Friday, April 2, 2010


This is the PERFECT example of how people who live in glass houses should NOT throw stones.

EXCERPT: "The Democratic National Committee has been spending thousands of its own donor money on luxury hotels, limos and yes, scantily clad go-go dancers, FrumForum has discovered. Further, the DNC has been hiring White House helicopters for party use."

Here are a few highlights:

1. Late last year, Democrats partied it up at D.C.’s ‘Josephine’, when they dropped $5,850. The nightclub comes complete with two stripper poles and, according to one reviewer, a “skimpily clothed go-go dancer to feast your eyes on.”

2. From January-February 2010, in just 59 DAYS, the DNC spent over 500,000 dollars on catering, parties, lodging, and limos (won't those limos aggravate Owl Gore?).

a. $278,478.12 on Hilton hotels
b. $143,286 on catering from Susan Gage Caterers and Avalon Caterers
c. $36,956 on lodging at the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, D.C.
d. $11,154 event at the Kennedy Center
e. $1,500 in limo services.

3. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spent $14,098 on car service last year.

4. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spent $48,270.25 on charter flights and limousines.

5. The DNC spent $36,874.39 to bring in Austrian celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck three times last year.

6. The Democrats used WHITE HOUSE helicopters and jets for partisan purposes. They spent $232,436.81 of OUR TAX DOLLARS since August of 2009! (Buying votes for ObummerKare)

How do the libs hide this crap? The liberals files some of their travel expenses under a different Federal Elections Commission ID than their other expenses. This is directly opposite of the RNC who files ALL of their expenses under ONE ID.


  1. Americas downward spiral of greed,immorality,theft,ignorance,etc, seems to be accelerating.

  2. Only on the left my friend. THAT is the party of gimme gimme.

  3. hey, it aint their money. they are just copying odumbo's act. if he can spend the taxpayers money on parties, why cant they? they just wish they could take airforce one out for a joy ride too. spend, spend, spend says i'm a dem! we're just trying to stimulate ourselves, oops the economy.
    i bet the pole dancer was a male if ole barney went.

  4. usmcpgw,

    OH YEAH! You KNOW that Bonnie Fwank got a lapdance from another fruit cup! BWHAHAHAHA!

  5. Illustrating exacly why if one is going to donate,do it DIRECTLY to the candidate. Screw these party apparatchiks,no matter the party.And,of course,the libtards being the hypocritical bastards they are,it is no surprize their expenditures are MANY times over what the GOP morons are.No matter what,when it is OPM being used NONE of them give a shit. As long as you keep sending "your most generous donation".SCAROOOW them all.

  6. Good Grief,
    No wonder the donks are accusing the Repubs of spending $2,000.00 in a "bondage" club in Los Angeles. Had to get the first blow in, right?
    I knew Nazi Polousy spent our money on planes, and alcohol, but only figured the rest did the same. Now I know!!

  7. I almost had to take a puke break with the thought of radical muslim michelle osamabinobama 1/2 or more naked wrapped around a stripper pole ubangi dancin to death to America, death to Israel, with that oh so spectacular caboose she has. And she said her chillins was fat.

  8. So, they're all playing games.

  9. Hey Gunny--did not P-loooosy said this is to be the MOST ethical congress??can anyone say: two face!!

  10. I bet the stripper was thinking these dems are lower than those she or he caters to at their local strip joint.

    I'm guessing the afterlife of these dems is eternal damnation.

  11. Like the joke:
    Good looking woman is snuggled up next to Harry Reid and one of the other souls said how comes he gets to snuggle up to a good looking woman and Satan says "how dare you question her punishment?"

  12. In hell was the site of the joke

  13. Rush or Hannity or Stein was talking about that.
    Don't remember which but they went back to '05 when the Hillary campaign was buying hookers for big time donors.

  14. remember, no matter how bad things seem, there is someone known as mr pelosi!

  15. usmcpgw,
    I wouldn't do her with Bawney Fwank's "member"

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  17. Rejoice, rightoids, I am back.

    After a week of sun and fun with the scrumptious Mrs. Ivan on the beautiful island of Cuba, I am returned refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to file my report:

    Cuba is one of the most glaring examples of the blindness and ideological stupidity of American conservatives.

    For a half century now, the U.S. has maintained an utterly irrational policy of containment and isolation against Cuba because of its communist government, marked by an illegal and ineffective trade embargo. This has certainly helped to keep Cubans poor, but did it turn them against their leaders?


    Did refusing to engage with, invest in and negotiate with Cuba topple, destabilize or weaken the government?

    No. In fact, it did the opposite.

    Did the numerous clownish attempts by the CIA to kill or humiliate Cuban leader Fidel Castro rid the world of the loquacious autocrat?

    Hardly. It made him more beloved by the Cuban people, even more larger-than-life.

    And yet, every time a slightly smarter U.S. politician or business leader suggested softening Washington's obviously counterproductive hard line against Cuba, he or she was shouted down by the stone ignorant rightoid hordes and their storm troopers, the anti-Castro Cuban mafia in Florida.

    The U.S. had a golden opportunity to alter its course toward sanity when Cuba's primary sponsor and provider of aid, the Soviet Union, collapsed in the early 1990s. It could have lifted the embargo, permitted American tourists to visit the island and make friends, facilitated investment in Cuban enterprises and offered foreign aid and normal relations. The result would almost certainly have been the drawing of Cuba into the American orbit and steps towards democratization on the island.

    It didn't happen though, because any suggestion along those lines was drowned out by the hysterical bleating of American right-wingers who continued to press for ever harsher measures against Cuba, including military action, which had already proved a disastrous humiliation for the U.S. But as we know all too well, conservatives never, ever learn from their mistakes.

    And now, it's likely too late.

    Cuba has new sponsors and friends, and the U.S. is not among them. In only a few short years, China has become the largest investor in Cuba, with Venezuela (another harsh critic of the U.S.) second and Canada third. China, in particular, is pouring money into Cuba, providing it with motor vehicles, refrigerators and other appliances and technology of all kinds.

    The results have been dramatic. Although still poor by world lights, Cubans' standard of living is rising steadily and it is possible today to see a prosperous Cuba somewhere in the not-too-distant future -- a future in which Cuba will still be communist and have no earthly reason to feel either grateful or friendly to its large, retarded neighbor to the north.

    For 50 years, Americans let themselves be frightened shitless of Cuba as an ally and outpost of the Soviet Union. Today, as we enter an era of intense competition between the United States and China for economic and military supremacy, it seems inevitable that because of the imbecility of its conservatives, America will continue to be irked at the presence of an island 90 miles off the coast of Florida that is an ally and outpost of a hostile foreign power.

    The saga of Cuba goes to show once again that American conservatism is a cancer on America's body politic that, if not excised, will poison and destroy the country.

  18. Sigh! Too bad I can't flag Ivan as offensive when he says "American conservatism is a cancer on America's body politic that, if not excised, will poison and destroy the country."

    And I'm sure you long for the day when Cuba, backed by China, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, and all the other death choosing nations succeeds in excising American conservatism. Good luck finding anything to eat when that day comes.

    Good luck, for that matter, keeping your head attached to your neck, especially since the Chinese in particular have no interest in useful idiots like you.

    What I see happening--worst case scenario--is that when the Chinese lean on us after Obama breaks the bank, he'll give them all "federal" lands--which is most of the Western and Mountain States, where all the major untapped resources have been locked up. The Chinese will seize the opportunity to relieve themselves of excess population and the need for more resources, and will kick everyone out of their new territories, to be replaced by their own people dedicated to stripping every last bit of oil, gold, silver, etc. out of the ground. And the environmentalists won't dare complain about the mess they'll leave.

    Why won't the environmentalists dare complain? Because they'll be starving--and the Chinese will tell them to go to hell, all while laughing at them for being so insufferably stupid.

    So, Ivan, you tell us what your best of all possible worlds would look like without us "American Conservative Cancer cells." Whatever it is will be so far from the truth, there'd be no point in reading it except as a work of fiction.

    BTW, I write science fiction, though the only place you'll find any of it is on my website (click my handle), so I know the difference between fiction and reality. Liberals don't, because they deny Reality and their places in it, which means their entire lives are a fiction.

    And, Gunny, since I can't (and wouldn't anyway) shoot the libs for real on Townhall, I've started flagging every one of the trolls, from Hal D on down--because they are offensive. Don't know that this will do any good in terms of getting rid of them, but it's past time we stood up and told the libs that, as you said, they are our enemies and we're not going to put up with them anymore.

    And that includes you, Ivan.

  19. Phoenix Lady said:
    >". . . death choosing nations"
    >". . . after Obama breaks the bank, he'll
    >give (China) all 'federal' lands"
    >". . . The Chinese will [...] kick
    >everyone out of their new territories"

    And then, the piece de resistance:

    >"I know the difference between fiction
    and reality"

    No, Phoenix, clearly you do not. You are, in fact, crazy as a landfill rat. I'm not kidding. You're nuts. Seek help before it's too late.

  20. Thank you for such a wonderful time Ivan! Cuba was beautiful and you were so gentle and loving. I told you I didn't need a mask and snorkel. Lets do that again

    PS; Don't talk about landfill rats, it makes me jealous. I saw you eyeballing thosew rats in the resteraunt in Cuba!

  21. Phoenix Lady,

    We like the way Ivan posts, he's the perfect example of your average leftist useful idiot and as lemmewinks points out, he [Ivan] likes being a "tool"!

  22. OMG Ivan! What did you and Lemmiwinks do in Cuba?
    That's just sick! Just wrong...
    No wonder you want free healthcare.

  23. Just heard this morning that Obama is pushing the old unilateral disarmament ploy.
    "We'll disarm first and then expect all of you ( Russia, China, Iran) to disarm as well. Oh and we won't fire until you shoot at us first."

  24. The "excesses of Obama?" What a joke. You want excesses, I'll give you excesses, dingbats:

    "WASHINGTON (AP) – Amid growing concern over Michael Steele's stewardship of the Republican National Committee, a New Hampshire activist resigned his seat Tuesday, citing an "out-of-touch, free-spending culture of Washington" within the party.

    "Meanwhile, a finance report that showed the RNC spent $982 at a Vermont winery for what it called 'office supplies' — five cases of wine — was unlikely to calm the fretting.

    "Committeeman Sean Mahoney, a New Hampshire businessman who is mulling a run for Congress in November, joined the chorus of criticism from activists and donors over lavish spending by the RNC. Mahoney was the latest person to cut ties with the committee; Steele's top aide and one of his top outside advisers ended relationships with the committee Monday.

    "Republican officials said it was unlikely Steele would depart the committee, and Steele himself vowed to remain.


    "Even so, revelations of an almost $2,000 tab at a sex-themed California night club and almost $1,000 at a winery did little to help his standing among the party activists who are optimistic about GOP chances in midterm elections and down on Steele's public profile.

    Ethical Republicans are abandoning the rapidly sinking ship, and who can blame them?

    "Office supplies" at a winery! (Can you spell f-r-a-u-d?) A $2,000 bill at a sex club! Now THEM'S excesses, rightoid assholes.

    Let's be honest here. When it comes to greed, venality and corruption, nothing beats Republicans. Nothing, and y'all know it.

    And now the entire country knows the hypocrisy and perversity of the rightoid cult.

    You idiots are so going to hate the next seven years.


  25. It appears that neither side has a corner on "moral high ground" despite their swamp draining promises.

  26. Rat Pack spinned:
    >It appears that neither side has a
    >corner on "moral high ground"

    Nice foray into damage control and spin, but your hypocrisy is plain for all to see.

    Nothing the Democrats have ever done approaches the corruption of the Republican National Committee's spending member money on perverse entertainment at a bondage club!

    These bastards are sick, twisted with greed and pure evil and you know it. The truth is that no Republican anywhere is fit to hold public office.

  27. "Rat Pack spinned"
    No such word, shame on the unoffical internet editor.

  28. quote:' "Rat Pack spinned:
    >It appears that neither side has a
    >corner on "moral high ground"

    Nice foray into damage control and spin, but your hypocrisy is plain for all to see.

    Nothing the Democrats have ever done approaches the corruption....." '

    I said neither side had the high ground . The dems have tax evaders and adulterers. Not exactly what I would call paragons of virtue.
    Remember Pelosi was going to drain the swamp but she kept a tax cheat on the ways and means committee making tax rules for the rest of us.

  29. I can't believe it Ivan praising a tea party candidate

    "Mahoney said he had not made a decision whether to again seek office, but he planned to attend tea party events next week for Tax Day protests. " same AP source