Thursday, April 1, 2010


EXCERPT: "Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signed a bill Saturday authorizing Utah to file eminent domain proceedings against federally owned land, primarily to gain access to state-owned parcels to be able to drill where trucks and pipelines now can't reach.

Devils Garden formations stand at the Grand Staircase National Monument in Escalante, Utah. Utah's new law authorizing it to condemn and take control of some federal lands isn't likely to prevail, experts say.

Three cheers for Governor Herbert who is standing up to the Federal Colossus. WHY does the Federal government own that land? For example, the people in Utah are pissed because BJ Bubba Clinton locked up 1.8 million acres of land in order to stop a coal mine that would have brought in billions in funds of Utah, the Feds, and benefited the entire United States. In Alaska, the Feds decide whether or not WE can drill in ANWR. We are prevented from drilling in ANWR, on 1,000 acres out of a million, by fat corrupt Congressional bureaucrats bought and paid for by the enviro-nazis. So Alaskans have to suffer from a lack of job, cheaper gas, and a booming economy to save 1,000 acres of pure nothingness. THAT is why Americans should back Governor Herbert's play.

It's high time for defiance, my friends, we've allowed them to run roughshod over us far too long.

The father of the Marine who was killed in Iraq and whose burial was protested by the cultist vermin said that he would defy the court's order to pay the fee for the church's appeal. Thankfully, Bill O'Rielly stepped up, as Conservatives usually do, and donated the cash. However, the deeper issue here is that the father said HELL NO! He would rather suffer the consequences of his actions than knuckle under to a court that had its head superglued inside their anal cavity.

Legal experts say that Utah has almost no chance of winning in this case but THAT AIN'T THE POINT! The point is that states need to start taking the federal government to task over every little issue because that is what the feds, and their little minions like the enviro-kooks do. The enviro-nazis slap down lawsuits (a game they know well) using our tax dollars to do it, and then if they lose locally, they move up the chain, using our tax dollars every inch of the way. They get the feds involved and pretty soon, the land is taken from the state, as BJ Bubba did throughout the 90's.

What the government has done yet again is violate one of the fundamental principles of federalism by seizing and making off limits, public lands. The Gunny looked in the Constitution again and could find no clear outline that stated that the government could seize land and then lock it down. If the government needed it for a military base, fine, that's for the common defense. But what happens is that they seize the land and then do nothing with it? No one can mine it, work it, etc, and the resources go unused and jobs don't get created.

Say the federal government got the hell out of Alaska's business and we could drill as we saw fit. We'd have jobs, we'd have energy, tax revenues would flow (that always makes liberals happy), and we could be energy independent even as we sought alternative fuels but no, politicians UNTOUCHED by what they do, rule with an iron fist and screw us over.

Gov. Herbert said, "Sometimes though, when the donkey doesn't move, you need to hit him across the head with a two-by-four just to get their attention and sometimes the federal government needs to be brought to attention so we can negotiate and have some discussion."

Indeed, here in Alaska, the Obummer Admin of 60's radicals and enviro-nazis listed the polar bear as threatened yet its population has GROWN from 5,000 in the 1950's to over 20,000 today! Who the hell knows what is good for the state, the feds 5,000 miles away, some granola-breathed bean sprouts in his beard 60's wannabe they send here to "lay some science on us" or the people and local government WHO LIVE HERE?

What would the feds do if we started drilling in ANWR? What if California started drilling offshore (they wouldn't not those libturds)? What if Florida started drilling in the Gulf of Mexico? What if Utah just took back what the feds seized in the first place, if Nevada did it, if New Mexico did it, if Montana did it? One, Obama would probably start crying like the little girl he is and Rahmbutt Emanuel might send various governor's dead fish but somehow, the Gunny feels that if the citizens of said state were working and the feds came in to shut it down, said people are gonna be pissed.

It boils down to the federal government keeping us under its thumb. We can't drill because they say so. We can't mine because they say so. We can't run cattle on federal land because they say so. We can't build on that land because they say so. We can't build oil refineries on that land because they say so. We can't profit from state lands because they say so.

THAT, my friends, it tyranny at work. Indeed, under this idiot in office, with his 60's marxist mao-loving radicals, he has moved with lightning speed to oppress us. For example, Obama's Interior Secretary Ken Salazar canceled 77 drilling leases in February 2010, that Bush approved in Utah's canyon country. That is 77 sites that would have needed employees to work it. Thanks Obummer.

How the HELL can you run a state with actions like that from the federal government? THIS, my friends, is WHY our Founding Fathers wanted the federal government to STAY OUT of state affairs and why the Tenth Amendment is so important.

One of the enviro-nazis, Heidi McIntosh, from the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance stated: "I think this is just a frustration with the reality that the federal government does own these lands and there's nothing the states can do to change that."

Of course, what Heidi DOES NOT say is that HER organization is in league with organizations like Earth Justice, and Natural Resources Defense Council. The NRDC's directors are a Who's Who of rich hollywood liberals, liberal politicians, enviro-nazis, and a sprinkling of progressives. ( ) Oh yeah, they still believe in gloBULL warming even though the polar ice is back at its 2001 level.

This is WHO we fight Americans, the enviro-nazi lobbyists paid with money from limo-libs like DeCaprio (think about THAT next time you go see one of his movies), who pay the corrupt politicians in DC to keep us from developing the God-given resources in our states. Rest assured, none of those enviro-nazis is looking for a job, going hungry, or failing to make a house payment.



  1. This is a great move on the part of Utah, sure they'll most liekely loose this one but it will establish case law where the is none. The fact that the court has to hand down an opinion will beak ground for future action. In other words, we'll learn some of the weaknesses for the next suit filed against them. The Feds are going to be defending more suits overthe next couple years then in the last 50. We should file suit against the messiah for impersonating an American.

  2. Drop meteors first on D.C., then Hollyweird,then ANY liberal enclave.THIS is what happens when people have WAAAAYYYYtoo much time on their hands,and no BRAIN to figure out what to do with it.Asshats,the bunch of them.

  3. Did not the Supreme Court give the power to the Enviromental Protection Agency to say yea or nay to drilling, building, watering your crops etc.?
    Something must be done. The government is piling up entirely too much power. They are ruining this country. Between them and the liberals (progressives) ordinary Americans are becoming voices crying in the wilderness.

  4. Jim,

    Great idea. How CAN we file a class-action suit against Barry? Let's use the same tactics on THEM that they use on US!

    Maybe we should get some GOOD researchers who can tell us what FOIA requests to fire down range to get the dirt on this admin.

  5. clyde,

    HAHA! Watching them go beserk when Barry is a lame duck in 2011 and then when their heads pop when he's booted in 2012 will be awesome.

  6. Nanna,

    Yes they did and we're going to have to start by defying them, forcing them to arrest us, and start challenging it in court. Someone gets arrested, we start a defense fund, and go from there, just like the Leftists do.

  7. The POINT is: WHY does Utah have almost no chance in winning? The federal government comes in and takes a portion of your sovereign state.
    It is the same as an invasion by a foreign entity.