Tuesday, April 6, 2010


How apropos that the Gunny wrote this YESTERDAY, not knowing that Comrade Obama would sell the farm when it came to his bogus nuke treaty with Russia. Once again, the limp-noodle betrayed America. Enjoy.
Politburo Chairman Nancy Pelosi: "I call upon our great Comrade, Comrade Obama."

(Comrade Obama's appearance in the new Politburo on the Potomac is greeted with thunderous applause lasting for several minutes until the Dear Leader raised his hand. All those in the hall of the Marx Theater (formerly the JFK Theater) rise and shout: "Long live great Obama." "Huzzah for Comrade Obama." "Long live the New Worker's Constitution!" "Obama is Social Progress for All." "Long live Comrade Obama, leader of the workers of the world.")

Comrade Obama: "Comrades, to tell you the truth, I had no intention of making a speech today but the highly respected and loved Comrade Pelosi dragged me to this meeting by the sheer force of her argument that the people wished to hear me speak. What shall I talk about fellow comrades? What sort of speech shall I make? The voters have already served me a mandate to lead as I wish before the elections had even been finished. From Marx, Lenin, Engels, Stalin, and Mao, our speeches have already been said but the other responsible comrades. What can be added to these great speeches? What questions can anyone have that has not already been explained over and over by the addresses of the National Democratic Socialist Party? By the speeches of Comrade Andy Stern of the Council of the SEIU Trade Unions? By the Central Committee of Culture and Advanced Thinking led by Comrade Ayers? By the Young Social Democratic League? By the Committee of Central Planning or the Societal Organization League? What can be added to these explanations?

I could, naturally, make a speech about everything and still say nothing, especially if my teleprompter is broken, (laughter) but that would be far from the norm. They say I am the greatest of orators not only over here but in the European lands as well, with the exception of the capitalist country of Denmark, who refused us the Olympics due to politics. (Boos and jeers.) I am no great hand at such speeches (One man shouted, "you are the greatest in speeches Comrade!") and I wonder if we should, as good socialists, indulge ourselves in this type of behavior when we are, as the proles say, "up to our necks in work" remaking the nation. I think so.

But since I have been asked, and since I have the floor and the teleprompter, I will of course, have something to say about something. (Loud applause and cheers.)

First of all, I would like to express my thanks (applause ) to the SEIU members and the other community organizers for the assistance they have kindly given to me. May their work for social justice continue. (Applause.)

Secondly, Allow me to denote my love and profound gratitude for aggressive confidence and actions of the New Democratic Party, chaired by Comrade Rahm Emanuel, led by me, as the personal representative of that Party, of which I am a proud member. (Cheers.) I know that this confidence lays upon me fresh duties and thus, heavier responsibilities to this collective nation. We socialists have never flinched from our duty to the collective or the proles and thus, I accept these tasks willingly. (Prolonged applause until the Dear Leader raised his hand.)

I assure you, fellow comrades, that you may rely on Comrade Obama now and in the future. (Loud and sustained cheers.) Since we no longer have to waste time with elections, I, Comrade Obama, will continue to discharge his duty to the collective, (applause ), to the proletariat (applause ), to the defense of the Motherland, (wild applause), and to the intelligentsia. (Applause.) (One man in the front row shouted: "We will all follow Comrade Obama into the rest of this century!")

Furthermore, comrades, I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of the forthcoming national holiday, the day that I was born. (Loud applause.) The day of my birth was not a normal day comrades, thus, it should be, and now is, a national holiday for our workers and the intelligentsia. (Loud applause.) Never in the history of the world have there been such really free and really democratic nation such as the Unified Socialist States of America or more commonly known as, The Western Worker's Paradise. History cannot reveal any other example like our new nation. (Applause.) Our elections will now be universal, with myself on the ballot, secret, direct, and with full equality. That fact in and of itself is important because our universal elections will be carried out as the freest elections in any nation and fully verified as true and fair by our friend and comrade, Jimmy Carter, who has overseen democratic elections in countries like Cuba, Chad, Zimbabwe, and Libya.

Thirdly, we are no longer held hostage in an atmosphere of class conflicts, brought to bear on the voters by the bankers, CEO's, landlords, and other capitalist sharks. We have negated their influence by holding our fair and secret elections. Here in the USSA, there are no longer any capitalistic running dogs to exert pressure from the propertied classes on non propertied classes, in order to keep them oppressed. We now can collaborate in true social justice, the workers, the proles, and the intelligentsia, in an atmosphere of mutual friendship and respect, to keep me in office, because there is no longer capitalists in our country, to bring oppressive pressure to bear on the masses, to distort their will. (Huge applause)

Fourth, we no longer have to worry about a nuclear war with our traditional enemy, the Former Soviet Union, as we have unilaterally disarmed and now rely on my great friend, Comrade Putin, for aid and succor in times of internal stress and discord and I defer to his judgement in times of global angst.

In closing, my fellow comrades, that is why I have decided that our future elections will be secret and equal and the envy of the entire world, with but one choice on the ballot, as not to confuse the proles. Thus, the Unified Socialist States of America, led by Comrade Obama, will lead the world in true Marxist fashion. "Less is more and more is less." (Loud applause.)

(Comrade Obama exited the Politburo on the Potomac to a standing ovation.)


  1. It is near perfect. The only thing you forgot was to mention that for our continued space exploration we will be hitching rides with our new comrades who we are so dependent on.

  2. Jim,

    Indeed. I think that Barry had to split early in this speech so as to sign away our sovereignty at the UN.

  3. GunnyG,
    He is already giving it piecemeal. The veil drops more and more every time time he flaps his Purple Lips.

  4. Georgetwin,

    INDEED! A Congress with any guts would IMPEACH him for signing that treaty with Russia under Article III! Aid and comfort to the enemy.

  5. GunnyG,
    I WANT him to serve his full term. I will be DEEPLY saddened if America is SEVERELY damaged in the process, but if that is what it takes to BURY Liberalism, SO BE IT!

  6. Gunny
    Maybe this time, as Georgetwin said, we will bury liberalism for good.
    This Person who claims to be the president is CRAZY!!! I mean he hasn't the sense to play jacks!!!
    I don't understand how he can keep getting away with this stuff. I would cry if it would help, but it would only be harder to see, and I want to keep focused on this bum.

  7. Georgetwin,

    Yep, we predicted a short term loss for a long term gain. I just hope that those who voted FOR HIM suffer the most. They deserve it.

  8. GunnyG,
    VERY true! Only the STUPID should suffer the consequences of their STUPIDITY! It is probable that they will. WHERE is a terrorist attack MORE likely to hit, New York or New Braunfels?

  9. Georgetwin,

    I THANK GOD I'm away from DC and NYC!

  10. Speech? That's no stinking speech!

    Fidel spoke for 6 hours.

    Chaves spoke for 4.

    Ahmadimijad spoke for... 3?

    Nah. You gotta come up with something longer.

  11. Buck,

    I only had so much space! haha. Barry has an emergency meeting to sign away our sovereignty at the UN!

  12. GunnyG,
    I am 1 hour north of DC.

  13. Nanna,

    Dig in with resolve. We're gonna rout this bum and his party very soon. Then we can work on repealing allof the crapulence this idiot and the Dims have foisted on us.

  14. Georgetwin,

    As long as you are NOT downwind of NYC or DC. You're golden. Just have plenty of food, water, and Ammo on hand.


    Always negotiable from a point of weakness.
    -Barack Hussein Obama

    Why have trickle down economics,
    when you can have trickle up poverty?
    -Barack Hussein Obama

    Give me your tired, your poor,.
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,.
    and I'll give you Neo-socialism
    -Barack Hussein Obama

    Give me Liberty or give death...
    or how about a free malt 40 and a pack of Lucky Strikes?
    -Barack Hussein Obama

  16. Scary Gunny but you know this POS wants to give that exact speech........If you are a leftist, a marxist, a maoist, a statist, or a progressive, YOU ARE MY ENEMY!

    Furthermore if you stand with and support and call this radical muslim no good nagger sob your pres you are my enemy and I have no care, cause, remorse or guilt as to what might befall you or him. You and he are mortal enemies of God Family and Country(the U. S. A.)

    Thus sayeth R E the new racist split tail.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. R E,

    The racist Left only knows how to attack and demonize. They showed that with Carville and BJ Bubba.

  19. Gunny,

    I'm surprised they didn't announce that Obama, and not Duke, won the Men's NCAA tourney yesterday.

  20. In a stroke of long-delayed sanity, the U.S. government finally abandoned its decades-long paranoid focus on "communism" as its likely nuclear foe.

    "WASHINGTON (AP) – Rewriting America's nuclear strategy, the White House on Tuesday announced a fundamental shift that calls the spread of atomic weapons to rogue states or terrorists a worse threat than the nuclear Armageddon feared during the Cold War.

    "The White House is suddenly moving on multiple fronts with a goal of limiting the threat of a catastrophic international conflict, although it's not yet clear how far and how fast the rest of the world is ready to follow.

    "In releasing the results of an in-depth nuclear strategy review, President Barack Obama said his administration would narrow the circumstances in which the U.S. might launch a nuclear strike, that it would forego the development of new nuclear warheads and would seek even deeper reductions in American and Russian arsenals.

    Obama! Just over a year in office and the national economy -- virtually destroyed by Wall Street criminals, facilitated by the Bushleague administration -- has nearly been been set right (with even job-creation on the rise), health-care reform finally a reality and a new direction in defense, with a welcome reduction in reliance on nuclear arms.

    Obama! What's not to like?

  21. Obama, the fool.

    If you believe that disarming first is the way to discourage aggressive actions by others, try walking through Cuidad Juarez, south valley in Albuquerque, or some similar location with a bulging wallet.
    Predators tend to attack the weak ones in the pack.

  22. Wow, Gunny! So happy to have found you again! xxoo! You are the Dirk Pitt of the Conservative Blogosphere! Thank you! .... prezboy is far beyond a kid in a candy store playing with power .... he is far beyond the experiment in Affirmative Action to save the minds of the guilty libtards to elect a wholly unqualified piece of living pond scum to lead the nation .... prezbo is a very real danger to America .... I believe he (prezboy) will either have a nervous breakdown, have a hangover, get the runs or just get white eyed scared .... No way will he make it for three more years .... barry don`t have no nads ....

  23. AHAHAHAH What world do you live in Ivan. Unemployment is at record levels, the economy was destroy by subprime mortgages (Socialist program)and and Naked short selling by criminal hedge fund operators that just happen to be big Obama supporters. Obama has tripled the debt in twelve months, taken over banking, the automotive industry, student loans, and the medical industry. He is setting this country up for cataclysmic failure and you're happy. We get it Ivan, you want him to succeed like your heros, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung, and Castro. That way you can wear your I love Che shirt under your white sheet with your swastika on it to your Klan rally.

  24. Here we go. Obama's advisors decide we shouldn't hurt the Islamic terrorists by calling them Islamic terrorists.

    Then there was Volker talking about raising taxes on everyone via a VAT.

  25. I've done some rough figuring and here is my assesment for tax increases on the middle class.

    Health care $3800.00
    Crap and Tax $8600.00
    Increase cost of Gas and electricity passed on $3600.00
    These are just some of the big ones and you ca nbe sure when these are enacted they will cause massive inflation (cost of doing business goes up) How many middle class families can afford anoth $16,000.00 on top of what they are already paying?

  26. President Carter has already tried this 'idea' & America was taken advantage of & laughed at by the world. It doesn't work.

  27. Pack Rat,

    That is the perfect analogy. My old SgtMaj always called liberals "grass eaters" so let's hope that the meat eaters have at em in the coming years.

  28. Dawn,

    Thanks for the major kudos and welcome back.

    I have no doubt that you're close to the truth here. Comrade Zero will lie, cheat, steal, and do anything to implement his agenda. His ego is as big as the White House, it's a wonder he can walk in. Watching him fail however, is a real pleasure.

  29. Jim,

    Go reply to Ivan the Dull but we'll see him unravel in the coming months as Barry and the SS Libtanic start seriously taking on water. Better still, when Barry is booted in 2012, they will come unglued. Bet on it.

  30. Jim,

    I can't afford it and I think once we'er seriously hit in the wallet, the Tea Party membership will swell a thousandfold!

  31. Anon,

    Yep, and I was on active duty and watching it fail!

  32. All good satire has the element of truth to it. Spot-frigging on,Gunny.You KNOW fukkin-a well this is damn close to what the asshat would say.

  33. Q: How does one know when a rightoid is lying?
    A: When he's talking, typing, texting, miming or using American Sign Language, he's lying.

    Case in point, Jimbelina said this:

    >Unemployment is at record levels

    I don't know about the "record" part, but yes, unemployment is high, and it was caused by the astonishing incompetence and carelessness of the Repuglican Bush MISadministration, which allowed the economy to melt down. The good news is that, apparently reacting to measures enacted by the Democratic Obama administration, employment in the U.S. is again on the rise and the end of the crisis is in sight.

    >the economy was destroy (sic) by subprime
    mortgages (Socialist program)

    The "subprime mortgage" fiasco and other perfidies committed by Wall Street manipulators were only the latest in a series of financial misdeeds that have their root in the massive, conservative-mandated deregulation of institutions and markets that began with the Reagan administration. (Ronnie, of course, suffered from dementia every moment he spent in the White House and was 'way too stupid to comprehend financial issues, so perhaps he can't be personally blamed, other than for being an ideology-addicted moron.)

    >and Naked short selling by criminal
    >hedge fund operators that just happen
    >to be big Obama supporters.

    An obvious and childish lie -- hedge fund operators, bankers, brokers and other financial poobahs are invariably Republicans.

    >Obama has tripled the debt in twelve

    A necessary move to keep the economy from tanking, which he has done. And so what? The "debt" is a bugaboo, since it's only a number that, when it's government debt that's at issue, and the government is of a country as rich as the U.S., means virtually nothing to any real person.

    >taken over banking

    This is a lie.

    >the automotive industry

    This is a lie.

    >student loans

    This is a lie.

    >and the medical industry.

    This is a king-size whopper, as everyone knows. Doctors didn't work for the government prior to the passage of health-insurance-reform legislation, they don't now and they won't tomorrow (which is too bad, because they should).

    >He is setting this country up for
    >cataclysmic failure

    Actually, Obama seems to be doing quite the opposite, much to your obvious chagrin.

    >We get it Ivan, you want him to succeed

    First true thing you've said.

    But you and your racist, hate-wracked Klan-buddies -- incensed that a black man is president and commander-in-chief -- are praying that he fails, which would mean financial catastrophe for the country and agony for millions of American families.

    This makes you all traitors of the first order, Quislings who don't deserve to be called Americans, while those of you who allegedly served in the armed forces, as Gunsel claims to have done, have brought shame and dishonor on the uniforms you allegedly once wore.

    It's a mystery how you manage to live with yourselves.

  34. Department of Labor statistics


    Rate started going up in 2008 and accelerated 2009-10

  35. Shame and dishonor?

    "I'm sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you're not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we're Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration. ---Hillary Clinton