Monday, April 12, 2010


Isn't it funny how liberals attacked Sarah Palin as stupid. Why, they bleated, she said she could see Russia from her house! Yuk Yuk Yuk. She's so stupid, they crowed, that she has to use cue cards to read from (forgetting that their demi-god Obysmal has to use a teleprompter to take a dump!) Some liberal douchebag at Salon actually wrote that it was official now, that Palin was stupid. It's not known whether or not Tony Wang really is one but it's certain that he's been sniffing Obummer's jock again.

So if Sarah Palin is so stupid and incompetence, forgetting the fact that she STILL has more executive level expereince that the Bumbler-in-Chief, how in the name of Gaia did she upset Zero's apple cart?

Then came Wednesday and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tore into the Man-Child and his regime for telling other nations the US would not respond in kind to a WMD attack, basically opening the door to Americans being turned into french fries. (Thank GOD the Secret Service would protect the Kenyan Usurper and his family).

Then, the thin-skin of Barry, having been shown up by a "quitter" as the Libs call her, whined along with the help of his teleprompter, that a former governor doesn't understand nuclear policy nearly as well as Barry does. After all, Barry wrote a paper about nuclear disarmament while at Columbia! (That's the only thing available from his time at Columbia, grades, papers, student loan data being under lock and key.) If ANYONE knows how to disarm America, it's DEFINATELY the Surrendercrat and his party of cut and run. Barry SWORE that he was in lockstep with his SecDef, who of course, as a minion, took up Barry's standard. (Unfortunately Gates had a different opinion in Oct 2008 on nukes) But in any event, wannebe king Barry wants his Chamberlainesque Kumbaya moment in history, or maybe, he just wants us unarmed and bent over for our enemies.

Here is where the wheels come off of Barry's wagon.

Friday, the "stupid" helicopter flying wolf-killing quitter rammed it up Barry's tailpipe by outing the regime for playing kissie-face with Chavez, Putin, Iranian President "I'm-in-a-jihad" while pissing all over our allies, Israel, Britain, Honduras (Zelaya affair), Colombia, and pretty much any other country that used to be our ally and trust us.

Well, Hang Low, Sweet Chariot, but who trots out Sunday with two hams and a pork butt jammed into a polyester pantsuit? Why, none other than the Queen of Whitewater, Shrillary Klintoon, who quickly threw some ketchup on some crow for Barry, as she rapidly distanced the Regime from that evil ol "no retaliation" pledge. (Must be hell to be a tool for a fool). 

"If we can prove that a biological attack originated in a country that attacked us, then all bets are off." Shrillary April 11, 2010.

Now Mommy Gunny didn't raise no fools so the Gunny fully believes that this is yet ANOTHER lie in an ocean of lies, flowing from the mouth of the Community Organizer-in-Chief. Rest assured, that if we're nuked, gassed, or bio'd up, Chairman Zero and the rest of the libstains will do nothing worse than shrilly screaming for them to stop it or they'll (Barry and Company) will tell Daddykins at the UN about it.

There is blood in the water from this regime, as they are weak on guts and long on bullsqueeze. Funny that a stupid wolf hunting, moose gutting, quitter of a governor forced Comrade Zero to backtrack and eat his words. So much for Palin being stupid huh libs?


  1. Amen Brother!!! I continue to be amazed at the stupidity that is out there, brainwashed by the media slime. The other day I heard a regretful Obama voter (female) still grumbling about Palin. This was after her diatribe about the gutless wonders currently in Dee Sleaze. I pointed out that Palin had more nads than the whole Dimmy party combined. She was thinking about what I said when she left. How can people be so gullible????

  2. GunnyG,
    Liberal Cowards CLAIM that Sarah and/or the Tea Parties DO NOT worry them. You do NOT attack an enemy that is DEAD or INCAPACITATED. Sarah and the Tea Parties have Liberals whistling past the graveyard as they walk home to Mommy's Basement from Starbucks.

  3. In side word from the Red House. After the full on vicious assualt from the brutal quitter and after our Zero the Marxist-in-chief changed his drawers(it was a heroing expierience, still he wet himself), he gave her all she could handle with the statement "I know you are but what am I". This was immediately replaced by the whitehouse press corps (pronounced with a hard "P") with the statement "Because last I checked, Sarah Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues."
    He has further stated tha the developed tons of expierience in defense while at Harvard, " I had to defend my laziness often while there"

  4. Palin, what a beaut what's not to like?

    The lady has smarts and class she has more common sense in her little finger than all of obumsteer and the other 534 put together. She has more America in the root of one hair on her head than all of the bloodline of the kenyan usurper muslim.

    The only thing barry is good at is a slap on the back and told well at least you tried (aka aa)then bending over and taking it up the shoot at both ends thus FBO and it aint failure I'm talking about.

  5. As my late grandmother would remark at times: "If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one you hit"
    Do I hear some yelps?

    Also Tina Fey is back to her Palin impression which means that Palin is getting the liberal's goat. Otherwise, they would simply ignore her.
    They are also taking potshots at tea party, etc. at the same time. Yelp, yelp.

  6. Gunny,
    I find it laughable that Obysmal attempts to put down Palin, yet he's not even qualified to be dogcatcher. I'm not surprised that the Pig in a pantsuit comes out to backtrack for the administration. Obysmal is Jimmy Carter 2.0 without the courage.

    "Mankind are governed more by their feelings than by reason." -Samuel Adams

  7. Were he not the CIC, Obama would not be able to pass the basic Top Secret Security Clearance because of his associations and past statements. Isn't that ironic?

  8. Navyvet,

    Indeed. The leftists have a herd mentality, no doubt there. That is why the left has to use bumper stickers and slogans to win their votes. No critical thinking going on there.

  9. Georgetwin,

    You got that right brother. They KNOW that we're damn mad and that we're doing something about it now.

  10. Jim,

    HAHA! As a guest lecturer there at that! At least it gave him plenty of time to community organize.


  11. R E,

    Yep, you got that right. Libs hate her because she speaks the truth and refuses to shut up like they what.

  12. Pack Rat,

    Seen the Tina Fey schtick, about as funny as that lib broad comic on the "D" circuit or whatever.

  13. rikdergis,

    It's funny as hell as the libs repeat history. They truly have not had an original thought since 1933!

  14. Pack Rat,

    INDEED! Good thing his mother bought a Hawaii BC for him or he would not be able to immigrate here with HIS background.

  15. hey Gunny,

    Sarah Palin breaking wind is more intelligence than hussien speaking. and billary calling out odumbo? is the party fraying or is billary laying the seeds for a run in 2012?

  16. Sarah Palin is no conservative.
    Sarah Palin is no statesman.

    She may be doing a good job arguing with an idiot but don't go away believing she is either.

    A conservative is not pro amnesty.
    Sarah Palin is.
    A statesman puts the country ahead of his own considerations.
    Sarah Palin is endorsing John McCain over JD Hayworth.
    Do not argue she has a "political debt" to McCain.
    A statesman would put the country ahead of "political debt".
    Enjoy her chewing the left up in speeches. But she is not the next Reagan. Palin in the Oval Office would be about like Bush XLI..

  17. gunny,
    Tony Wang really is one but it's certain that he's been sniffing Obummer's jock again.
    did the hussien forget to douche?

  18. Remember what Ghandi said,
    First they ignore you,
    Then they laugh at you,
    Then they attack you,
    And then You win..

  19. The Ramirez cartoon says it all:

  20. Ukraine to give up nuke material; boost for summit

    "WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama optimistically opened a 47-nation nuclear summit Monday, boosted by Ukraine's announcement that it will give up its weapons-grade uranium. [...] Ukraine's decision dovetailed with Obama's goal of securing all vulnerable nuclear materials worldwide within four years — an objective that the White House hopes will be endorsed by all summit countries at a closing session Tuesday, even if the means to accomplish it are unclear."

    Finally, America has a president who commands worldwide respect and can make a positive difference on the international stage.

    Obama! What's not to like?

    (Oh yeah, I forgot . . . He's black. Bwahahahaha!)

  21. Ivan:"Obama! What's not to like?

    (Oh yeah, I forgot . . . He's black. Bwahahahaha!)"

    Ivan, are you a racist? You keep bringing up race. Oh yeah, I remember you only like blacks that parrot the liberal left wing talking points.

  22. If Palin is so stupid and weak, why does the left spend so much time trying to tear her down. Methinks they do protesteth too much.

  23. Wow, I finally found ya again Gunny!
    Damn I've missed the wisdom that flows from your keyboard since the pussies at TH forced ya out.

    I won't lose you again, I just bookmarked this blog :)

  24. Ivan is right! Sarah is a Biatch. We don't need women, Ivan and I have each other! You Rightoids don't know what it's like to have a fullfilling relationship, not like I fullfill Ivan! I'll always cover your rear Ivan!

  25. As some one else pointed out, Palin can talk from crib notes on her hand instead of needing a teleprompter to talk to elementary kids.

    She needs to keep on stirring up the left. She does that very well.

  26. Gunny,I do not know WHY you would think ANY of these lying fools could keep all them straight.Libs=Liars. Got to agree with Buck.

  27. packrat- you asked why poster Ivan's obsessed with race?

    I believe it's an obsession.
    What's probably worse is that his obsession will lead to something dangerous. I've worked in prisons before and have observed the same behavior Ivan exhibits, such as in pedophiles, rapists, stalkers, etc. Little statements, such as what he has written before, turn worse if the person remains untreated. Whoever this Ivan is, I suggest immediate treatment with a psychologist.

  28. Gunny. Yeah, the media will continue to attack Palin while Obama's policies continue to fail and unemployment continues to climb. They just try to divert attention away while all us conservatives, angry independents, betrayed democrats, and republicans continue to see through this administration's lies.

    Packrat. Don't worry about Ivy. Ivan would probably attack MLK for his dream of focusing on character and not skin color.

  29. It looks like Ivan has other things on his mind. He must have something serious going with Lemmiwinks.
    Come on Stewie, tell all. Who is Lemmiwinks and where did you meet?

  30. I just saw the WikiLeaks-decrypted U.S. military film "Collateral Murder," showing the July 12, 2007 Apache helicopter attack on a group of civilians in Iraq, including several Reuters news people and two children.

    This should be required viewing for all Americans -- especially schoolchildren.

    Look, kids. These trash-talking thugs and psycho killers are YOUR brave soldiers bringing the blessings of democracy to the people of Iraq.

    Yes, some folks might say it's cowardly, shooting unarmed people from the safety of a helicopter high above the street, using all those high-tech gadgets YOUR parents' tax dollars bought for the killers, but people who say such things are commies and liberals and should be shot from helicopters for being so damned ungrateful.

    Or perhaps we can just get a fix on them and blow them away with a drone, America's newest coward's weapon.

    And you imbeciles here just can't understand why most of the world's people hate Americans. . .

    If there was justice in the world, every bastard who had anything to do with this slaughter, and all the forked-tongue military spinsters who lied about it later, would rot in prison for the rest of their worthless lives.

    If there was justice in the world, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney would be tried for war crimes.

    Roger that.

  31. That latest rant makes one wonder how Ivan reconciles Barry O taking out a contract on an American citizen.
    Obama's order for the assassination Anwar al-Awlaki is a clear example of the type of extra-judicial punishment normally meted out by third-world dictators.

  32. Um, Ivan you're a fucking idiot. Go look at the 34 minute video of that event. Then school your sorry, ignorant ass on the ROE. Don't come back here and shit on the boys who give you that right to spew your filth, until you learn a few things. Otherwise, STFU.

  33. Awwww, c'mon Gunny! Barry would do something if we are attacked. First he'd have his teleprompter remind him to say that he wants to make it very clear that he does not think the attack was a very nice thing to do. Then he would write a very strongly worded letter to the attackers.
    I'm sure that would convince the attackers to back off in great respect and awe of The One.

    As far as the video of the weapon toting insurgents on the Wiki site: Ivan, why aren't you upset at the terrorist father of the children for putting them in the middle of a battle zone?
    Oh, that's right, people like Ivan see the only good dead soldiers as being American.

  34. Ivan, the dependable.
    Always ready to spout the Code Pink latest line.

    And those who load children into a car to make it appear harmless and then blow them up to kill Americans are heroes in your world?

  35. And Ivan also ignored the SOLDIERs who upon finding the youths in the van RAN with them to put them in a HUMVEE and drive them to the nearest hospital ( not exactly the actions of bloodthirsty killers). Ivan will complain that it was an Iraqi hospital.

  36. Final comment:
    "high above the street"- like about 200 feet or less judging from the angle of the video.

    A rebuttal:

    Fills in some of the blanks.

  37. You tell off these Rightoid Ivan. They should worship Obama, Mao, Hitler, and Che just like you do. Tell them how they will learn to bow to Obama. Tell them how their only value is to the good of the state!
    Oh Ivan, I get so excited when you talk Butch!

  38. At 1:04, Saltwater wrote:
    >wonder how Ivan reconciles Barry
    >O taking out a contract on an
    >American citizen.

    Wonder no more: I deplore it. Governments should not be ordering the "extra-judicial" murder of anyone. Period.

    I'm sorry Obama is taking advice on this from his spooks and hope he ends this morally indefensible -- and almost certainly illegal -- practice post haste.

    Note to Rat Pack:
    Those Iraqi children shot by U.S. military psychopaths were in a vehicle that was being used to save wounded people -- not as a car bomb.

    As always, you are a liar and dishonorable cur who even tries to justify the slaughter of children. Don't you make yourself sick?

  39. Hmm, maybe we should inform the CIA of Ivan's wanting destruction of Americans and American soldiers....

    Or the nut house of an escaped patient...

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Ivan,
    Did you not understand who took them to the hospital? US medics treat the wounded regarless of their allegiance. You still deny the obvious.

    Have you ever watched soldiers save the lives of wounded civilians?
    No, you are too busy repeating talking points. If they were saving wounded perople, why were all of the casulaties outside the van?

    You ignored my question about the insurgent who blew up 2 childern in a car in an attempt to kill "infidels". Do you approve of that?

  42. ivan the dipshit

    ivan, ivan,ivan, go and take a look at your leftist media. they have refuted the claim of unarmed civilians. look closely and you can see ak47s and an rpg.

    the truth is you just miss ole stalin.

  43. Don't call my Ivan a dipshit. I'm one of the only ones to dip in his shit. He is a real man and can take it! He's tubular!

  44. At 9:13, Anonymous wrote:
    >Hmm, maybe we should inform the
    >CIA of Ivan's wanting destruction
    >of Americans and American soldiers....

    And if I did?

    Last time I looked, "wanting" the destruction of Americans and American soldiers was not illegal.

    That's under the U.S. Constitution, which The Gunster says is the greatest document ever scribbled by mortal man. Are you going to argue with him, dickwad?

    For the record, Gunsel and the rest of you retrograde specimens of rightoid trailer trash have been agitating for the destruction of Americans since this blog thingy first appeared -- as long as the Americans to be destroyed were liberals, blacks, immigrants, Democrats, gays, people with IQs in the triple-digits and everyone who does not subscribe to the worldview propagated by the lying motherfuckers on FoxNews.

    It's what got you kicked off Townhall, which finally realized what a vipers' nest of insanity this thing is.

    If I've broken the law by suggesting that American soldiers are thugs, psycho killers and cowards, you must all give yourselves up immediately.

  45. Oh Ivan, you excite me so much! Take me like you did in Cuba! I'll climb up the tube just like before cause I dig you Ivan.
    I'll dress up like Hitler or Obama again if you want. Take me again Ivan, call me trailer trash and dickwad. I'll fullfill you!

  46. Is Ivan a closet member of the Westboro Baptist Church?