Monday, April 5, 2010


Please note his left hand.

What is it about the Leftists that they simply have ZERO class? That Congcritter Hare would have a picture of Hubert Humprey, a noted anti-Constitutionalist behind him, as he flipped off America, is notable. This clown is laughable and an insult to America but as the Gunny stated in an earlier post of this bloated pig, he's in a safe district not unlike Red Nanny Pelosi.

One day, may we be rid of such vermin.


  1. If he is in a "safe" district, why is he trying to clean up what he said earlier.
    It wasn't out of context, the video ran long enough before and after he spoke.

    At any rate we will be saddled with these marxist type politicians as long as we have entitlement districts that were gerrymandered by SCOTUS from previous census.

  2. Buck,

    You're 100% right. Scary that the WH is taking such an interest in THIS census. I filled out the first question and sent that in!

  3. Maybe he's sincere. Maybe the Dimocritters gave him their version of the Constitution, their abridged version of the Healthcare bill and he's legitimately telling the truth. Or what I personally believe, he's a frickin liar like the rest of the Dimocritters.

  4. As long as I'm the congressman here FY I did this because I know more than you. Just like FBO doesn't just stand for failure barracks osamabinobama anymore but instead F you barry(spelled by elmer fudd), you wrong handed, wrong minded moonbat.