Monday, May 10, 2010


Americanism is hated by the Left. Our American Spirit is unquenchable. It is bred into us. Even if Obama and his leftist thugs in the SEIU and the SCOTUS, soon to have another unqualified member (Kagan) among its black robed leftist idiots, were to strip all of our rights away, they cannot scour the need for freedom from the hearts of most Americans. Liberals have already or are ready to trod, as Hayek stated: the road to serfdom.” Put us in chains Master, they whine to their messiah Obama, just feed us…oh, and give us free healthcare. Americans sell their lives dearly in the fight for freedom, from Valley Forge, to Wake Island, to Omaha Beach, to the Pusan Perimeter, but apparently, liberals will sell their empty souls for a $1.50 and a promise. Americanism is the guts to cross an uncharted ocean to an unmapped and unknown new world, rife with danger but also with the chance to make a new life. Americanism is standing tall at Breed’s Hill, waiting to fire, until you see the “white’s of their eyes” and then taking on the superpower of that era, and declaring our independence. Americanism is a heady brew, it is potent stuff, and it refuses to die among many Americans today. We march on Washington, we challenge and rebuke the politicians for selling us out at Townhalls until the point where they fear to hold them! Americanism is a passionate religion, a flame that burns inside our hearts, even as Liberalism is a flaccid and weak ideology that we hold in contempt.

Liberals hate religion simply because it shows them the error of their ways, holds them accountable, and in today’s society, to a liberal, no one is responsible for what they do. Hell, OJ was busy looking for his wife’s killer on golf courses across the land and Rodney King hit the lotto for a beatdown he rated! G. K. Chesterton has this to say about America: “it is the nation with the soul of a church.” The Declaration of Independence acknowledge our God-given rights; it is a justification of the very basic tenets of Americanism. Liberals laughed and heaped scorn on Bush 43 when he stated that freedom came from God. The trouble for liberals is that WE believe it as well. Only a poorly taught liberal or an out and out liar, a obfuscater, a poltroon would stand up and cackle that a secular America is what our Founding Fathers wanted and what the Declaration of Independence was designed for. Does that mean that we as Americans exclude agnostics, atheists, Muslims, or Buddhists? No. Americans have always been willing to practice freedom and equality for all of the citizens, and we live and let live. That is, until a petty tyrant comes along, the most unqualified man in any room he walks into, to try to disconnect us from our principles through his thuggery. Once Americans talked about and thought of, their nation as the nation of a chosen people. The Right still does, the Left has ensorcelled themselves in a thought process designed to damper, destroy, and obliterate the greatness of America and Americanism. We reject it outright.

Our Americanism, our American creed if you will, is one of: “freedom, equality, individualism, democracy, the rule of law, the rights of man, and private property.” Liberals hate religion because the Bible is the word of God, pure and simple. We deal, as humans, individually with God, who grants us free will. Can it not then be said that all human beings are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

The law of the land. The word of God. Both are combined to make a nation so unlike any other in the history of mankind, that people flock here. Liberals say America sucks. Obama routinely denigrates our American culture, our way of life, yet no one seems to be flocking from the USA to his nation of origin, Kenya! The greatness of America, our Americanism, our unquenchable appetite for freedom flows from the Constitution, which protects not only the individual but groups of Americans, which is the real test. It is Americanism that is passionate about Freedom and the more so because we insist that freedom is right not just for the US, or Great Britain, or Obama’s homeland of Kenya, but are also right for Afghanistan and Iraq, and we’re willing to fight for it even as the Left aids and comforts the enemies of America.

Liberals bemoan religion and God yet it was Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson who originally designed an image for the Seal of the United States of America that consisted of Israel crossing the Red Sea and Moses lit by the pillar of fire, with the motto: “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” (Library of Congress archives) In fact, the early records of Virginia show early Americans held God dear and sought to treat the Indians in a manner befitting them as children of God. Alexander Whitaker wrote about Indians in 1613: “One God created us, they have reasonable soules and intellectuall faculties as well as wee; we all have Adam for our common parent: yea, by nature the condition of us both is all one.” Liberals seek to destroy religion and their allies the ACLU seeks to wipe out references to the Ten Commandants in courthouses, even as they support traitors like Lynn Stewart and any Gitmo detainee. If one reads the journal of the Governor of Virginia, William Bradford, they would read his sentence on the Pilgrims landing in the new world. He wrote: “What could now sustain them but the Spirit of God and His grace? Our fathers were Englishmen which came over this great ocean, and were ready to perish in the wilderness; but they cried unto the Lord, and He heard their voice and looked on their adversity.” Sounds to the Gunny that God and religion was pretty important to Americans and those Americans who founded this nation. Sorry Leftists.

Liberals LOVE to throw around the word Democracy but they fail to note that the Bible accounts for the earliest source of it. Now the Gunny is not religious, more of a warrior poet but Deuteronomy 1:13 reads: “Take ye wise men, and understanding, and known among your tribes, and I will make them rulers over you.” That can only mean that the people choose who their rulers would be and that by God’s grace, the foundation of authority over us begins in the free consent of a free people. Once again, Americanism is the rights of a free people, granted by God, by a Creator. And that Creator sure as HELL isn’t Obama or the Federal Government. Alexis de Tocqueville wrote: “I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors and her ample rivers–and it was not her fertile fields and boundless forests–and it was not there…in her rich mines and her vast world commerce–and it was not there…in her democratic Congress and her matchless Constitution–and it was not there. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power. America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.”

Ronaldus Magnum once declared that America must always be “the shining city upon a hill.” Who can disagree with that yet it was and is liberals who hate Reagan. The puppet in the White House, who dances to the tune Soros plays, works 24/7 to destroy the America he hates. He said it on the campaign but that 53% failed to listen. “We (meaning him) will fundamentally change America.” What Obama and the Left ALWAYS fail to note is that individual rights are inalienable. That means that they cannot be: suspended, taken, banished, infringed, obliterated, restricted, or violated, yet this president, this Congress, and this Senate do so every single day they exist. THAT is why November 2010 and November 2012 are so important. We will be attacking uphill as we vote the bums out. We fight rampant liberalism who will allow illegal aliens and the dead to vote over and over, merely to remain in power. Thus they spit in the face of Americanism.

In the greatness of America, we on the Right embrace the inalienable rights of man while the liberals embrace the State, the Collective, the chains of slavery called Marxism. Liberals bemoan the loss of “bipartisanism” which means that they’ve lost their ability to foist their agenda on us through lapdog Republicans. There is no middle ground in America any longer. We on the Right are going to have to do to the Left as Patton stated to this troops about the Nazis: “grab them by the nose and kick them in the ass.” We on the Right seek Individualism and Freedom while the Left seeks Statism and slavery. Our path leads to freedom, equality, and prosperity while their path, and there is plenty of historical evidence to show it, leads to slavery, loss, and death. Ronaldus Magnum stated that: ”If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.” Those words could not be closer to the truth. We have a fight on our hands and the choice facing America quite simply is, freedom or slavery. November 2010 is only 6 months away and November 2, 2012 is only 907 days away.


  1. The libs of today are the babylonians of yesteryear Gunny. They try and try to build that tower to heaven and they never realize the there is only one way, the LOGOS.
    They have to be secular in order to justify sin and guilt of their dirty filthy deeds, what a surprise they have when they like you and I face the one and only true judge, God help me and them too.

    They know as well as you and I that this country and all it's documents were created based upon the ten commandments and God Almighty, which translate into two in reality, 1) love God and put no other gods before him and 2) love your brethren as you love yourself. They hate God while claiming love and do not realize brethren that hate you and want to behead you are not your brethren. Thus osamabinobama can not be the leader of the free world, he is not fit.

    One prime example is to claim that fags were born that way. Only an idiot with malice aforethought mocks God and calls him a liar by such a statement. Libs are just exactly like Jesus told the kenites of his day "you are not of my Father you are of your father, he was a liar from the beginning"(satan), if you knew my Father you would hear me.

  2. R E,

    Great post. Liberals have been trying to take us sown since Wilson was in office. We have a had fight ahead of us and no time for half-steppers.

  3. Very good Gunny!
    Thank God there are still those of us in this country who have a spine and are not inclined to the servitude of false security.

  4. I'm proud of you Gunny. This is such a good article. And you have the whole situation figured out, and pinned down.
    I don't know how many days are left if the liberals keep having their way.
    I continue to pray that God will help us get rid of this godless government, so with His help, we can move forward with confidence.
    Press on my friend, we'll win!!

  5. Guns- Somewhere today I was reading about who does or doesn't play fair...hmmm. WOnder who isn't playing fair?

    The thing is for all who read here- remember that we need to stand for the principles of the Founders. If we stick to it, we can and will win. Because that is what the truth is. Those who continue to to lie and cheat the people of this Country and others will not be remembered fondly. But those of us who became SCDS'ers or Tea Partying folks are going to be remembered for the principled revolution to take our Republic back. The last resort might be violence, but every avenue must be tried before that. We must remember who we are!

  6. The madness of the Gunster. . .

    Spittle dropping on his keyboard like acid rain, Gunsel ranted thusly, with some of his most overblown and hysterical drivel yet:

    >Americanism is hated by the Left.

    No such thing as "Americanism," except in the so-called minds of hate-wracked racists like the Gunster. America comprises people of all creeds, colors and ethnic backgrounds, many of them very different in appearance, habits and philosophy from the country's original white settlers, but all of them Americans nevertheless.

    >Obama and his leftist thugs
    >in the SEIU and the SCOTUS

    The Supreme Court of the United States is staffed by "leftist thugs?" Gee, last I heard the court had a conservative majority. I guess that's not true in the insane fantasyland inhabited by the crazed Gunny.

    >Americanism is the guts to cross an
    >uncharted ocean to an unmapped
    >and unknown new world

    It wasn't Americans who did that. It was Norwegians and Portuguese and Spaniards and Dutch and French and English. No Americans.

    >Americanism is a heady brew,
    >it is potent stuff

    Kinda like Tennessee moonshine. A little of it makes you feel like a Big Man. Too much makes you puke, then fall down, then dead.

    >we challenge and rebuke the politicians for
    >selling us out at Townhalls until the point
    >where they fear to hold them!

    TRANSLATION: We yell and scream and rave like the demented sociopaths we are until engaging in civilized discussion becomes impossible and we've achieved our goal of stifling free speech.

    >Liberals hate religion simply because it
    >shows them the error of their ways

    No. Intelligent people scorn religion simply because it's a lie and turns people into morons.

    >Liberals laughed and heaped scorn on
    >Bush 43 when he stated that freedom
    >came from God.

    Intelligent folks heaped scorn on George W. Bush because he was a dolt and we know that if "freedom comes from God" then there is no freedom, because there ain't no gods.

    >The trouble for liberals is
    >that WE believe it as well.

    It's trouble for the entire country that some of its citizens are so hopelessly stupid and deluded.

    >Americans have always been willing to practice
    >freedom and equality for all of the citizens

    Except, of course, for those citizens who are female, or black, or aboriginal, or homosexual, or hold unconventional political views, or. . . .

    >That is, until a petty tyrant comes along,
    >the most unqualified man in any room he
    >walks into, to try to disconnect us from
    >our principles through his thuggery

    Yep -- sounds like Gunsel all right.

    >Once Americans talked about and thought of,
    >their nation as the nation of a chosen people.

    Only insane Americans thought so.

    >The Right still does


    >the Bible is the word of God

    Prove it, dumbass.

    >Liberals say America sucks.

    Liar. It's rightoids like you who hate America.

    >Obama routinely denigrates our
    >American culture, our way of life

    No he doesn't, liar. You do.

    >the Constitution, which protects not only
    >the individual but groups of Americans

    In its original form, of course, it did not "protect" blacks from being considered sub-humans and being denied all human rights, nor did it "protect" females from being regarded as less worthy of rights than males.

    So much for the so-called perfection of that vaunted, "God-given" document.

    >Alexander Whitaker wrote about Indians in 1613:
    >“One God created us, they have reasonable
    >soules and intellectuall faculties as well as
    >wee; we all have Adam for our common
    >parent: yea, by nature the condition of us
    >both is all one.”

    Later, American settlers said, "Let us give the red devils typhoid-infected blankets so we can steal their lands after they die."

    Some fine Americanism you tout there, Gunsel. Yowzah!

  7. At 13:35, Nee advised:

    >We must remember who we are!

    I can help you with that.

    What you and the rest of America's rightoid rabble are is a motley mob of ignorant, religion-wracked, poorly educated trailer trash desperate to keep blacks, Latinos and other minority groups at the bottom of society's pecking order because you know damn well that if they're not there, you are.

    You and the likes of the wretched Gunster are drooling with hate for President Barack Hussein Obama because he is living, incontrovertible proof that the majority of Americans now regard African-Americans as superior to the likes of you.

    To racists and losers like Gunny and you clowns in his Peanut Gallery, that's gotta sting.

  8. As usual Ivan tells parts of the story with faulty history.Blaming things on Americans
    Alexander Whitaker, an Englishman, was drowned in the flooded James River in 1617, when he was trying to reach and comfort an Indian woman.

    And then there is the typhoid blankets. Actually more likely to be smallpox, read and learn

    The Native Americans did not need blankets to infect them. All they needed was to be exposed to a diseased person carrying a disease to which there was no natural immunity.

    Who was your source? Ward Churchill?


  9. "motley mob of ignorant, religion-wracked, poorly educated trailer trash "

    bitter clingers , you think huh?

    "Wrong again: The attendees at the National Tea Party Rally

  10. Guns-
    I see that Ivan has fallen prey that anyone who is against the Pied Piper is a racist. He fails to see that it is his left-minded cohorts who wish to keep people of color down and not I.

    Oh, and I see has no religion either as he bashes the beliefs of others.

    No matter because those people in society who are self-reliant, to include the productive Americans and all the legal immigrants doing their part to keep the Republic are going to be the ones to save the idiots like Ivan. He, who doesn't seem to have a clue that as Europe falls, so too will we. It would suck to be him, so far gone in la-la land.

  11. At 18:50, Pack Rat noted:

    >And then there is the
    >typhoid blankets.
    >Actually more likely
    >to be smallpox

    You're absolutely right. I knew that, but for some unfathomable reason, wrote typhoid. Thanks for setting me straight.

    That being said . . . deliberately infecting aboriginal people with a deadly disease was an act of genocide that surely casts a dark, foul cloud over those allegedly noble, brave, admirable early Americans, doesn't it?

    There has always been a disturbing strain of thuggery running through the American makeup. Then, it was the persistent attempts to wipe the country's original inhabitants off the face of the earth.

    Today it's visible in the drooling, mindless hatred of the "tea party" assholes and the closet racists, like our own lovable Gunster, who've oozed forth to wage war against a democratically elected president of undeniably good character solely because he's black.

    America may be rich; it may be powerful. But its people have a long way to go before they can reasonably be considered just, civilized or decent.

  12. Ivan

    You continually mock, scorn and deride the people who blog here and the people who post here for their ideals, patriotism and religion.
    Yet you have never put forth your ideas of freedom, tolerance or religion.
    Please tell us your beliefs.

  13. As a part American Indian, I say to Ivan, MYOB!! thils is the United States, full of AMERICANS!! What ever happened in history, is just that HISTORY!! Leave it alone! You liberals are constantly digging digging, trying to cause division among Americans. There have been many unjustices in the world. But most have been from people like you that can'at leave people alone. You are trouble makers, implacable, immerciful, unholy. You deride people who have a different belief than you, which is what brought these atrocities that you whine about now. You have no use for those different than you,and would happilly sent Small Pox blankets to them at this minute, as you have done from the beginning of time!!

  14. I see I made several typos in above post. I was emotional. Sorry.

  15. Ah yes, case in point
    the war memorial in the Mojave desert was challenged by Ivan's ilk. They lost the case in the Supreme Court. Well these "fair" people, that want equal rights, these fair people that yell from the housetops about the freedom of speech, the rule of law etc. have torn the cross down. They didn't win in court, so as they always do, they pitched a snit, and ripped apart what they don't believe in.
    About these atheistic liberals I rest my case!!

  16. Ivan, you still did not get the point.

    Are you acting dense?

    The infected blankets were discussed but not used because they were as hazardous to the soldiers as to the Indians.
    As I also noted, what created the problem was the lack of natural immunity of the Native Americans to European diseases. ( Think of the movie "War of the Worlds" )

    Admit it Ivan , you made a mistake, that was the reason you typed the wrong word.

    Nanna, points well made, agree with your comments.

  17. Ivan--Americans went a little further than the aforementioned Europeans we traveled to the moon.

    Your Progressive hate seeps from your words, you can't stand anyone who doesn't agree with you. It is tough to think like you unless you are delusional. That said you were placed here to be a reminder of the depravity and ignorance we are up against.
    Illegal immigrants--not acceptable

    ..and the best at murder are those who PREACH against it and the best at HATE are those who preach LOVE and the best at WAR finally are those who preach PEACE....
    excerpt from

    So all Progressives/LIBERALS can preach all they want about their great ideals and intentions but there accusations reveal the true darkness in their hearts and the hatred for freedom and prosperity for all. They just use issues as weapons to stifle opposition and belittle those with other viewpoints.
    The impoverished inner city poor have been that way for decades despite the fact that the compassionate LIBERALS (rock their vote) at each election cycle then make sure they are kept needing the entitlements provided by big government until election time comes around.
    Who are the true racists who do nothing except allow these people to stay in their blighted situations and keep them restricted and use them as pawns in the LIBERAL/Progressive game of POWER GRAB?

  18. Ivan says: "Democratically elected" President. Those are progressive buzzwords because all tyrants are democratically elected like Castro, Chavez, A-jad, Hussein etc...

    Just because Obama was elected doesn't mean he hasn't turned into the biggest fraud ever to be President. The evidence is undeniable and irrefutable. Broken Promises, no focus on the economy, continued bailouts after passing the Pay-go provision, health care bill full of lies and unsustainable promises. The list goes on and on.

    We are a Republic with an electoral college in place as a stop gap to the tyrannical leaders. We had a taste of it with FDR that's why we put a term limit on the President as soon as FDR was out of power.

  19. Buck,

    I was out and about and failed to comment on your post. Well said to Ivan. He is a sideline champion, an armchair general, and a sheep.

  20. ALL (except Ivan the Moron)

    Your posts were EXCELLENT reading. Thx!

  21. At 7:31, Nee fibbed:

    >it is his left-minded cohorts who wish
    >to keep people of color down and not I.

    What a foul liar you are, Nee. It's quite the opposite, as you well know.

    Every act, both legislative and social, promoting civil rights in the U.S., every voting-rights campaign, every affirmative action program, every move towards equality of the races, was prompted, accomplished or facilitated by liberals and progressives, always over the hysterical protestations (and often violent opposition) of you rightoid, racist bastards.

    >the ones to save the idiots like Ivan

    Ivan doesn't require saving, thank you very much.

    >as Europe falls, so too will we.

    Europe hasn't "fallen" since the Romans left. What do you imagine could make it fall now?

    >It would suck to be him

    Actually, it's great to be me. If you knew exactly how great, you'd gnaw off your own face in jealousy.

  22. Ivan
    "Europe hasn't "fallen" since the Romans left. What do you imagine could make it fall now"

    Have you seen what Greece's crisis is doing to the Euro?

  23. At 8:09, Buck accused:

    >You continually mock, scorn and
    >deride the people who blog here
    >and the people who post here for
    >their ideals, patriotism and

    No, I don't. I mock, scorn and deride them for their mindless right-wing extremism, their racism, their ignorance and lack of education, their stupidity, their illiteracy and their idiot faith in the nonexistent.

    >Yet you have never put forth
    >your ideas of freedom, tolerance
    >or religion.

    What's to "put forth?"

    I love freedom, I'm a big fan of tolerance and I think religion is for the stupid, the brainwashed and the brain dead and should be consigned to the crap pile of history before it kills us all.

    >Please tell us your beliefs.

    Happy now?

  24. At 8:24, Nanna raged:

    >As a part American Indian,
    >I say to Ivan, MYOB!!

    Nanna, I don't give a rat's ass whether you're a bit injun or a bit cabbage. You don't get to say what I (or anyone else) may or may not comment on. It IS my business if I say it's my business. Are we clear?

    >thils (sic) is the United States,
    >full of AMERICANS!!

    And all kinds of other people as well. What's your point?

    >What ever happened in history,
    >is just that HISTORY!! Leave it

    What an idiot comment. So we should never again discuss ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire or the American Revolution? What's wrong with you?

    So as a "part Indian" you're not the least disturbed or offended that early Americans tried their damnedest to utterly rid the world of the people who contributed "part of" you, so they could steal their land?

    >You liberals are constantly
    >digging digging, trying to
    >cause division among Americans.

    Are you saying that without liberals, early Americans would NOT have presented aboriginals with smallpox-infested blankets, in an effort to kill them?

    >There have been many unjustices
    >in the world. But most have been
    >from people like you that can'at
    >leave people alone.

    Aaah, so you ARE saying it was "liberals" who tried to kill all the Indians. Interesting. Psychotic and stupid, but interesting.

    >You are trouble makers, implacable,
    >immerciful, unholy.

    Yes, people who try to bring change and improvement to the world are often called troublemakers.

    Isn't that why they killed Jesus Christ?

    For my part, I wear the label proudly.

    And, BTW, there's no such word as "immerciful," dumbass.

    >You deride people who have a
    >different belief than you

    Wrong. I "deride" people who insist on holding beliefs that are palpably, demonstrably wrong, stupid, childish and destructive.

    >You have no use for those
    >different than you

    No, it's liars and haters I've no use for. Also, people who try to rewrite history -- people like you.

    >and would happilly sent Small Pox
    >blankets to them at this minute,
    >as you have done from the beginning
    >of time!!

    Methinks Nanna has been smoking 'way too much locoweed and sucking back too much firewater. Nanna may be partly red, but she's all nutter.

  25. "Methinks Nanna has been smoking 'way too much locoweed and sucking back too much firewater"..Ivan

    Racist comment

    "Are you saying that without liberals, early Americans would NOT have presented aboriginals with smallpox-infested blankets, in an effort to kill them?"

    Still repeating the false talking points, I see. Source of this canard, please.

  26. At 16:35, Rack Pat blathered:

    >Still repeating the false talking points, I see.

    False, my ass.

    "During a parley at Fort Pitt on June 24, 1763, Captain Simeon Ecuyer gave representatives of the besieging Delawares two blankets and a handkerchief that had been exposed to smallpox, in hopes of spreading the disease to the Indians in order to end the siege."

  27. Ivan
    " there's no such word as "immerciful," dumbass."

    Wrong again, while not in your dictionary, it is understandable.
    im- variation of in- or un- meaning "not". Merciful- having mercy

    Then from your own citation (that you ridicule when someone else uses it:" Indeed, even before the blankets had been handed over, the disease may have been spread to the Indians by native warriors returning from attacks on infected white settlements. So while it is certain that these British soldiers attempted to intentionally infect Indians with smallpox, it is uncertain whether or not their attempt was successful.[3]
    You refer to "early Americans ", whereas the perpetrators of these schemes were British Army officers ( Captain Simeon Ecuyer, for one) rather than colonials.

    Try again; see if you can get it right.

  28. At 20:37, Rat Pack egested:

    >even before the blankets had been
    >handed over, the disease may have
    >been spread to the Indians by native

    Idiot. The point isn't whether the aboriginals ACTUALLY GOT smallpox, but the genocidal *intentions* of those whites who gave them the blankets.

    Re "immerciful": Why do you bother to defend the indefensible? Just makes you look pathetically eager to try to prove Ivan wrong and win brownie points from your semi-retarded bum-buddies here, and quite stupid. There's no such word. In any dictionary. End of story.

    Wake up, Ratty. Life is too short to have to keep straightening you out.

  29. Ivan, Ivan
    "Idiot. The point isn't whether the aboriginals ACTUALLY GOT smallpox, but the genocidal *intentions* of those whites who gave them the blankets"

    Read your own source.

    Intent is totally diffrent from action.
    Just because one wants to choke another does not make that intent a problem unless it is acted upon.

    You agrue to avoid admitting your errors. And you still resort to insults: "semi-retarded bum-buddies ", do you have some sort of obsession with such terms?

  30. At 09:59, Rat Pack blurted out:

    >Read your own source.

    I have. You apparently didn't, or failed to understand it.

    >Intent is totally diffrent from action.

    Let me make it simple for you, since you apparently require the greatest degree of simplicity:

    INTENT: "in hopes of spreading the disease to the Indians"
    ACTION: "gave (the Indians) two blankets and a handkerchief that had been exposed to smallpox."

    The genocidal intent WAS "acted upon." Whether it succeeded or not is irrelevant.

    Get it now? Game, set and match.

    Now tell me this: What the hell's wrong with you that you'd want to minimize such a shockingly cruel crime?

    Do you have some sort of obsession with defending racist murderers?

  31. Not defending, just stating details, default, on your part.

    "The genocidal intent WAS "acted upon." Whether it succeeded or not is irrelevant"

    Whether or not it succeeded made a hell of difference to those who lived or died.

    I comprehend that you twist, ignore and deflect.

    What part of "it is uncertain whether or not their attempt was successful.[3]" don't you understand?

  32. At 13:22, Rat Pack uttered:

    >I comprehend

    That's another thing you're wrong about.

    You obviously comprehend nothing, and you're 'way too thick to waste time on.

    Go away, Ratty. At least until you have something intelligible to contribute.

  33. No way Ivan,

    As long as you put out scat, I will call your bluff on it.

    You are not clairvoyant, pettifogger

  34. Ivan:
    Thank you for the insight into your personal beliefs.
    Now instead of treating you with scorn, we of the Gunny's blog audience and comments community must treat you with much more tolerance and understanding.
    Much like folks of another era treated the village idiot.

  35. How funny,
    One who quit college, quit college, and occasionally quits threads denigrates the intelligence, ethics, and abilities of others.