Wednesday, April 28, 2010


When you pull a turd from the Chicago political sewer and buy the presidency for it, don’t be surprised when it stinks on ice. Yesterday, Glenn Beck outed Comrade Zero’s role in the CCX or more formally, the Chicago Climate Exchange. Not surprisingly, Comrade Zero is also STILL trying to force Crap and Tax through the Senate, with his lapdogs liberals and myrmidon RINO (Grahamnesty) bent over and slavishly working up and down for Barry. If you missed Beck, here is the deal. This issue is so important that the Gunny postponed something he’d been working on to get this out.

Remember this number…10 TRILLION DOLLARS (a year).

Let’s get some of the players in right now: Barry Obummer, George Soros, William Ayers and his brother John, Owl Gore, Franklin Raines, Maurice Strong, and the Joyce Foundation.

Barry Obummer was on the Board of Directors that funneled over 1 MILLION dollars, donated by the Joyce Foundation, to start up the Chicago Climate Exchange, which could begin trading in an invisible gas that was worth nothing. Barry was active from 1994-2002 and made sure that the Joyce Foundation funneled funds to the Chicago Climate Exchange in 2001. Barry is quite the organizer when it comes to scams. Valerie Jarrett was also on the Joyce Foundation board and now works for Barry in the White House. Sweet.

Our old friend George Soros, who finally bought himself a president (he tried but failed with Gore and Kerry) , is involved here as well, through the Joyce Foundation as well as funneling money to Barry Soetoro’s campaign.

The Joyce Foundation:

1. Run by a professional group (libs) that began moving it far left in 1972.

2. Supports: social justice, prison reform, big government, and of course, gun bans.

3. Their goals:

(a) The Environmental Program: opposes logging, mining, construction, and oil exploration. Hostile to capitalism. Touts global warming.
(b) The Anti-Gun Program: works to put small gun dealerships out of business by placing the firearms industry completely under consumer product health and safety oversight. They have called gun violence a national epidemic [a liberal lie] and work to erode the Second Amendment.
(c) The Cultural Program: the multi-culturalism and diversity arm of this Foundation. Works to undermine Americanism, the melting pot, etc.
(d) The Employment Program: As the redistribution arm of the Foundation, they embrace Earned Income Tax Credit, welfare, ObamaKare, etc. It should be noted that they DO NOT fund ANY programs that offer job training or placement services for individuals.
(e) The Money and Politics program: buys politicians like Obama. They use trial lawyers and activist judges to promote leftist agendas that CANNOT pass the citizen’s smell test.
(f) The Education Program: Calls for more and more government spending on public education, which gets worse and worse. PROMOTES "social promotion" (students passed to the next grade even if they are academically unprepared). SUPPORTS "high quality alternative certification" [individuals who are unable to receive regular certification may still become classroom teachers].

4. Recipients are (short list): Tides Foundation (Soros) , Environmental Defense Fund (Econazis), World Wildlife Fund (ecoterrorists), La Raza (go figure!), Greenpeace, Democracy 21, the Center for Economic Progress (SOCIALISTS), the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, the Handgun Epidemic Lowering Plan Network; the Council Against Handgun Violence, Handgun Free America, the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, the Coalition Against Gun Violence, ACLU, and the Proteus Fund (another FAR LEFT fund that funnels money to leftists groups from “anonymous” donors)

It was not enough that Owl Gore was involved with one scam after another in the Clinton Administration, most notably the Buddhist campaign fund scam, but he’s in this one up to the tip of his pointy head. His London based scam Generation Investment Management bought a chunk of the CCX along with, guess who, Goldman/Sachs clowns like David Blood, Mark Ferguson, and Peter Harris. If you’ve wondered WHY Owl Gore refuses to let the gloBULL warming lie crawl away and die, this is why. He’s making millions trading nothing for cash. Owl buys his carbon off-sets from himself in the Generation Investment Management LLP and trades them on the Chicago Climate Exchange. Nice little scam there. It was in November 2004, that Owl Gore unveiled GIM and WHO was standing by his side? Why none other than David Blood, the CEO of Goldman Asset Management. GIM was established with the initial capital of $206 million from Goldman Sachs clients. Henry Paulson, ANOTHER Goldman Sachs turd, helped Owl Gore even as Paulson was the chairman of the board of the Nature Conservancy (econazis). As of April 2010, SEVEN of Gore’s chief partners in GIM are from Goldman Sachs.

Ah, good Ol Franklin Raines. This is the guy who busted Fannie Mae out, who took a fat bonus at the end, and who liberals like Maxine Waters defended by calling anyone who accused Raines of screwing up Fannie Mae, racists. So where does the corrupt tool figure in here? Why, Ol Franky simply used the taxpayer’s money FROM Fannie Mae (one of the liberal’s cash cows) to buy the technology to measure and manage carbon. Now the best part is this. PRIOR to the Democrats getting control of the Congress, the technology was pending a patent but ONE DAY, just ONE DAY after the liberals took over on November 7, 2006, POOF!, the patent was awarded. They couldn’t wait even a few days to even MAKE it look kosher. Ah, liberals.

UPDATED INFO: Fannie Mae still owns which gives Fannie Mae a lock on the carbon trading market. Nothing like a little insider work and a need for success of cap-and-trade legislation through the efforts of Barry Soetoro.

Maurice Strong. A proponent of world socialism and the UN as the world government, he lives in Communist China but probably better off than the proles there. He is anti-American to his core. Remember the Oil-for-Food scam that the UN pulled on the US and of course, never punished anyone for it? It appears that Ol Maurice was in it up to his neck. Back in 2005, evidence showed that in 1997, while working for Kofi Annan, Strong had endorsed a check for $988,885, made out to "Mr. M. Strong," issued by a Jordanian bank, from Saddam Hussein. The check had been hand-delivered to Mr. Strong by a South Korean businessman, Tongsun Park. Park was convicted in New York federal court of conspiring to bribe U.N. officials to rig Oil-for-Food in favor of Saddam Hussein. Naturally, Mr. Strong was never accused of any wrongdoing. Strong is on the board of directors of the Chicago Climate Exchange and worked with liberals in the Senate to write the Kyoto Protocols that would have crippled our economy before Comrade Zero was elected.

It is amazing how Comrade Zero, as he bashes capitalism, bashed Wall Street, bashes America, works like a two-bit whore to push gloBULL warming and Crap and Tax through Congress and the Senate. It is all for his buddies on the CCX and in Goldman Sachs. The corruption here is on a level unseen before and surpasses the Enron scandal that hit FRONT PAGES on every librag across the nation, with libs in Congress wringing their hands and moaning about Bush, yet nothing here folks. It seems that Comrade Zero bashes Goldman Sachs in public while working hand-in-glove with them behind closed doors making money for his pals. After all, they bought him the White House, they own him, and so he owes them.

It is Richard Sandor, the founder of the CCX, who stated that the CCX would be a 10 trillion dollar a year industry. Imagine that folks, TEN TRILLION DOLLARS a year trading nothing. It makes the Ponzi scam of Social Security and Bernie Madoff seem like nothing in comparison. Richard Sandor is also the father of the Derivative and Future Markets and way back when, he was an executive of Drexel Burnham. Drexel Burnham was the place where Junk Bond King Michael Milken worked. Richard had a great mentor. Let's look where some of his fellow Drexel alumni ended up...

Abby Joseph Cohen - Goldman Sachs
Roderick M. Hills (former Chairman of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Joseph Cassano, founder of AIG Financial Products (800K to Dems in 2008)
Ken Moelis, former President and Head of Investment Banking at UBS. Founder of Moelis Company. (UBS is a HUGE donor to libs)
Guy Adami, panelist on CNBC's Fast Money
(just to name a few)

 In fact, Fannie and Freddie bundled risky mortgages and resold to investors as mortgage-backed securities, which were worthless and the liberals are doing the same thing at the CCX. Bundling the carbon-trading system and selling worthless crap and forcing the American people to pay the freight with that damned Crap and Tax scam.

Where is the media here? Beck broke the story YESTERDAY and nothing about it today anywhere.

The Kenyan Usurper is up to his jug ears in this sewer along with many liberals who hate America even as they enrich themselves off of the system. Don’t hold your breath waiting for ABCCBSNBCPMSNBCCNN or the NY Obama Times to dig deeper into this. Just move along folks, it’s just liberalism at work, like organized crime.


  1. This too, explains Obama's plans for this Great Country.
    You said he is up to his jug ears in the sewer. I think he's having to breathe through a straw he's so deep. I was so afraid for America when he was running for president, and more so when he was elected. He's even worse than I expected.
    Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Nanna,

    Actually, I find out that this story broke back in 2009 by the Canada Free Press and was IGNORED by the lapdog media back then!

    I'm telling you, the CFP and Beck have just scratched the surface here. Obama is one corrupt piece of dog squeeze as is his whole admin.

  3. The CCX is all about the socialist ideal of wealth redistribution and control. Funny how everyone of the groups is anti-gun.

    Off topic, cheers to the SCOTUS for the ruling today:

    "If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand."-Milton Friedman

  4. What next? Removing crosses from Vet's Cemeteries?
    The plaintiff probably would have made that his next project. Similar idiots wanted to take the crosses off the city logo for Las Cruces, NM. Of course, the plaintiffs there did not care where the name came from. Clue: "The Road of Death."

  5. rikdergis,

    I could write volumes on the various leftist funds and foundations like the Tides, Proteus, and Joyce. They are all far left and all donate huge amounts of bucks to anti gun groups.

    I saw that from the SCOTUS and apparently, they're still pissed that Barry snubbed and scorned them at the SOTU! haha

  6. Pack Rat,

    As I stated yesterday in my awesome essay (if I do say so myself), liberals HAVE to get rid of God because they are amoral AND their god is the State.

  7. Oh, gee, Gunny. Don't hold back so much. Tell us how you really feel!


    (Not that the rest of us don't think the same way!)

  8. The Interface,

    Yeah! haha. It still amazes me how libs whine about Bush, Enron, Cheney, Haliburton, but this is rampant corruption and lies and of course, it's ignored.

  9. I just realized something. Obama's family dog is named after him. Bo are his initials. wondered who named him? Aint that cute?

  10. Nanna,

    We made hay on that one way back when! haha. Why OF COURSE the Pied Piper from Kenya named the dog...after himself.

  11. The latest dishonest thing,
    the Obama administration is refusing to honor the Senate subpoena concerning Hasan and Ft Hood

    What are they afraid of?

  12. I missed that discussion. I thought I brilliantly thought of it myself. Nothing new under the sun.:-)

  13. Pack Rat,

    That Hasan had ties to Obama somehow.

  14. Nanna,

    No sweat! It is a laughing point on the Narcissist-in-Chief that his dog is named after him. Zero truly is a loser.

  15. If anyone could be more aa than the one big arse mistake arseholes(yes we true Americans did not vote for this lower than a snakes belly)it would be raines. soros, fbo, raines, bawney, chris and a few others colluded in creating the housing market collapse. These lowlife criminals should be in the seats of goldman sachs, they are the ones who created the market downturn. That said goldman sachs was in bed with the subprime loan scam and osamabinobama the whole time and still are.
    Impeach, Remove and Repeal NOW!!!

    Ivanazak who stupidly thinks Bush caused it can put that in his smipe and poke it.

  16. but what can we do---nothing seems to help, no one seems to listen, the court systems are all on HIS side, everyone has given up on getting him to provide documentation of his citizenship. We are losing our nation even though so many people seem to know what's goinbg on---how is he above the law?

  17. Anyone want to be he takes less time picking a Supreme Court justice than he did his dog.

    Looks like he stuck his foot in his mouth concerning the AZ immigration law.

  18. My husband (as 20 year Air Force veteran) said 18 months ago he thought this guy was the anti-Christ, and I'm beginning to think he's right. The more he does while in office, the worse things get, the more uneasy I become, and the more convinced I become that we may be headed for some very dangerous tomes here because of "the One." He scares me.

  19. Anon,

    We keep fighting. As my old DI drummed into our heads, "quitters never win and winners never quit."

    Gott Mit Uns.

  20. Pack Rat,

    Hell no, I ain't taking that bet. Boneead already has a commie puke in mind.

  21. Laurie,

    He's no Anti-Christ but he is, ANTI AMERICAN.

  22. At 7:58, The Gunster implored:

    >Gott Mit Uns.

    Nazi talk.

    What a surprise.

    "WASHINGTON – The number of Americans filing claims for unemployment benefits dropped for a second consecutive week, further evidence that the job market is slowly improving."

    Yes it is. Good news for Americans out of Washington.

    Let's see . . . rescuing the economy from the Republican-caused meltdown, enacting the most significant reform of national health care since the New Deal, about to re-institute market regulations designed to rein in Wall Street's unbridled, criminal greed -- and all in the space of 15 months. Not bad for a simple community organizer from Chicago, huh? One would have to be blind, or a rabid, unthinking ideologue, not to realize that the current occupant of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, is turning out to be one of the most effective U.S. presidents ever.

    That sucking sound you hear, rightoids, is you.

  24. as usual Ivan edits. The sentence left out.."The four-week average for claims edged up slightly to 462,500, still above the level that economists believe signals sustained improvements in the job market."

  25. For those who do not understand German : "God with us"

    What a surprise that some would look only at the negative.