Gunny writing this you ask? Because liberals have rewritten history and real history is no longer taught in the government indoctrination sites previously known as public schools and now known as “Barack Hussein Obama MMM! MMM! MMM!” sites. You see my friends, if you have read the Federalist papers, you’d know that Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison, wrote under the name “Publius.” How many public school kids even KNOW about the Federalist papers? Our Founders were interested in the parallels in history and studied them, in order to learn from it. Their main concern in building this Republic was: “How can we copy the Roman’s successes while avoiding their failures?”

(Part Two coming soon)


  1. A question.

    Is BHO closer to Nero or to Caligula?

  2. Ugly, sad, but true. From the start of this country; each genereation got wealthier. Now, since the 20s, each generation gets poorer and looses a little more freedom.

  3. I like it Gunny and not only is he fiddlefingup but he is the head of the snake that lit the fire so he could play this commie tune. When do we hear et tu geo? You know the puppet master can't wait to try and seize power.

  4. Omnia relinquit servare rempublicam!

    Where is our Cincinnatus?

  5. Gunny-as usual RIGHT ON!just look at the floods in nashville--WHERE is FEARLESS LEADER??

  6. Pack Rat,

    Nero. Both were/are serial narcissists who couldn't give a damn about us.

  7. Jim,

    Good post. With any luck, this idiot we have in office will have awakened a sleeping giant and we'll speak in Nov 2010/2012.

  8. R E,

    Everything Zero DOES is to further the socialist's agenda of complete control.

  9. rikdergis,

    We have a few out there but will the GOP let them rise to the top? They squelched Fred for McLame so it won't surprise me if they do it again.

  10. Pen Captain,

    And he has the Lapdog Media to cover for him. And to think they whined about Bush flying over Katrina. Where is the lib outcry now?

  11. Great post! When is part two coming?I too want to know where Obama was when it came to Nashville! He hasn't even spoken of it has he? Seems it's getting close to party night, or is it date night? So the nation must be put on the back burner.

  12. We've both been making those comparisons for the past couple of years. Is anybody gonna listen?

  13. The Gunster puffed out his chest on his five-foot, one-inch frame and drawled:

    >these politicians should be
    >thankful that their efforts
    >never harmed any kin of the
    >Gunny’s or payback would have
    >been a bitch.

    Gunny sure tough guy. Gunsel much man. Gunster beat enemnies senseless with cliches. All bad politicians scared of Gunny. Gunny legend in own mind.

  14. Ivan,
    Will you just go away? Seriously. You contribute nothing.

  15. Oh Ivan I get soooo horny when you talk caveman. If that mean Gunny kicks you ass, can I be in it? Will you wear your Hitler costume? I'll be your slave again.

  16. Ivan the blatherskite of stereotypes. A real pettifogger.

  17. At 04:22, Nee cranked...

    >Will you just go away? Seriously.
    >You contribute nothing.

    I'll retire from the field when the wretched Gunster closes up this little hate-fest, or is trundled off to prison for being the traitorous, un-American cur and devious apostle of sedition and violence that he is.

    (And judging by your own contributions here, you may well find yourself right behind him. Perhaps you two can share a set of ankle-shackles. Wouldn't that be nice?)

  18. Ivan, you have a Hitler costume? How typical for you.

  19. Ever heard of Cincinnatus?

    A Roman General who saw the corruption and greed in the Republic's governing body and mounted a successful coup. He stepped up and promised the citizens of Rome he would end the corruption and then step down. He did and he did.
    Where is our Cincinnatus?

  20. Nee
    Ivan won't go away because just like the Wizard of Oz this post is his curtain behind which he hides.
    He is probably a pathetic little urchin with a terrible skin problem, no friends, much less a girlfriend and parents that hate or at the least totally ignore him.
    He is the type radicals are drawn to because he is so lonely. He has been totally indoctrinated by someone who recognized maleable material of a sad, lonely, homely youth and they did a pretty good job.
    He cannot see beyond his indoctrination because he cannot think for himself. Therefore when he is presented with argument he cannot refute he resorts to epithets and name calling.
    Pity him.

  21. At 8:20, Buck psychoanalyzed. . .

    . . . and poorly.

    >this post is his curtain
    >behind which he hides.

    Just this post, or MY post, or the entire blog, Buckaroo? Be clear.

    >He is the type radicals are
    >drawn to because he is so

    But . . . if radicals are "drawn to" me, then I can't be lonely, can I, with all them radicals hanging around?

    Make up what passes for your your mind, Buckie . . . I'm either lonely or I'm surrounded by radicals. Which is it?

    >. . . youth

    A youth. Now there's something I haven't been called in . . . oh, about 50 years. You're a clown, Buckie, but thanks anyway.