Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The nutcase that the libstain’s elected is proving to be quite the tyrant, that is, if you’re an American. As millions of newly unemployed Americans are already figuring out, he could care less about restoring America’s economic juggernaught, it’s easier to keep paying them not to work (siphoning off more money from those who do work), it’s easier to whine about Rush Limbaugh or the evil Glenn Beck (who, by the way, is still waiting for Barry the Tyrant to call him on that RED phone), it’s easier to flit about the globe picking up unearned things like Nobel Peace Prizes than in doing any REAL work for the American people.

There can no longer be any doubt that Comrade Zero is a nutbag. He was abandoned by his birth father, he was dumped by his step-father, and then his mommy left him at granny’s house. Anger? This creep is chock full of it, don’t you bet against it. In fact, Ol Barry is the PERFECT liberal. He stored up all of that anger, put on a smiley face, worked his pecs, and prepared to pay us back for whatever he thought we owed him. Twenty years of sitting in Reverend Wright’s church of hate well steeped Barry in hatred towards the US. “America’s chickens, are coming HOME, to roost,” Wright crowed after 9-11 and with Barry’s jug ears, he could not miss those words. Comrade Zero has a life where no one who ever attended college with him recalls him. He has a life where he has spent millions keeping his birth certificate, college transcripts, and student loan information under wraps. He hung out with Marxist radicals who all shared a common theme of hatred for America with some, like his friend, mentor, and ghostwriter of Barry’s TWO autobiographies, William Ayers, killing and bombing for the Left. Indeed, the Mystical magical Negro (LA Times) taught at the University of Chicago and was a guest lecturer there but not one student has acknowledged that he or she was in one of Barry’s classes. Was it nap-nap time in Socialism 101 then? His numbers have plummeted as Americans realized the magnitude of their error. They elected a fraud.

You see my friends, Barry hates America. He hates us. Why? Because we’re evil imperialists who must be punished for being the greatest nation on Earth. How DARE we win WW2? How DARE we put a man on the moon? How DARE we insist that the finest document ever crafted by the hand of man, the US Constitution, be followed as it was written? How DARE we demand that the government serve us, not the other way around? How DARE we demand that illegal aliens be kept OUT not “amnestied” simply for more Democrat votes? How DARE we stand against his ideology in places like Korea, Vietnam, Latin America, Grenada, and by toppling the former Soviet Union, that enjoyed the most favored status among liberals? You suck America, just ask Barry and micHELLe. “For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country,” First Wookie. Yeah, thanks for that one.

What did America get when they bought a pig in a poke?

We got a political machine run by Rahm Emanuel who sends dead fish to his opponents but that type of death threat is never followed up by the Capitol Police. We got a political machine run by Big Gavel Pelosi who smirked as she walked through a crowd of patriots, prior to forcing Obummerkare down out throats. Kudos to the patriots who stood fast while seething inside. Rest assured, our revenge is coming fast and that right soon. We got an administration that seeks to scare Americans into silence lest thuggish members from the SEIU, led by Andy Stern, who has visited the White House the most, pay them a visit. We got a narcissistic sociopath so bent on wrecking America that he is willing to stack the SCOTUS deck with far left activists so that we can relive the New Deal days where the Supreme Court stood by idly as FDR launched one bad piece of legislation after another. Barry is like a spoiled child, wrecking one toy before moving on to another, while demanding that mommy and daddy keep buying him toys. We got an out of control federal government that seeks to expand in ways that were never intended by our Founding Fathers and no longer represents us.

But what was the BIGGEST thing we got?

We got a collection of radical left-wing terrorists, former hippies, loony nut-jobs, Mao-lovers, Marx-lovers, dedicated Communists, socialists, a science czar who wants to force sterilization on us to save the Earth, paint out roofs white, shoot mirrors into space to reflect the sun, criminals, tax cheats, former impeached judges, and a bunch of spend-a-crats all grouped in one spot; many of them Obama’s “Czars” and exempt from any investigation by Congress or approval by the Senate. And not a one of them able to get a security clearance in any sane world.

What was the WORST thing we got?

An idiot who can’t speak without a teleprompter and who took 17-minutes in a rambling discourse on everything about nothing, to answer a question on why we’re overtaxed. We have a fool, dancing on the strings of George Soros, issuing executive orders like it was candy, signing laws heedless of their Constitutionality, appointing left wing radical kooks like “La Raza” Sotomayor, and selling our security, both economic and defense wise, down the river. We got a ninnyhammer who bleated in September of 2009, “I will work with my colleagues at the G20 to phase out fossil fuel subsidies so we can better address our climate challenge.” Nothing like using a hoax to wreck the US economy as the leak of emails between scientists for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change revealed in November 2009.
This regime’s arrogance towards their own citizens is more akin to Zimbabwe, the former USSR, China, etc, than what should be happening. They ignore the American spirit at their own risk.

Why does Barry and his Leftist Thugs HATE US?

The American spirit is not a feeling but a reality. Americans have adapted and overcame since before the Revolution. The greatness of America and Americans CANNOT be suppressed, although this regime is in full swing trying to. On the battlefield, our Wake Island’s, Bastogne’s, and Belleau Woods are the stuff of legends. On the farm, our ability to out produce anyone, anywhere, at anytime is phenomenal (if we can keep the government from paying farmer’s not to farm). On the factory floor, America was, and could be again, the industrial giant where our goods went to every corner of the world and where foreign nations invested THEIR money in. Liberals try to crush the American spirit but unfortunately for them, it flows from WITHIN us! Liberals CANNOT take it unless WE give it up. Since the American Revolution, it has been the tip of the spear that has defended life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It has been the light on the path of success, American style.

Liberals refuse to see the greatness of the American spirit, indeed, they hate it. They damn us yet the top five U.S. hospitals conduct more clinical trials than all the hospitals in any other single developed country combined AND more Americans have received the Nobel Prize in medicine more often than recipients from all other countries combined. (NY Obama Times) We created the system that has made us the global superpower, both economically and militarily, yet we seek no empire. We share our prosperity UNFLICHINGLY around the world without seeking recompense. WE, the American people, in our largess, liberate the oppressed with our sacred blood and treasure, feed the hungry, and send relief to the injured.
This regime is the one that tries to crush the American spirit by pushing oppressive taxes, regulation, out-of-control spending, and takeovers as the solution. Nay, THAT and this regime’s leadership is the problem. We, as Americans soundly reject that form of tyrannical leadership. We rejected it in 1776 and we reject it now. WE determine the destiny of this nation, not the government, and not a wet nosed greenhorn still dripping water from behind his dumbo ears. This regime is corrupt, thuggish, and working overtime to impose their will on the American people.

But he bows to foreign potentates rather well.


  1. osamabinobama the lowlife kenyan usurper Hater of America extraordinaire, what's to like?
    Oh yea ivanazak claimed you have to like him being black, but then osama himself claims half white, but I don't like that half either. This could get confusing on just how racist I am.

  2. Interesting how the liberals made fun of condi Rice and say all sorts of vile things about Michael Steel. Does that make them racist?

    Does the fact that the ignored the beating of the black man by SEIU thugs at a tea party event make the liberals racist?

  3. Bloody ell! O course eh's a ret bag!
    OK Gunny, just come out and say what you mean. He's a Marxist hippie idiot who was over hyped by the media, lied about who he is and what he intended to do and is doing everything he can to collapes the United States the way his idols Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven so he has all of the middle class on their knees begging him to be king.
    Did I mention he is a ret bag?

  4. Pack Rat: You mean the party of slavery and the KKK, them?

  5. GunnyG,
    Like you have said, it took Carter to get us Reagan. While Carter opened eyes about Liberalism, Barry is driving nails into its Coffin Lid.

  6. R E,

    When you say the truth, it ain't racist. Obama is 1/2 white so how can ANY insult to him be any less racist than what Rev Wright said about Whites?

  7. Pack Rat,

    As they made fun of the same douchebag who ended up supporting Obummer, Colin Powell!

    It's an upside down world with libs running the show.

  8. Jim,

    I believe you nailed it quite well! haha.

    Marxist hippie idiot...

    well done.

  9. Gunny,
    Such a great post!! Truer words were never spoken! You hit the nail right on the head all the way around!!
    I couldn't believe that he bowed to the Chinese big pooba. When is he ever going to learn? Or is he capable of learning a lesson?
    And where do you think he went when he disappeared for over an hour, and said he went to his daughter's soccer game, when there was no such game. My daughter said he went out to buy cigarettes :-)

  10. It appears that BHO beleives that none of the protocols that applied to other presidents apply to him , whether that is Geo Bush or Bill Clinton.

    Will some child let the emperor know about his wardrobe malfunction?

  11. Nanna,

    He probably went to a Mao reading session.

  12. Wow!

    One thing is beyond dispute: The Gunsel is growing more insanely desperate with each passing day.

    Or perhaps simply more insane.

    Scary shit.