Thursday, April 22, 2010


When Comrade Zero spoke to the DNC drones for $30,000 dollars a plate recently, Ol Mommypants bleated that the Tea Party members should be thanking him for "allowing" us to pay our taxes and that the government "lets" us keep some of our money. "You would think they would be saying thank you.” Thank you for what? Spending us into debt to the tune of 14 TRILLION dollars? Signing ObummerKare into law that taxes us for FOUR YEARS before the first "benefit" comes in, and then taxes us on the back end for THREE YEARS AFTER benefits END? Maybe that Mommypants wearing limpwristed baseball throwing, bowing to foreign potentate socialist should thank US for working, for producing, for paying our taxes (unlike the people in his Admin, i.e., Gheitner, and in the Dummycrat Kongress, i.e., Rangel) and for paying the $400,000 a year salary to this piece of foreign dogsqueeze who flits about on AF1 on our dime, golfing, vacationing in Hawaii, flying off to Copenhagen to try and scam the Olympics for Sh*tcago.

The Gunny would rather tell Ol Purple Lips to take a flying leap at a rolling donut and bustle his marxist ass on out of the White House. YOU OWE US; WE DON'T OWE YOU!

Remember when Obummer flapped his purple lips and say NO NEW TAXES on anyone making over 250K? Then it was 200K. Then it was 150K? Well bend over America, the Liberals, with their tax and spend DNA, are lowering the boom on us with a VAT (Value Added Tax) just like the Gunny said they would.

EXCERPT: WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama suggested Wednesday that a new value-added tax on Americans is still on the table, seeming to show more openness to the idea than his aides have expressed in recent days. For days, White House spokesmen have said the president has not proposed and is not considering a VAT. (ANOTHER LIE) "I think I directly answered this the other day by saying that it wasn't something that the president had under consideration," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters shortly before Obama spoke with CNBC. After the interview, White House deputy communications director Jen Psaki said nothing has changed and the White House is "not considering" a VAT."

THEN, Comrade Zero mewled when asked if he could see a VAT for the US: "I know that there's been a lot of talk around town lately about the value-added tax. That is something that has worked for some countries. It's something that would be novel for the United States." What would be novel for the US is watching this puke get the hell out of office along with the maggots in Congress with a (D) or a (RINO) after their name.

This is how stupid this moron is. It, the VAT, hasn't worked ANYWHERE because it causes people to avoid it through smuggling and black market purchases! And isn't Barry cute for thinking it would be "novel" for us to have higher taxes? Wow, Barry, it will be more fun to pay higher costs for everything I buy! THANK YOU BARRY!

Here is what a VAT is: 

In this tax system, the total tax levied at each stage in the economic chain of supply is a constant fraction of the value added by a business to its products, and most of the cost of collecting the tax is borne by business, rather than by the state. A tax is added on every layer of production, from the raw materials to the finished product. So not only do businesses have to pay social security tax, unemployment tax, and other redistribution Ponzi scams foisted on them by the Feds, they'll now have to hire people to do the VAT crap for their business, which means added costs on the services and products they make.

The "value-added tax" slaps the burden on personal end-consumers of products and that hits the middle and lower classes more as it hits a larger percentage of our incomes. For example, say you make 50G's a year take home. Obama made 5.5 million and say, took home 4 million. When YOU buy a TV and have to pay the VAT, it hits YOU a lot harder than it does Barry who can afford it. In addition, there has been NO TALK whatsoever of getting rid of the income tax so we can rest assured that WE (not Rangel or Gheitner or Solis or Sebelius, etc) will pay an income tax and then have another 10-15% added on that, in a VAT. Not to mention that the Feds are also working on raising the tax on gasoline. THANK YOU BARRY!

What these moronic and anal vapor sniffing liberals CANNOT understand is that revenues from a value added tax are usually LOWER not just because they are costly to administer and hard to collect but that the people AVOID buying stuff in stores and hit instead, their local black market contact. What the libs want to do, is use the VAT to replaced falling tax revenues because they're too stupid to realize that Reaganomics was right! When you cut taxes, business grows. But the libs DON'T want to cut taxes. Libs DON'T want to cut their spending and THAT is the crux of the issue. Barry wants to increase his redistribution agenda, in order to buy more votes from the Peggy the Moochers, which is why he and his fellow libscum desperately want to allow 25 million new Democrats (illegal aliens) into the election matrix.

Rest assured, when Barry and his corrupt regime implement a VAT, we're going to avoid it like we avoided the Stamp Tax and other onerous crap, like the Molasses Tax Act of 1733. What will happen is that say, a carpenter will offer services for cash to a homeowner and the homeowner will have a lower cost for the services rendered and the carpenter will avoid paying income tax on it. If the carpenter uses materials from another job site, for work on the side, the VAT loses again.

In another area, a thing called "carousel fraud" occurs which hits the treasury the VAT was supposed to fill up, like a "pump and dump" scam!  Also, businesses can scam the system by having the formal owner of a LLC for example, be an person, without a real job and without assets, as the formal owner, and likely getting paid off in cash. The VAT loses AND the Income tax loses.

So who gets screwed in the long run? The middle class on down. So much for Dummycrats looking out for the little guy. Well, the Gunny takes that back. They DO look out for the little guy, in the areas of relieving that heavy weight in our wallets.

Another lie from Ol Purple Lips to add to the growing list. (No new taxes.)


  1. Your tax dollars at work: Obama and Biden adding to the carbon footprint and tying up air traffic:

    I know. He's the Prez and it's his perk, before any libs post that.

  2. Pack Rat,

    Liberals are EXEMPT from caring for GAIA or the contents of the treasury, you should know that. They NEVER practice what they preach.

  3. To give the Devil his due:
    The POTUS and the VEEP NEVER fly on the same aircraft. I think the last time they flew together was November, 1963. Can't think of a time before or since.

  4. Gunny'
    I do love your realistic photo of Obama at the end of your post.
    The black market would serve him right. Of course it would give the government more jobs. The "black market' police. (is the use of black market politically correct?)
    I'm worried now about the financial market takeover. He is determined to take over everything like Hugo Chavez. I called my Senators this morning about the financial market takeover, and the VAT tax.
    I hate to wish my life away ( especially at this age) but I am praying for November so we can get rid of this putz.
    Oh yeah, Rush just broadcast the SEIU that was bussed in to the Capitol. Unloaded bus loads of the purple shirts, yelling "Raise my taxes".
    Obama's puppets!!!!

  5. Maybe Obama and Biden learned from the Polish crash.

    Obama really should have signed the visitor's book at the Polish embassy.

  6. The VAT tax has always been on the mind of this bunch---Europe is their Obamatopiea!!the perfect order ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

  7. Just re-reading my comment. I should have said I'm waiting for November 2012 to get rid of this putz. This November, take over Congress, and put hobbles on him.

  8. Nanna,

    The SEIU is as corrupt as Barry. Andy Stern is the slime of humanity.

  9. Pack Rat,

    Now if Castro would have died, Barry would have dropped everything to attend that one!

  10. Nanna,

    Nov 2010 makes Zero a lame duck. I'll be LMMFAO over it all. They failed to vet this clown a it's all coming back on em.

  11. Gunny,

    Isn't it amazing how big of hypocrites the left are.. It's too bad they're in power right now. They are truly damaging the outlook for this country.

  12. Obama sees the writing on the wall.
    He pretty well sees his butt out in '12.
    He is using Air Force 1 as his personal plaything,
    He is enjoying all the high dollar meals, staff, etc.

  13. At 15:02, Gunsel bleated:

    >Now if Castro would have
    >died, Barry would have
    >dropped everything to
    >attend that one!

    And why not? There's no aircraft-killing volcano ash cloud over this part of the world.

    Clownish moron.

  14. The madness of The Gunster:

    >For example, say you make 50G's a year
    >take home. Obama made 5.5 million and
    >say, took home 4 million. When YOU buy
    >a TV and have to pay the VAT, it hits YOU
    >a lot harder than it does Barry who can
    >afford it.

    Yes, life is easier for rich people than for poor people. What a shock, huh?

    But let me answer your nonsense the way you conservatives always answer the same sort of criticism:
    Tough shit. It's a free-market country. Don't make enough money? Make more. Work harder. Be more productive. Become an entrepreneur. Build a better mousetrap. Stop whining.

    What's good for the goose, asshole. . . .

    >When you cut taxes, business grows.

    This is the now notorious fallacy of Reaganomics, that benefits to the rich "trickle down" to the poor. Never happened. The fact is that when you cut taxes, business PROFITS grow, incomes of the largest stakeholders grow and bonuses paid to top executives grow. Lower business taxes have never been proven to be responsible for creating jobs.

    >when (President Barack Hussein Obama and his
    >administration) implement a VAT, we're going
    >to avoid it

    Of course you'll try. Because conservatives are more often than not crooks -- selfish, amoral parasites who always act to enrich themselves without feeling they should do a thing to benefit the country that has allowed them to grow rich.

    That's why America is now sick to death of you, why Democrats are in charge and why the government is now acting to limit your ability to suck from the trough far more than you're entitled to.

    There's a new sheriff in town, boys, and he doesn't like swine.

  15. Ivan,
    Do you remember Obama's promise not to raise taxes on any one who made less than $250k?

    VAT is a tax on everyone. So much for truth.

    So much for your idol.

  16. Gunny,
    Of course the libs will pile on all sorts of taxes. Why not? They have no intention of paying them. Only a moron pays taxes, right? Just look at all the tax cheats in the current administration.

    Libs are like teenagers with a credit card. Spend, spend, spend until the credit is maxed out and they are cut off. Then let mommy and daddy pay the bill. When the bill to the Chi-Coms comes due, I propose that we first liquidate the property and funds from the libs who put us in this position. Throw them out on the street like the two rich guys from "Trading Places". Before 2-year old Ivan whines about conservative spending, just remember that Idiot Obama is going to rack up more debt than ALL previous Presidents combined.

  17. Ivan whines...
    "...selfish, amoral parasites who always act to enrich themselves without feeling they should do a thing to benefit the country that has allowed them to grow rich."

    Wow, that sounds like a perfect definition of a limousine liberal, a public employee union member, main stream media types, and typical Hollywood celebrities... in other words, some of the basic lib core constituencies.

    And another thing, you might argue that low business taxes don't create jobs (you're wrong), but HIGHER business taxes sure as h*ll don't create jobs. That's a fact, jack.

  18. Oh, Ivan.
    Wealth envy is never a good thing. If one works for a living, one deserves every fucking penny earned. If one chooses to be a slacker and only pay half the bills and rack up credit debt, why should that slacker be entitled to my money? Why?

    The challenge I give every liberal thinker is this:

    If you have disposable income you can spare, go give it to the nearest brother hangin' on the tracks. Go Ahead. See what he does to better himself with your money...follow him and see where the money goes. And then when he's finished blowing your wad, see if he puts his hand out for more.

    What? He doesn't deserve your money? Why the fuck not? You're a hypocrite and you haven't even left the building.

  19. As for conservatives being criminals? Must you bullshit all the time? Does that mean your side is not? Oh, surely you jest?

    We are not parasites, we are not amoral. And we do give back to this Country and the citizens because we choose to. You just pretend not to notice.

    As for criminals, yep. We've had a few. But lest your feeble rat mind forget...Sandy Berger, Bill Clinton, William Jefferson, Diane Feinstein, Geithner, Sebelius, Pelosi, Rangel, Waxman. Just a few. And surprise, none of the violators ended in up in the slammer or lost their credibility. How about that double standard?

  20. PS...From Jonah Goldberg--
    "If by "capitalist" you mean someone who cares more about his own profit than yours; if you mean someone who cares more about providing for his family than providing for yours; if you mean someone who trusts that he is a better caretaker of his own interests and desires than a bureaucrat he's never met, often in a city he's never been to: then we are all capitalists."

  21. Repeat of a post, even some Obama supporters are seeing the light

    Obama backers already realizing they bought "a pig in a poke". Many are threatening to sit out future elections; Obama's ratings are going down.

    How about that!

  22. There aint no doubt that this is the only real title this affirmative action is as affirmative action lowlife muslim has ever earned.......

  23. At 6:09, Nee wrote:

    >If one works for a living,
    >one deserves every fucking
    >penny earned.

    OK, you don't believe in paying taxes. Fair enough. I don't like taxes either. Let's just all stop paying taxes. All governments can close up shop and all the soldiers can come home and try to make their livings in civilian life. Who needs defense from possible foreign invasion anyway? And why bother protecting the nuclear arms stockpile? Probably no one will mess with it. Meanwhile, police officers can try to find jobs as private security guards and firemen can rent themselves out as masters of ceremony at high school bonfires. Your car will soon be useless when potholes make the roads impassable, but that might not be a bad thing, what with all the unlicensed and drunk drivers running around out there.

    But what the hell? Think of all the money you'll be saving by not paying taxes. Totally worth it.

    The conservative creed: Money good. Taxes baaaaad. Me no like taxes.

  24. The Gunster screamed:


    Proving once again that the Gunsel remains an overt, unrepentant racist.

    Better run your hooded sheet to the laundry, Guns. It's starting to stink as bad as you.

  25. Ivan,
    You still did not address why your idol did not go to the Polish embassy to express his condolences
    It's in the same city. Maybe he was busy playing with his dog.

  26. Then there are those that swear that Bush planned all of 9-11 and cheated Gore out of the presidency but then they say he is an absolute dunce.

  27. The Socialists don't believe Obama. I wonder who is left that believes everything Obama says

  28. Gunny,you are telling us Obama LIED??? WTF?? I'm SHOCKED, I say,SHOCKED.OK,sarcasm off. OF FRIGGING COURSE he lies.It's the Alinsky way.

  29. I've posted a lot on this column and I really haven't told you about myself. Well, I am a hippy who still delves deep into crack, marijuana, much alcohol, and deals to children.

    My favorite leaders include Stalin, Putin, Chavez, Castro, and Hitler. I love Hitler because of his antisemitic views and believe our government should continue that view. I love Chavez, since he controls the media and only relishes on viewpoint. I also would love the opportunity to have the rich and middle class paying so much taxes that only a poor class remains, ruled by a rich, tyrannical elite.

    I also like calling everybody racist. I even called a small child a racist for eating vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate. In fact, everybody is a racist, except for the evolved elite like me.

    Now please, don't tell the mental institution that I have escaped. My other personality and my hero, Karl Marx, back from the dead, tell me they don't want to go back.

  30. Needless to say, I did not write the dreck above.

    Gee, you'd think if someone were going to parody my poor contributions here s/he would at least make it funny.

    Bad job, I'm afraid. Obviously the product of a childish, third-rate mind.

  31. There I am again, blaming myself for poor posts. I should probably go back and finish the first grade.

    By the way, I invented the internet and toyota cars

  32. Stock up,Food,water,ammo,meds & first aid supplies,this will assure you & your family survive cuz its only gonna get worse.

  33. Pack Rat
    Peggy the Moocher is left. And that woman in Florida who asked Obama to give her a new kitchen.
    Funny, ain't it, how they want it both ways with Bush. He is so stupid yet he brilliantly planned 9/11 leaving no trail and he single handedly stole the Y2K election.

  34. Ivan calls "The Gunster" a racist because he pointed out untruths as uttered by the POTUS.

    Funny how he does not question the ideology of folks who continually enact laws that are in violation of the Constitution....

  35. Ivan- seriously...Are you five years old reading my comment and interpreting it literally? You know exactly what I meant but you choose to be obtuse. I pay plenty in taxes but I resent being taxed to provide for the rest of the country who don't know an honest days work. And don't even bother to defend those poor souls. The ones who give a shit about making it never take a penny from the entitlement programs and if they do, it is temporary, not permanent. When are you going to get that? Welfare should never be permanent and sadly, this is what it has become. I am not fine with that and I will never be fine with it. It teaches nothing but how to game a system that has long been broken. Go back to your hole.

  36. At 14:57, Donnie counselled:
    >Stock up,Food,water,ammo,meds
    >& first aid supplies,this will
    >assure you & your family survive
    >cuz its only gonna get worse.

    Oh, yeah. Lock and load, folks. Black-shirted government shock troops are marching down your streets as we speak, health-care-insurance enrolment forms in hand, under strict orders to ensure you have or keep a job and to improve the economy -- at gunpoint, if necessary.

    Love your stuff, Donnie-boy, you pathetic, paranoid pawn.

    Now, better shut off the 'puter and go shiver in your cellar (or more likely, in the shadows, underneath your double-wide.)

    The socialists are coming.


  37. At 8:22, Buck whined:

    >Funny how (Ivan) does not question
    >the ideology of folks who continually
    >enact laws that are in violation of
    >the Constitution....

    Funny how you've cravenly avoided dealing with the reasonable questions I asked you in the "The Most Dangerous Man in America" thread, you gutless wonder.

    In case you've forgotten, they were:
    -Just what constitutional rights do you imagine the current federal gov't has intruded into?
    -What is this "socialist movement" you mentioned?
    -Where is it based?
    -Who leads it?
    -What makes you think it targets "American freedom?"

    And even though I hold out no hope you'll even attempt to discuss the issues like an adult human being with an IQ in the triple digits, I'll add this query, referring to this most revent post of yours:

    -Just what laws are the current federal administration "continually enacting
    that are in violation of the Constitution?"

    C'mon, Buckaroo, be more than a pussy parrot for FoxNews talking points. Answer the questions.

  38. At 12:25, Nee whimpered:

    >Are you five years old reading
    >my comment and interpreting it
    >literally? You know exactly what
    >I meant

    Uh, Nee, baby, you wrote, "If one works for a living, one deserves every fucking penny earned."

    In the land of triple-digit IQs, which I inhabit, "every fucking penny" means every fucking penny, which does not leave one fucking penny for taxes.

    So now you're whining that I cruelly misinterpreted you because I assumed you know how to express yourself?

    Accept my apology for my having so vastly overestimated your intelligence.

    It won't happen again.

    >I resent being taxed to provide
    >for the rest of the country who
    >don't know an honest days work.

    Aah, it's only you who "knows an honest day's work." Nee is frugal and industrious. The entire "rest of the country" is composed of lazy, no 'count bastards who don't deserve to benefit from one fucking penny earned by Nee because she is just so goddam more virtuous.

    I suppose that's as good an excuse as any to evade your responsibilities as a citizen of the country you claim to love.

    And you folks wonder why I refer to rightoids as traitors. Read Nee's sociopathic dreck and wonder no more.

    >Go back to your hole.

    And you hie thee back to your trough.

  39. Ivan the cherry picker,

    quoting persons by cut and pasting to make them appear in the most negative light, hoping the casual reader, will assume that it is a word for word transcript.

    Keep on posting. I am sure that readers can make their own judgments as to who has the more valid points.

  40. Oh Ivan! You're so studly. Bend over and take me like a man like you always do.

  41. Ivan Screeches:
    "And even though I hold out no hope you'll even attempt to discuss the issues like an adult human being..."

    I can discuss the issues, Ivan Yakinoff, like an adult human being. That is when I have an ADULT human being with which to discuss those issues.
    Anyone taking a quick perusal of your posts will see quickly that you are an insulting, venomous and petty little "useful idiot" who has no respect for anyone with views unlike your own.

  42. Ivan does it again:

    "Now, better shut off the 'puter and go shiver in your cellar (or more likely, in the shadows, underneath your double-wide.)"

    What's wrong with a double-wide, Ivan?
    Double-wides were the free market's way of affordable housing for low income folks.
    The double-wide market never pulled a Fannie or a Freddie.....

    Or do you consider yourself "above" folks who live in double-wides?
    Once again you show how jerks with your mindset think themselves better than us working types.

  43. But Ivan, you like doublewides! Remember when you wanted to play Ned Beatty in Deliverence, and you crawled around on your hands and knees squeeling like a pig? That was in a doublewide Ivan!

  44. At 11:42, Buck babbled:

    >I can discuss the issues

    No, you can't.

    If you could, you wouldn't keep blustering instead of addressing the real issues and the questions I asked you, evading them with silly, childish, lame excuses like this.

    You are pathetic and not worth my time, Buckie. Go away.

  45. Ivan (Stewie Griffin) squealing like a pig? On his knees in a doublewide? Talk about blustering instead of addressing the real issues! So what's with you and this Lemmiwinks character? This is all sounding pretty sick Ivan. We all knew you were a narcissistic idiot, but narcissistic felching trailer trash?

  46. Ivan:
    Is that the best you can do?
    It is not so pathetic you are a total jackass.
    The pathetic part is you continue to make a fool of yourself and really think you are some intellectual brainstud.
    You are like the king's fool. You make folks laugh. But they are laughing at your stupidity.
    But you don't get it.
    Wise up.
    Get a life.

  47. Buck,

    This is his Ivan's life. It's his masochistic side.
    He strikes out at those things about himself that he does not like.