Thursday, April 15, 2010


Not reborn, but arisen from the ashes of liberalism like a Phoenix.

Why do they hate us so?

Because as a free people, we desire to lead decent, happy lives, working at a job, raising our families, and making our own path in life. We want to be free to enjoy the fruits of our own labor and IF we want to, donate what we can to the needy in our society. We want to work, make money, enjoy our toys, our free time, and live in a free society UNBOTHERED by a tyrannical government. Yes, we’re stubbornly independent, that is the American Spirit. We’re standing fast against a sea of leftist hatred, which condemns our faith, our family values, our patriotism, our sense of decency and morality, our desire to live free and make our own way, our love of a Constitutional Republic, and our desire for an economically viable and militarily strong America that DOESN’T knuckle under to the “global world leadership.” We’re the ONLY nation that was founded on the idea of freedom and liberty for its citizens and we fight to continue that “experiment” while the Left seeks to kill it.

We seek to distance ourselves from a leftist world that seeks to destroy the self for the groupthink and the group act. All men [and women] are created equal but not all of them live or progress equally, and we embrace that but the leftists seek to homogenize our society into a mishmash of “sameness and equality” for all. That is, we’re all equally miserable, except for the elites. Everyone gets a tin trophy in the leftist’s world. We WANT a world where competition works; where the drive for success is alive and well, and building the better mousetrap has the world beating a path to your door. The leftists want to destroy that for a Statist existence, suckling at the teat of mediocrity, from the cradle to the grave. They hate us because WE expect them to ante up, to pull their weight, to compete, to contribute to the greatness of America but inside of them is an empty shell unable to measure up. Competition scares them and THAT is why they work so hard to eliminate it. Obummer and his minions HATE profits because that shows success, thus they seek to squash it. We must be made as empty as they are, that is why they attack, attack, attack. We love personal success, they hate it. We love personal responsibility, they hate it. We accept the risks when we roll the dice of life; they quail from it like Rosie O’Donnell from a gallon of Slimfast!

The Leftist’s hate the Tea Party for one reason alone and that is, we stand for freedom, it’s that simple. We no longer are the Silent Majority, watching the Vandals of Alinsky rip into our society like unchecked termites but rather, are almost up in arms, over a liberal Congress putting us in debt unto our great-grandchildren, over a Narcissistic Sociopath in the White House so weak, that he bullies our allies and bows to our enemies, and who seeks to oppress American citizens, because he is a Usurper, looking in from the outside, whether he was born in Kenya, Hawaii, or Timbuktu. He is not us that much is certain.

We on the Right embrace:

The Constitution
Limited Government
A Free Market Economy
The Second Amendment that protects the First Amendment
Private Property
Tolerance (to a point)
The Melting Pot NOT Multiculturalism

But the leftist’s embrace a condemnation of capitalism, redistribution, apologizing for America, and any other item that prevents Americans from being successful free individuals living in a great nation.

That, my friends, is why they attack us so vociferously. The American spirit is the power to overcome all odds and all adversity, to thrive and prosper. That is why we fight so hard against Obummer and his minions like Rahm Emanuel, who support oppressive regulation, big government takeover, and a multi TRILLION dollar spending spree that will cripple if not destroy this country as we know it. The Democrat Party has come out of the closet of “progressivism” and has tried to tell us that we the American people are no longer masters of our own destiny and indeed, have no decisions in own lives and futures. We reject that soundly and they hate it..

We are NOT Europeans who are content with huge tax bills, stifling economies, few rights, and a groupthink from the top down. Europeans have been living under tyrants and dictator since the Roman days at least, we have not. In fact, our forefathers threw off that shackle and the left, seeking to reshackle us, hates us for refusing that yoke. We seek the security of our own individuality, they seek the quicksand of a promise of government security. We see how well that works, progressives, when we look at Social Security.

We LOVE and EMBRACE our independence. The Tea Party is a sea of "Don't Tread on Me" flags while the entire Democrat Party is a sea of white flags, the sign of the professional victim. The Surrendercrat. We refuse to be told by the Teleprompter Jesus to sit down, shut up, do as you’re told, do as I command, etc, because we’re Americans, not Eurotrash, not parasites like Peggy the Moocher who think they have a “right” to what others produce, or who want a free ride at the expense of their liberty. The Gunny would rather live in a sod house, hunt game, grow crops, etc, than take that which he hasn’t EARNED, as would many of you! The Left hates us for that. Obama, who embraces the professional victim with his affirmative action life, and who has lived his life in an ivory tower, sees us as someone who needs “daddykin’s help”, who WANT a government cradle-to-grave existence, and who resents his condescension to us all to hell! He and his followers hate us for it.

What Obummer and his myrmidons fail to see, fail to know , and will never know, is that a strong America is one in sync with a strong American spirit to adapt and overcome. That will unleash an economic recovery like it did under Reagan who CHEERED US ON not browbeat us into submission, apologizing and bowing and scraping hither and yon. Left us alone to figure out how to: bring down health care costs (tort reform), allow nationwide competition in the insurance sector, give encouragement for students to be doctors vice trial lawyers, to let Americans alone to start their own businesses, expand their existing businesses in order to hire more Americans (not illegals), to encourage investing in America by foreign nations, which ensures our future and the future of this great country. We don’t need a government to tell us what we need or what we need to do! We need them to get the hell out of the way so that we can uphold the values that made America great, i.e., hard work, family values, and an adventurous unchained spirit.

We champion the American spirit, the Left fears it, and that is why they hate us. That is why we’ll win in the end.


  1. Georgetwin,

    Thanks for the kudos. Maybe it'll educate a few libs reading it.

  2. 1. Why do they hate us so?
    Simple. "Liberal" is synonymous with "Control Freak". "They" want you to be safe. "They" will do everything to convince you to be safe. If you still do not listen to "Them" then "They" will consider you too stupid to make it on your own i.e. seatbelts, helmets, fireworks, firearms, boating and prohibition. THEY ARE CONTROL FREAKS! Every law passed, "For your own good" is an example of the control freak syndrome....

    2. All men are CREATED equal. It DOES NOT say, "All men are equal."

    3. Europeans. A great example of ignorance to freedom. The people in most of Europe have never known true freedom thus do not miss them. That is what the left in this country wants to do. Health care. Kill off all the old folks who can still remember freedoms before they infect the younger people who never had them thus don't miss them...

  3. Yeah, they seek to destroy the principles that America was founded on and create a socialist "utopia" where the elite tell us "peasants" what to do.

    What's even worse is the left's glorification of horrendous leaders, such as Chavez or Castro, or even MAO! They truly don't represent the American spirit.

  4. The Gunster idiotically boasted:
    >We seek the security of our
    >own individuality

    But you don't have a shred of tolerance for OTHER PEOPLE'S individuality, which is what makes you rightoids bigots, racists and fascists.

    Case in point:

    That absurd governorship guitter Sarah Palin is appearing tonight at a charity fundraiser in Hamilton, Ontario. For big bucks (making a fortune on the lecture circtuit is so much more satisfying than public service, isn't it, Sarah?.

    Here's the thing: Palin has mandated that people wearing blue jeans be banned from the event.

    I don't know why Palin has it in for an item of clothing billions of folks wear daily. Perhaps she regards them as a symptom of creeping progressivism.

    The point is, scratch a rightoid and underneath you'll find a fascist-minded, individuality-hating control freak every time.

    Remember, it was the Bush administration who warned Americans they'd better be careful what they say, not Clinton's or Obama's. Bush -- a Republican and conservative, therefore a freedom-hating crypto-nazi.

    I'm Ivan, and I approved this message.

  5. The Left aristocrats are like the wolves herding the sheep off to their demise and blaming the lost sheep on the dogs. We the dogs must keep the herd from destroying themselves and us in the process. The problem is that the wolf that everyone looks at and believes is the alpha, is really just a biatch.

  6. Gee Ivan, you've really got hate for Sarah Palin. How could you have so much hate? Is it because she's a woman? Because she's much smarter than you? Because unlike you she is successful? I mean what crawled up your ....oh Lemmiwinks!

    BTW, why is it that racist are ALWAYS the ones that accuse others of racism? You racist pig!

  7. I'm Ivan, and I approved this message,

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  8. Poor Ivan, missing parts of articles: "Journalists must dress formally – "no blue jeans" – and are invited to observe and take notes during the dinner....

    Not everyone,Ivan, just the journalists. Unlike your MO, I'm not going to call you a leftist, lying moron. Rather I'll simply say you left out information.

  9. Buck,

    I have an uncle who parachuted in on D-Day and laments that they ever bothered to liberate them. It was a waste of American blood.

    Great post.

  10. Eric,

    Good post on their love of tyrants. What IS IT with leftists and their embrace of tyranny?

  11. Jim,

    Good post and that truly is the left. Wolves in sheep's clothing and what makes it funny is that they FIRST people the whack when they have power are the intellectuals who put them there!

  12. Jim,

    Ivan the Witless hates palin because she can speak rings around his Teleprompter Jesus and looks better than any liberal broad out there.

    (I suspect that it's Helen Thomas, posing as Lemmewinks, who is trysting with Ivan in sunny climes.)

  13. Pack Rat,

    Liberals like Ivan the Moron lack critical thinking skills as well as reading comprehension skills. To them, stupidity is a virtue.

  14. Ivan, you got your very own troll in Lemmewinks. when y'all heading to Massachusetts for the nuptuals?

  15. Gunny

    didnt hal mention something about him and ivan having a romantic getaway this weekend?

  16. No That was Ivan and Lemmiwinks having the romantic getaway (sounds like someone is sneaking in the back door)

  17. Speaking of control freaks, CBS had a comment on their blog that one of the SCOTUS candidates might be gay and "attacked" them on their objectivity.
    A simple google search turned up:


  18. correction:
    the white house staff attacked CBS

  19. At 12:01, Pack Rat wrote:
    >Not everyone,Ivan, just the journalists.

    What gives governorship quitter Sarah Palin the right to dictate to journalists what they may or may not wear?

    Banning an item of clothing-- how is that commensurate with valuing freedom and individuality? As I said, scratch a conservative and you'll find a freedom-hating control freak every time.

    BTW, Palin also banned all recording devices -- audio and video -- from the event.

    Guess she was afraid (not without cause, obviously) she'd be caught once again in one of her many gaffes, blunders and stupidities (such as reading from crib notes scribbbled on her hand or revealing her astonishing ignorance of world affairs).


  20. Ivan, speaking of control, do you remember when Obama tried to ban FOXNEWS but lost when the MSM called his bluff?

    And re: Banning blue jeans, it was a high dollar charity fund raising event. And I guess you have ignored Obama's stammers when he is off the telepropter.

  21. Ivan, what about Palin scares you so much? You display signs of PDS. (palin derangment syndrome).

  22. Outstanding article! Cntl+D New favorite site.

  23. HAHAHAHAH liberal ivan got her ass kicked!!! I trust that america will soon realize that liberalism is the true equivelent to socialism, marksism, and oh did i leave out communism??.... stupid liberals try to attack things like waterboarding, formal clothing policies at formal events, and a few notes on a womans hand at a speech when they should be attacking the people who are putting this nation in debt and making america look like one big pussy. well they can all suck it. they are loosing power. american spirit will prevail once again like it always has....

    My name is Landon Bollenbach, i am a 14 year old anti liberal republican american patriot to the end and i aprove this message hahaha....suck ivan....suck it