Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's amazing when you talk to a liberal, the amount of stupidity that flies out of their suckholes. Take for example, what happened to the Gunny yesterday. While out running errands, he came across a libpuke with a cutesy little bumper sticker that read "KNOW COAL" with the red circle and diagonal slash over the "NO". Ain't it grand how liberals are aces at bumperstickerisms, slogans, and neat little jingos, i.e., "hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?" The Gunny moved in for the kill and struck up a conversation. He asked about the bumper sticker and the lib was a woman in her mid-to-late 40's, and really was quite pleasant to chat with. The Gunny asked her if she liked electicity. "Yes," she replied, "it's clean fuel." You get that? Electricity is good but coal is bad. Ah, the blissful ignorance of liberals. Now THIS is why WE on the right must know our facts.

The Gunny took the lib to school on coal and electricity . He asked her if she knew how much electricity was generated by coal. No, of course she didn't. The Gunny stated that it was almost 50% of the electricity in America (actual figure is 45%) was generated by coal with many plants converting to a "clean coal" technology. Again, she didn't know that either. This, my friends, is all taking place in the parking lot of a big store, our cars right next to one another.

The Gunny asked her if she knew that the US had about 300-350 years of coal reserves (a fact gleaned from the Rush Limbaugh show) when measured against current levels? Not a surprise that she did not know that either.

The environmental whackos here in God's Country have worked overtime to kill our Alaska NG pipeline that would bring cheaper NG fuel from the North Slope to Anchorage and the Gunny asked her if she knew that. She did. Did she know that NG was clean burning? She did. Did she know that over 20% (actual figure is 24%) of our electricity comes from NG? Nope, she scored a zero. So again, liberals and their eco-nazis worked to screw the people over and worked against the interests of the environment, as many Alaskans burn wood for heat, cooking, etc. (Suck it Owl Gore).

By this point, the famous "deer-in-the-headlights" look appeared on her face and she walked away. Amazing. Her vehicle had all of the right liberal bumper stickers on it, "No to pebble mine", "NO War for Oil (faded but it was there), and a few other ones that shouted, "I'm a dumbass liberal, please school me." The favorite one the Gunny saw was: "COEXIST." Evidently, this idiot thinks that if we're nice to radical Islam, they'll love us. Dumb-Ass-Liberals.

Here are some more facts on coal.

1. Coal can be used as a solid fuel or it can be converted to a gas to replace expensive imported fuels.
2. The United States has enough coal to take care of our electricity needs with enough left over to export!
3. In the US, 23 of the 25 electric power plants with the lowest operating costs are using coal. This allows for lower operating costs for businesses and for homeowners. Cheap fuel equals a strong economy.
4. Coal is used for: heating, cooling, cooking, lighting, transportation, communication, farming, industry, and health care. (Probably not ObummerKare as he wants to bankrupt the coal industry.)

Coal generates instant energy; flip a switch and you've got juice.

No doubt the Gunny wasted his breath on the lib, it was definitely an exercise in futility you see,  because liberals are stupid and they rejoice in their stupidity. Obummer is the one-eyed king lording it over the land of the blind. We on the Right are educated, usually self-educated by reading, and live in a world of facts and details while the Left swims in the pool of ignorance. One would think, after talking to a lib, that they walked right out of the Dark Ages into the 21st Century. But the effort to educate the libpig was not wasted; no, it serves to keep the Gunny up on his knowledge as it does his fellow readers who read, learn, and try to school the ignorant Left.

Liberals will call us liars when we say that we on the Right live in a world of facts and details but take one look at ANY plan that Comrade Zero says is his. He knows nothing about it, can't relate any facts or details about it, and expects it just to happen. In fact, the perfect example is Red Nanny Pelosi who stated, "we have to pass this bill [ObummerKare] to find out what's in it." Classic liberalism. Classic stupidity in action.

Another fantastic example of ignorant liberals in action is the efforts of two brain dead idiots, Hanoi John Fonda Kerry and Joe Liebermann because they introduced their Crap-and-Tax bill into the Senate, which will put limits on carbon dioxide emissions. Evidently liberals were out smoking dope during science class but CO2 is a required ingredient in this weird plant thingy called: Photosynthesis. What happens here is just magic, like how liberals think the US Treasury just fills with money overnight, with enough left over for every entitlement plan they can think up! The plant takes in CO2 through this strange process called Osmosis and through this same process gives out Oxygen. Odd huh? So if there is MORE CO2 in the atmosphere, does that make more oxygen for us to breathe? ShaaaaaZAM!

But these two morons, when combined with the other morons in the Senate, namely Snowe, Collings, McShamnesty, Grahamnesty, Boxer, Feinstein, etc, etc, ad nauseum, will jump on this bill without one shred of REAL scientific evidence or justification, in order to create the buying and selling of “carbon credits” to enrich themselves and their friends involved in the Chicago Carbon Credit exchange, for example, while we get screwed with higher utility prices and the U.S. economy takes another hit. All for the fraud of the gloBULL warming.

Liberals and their RINO allies need to pay for what they do to us, preferably by putting their asses on trial and then in prison, but voting them out of office forever works too.

We'll be the ones cooking our tofu over dried animal dung, not the elites on the Left but the ignorance and stupidity of the Left demands it.

BTW libs, here are a few FACTS on gloBULL warming.

The COLDEST winter in many decades:

England - Freezing Temps in May 2010 (12 May)
Paris - Record Cold 11 May 10
Spain - Coldest May since records began and SNOW on 6 May 10
Snow In Southern France - 5 May 10
Alberta Canada had a huge snowstorm on 5 May 10

When it comes to stupidity, liberals are submerged in it like a pig in sh*t and they revel in it.


  1. Oh, you meanie! Shattering delusions with facts! How dare you!


  2. The Interface,

    And I thoroughly enjoyed it! In fact, I laughed about it all of the way home.

    Maybe the seed of doubt I planted with grow with time.

  3. If you had told her that coal will save the unicorns, you'd have agined an instant convert.

  4. Gunny

    the airforce has a new proccess for turning coal into jet fuel. they are still refining the proccess, but they say we can reduce our dependence on foreign oil especially if we increase domestic output. they say killing two birds with one stone. increase our economy while reducing the muzzies.

  5. Primus54 says:

    I've had similar encounters with libs lately, Guns.

    I had to go to the doctor shortly after Obamacare passed, and the girl who handles insurance & billings spent 10 minutes explaining to a libmoron that she still had to pay her co-pay for her doctor visit.

    Reminded me of the California woman who planned on getting her mortgage paid for by electing Obum-phuck.


  6. What I find interesting is that the climate scientis (sic) and the meteorologist can't seem to get it together. The Climate scientist say that so far 2010 is shaping up to be the warmest year sense 1880 yet the meteorologist are saying it's the coldest since the 1940s. Gee who should we believe, the guys who read and report what's on the thermometer every day of the guys that pick and choose what data they use and won't provide that data for review?

  7. usmcpgw,

    Great news! I can't see why liberals would continue to fund our enemies, while stopping drilling here, unless they really hate America, as I believe they do.

  8. moonbat exterminator,

    HAHA! Next time, I'll be ready!

  9. Primus54,

    Good post. I would have probably vomited on the floor watching that spectacle. Damn liberals are idiots.

  10. Jim,

    I'm still waiting for Owl Gore to debate Lord Monckton!

  11. Gunny

    a neighbor was crying yesterday about the oil spill. the first words out of his mouth were, " its Bush's fault". had to laugh. showed him how BP contributed millions to obambie. how obambie approved new drilling.

    then i showed him how oil naturally seeps out of the ocean floor. this spill will be equal to 1-2 yrs of natural seepage.

    then he complained about the chemical dispersant being used is more harmful than the leak. i explained that the dispersal agent couldnt be used without gubmint approval. ie; obambie.

    then i asked him if he was willing to go without a/c, phones, internet, cable( he was having his cable fixed), street lights, red lights, all hospital equipment, etc...

    all he could say was " we nned an alternative power". i suggested nuclear and he wanted hydrogen instead. so i asked him to show that hydrogen works. he couldnt. then i asked him how hydrogen worked. he couldnt answer.

    like you said, they dont understand the facts of life. they only take in what they are told by the msm. they are good little bots. easy to program but the programming is faulty. cant blame the hardware. its their software that is bad.

  12. Gunny, Excellent post again!!

    JIM: So they are saying that there was global warming in 1880? Hmmmmm?

  13. Gunny

    i'm waiting for gore to go to Alaska and interview a polarbear. maybe you could give him some of your bearrub? lmao

  14. usmcpgw,

    It's amazing that these libs can't think past the end of their noses! They are little more than two-legged sheep.

  15. Nanna,

    Thx for the kudos. The NY Obama Times was whining about gloBULL warming back then, then it was gloBULL cooling, etc, etc.

    It's all one big scam, nothing more.

  16. usmcpgw,

    I'd GIVE him a bottle for free!

  17. You can't argue with 'em.
    You only have the facts to bolster your argument.
    They manufacture facts to bolster their argument.
    They will never admit they're wrong.
    The liberal mindset is built on ego.
    To admit you are right is to admit they are wrong.
    If they admit they are wrong they would be admitting you are as intelligent as they.
    The ego prevents it.
    And that shows them to be fools.

  18. Every time I see that "COEXIST" sticker, it drives me mad. I've been lucky enough to have the opportunity to school a few of the idjuts with that sticker on their vehicles. When I point out that Islam commands that all people in the world become muslims, become slaves, or become dead it throws their brains into perpetual reset mode.

  19. Gunny,
    I always enjoy educating the lib-bots where I work. One guy is always yammering about how we need to "get off oil and coal, and use alternate energy from solar and wind." I asked him what happens if it's nighttime and it's calm outside? Is he going to sit at home in the dark during the summertime without A/C and his Xbox? After the crickets chirp for awhile... "Oh, I didn't think about that...?", says the moron.

    Another time he goes on about extracting oil from algae farms instead of using crude oil. I took the numbers from the article he showed me and calculated that to supply the US with ONE day's worth of algae oil equivalent to what we use in terms of barrels of crude oil would require an area of 700 by 700 miles (490,000 sq miles)... How many states is that? For a one day supply? No environmental impact there huh? More crickets chirping...

    He also believes that Democrats support building nuclear power plants... that we should essentially pave the southwest with solar panels and transmit this power to the rest of the country, neglecting the fact that liberal enviro freaks would find some native lizard and prevent this from happening even if it was feasible and that there are huge transmission losses when moving power over long distances (that's why power plants are built NEAR where they are needed!!! Duh!) I could go on and on...

  20. No surprise that I get into trouble with trying to educate liberals. But truly, many don't get it, and if they try, they still end up mad at me. Again, no surprise.
    Please do tell me what lean has to do with the Founders and or being fat has to do with a tea partier?
    And do tell, how are we tea partiers selfish when the left minded thinkers are all about the here and now and we care about the future generations and what will be left for them?
    Liberalism is a fucking mental disease!! :)

  21. Who was it that fought wind turbines off the Atlantic coast or on the Pacific Coast?
    Who was that foght nuclear plants anywhere?
    Who was it that fought solar panels on "historic houses"?
    Who was it that fought drilling "on-shore"?Inquiring minds and all that.

  22. When I see a Co-exist sticker, to me it says, "Free BJ's, inquire within."

  23. Here's my Coexist sticker: