Thursday, May 13, 2010



“Six years ago I was here to ask the Congress to join me in America's new beginning. Well, the results are something of which we can all be proud. Our inflation rate is now the lowest in a quarter of a century. The prime interest rate has fallen from the 21 ½ percent the month before we took office to 7 ½ percent today. And those rates have triggered the most housing starts in 8 years. The unemployment rate -- still too high -- is the lowest in nearly 7 years, and our people have created nearly 13 million new jobs. Over 61 percent of everyone over the age of 16, male and female, is employed -- the highest percentage on record. Let's roll up our sleeves and go to work and put America's economic engine at full throttle. We can also be heartened by our progress across the world. Most important, America is at peace tonight, and freedom is on the march. And we've done much these past years to restore our defenses, our alliances, and our leadership in the world. Our sons and daughters in the services once again wear their uniforms with pride.

But though we've made much progress, I have one major regret: I took a risk with regard to our action in Iran. It did not work, and for that I assume full responsibility. The goals were worthy. I do not believe it was wrong to try to establish contacts with a country of strategic importance or to try to save lives. And certainly it was not wrong to try to secure freedom for our citizens held in barbaric captivity. But we did not achieve what we wished, and serious mistakes were made in trying to do so. We will get to the bottom of this, and I will take whatever action is called for. But in debating the past, we must not deny ourselves the successes of the future. Let it never be said of this generation of Americans that we became so obsessed with failure that we refused to take risks that could further the cause of peace and freedom in the world. Much is at stake here, and the Nation and the world are watching to see if we go forward together in the national interest or if we let partisanship weaken us. And let there be no mistake about American policy: We will not sit idly by if our interests or our friends in the Middle East are threatened, nor will we yield to terrorist blackmail.” Reagan SOTU 1/87

That was from Ronaldus Magnum’s State of the Union speech in January of 1987. How unlike the cipher we currently have in the White House who cannot accept the blame, would not know HOW to accept the blame as a man does, and instead, chucks his followers under the bus over and over, while the bootlickers in the Lapdog Media swoon over Barry’s every blast of flatulence, both oral and anal. Who denigrates our nation and works against the citizens therein like a termite gnawing away on the wall of a house. He weakens this nation with every action his puppetmaster George Soros tells him to do.

For example, We on the Right find ourselves in times when those in power, once again, want us taxed to the hilt. They want us paying the freight as they violate our rights to benefit the mob they throw “bread” to, simply to purchase their votes and then blame us for not paying enough, even as THEY dodge those taxes! There is no lower form of scumbaggery that these leftists can engage in. These liberals want us socked in the gut at the gas pumps, with a “gradual” rise in price, as Comrade Zero stated, so that like a frog in cold water, we don’t realize we’re screwed until the water is boiling. For example, look at the way Zero and his myrmidons treated the oil spill in the Gulf. EIGHT DAYS for them to act! Then it becomes a blame game and a political circle jerk as they suckle at the lower protuberance of the eco-nazis, who want us back in the 1800’s, economically speaking that is. And naturally, their knee-jerk reaction is to shutdown all oil drilling in the Gulf, as a pretence to shutting down oil drilling in America (ANWR will soon be off limits forever, bet on it). Of course, the Chinese, the Cubans, the Russians, the Brazilians (thanks to Soros), are drilling away in the Gulf and elsewhere, making money, furthering their economies, while liberals bring our economy to a halt even as they screw us wildly in their Gotterdammerung leading to November 2010 and November 2012.

Edmund Burke, the father of Modern Conservatism stated to Parliament some words that if he were alive today, he could speak to this regime and its minions.

“Reflect how you are to govern a people who think they ought to be free, and think they are not. Your scheme yields no revenue; it yields nothing but discontent, disorder, disobedience; and such is the state of America, that after wading up to your eyes in blood, you could only end just where you begun; that is, to tax where no revenue is to be found..”

As we enter into this election year, liberals KNOW they’re toast, that is why they’re retiring or stating that they’re not running for reelection. But what they ARE doing is screwing us on their way out. Thus, there are three things we must, as modern day patriots, have in our arsenal.

The first is a word the Gunny learned a great deal about on Parris Island and that is, discipline. We must use discipline in every action against this regime. One, our pursuit of civil disobedience and peaceful protest cannot be beaten by these clowns and they know it. We must have the discipline to gather, protest, invoke the Constitution, invoke our God-given Rights, and demand that these politicians toe the line. Two, we must have the discipline to remember the misdeeds of those in power and work to ensure that we kick them to the curb in the next election or impeach them or recall them if possible. WE MUST PUNISH THEM for their actions! It takes discipline to return the the fight, day after day, knowing that you face scummy politicians who lie like rugs, who pull shady backroom deals, who embrace (and bow to) our enemies, who seek to oppress us through excessive taxation with little REAL representation, and who enlist the aid to radical communist scum like Andy Stern, Van Jones, and nut cases like John Holdren. Remember them for they are the enemy. Three, we must have the discipline to go to the polls, time after time, to counter the enemy’s raising of the dead to vote. Who buy votes from the bums and the dregs of the inner city (Irving Slosberg and his voting machine in 2000) for a few bucks, a bottle of MD 20/20, a pack of smokes, etc. Lastly, we can no longer afford NOT to have the discipline to participate in the political process. Too long we’ve let the radical left run rampant. Too long we’ve ignored their infiltrations, their gnawing away at the foundations of this nation through activist judges, the ACLU, and scum like Soros, who finally bought himself a president (he tried with Gore and Kerry). It must stop.

The second is, focus of effort. The Leftists outnumber us not in population (America is STILL a conservative country for the most part) but in money and protest groups. You see, Soros, a convicted felon, can reside here in the US, scot-free, and use the money from his various hedge funds to buy protest groups and bus them into an area to whine and mewl. Take the time to review this website: it is a real eye opener and a fantastic research tool. THIS is why we must focus our effort, like a laser beam, to root out the leftist scum in our government, that seeks to pervert the American way of life, wreck our economy, trample on the Constitution, and piss on our God-given Rights. Take for example, the idiot that Comrade Zero put up for the Supreme Court, Ms. Kagan. This is a person so far to the Left, she makes Lenin look like a moderate. She stands for the regulation of free speech! THAT, my friends, is NOT what our Founding Fathers had in mind. Moreover, she stated recently, that HELLER v DC decided that it WAS an individual right to Keep and Bear Arms. WRONG ANSWER! It is the Second Amendment that allows us to Keep and Bear Arms. Heller v DC merely overturned an unconstitutional gun ban ushered in by liberals in the early 70’s and one that failed miserably, the Gunny might add. One of the most treacherous acts committed by this leftist was to ensure that Comrade Obummer’s Harvard records are sealed and will remain thus. Why? Is there something to hide? Did the Anointed One use federal funding under fraudulent means, to pay for his schooling as some are saying? It takes a serious focus of effort to continue to ask the questions that make this regime squirm. It takes a serious focus of effort to write, call, and email your Senators and demand that idiots like Kagan are NOT allowed to sit on the SCOTUS but are returned to their ivory towered existence at cesspools like Harvard. It takes a serious focus of effort to disregard the red herrings that cascade from the lips of the Mystical Magical Negro (LA Times) and his henchmen like Baghdad Bob Gibbs and David Axleroid, and stay on point in the attack.

The third thing is an aggressive spirit. Have you ever watched leftists protest? They are like rabid animals on the attack. The Gunny watched them spitting on the returning GI’s at Oakland airport in 1969/70 and they truly were like animals. They scream and hurl invectives like Rosie O’Donnell hitting the buffet line! We, on the other hand, must have the aggressive spirit to get involved and stay involved which is, as we already know, hard as hell to do. You see, liberals get paid to protest, usually by the same guy that bought and paid for Comrade Barry, that is, Soros. But not far behind him is the other puppetmasters, Peter Lewis of Progressive Insurance, Bill Gates, the morons in Hollyweird, etc. Your average liberal can sit at home, working on their protest signs, sucking up welfare, disability, Soros money for protesting, and other forms of gaming the system. When one has no shame, when one has no self-respect, when one has no love of country (other than the freebies they can obtain), then it is easy to be a whore for the Left. We, on the other, are busy working, raising our families, getting ahead in life, investing and managing our investments, and doing what Americans have done since the beginnings of this nation, living our lives as a free people, as God intended. For US to get 1.7 MILLION freedom-loving Americans to DC, at their own expense, was monumental to say the least. THAT is the aggressive spirit we on the Right need to have until we can trod liberalism and its adherents under our feet.

It takes a helluva lot of gumption to look at the beast we face day after day, backed by Soros money, aided by the socialist pukes in the Lapdog Media (minus Newsweek! haha), with propaganda organs like Baghdad Bob Gibbs and the plastic people in Hollyweird, and fight back. We must have the aggressive spirit that makes us get out of bed everyday, saying “no we won’t” to the idiots in DC. Again, Burke points the way for us he he wrote in 1770:

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.

We ARE associating under the banner of the Tea Party, and with an aggressive spirit, we remain engaged, we remain on point, attacking this regime with civil disobedience and resistance to the demands of this petty tyrant in the White House. It takes a free people with an aggressive spirit to realize that the true danger facing us is when Congress, the Senate, and the White House, nibble away at our freedom, again, like a frog in cold water, waiting for us to fall asleep again.

In closing, let us remember the words of Burke, as he described our struggle today for freedom, to return our nation to a Constitutional Republic, to end the violations of the rights of some for payoffs to other:

“Difficulty is a severe instructor, set over us by the supreme ordinance of a parental Guardian and Legislator, who knows us better than we know ourselves, as he loves us better too. Pater ipse colendi haud facilem esse viam voluit. He that wrestles with us strengthens our nerves, and sharpens our skill. Our antagonist is our helper.”

Difficult days lie ahead my friends but there is light at the end of the tunnel as we can throw the bums out of office, as we resist the “fundamental change” of this nation by a horde of scumbags so disgusting to us, who would nauseate our Founding Fathers but could they witness them, that armed with the three things above, we will win. As we remember that the progressives, the leftists, the Statists did not pervert the American way of life in a few years (they have been at it since Wilson), we cannot win overnight. In closing, our fight is far from over but take comfort that Burke saw the struggle for freedom quite clearly 240 years ago”

Our patience will achieve more than our force.”

Stay the course my friends, we have a lot of work ahead of us and it started in January 2007 when this leftist rabble took over the Congress and the Senate but we will win, bet on it.


  1. Soros
    Why doesn't one of the countries he screwed ask for extradition?
    Too bad he didn't piss the Jews off. They might pull another Eichmann type "arrest".
    Actually France should consider paying Israel a bounty fee for fetching him back.

  2. Buck,

    I passed that on to a guy I know in the IDF! let's hope he passes that great idea upward.

  3. Excellent post Gunny--Reagan would have a LOT to say today

  4. 8th,

    Thanks for the kudos and hell yes, he'd be ripping into this regime like a buzzsaw.

  5. Great post Gunny!
    I think what has surprised me the most is the leftist Congressional representatives willingness (and Senators for that matter) to walk the plank for Obama on Health care and Stimulus. I'm sure they've all got their golden parachutes packed but I just assumed they liked power and influence more than following orders. I guess the opportunity to realize the socialist dream was too appealing to let pass by.

    "Nothing turns out to be so oppressive and unjust as a feeble government." Edmund Burke

  6. You made me REALLY miss Reagan!
    What rikdergis said made me stop and think. Is there any way we could stop this ridiculous law of paying these lousy congressmen and presidents their full salary after they leave office? Personally I have had it with them.
    Isn't that something they gave themselves, like a raise? It isn't in the constitution is it?

    I most certainly agree that we must stick together, and work together to stop these liberals.
    It must happen before this country blows apart.

  7. Here is what Obama had to say about an "woman with no judical experience " being recommended as Supreme Court Justice:

  8. NO ONE should receive full pay at retirement -- unless we ALL do. I'm a retired federal employee, and I only get a little over half of what I made while working; and that definitely isn't enough to live on, so I've had to go back to work. Where is the 'equality' in that? The town I live in just sent a clear message by defeating all liberals in our local elections, and it was one of the largest voter turnouts in years. Let's send the same message to DC liberals every chance we get!

  9. The left is out to eat its own:
    "On Wednesday's Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC, host Dylan Ratigan didn't see any point to continuing the war in Afghanistan and slammed military air strikes against terrorist targets as: "kids with joysticks in New Jersey and Las Vegas dropping predator bombs on civilians willy-nilly." Earlier, Ratigan declared: "the Bush doctrine of fight them there and they won't get us here appears to be continuing to break down as we now default to just predator drone-them-to-death wherever they may be on remote control and an apparent, sort of, nonevent in Afghanistan. It's like a charade."

  10. Our service men have their hands tied. rush Limbaugh was saying that they can't fire after dark, they can't fire if they see a civilian in sight. The White House( our so called president) is having a new medal, like our Medal of Honor. this one is for "restraint"!! Rush wanted to know if it will be awarded posthumously. This is CRAZY!!! No wonder our General says the battle is a tie!

  11. Well said! Excellent quotes.

  12. Pack Rat,
    Is it any wonder that the Obummer administration can't successfully prosecute a war against an enemy that they refuse to even identify. The leftist point to a failure of the Bush doctrine but Obozo has clearly reverted to the Clinton doctrine of "lob missiles at them while we run away."

    "Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable." George S Patton