Wednesday, April 21, 2010


“True conservatism is the antithesis of ideology. It is the negation of ideology. For conservative is grounded in the past. Its principles are derived from the Constitution, experience, history, tradition, custom, and the wisdom of those who have gone before us—‘the best that has been thought and said.’ It does not purport to know the future. It is about preserving the true, the good, the beautiful. Conservatism views all ideologies with skepticism, and the more zealous and fanatic with hostility.” Russell Kirk

“To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, is like administering medicine to the dead.” Thomas Paine

Posting on Townhall and reading the posts on Townhall gives us good examples of the lack of thinking among the leftists. The Gunny has been fighting liberalism in one form or another since he watched Carter try to force his malaise on us and it takes every ounce of will power not to scream to the heavens, “God, how can you make these liberals so utterly stupid?”

You see my friends, liberals know absolutely everything about nothing, just ask them! They’ll bustle off to or dummycrats underground to get you the latest talking points fresh from Rahmbutt Emanuel’s daily press conferences with the Lapdog media. Add a few cupfuls of hypocrisy to the mix and you have today’s liberals, so incompetent, so stupid, so completely wrong about everything, but too ignorant to see it. Ignorance truly is bliss to this form of human.

We on the Right are fighting to preserve the Constitution as it was written, not as liberals think it should be, "a living breathing” document. What hogwash. Documents don’t “live and breathe” they simply ARE! We’re fighting for the preservation of the First Amendment and liberals FIGHT US about it instead of joining us. But then again, their ideology demands that they shout down the opposition, distribute beat downs via SEIU thugs at Tea Partys (only to the elderly or by rat packing lone black men), use the Office of the Presidency against private citizens, and try to use the FCC to shut down conservative talk radio (since liberal talk radio fails miserably, like socialism, wherever it is tried).

Liberals are blatant hypocrites, that much is certain. During the Bush years, dissent was patriotic but now that the show is on the other foot, that we’re questioning Obummer’s birth certificate, his allegiance to the US, his college transcripts, his cabinet of crooks, his anti-Constitutional views, etc, they have their little tinfoil hats all astir on their pointy little heads.

Take for example, liberal Congcritters John Lewis, Andre Carson, and Emanuel Cleaver said they were spit on and had the “N” word used against them by the Tea Party attendees yet even with a $100,000 reward from Breitbart for video showing it, the leftists could not make good on their lies. Then what happened? These idiots, without a live brain cell between them, denied having said it, blah, blah, blah. Of liberals can NEVER make a mistake, just ask BJ Bubba Clinton! Why, he’s willing to debate for hours, the meaning of the word, “is”. The leftist ideology, that we conservatives reject en toto, demands that they lie, cheat, steal, defraud, con, swindle, and bamboozle the American people by the Charlatan-in-Chief and his myrmidons.

Again, in a near perfect example of the poltroonery of leftist ideology, the Charlatan-in-Chief and his minions, STILL blame Bush for the financial meltdown even though it was clearly proven, and Greenspan recently confirmed it, that the blame lays at the feet of Carter and his CRA of 1977, Sweet Bank Deal Dodd, Banking Queen Bonnie Frank, Obummer, and the rest of the libs who milked the cash cows Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac like a liberals suckling on the government teat, and who forced banks, through bogus legislation, to give home loans to people who could not afford to pay them back. Liberals are always willing to put OUR money down a rat hole but not their own. Again, Conservatism had the right message of preserving the wisdom of those who have gone before us, and it is clear that you don’t give loans to people who can’t or WON’T pay them back. (Thanks ACORN). But only liberals and idiots (sorry for the digression) try it.

“The wisdom of those who have gone before us”, what a wonderful concept. Our Founding Fathers knew full well what oppression was, in the lands they left but today’s liberals are dead set on forcing us back into bondage! They, [liberals] want the federal government to run every aspect of our lives from the cradle to the grave simply because their failed ideology, that they bitterly cling to (to turn a phrase), simply because some liar told them that it will lead to a utopia. The Gunny figures that they never read about Jim Jones and his Marxist paradise in Jonestown. They and their corrupt ideology would turn over our health care to a government that can’t even run the post office efficiently, much less figure out at what age liberal’s need their complete lobotomy!

In yet another awesome phrase, Kirk nails it: “For conservative is grounded in the past.” America used to have .25 cent a gallon gas back in the 60’s. Yes, it’s true. Why? Because we drilled and we refined and we saw that it was gooooooood. Enter Carter the Moron and the leftist eco-nazis like moron Ted Danson, who whined in 1998 or so that the seas would be dead if we didn’t stop murdering Gaia, yet here we are today, with salmon on the menu. America used to out produce the entire world and as Bob Seger sang it, “we were making Thunderbirds…” but again, enter the leftists like Nutjob Nader and the rest of the econazis who whined about Acid Rain destroying whole forests, laying siege to cities, burning the flesh off of humans, OH THE HUMANITY!, but again, another hoax, another lie, another way to take advantage of the masses. So business moved out of the country, taking jobs with it, and we AIN’T making Thunderbirds no more.

In the past, we had EXPERTS in the field running the show and it made all of the difference. You were an experienced CEO and you ran the show. You pumped that oil, you refined that gas, you made those Thunderbirds, and America was a rolling juggernaught of economic might. But now, as liberals toss the past aside in their maniacal pursuit of that utopia JUST AROUND THE CORNER, professors well-steeped in the liberal arts, who have never had a real job, run GM (Government Motors), making the American version of the Trabant, and we have a community organizing, guest lecturer at harvard, affirmative action baby running the country who bows to foreign potentates almost as much as he runs around golfing on our dime!

You see fellow Conservatives, back in the OLD DAYS, you had to make “your bird” in your chosen profession in order to prosper but today, one can be a liberal arts professor like, say, William Ayers, the unrepentant terrorists, (friend of Obummer’s and ghostwriter of his two autobiographies), and not only enjoy tenure until the day you die, but you can also play at politics by advising the Charlatan-in-Chief on matters like, surrendering to Putin on a nuclear arms treaty, or castigating the Jews while supporting the Palestinians! Imagine it, my friends, being an ivory tower expert on the mating habits of the salamander, an expert bomb maker, and a murderer of Americans but STILL getting invited to liberal cocktail parties and Date Night at the White House! Somehow, Kirk’s words on viewing the “more zealous and fanatic with hostility” rings true here.

You see, way back when, Americans had gun clubs, taught marksmanship in schools through 4H, had youth shooting clubs, and the people willingly defended themselves. Enter the liberal fascists, who were what our Founding Fathers fought against, who want to expunge the Second Amendment from the Constitution, and don’t forget for one second that Eric “Ratface” Holder, the Charlatan-in-Chief, and his SuckState Hitlery Clinton would embrace that UN Small Arms treaty if they could overnight, if we let them. Ask Kirk wrote, “experience and history” clearly shows that wherever law-abiding citizens carry concealed weapons, have free access to firearms, and are trained in their usage, the crime statistics pretty much plummet. And not like in San Francisco where they say the crime rate is down, as long as you don’t add in rapes, robbery, and murders! We keep coming back to the way things USED to be and again, we saw that it was goooooooood, yet liberals keep swallowing load after load of bullsqueeze unquestioningly and indeed, enthusiastically! The hacked East Anglia emails (Climategate) proved that the UN weenies, Al Gore, and “scientists” (the Gunny uses the word loosely here) promoted globull warming for their own selfish reasons (Al Gore selling carbon credits) but the liberals leap about, in a frenzied danse macabre, shrilly whining, “WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!” as they hold their hands over their ears! Anyone seen Owl Gore lately?

As for Thomas Paine’s quote, he HAD to have been prophetically been talking about today’s liberals. They refuse to listen to discourse on why it is impossible to add millions of people to ObamaKare without killing the insurance business (which is Obummer’s end goal), why Social SUCKurity should be reformed ASAP, why Medicaid is wrought with fraud and should be reformed, why we should drill in ANWR, offshore, inshore, and every other place we find oil. No, they whine, drilling for oil in ANWR will harm the caribou (heedless of the “historic” fact that the Alaska pipeline has allowed MORE caribou to thrive (and put more meat on our tables up here). Using liberal logic, drilling in ANWR would destroy the tundra, the caribou, the polar bear, but drilling in Texas hasn’t hurt the armadillo, the jack rabbit, the coyote, or the illegal aliens has it?

We Conservatives are right to invoke Kirk and heap scorn and contempt on the radical ideology of liberalism. Distrust it. Fight it. Oppose it at every turn. Their fascism is exactly what our Founders wrote the Constitution for and what they fought a revolution about. They scream like girls when we object to Obama’s radical transformation of America from a free-market nation embracing capitalism to a nanny state big government socialistic morass and call us racists and bigots, yet it is they who are the racists and bigots. Who beats on black conservatives? Four white guys from the SEIU. Who refuses to let Ann Coulter speak at a college? Liberals. Who shouts down Karl Rove? Liberals. And Paine was right that when we try to point out how embracing the fetid and putrid beliefs of Marx, Stalin, Mao, and Che, are sick and NOT in step with the American way of life to these leftist idiots, it, “is like administering medicine to the dead.” As Archie Bunker would say, “these meatheads are dead from the neck up.”


  1. Actaully. the caribou like the pipeline, and the population has increased to to the heat from the pipe, but of course PBS says :"The engineers also buried the pipe in 23 locations so the caribou could cross over it. Again, reports of how the caribou fared are different. Oil industry experts say caribou populations have doubled, while some wildlife biologists say this could be due to long term factors like climate change."

    Can't admit they were wrong, can they? Same way with fish aroud gulf oil rigs. They said the fish would die. Instead the roughtnecks supplement their suppers with what they catch off the sides of the rig.

  2. Pack Rat,

    You're right, liberals CAN NEVER admit they are wrong. I have a few lib relatives whose arguments I routinely demolish yet they can't say they're wrong.

  3. We should know by now that animals are so much more important than humans, (according to libs) Of course when it comes to them giving up something, they find a way around it.

    This administration is the most corrupt I have ever seen. I'm sure it's the most corrupt EVER!!
    This should open a lot of eyes, though I doubt it. People should see what liars liberals are, what cheats, they are, and bigoted, racist, and power hungry they are. The poor ones are free loading liars, racist, and lazy. I'm certainly not saying all poor are lazy, just liberal poor, because they vote to get "stuff", without working for it.
    Excuse myy disjointed rant today, but I'm just angry about everything that is going on!!!

  4. Oh yeah, have you ever seen Demolition Man, with Sylvester Stallone,and Sandra Bullock? Our goverment is moving that way!! Each day,I see it more and more. Now they want to regulate what we eat!! I am furious!!!!

  5. WOW,Gunny you are flying over my head these days,could you post some simpler things for dummies like myself?

  6. I'm afraid we might be closer to Soylent Green than Demolition Man.

    or Fail Safe ( I can see Obama blowing up NYC while Michelle was there).

  7. Moonbat ExterminatorApril 21, 2010 at 12:18 PM

    Bob Seger sang about makin Thunderbirds, now BHO has the ex-autoworkers drinkin Thunderbird.

  8. Pack Rat
    Hadn't thought of that. I can kind of picture it in my mind. It fits!

  9. Nanna,

    They're only getting away with what we used to let them get away with. November is coming!

    I looked in the Constitution but I could not find the clause that said, "government can regulate salt in thine diet!"

  10. Donnie,

    Sorry shipmate, I was reading some on our Founders and Kirk's quote came to mind.

    BTW, if you're HERE, and you're a Conservative, you ain't dumbed down like Obama and his minions are.

    If you can, get a copy of "The Conservative Mind" and it's a damn good read on the belief system called Conservatism.

  11. Rack Rat,

    or a Reichstag moment with a few lib martyrs tossed in for the left to wail and gnash their teeth over.

  12. Moonbat Exterminator,

    Or sitting in rubber rooms doing crossword puzzles or sleeping, while getting paid!

    "WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama, treading carefully on the explosive issue of abortion and the Supreme Court, said Wednesday he will choose a nominee who pays heed to women's rights and privacy when interpreting the Constitution.
    "When asked if he could nominate someone who did not support a woman's right to choose, Obama said: 'I am somebody who believes that women should have the ability to make often very difficult decisions about their own bodies and issues of reproduction.'"

    Some freedom-hating tyrant, huh?


    Obama! What's not to like?

  14. "Obama! What's not to like?"

    I guess Ivan rethought his position on Obama the Assassin. Let us remind him.

    Ivan said...

    At 1:04, Saltwater wrote:
    >wonder how Ivan reconciles Barry
    >O taking out a contract on an
    >American citizen.

    Wonder no more: I deplore it. Governments should not be ordering the "extra-judicial" murder of anyone. Period.

    I'm sorry Obama is taking advice on this from his spooks and hope he ends this morally indefensible -- and almost certainly illegal -- practice post haste.

    "Morally indefensible -- and almost certainly illegal" pretty much sums up the Obama administration.

  15. well done, saltwater

    Yes Ivan, we do watch what you write, so we can catch you in a mistake or as you would call it a lie.

  16. At 17:01 Pack Rat crowed:

    >Yes Ivan, we do watch what you write

    Now, if you'd only let yourself learn from it. . . .

    >so we can catch you in a mistake or
    >as you would call it a lie.

    Idiot. I don't make mistakes, and I don't lie -- ever.

    Understand, I'm not like you rightoid robots, endlessly drinking the conservative Kool-Aid and obediently repeating the talking points fed to you by the flapping tongues of FoxNONews.

    It's no secret I like and admire President Barack Hussein Obama. But that doesn't mean I uncritically approve of everything he or his administration does.

    That type of abject fawning I leave to the likes of the wretched Gunster, who worships unquestioningly at the throne of Ronald Reagan (America's first alzheimer's president), and to you rightoids in the cheering section, who worship unquestioningly at the throne of the wretched Gunster.

    I like that Obama is brilliant, sophisticated, honest, progressive, courageous, concerned with the welfare of average people, a proponent of civil rights, savvy about world affairs and self-confident enough to be humble.

    I do not like that he's too intent on achieving compromises with the rightoid thugs in both parties, and that he's giving what I consider far too much say to his security and military advisers, resulting in crimes like assassinations and unconscionable delays in keeping election promises such as closing Guantanamo, pulling out of Iraq and ending the loathsome "don't ask don't tell" hypocrisy.

    So if you think you've caught me in an inconsistency, think again, if you can.

    I like Obama. I don't idolize him.

    Wanna try again? Moron.

  17. It's fascinating that the Gunster extols and quotes Thomas Paine -- a man who perhaps did more than anyone to win the colonies' independence from England.

    It's hilariously ironic, since Gunsel, as we know, thinks the U.S. Constitution is Holy Writ, handed down by God Herself, and that nothing whatever has changed in America since 1787, meaning that every word, jot and comma in the Constitution is as relevant today as it was in a world without electrical power, automatic weapons, the A-bomb and 6 billion+ people.

    Here's Paine on the subject:

    "The circumstances of the world are continually changing, and the opinions of men change also; and as government is for the living, and not for the dead, it is the living only that has any right in it. That which may be thought right and found convenient in one age, may be thought wrong and found inconvenient in another. In such cases, who is to decide, the living, or the dead?"

    That's Thomas Paine calling The Gunster an idiot.

    Speaking of God, Paine also said this:

    "All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit."

    And this:

    "What is it the New Testament teaches us? To believe that the Almighty committed debauchery with a woman engaged to be married; and the belief of this debauchery is called faith."

    And this:

    "The Christian system of religion is an outrage on common sense."

    Tom Paine -- ya gotta love the guy, you know. You really gotta love him.

  18. Gunny Everyone should get a hold of Glenn Becks book "common sense" he makes a cempelling case as well as Paine did about abusive government.

  19. Ivan the ignorant- Obama honest?? HA!!!!!PLEEEESE!!!Tell that to all who lost their jobs because of the so-called "stimulis"!!your comments reek of Kool-aid!!

  20. 1. No, I want to scream, "God, how can you make an electorate so stupid as to vote for these liberal morons?"

    2. Liberals, truly prove, "Ignorance is bliss!" I used to argue with a very liberal friend. Don't any more. It is senseless to argue with someone who, even when proven wrong, refuses to admit error.

    3. "A living, breathing document." The thing is if the subversive judges on high courts can get you to believe that, then they have license to interpret the Constitution any way they like.

    4. The most glaring proof the leftists want the Tea Partiers to start something is the picture of Pelose et al marching through the crowd of TP's, Nan carrying that giant gavel. They KNEW the protesters were out there, yet they chose to walk through them instead of using the tunnel. They were wishing for an incident. Just for grins, imagine a reverse situation where conservative politicians would be marching through a crowd of the left.

    5. Who will Obama blame when he orders GM to build a "green" car...and nobody buys it??

    6. Has no one thought about the "pre-condition" thing? If someone had no insurance before the onset of the condition, and the government forces insurance companies to cover that person's pre-condition... Then NO ONE would carry insurance. They would wait until a "condition" developed, pick up insurance, and drop same as soon as the "condition" was healed.

  21. Good post Gunny!
    If you have time check out this link:

    Liberals cannot abide the constitution (in particular the 2nd amendment) and the citizens free practice thereof.

    "The Constitution shall never be construed... to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." Samuel Adams

  22. Obama is Marx's Trojan Horse

    He toadies up to dictators because he would be a dictator. He is working to those ends.
    1. He depletes our nuclear capability;
    2. He intentionally disses our closest allies;
    3. He removes defensive weapons from Eastern European allies;
    4. He is doing all he can to weaken and demoralize the military.
    Now. He toadies up to the dictators because they will be his allies after he has himself become the "ruler".
    Because of 1-4 above the following scenario is all together possible:
    A pre-emptive strike will strand much of our military in foreign lands;
    An emboldened dictator will support a terrorist nuclear attack on the United States;
    Russia will cross the Bering Strait and invade Alaska (which it is claiming, louder and louder, that it is rightfully theirs, anyway;
    Russia (or China) will use Venezuela as a staging point to march up the isthmus and through Mexico to "liberate" the Southwestern United States.

    Sleep well.

  23. Ivan in your haste to cast doubt on other's work, you fail to realize that it is possible to agree with one part of a person's views, while not agreeing with the whole thing.

    Paine was criticized by Adams for his actions and views associated with the French Revolution and Jefferson probably helped Paine keep his head with Jefferson's intervention.

    Before you attack conservatives so violently for disagreeing with Obama, remember what Hillary said :
    " I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration"
    I agree with Hillary and think she is a better Secretary of State than Obama is CIC.

  24. Pack Rat said: "I agree with Hillary and think she is a better Secretary of State than Obama is CIC."
    A backhanded compliment if ever there was one, but true nonetheless.

  25. buck,Pack Rat, and rikdergis--WELL SAID!!If I could be so bold in saying that this admisistration has done more damage to this nation than any before it.

  26. Pack Rat:

    Hillary said that, but it ONLY pertains to socialist/Marxist/liberal protests and debates against government policy...
    She is no more qualified for a high level post than Obama.
    She actually believed that spending 8 years as the second fiddle resident of the White House somehow qualified her to be POTUS.... About the same quals as the current resident...

  27. Buck, I was aware of Hillary's targets, but it is so nice to find things said in the past and remind prople of comments made, like Obama's promises re: war, GITMO, unemployment, ad nauseum.

    Jimmy Carter was also in favor of disarming us unilaterally. Small wonder some think of Obama as Jimmy Carter Lite.

  28. At 6:04, 8th babbled:

    >Tell that to all who lost their
    >jobs because of the so-called
    >"stimulis" (sic)

    What a hilarious, textbook example of turning truth inside out.

    Millions in the U.S. lost their jobs because of the George W. Bush economic meltdown -- not a soul lost their job because of the Obama administration's economic stimulus, which saved the economy from total destruction.

    You are either astonishingly ignorant or a bald-faced liar.

  29. Interesting reading material from a Canadian viewpoint:

    "not a soul lost their job because of the Obama administration's economic stimulus, which saved the economy from total destruction"

    Unbelievably naive.

    Even Socialists don't buy that line:

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  31. At 12:37, Pack Rat puled:

    >Interesting reading material from a
    >Canadian viewpoint:

    Right. A website owned by some obscure gold-trading scammer. That's some credible source of economic data all right.


    Can you demonstrate that anyone lost their job *because of* the stimulus injected into the economy by the Obama administration? Of course you can't, because it didn't happen.

    Thanks for providing us with your usual dishonesty and Fox-like spin.

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  35. Ivan
    If you are going to pretend to have a significant vocabulary, use the words correctly.

    A comment suggesting reading naterial can hardly be refered to as crying.

  36. Ivan
    I said
    >Interesting reading material from a
    >Canadian viewpoint:

    Made no other judgment, unlike you.

    I see you avoided that not even socialists believe him

  37. At 9:25, Pack Rat babbled:

    >Ivan If you are going to pretend
    >to have a significant vocabulary,
    >use the words correctly.

    >A comment suggesting reading
    >naterial (sic) can hardly be
    >refered (sic) to as crying.

    Rat Pack, If you are going to pretend to be qualified to debate me, learn to spell first.

    What you wrote here is gibberish.

  38. Ivan, you understood well enough to play editor.

    Despite my errors, the criticism stands, oh vainglorous tendentious curmudgeon.