Monday, April 5, 2010


HIGH AND TO THE LEFT! LISTEN TO THE JEERS AND BOOES! The moron can't even put a glove on right. Obummer typified the sissy boy leftists.


This idiot bows to foreign potentates, He can't bowl, He can't throw a baseball, he would NEVER play football, The First Wookie campaigns against Hot Dogs and Apple Pie because they MIGHT make you FAT! He snubs our allies, he wants to reduce our nukes, he hates the military. He whined about the Constitution being an OBSTACLE to his programs and policies. He embraces Marx, Engles, and Stalin dogma. He gave back the Churchill bust, his courtiers love Mao and Che, and he backs scumbags like Zelaya in Honduras.

Is there ANYTHING that shows him to be PRO-AMERICAN? Not that the Gunny can see.


  1. >"Jeers and booes (sic)?"

    In your dreams, dingbat. Cheers and huzzahs, certainly, but not a single boo to be heard.

    Also, it looks like President Barack Hussein Obama is enjoying himself and having a wonderful time, doesn't it? Must drive you rightoid traitors insane with jealous fury.

    You're right about one thing, though: He can't pitch worth shit.

  2. Plenty of boos, can't pitch a bit. My little sister had a better arm when she was 9 years old.

    Ivan, not a traitor at all, served our Country honorably and proudly.

    What happened to,"Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism."? America is going to Hell in a hand basket, and this Administration/Congress is carrying it.

    Those who support this hostile take over of banks, automotive companies, and health care, by the Federal Government, are the traitors.

  3. Wow! I've never heard a President booed that much on opening day of Baseball! What could any president do to be that unpopular....oh yeah, he is destroying the country and eliminating freedom... Yep, that'll do it!

  4. Charles,

    It's okay to dissent if you're on the left and you're doing it!

    They're pissed because we're awakened and fighting back.

  5. Jim,

    Yep, those booes and jeers are clearly audible unless you're an Obummer drone like Ivan.

  6. My seven year old grandson pitches better than Mr. Limp-Wrist Obama. And my twelve year old grandson looks like Catfish Hunter in comparison to Mr. Limp-Wrist. (Hell, at 59 years old, I look like Catfish Hunter in comparison!)

    And unless Ivan was turning down the sound, I HAVE NEVER HEARD A PRESIDENT BOOED THAT MUCH ON OPENING DAY, not even BJ Clinton.

    The 2010 midterms are starting to look really interesting if the booing of Obama is any indication.

  7. Gray Ghost,

    Indeed but let's not hope that the GOP doesn't sit back and count on it. They need to go on the attack and embrace impeaching Obama and repealing ObummerKare.

  8. Just wondering if the Sailor and Marine were ordered to attend...

  9. Buck,

    You can bet they were told to be there. Of lied to first to go and then trotted out for Zero.

  10. He limp dawged it again, pitching a strike is the easiest thing in the world when there aint no batter satndin there starin you down. With a batter up there if they ever allow it the first base dugout better watch out with that wrong handed moonbat on the mound, he could hurt somebody.

  11. Ivan, really? No boos, huh?

    What game were you watching? Perhaps last year's opening day pitch?

    You people are delusional when it comes to the adulation you heap on your Lord and Savior. I'm embarrassed for you.

  12. The real obumsteer pitch is hoss s**t.

  13. Baseball clearly isn't Obama's game, but as video that came out this week shows, the man's basketball skills are pro quality.

    Besides, who gives a shit? Baseball sucks.

    Deal with it, racist rightoid traitors.

  14. A lot of boos and right there is the sh!thole on the Potomac. Where damn near everyone is sucking at the public trough in one form or another.
    Osleaso plays gangster ball. Yep, that figures.

  15. R.E.
    I agree with your first sentence, but disagree with the second. With that wimpy girly push I dont think he can get it from the mound to the first base dugout, even on a roll.

  16. The audio was cut when this showed on the news channels...What a loser!