Saturday, December 11, 2010


So ya don’t like the TSA and Janet Napolitano's ineffectual and flaccid methods of security? You don’t like their violation of your 4th Amendment rights in their pursuit of secure air travel or cargo inspection (almost nil at this point in time, 9 YEARS after 9/11)? And you’re further aggravated because you know that there is another method, the Israeli method, but the US Government refuses to use it? So what do we as Americans do about that?

Anyone want to start a buggy whip business? We can manufacture them and sell them to the Amish but after that, we’ll simply go out of business! This is what happens when a business pushes a product that the populace doesn’t want to buy, like the Chevy Volt! haha Or maybe we can start a business that offers some service, say, airing all of the speeches of the Kenyan Usurper, that again, the people really don’t want or would ignore. And what will happen in either case mentioned above? The people do not buy it or they refuse to use some sort of offered services, and without an Obama bailout, you go under.

This is also true for air travel. It is a fact that some of us HAVE to fly to conduct business but how many businesses could be better served by using video teleconferencing items like a Tandberg vice flying to give a briefing or a meeting? How many people travel by air simply for the speed of travel? Is the speed of the travel worth the violation of our Constitutional rights? Of being debased in public with crotch grabs, breast examinations, toddler diaper inspections, etc. The solution? Stop flying whenever possible. Or if one of the airlines drops the TSA and employs a private security along the Israeli lines, then fly them solely. Once the number of passengers plummets, and the union run airlines start getting hit in the wallet, the issue will come to a boil fast. We the people run this nation and that is something that we must never forget.

So we stop flying whenever we can, what then? We drive. Yes, it might cost a bit more to visit relatives over a holiday but is not the spirit of defiance worth it? As we travel, we are actually investing money into America as we see sites from close up, not at 35,000 feet! You’ll actually MEET your fellow Americans in towns across the nation as you enjoy seeing your nation up close. Indeed, your money will go to local economies, not big corporations likely owned by liberals or foreign entities! Another huge plus. You will get reacquainted with America and remember, the spirit of defiance towards ignorant fascists like Big Sis and the other morons is as American as apple pie!

This is especially important as Big Sis just signed a deal with the Mexicans that allows pre-screened Mexican airline passengers to bypass lengthy airport security checkpoints. YOU have to go through security but THEY don’t. Twisted? Stupid? Not when you consider that this Regime WANTS the American populace angry. Remember, "top down, bottom up, inside out." Best off all, Napolitano stated that this way will, "enhance information sharing and mutual security in the face of ever-evolving multinational threats." So YOU get felt up, YOU get your 4th Amendment Right violated, YOU get nude pictures of yourself observed by so-called "unseen" security officers but foreigners get over.

There can be no doubt that the theme for this regime must be, "The World Turned Upside Down." And for a topper in the weekend news cycle (how the libs and the commies put out bad news) is not that BJ Bubba is standing in for Barry now but that Napolitano is going to develop a plan for protecting illegal aliens from south of the border, from criminal attacks, as they cross into the U.S. What makes this so frigging disgusting is that WE complain about the illegals and this regime (and past ones) DO NOTHING but when the Mexicans whine that illegal aliens are robbed, killed or violently beaten (by their own countrymen), this Regime jumps to, snaps their heels, gives an "Jawohl" and commits OUR resources to reduce the risk of life and limb and money to the security of the illegals. Meanwhile, Phoenix is under siege by Mexicans kidnapping Anglos for ransom.

Well DONE Liberals and RINOs! What will Nazi Napolitano do for an encore? Shut down websites? Oh yeah, she is already doing that. Call terrorist acts, "man-caused disasters"? Oh yeah, already done. Surely she'll crack down in illegals? Nope. She refuses to allow immigration agencies to increase deportation of illegal aliens. Hmmm. Surely she'll name our enemies like the Islamofascists? Nope, she DID, however, release a DHS report that said the real homeland threats were war veterans, pro-life activists and gun owners.

"Listen to me and you shall hear, news hath not been this thousand year
Since Herod, Caesar, and many more, you never heard the like before.
Holy-dayes are despis'd, new fashions are devis'd.
Old Christmas is kicked out of Town
Yet let's be content, and the times lament, you see the world turn'd upside down.
Yet let's be content, and the times lament, you see the world turn'd upside down..."


  1. Kinda wonderin'
    When those landowners along the border will start hiring sharpshooters to protect their ...cattle...

  2. My nephew and niece are going to travel by train on business in Washington DC. They live in California. It costs a little more and takes a lot longer, but they refuse to fly any more.

    Yesterday I saw a new intrusion on our rights that Homeland Security (falsely so called), is using, and that is xray vans. They can randomly point an xray at a car, and see not only into the car, but through your clothes. They won't use it at the border, Oh no, just on ordinary Americans, to check for guns etc.
    I don't know how many of these are in use, but there was an argument obout privacy rights. And if you are on the street whether you have provacy rights. The argument was that you always have the right to not have someone look under your clothes if you're on the street.
    Makes me furious!!

  3. Yeah buck,
    I have wondered the same thing.
    I had written a lot more in agreement, but then I thought it in poor taste, so I deleted it.
    So it's up to your imagination.

  4. Nanna
    I hope your niece and nephew get to go over the Sierras from San Francisco to Reno. That is a beauriful trip. If you can get the right train schedule....

    It was even better back in the old days when they still had a lounge car... Right behind the dining car...