Thursday, December 2, 2010


Once again, when it comes to needing something done in the Senate or House, why, just open up the checkbook and let the money flow.

The top receivers of contributions from groups that supported the bill, and who ended up voting in favor of it, include:

Money from groups FOR    Money from groups AGAINST   VOTE

Lamar Alexander R TN $45,250 $5,144 Yes
Max Baucus D MT $101,299 $77,800 Yes
Mark Begich D AK $92,674 $1,250 Yes
Michael Bennet D CO $63,642 $0 Yes
Barbara Boxer D CA $181,777 $67,290 Yes
Scott Brown R MA $14,050 $37,250 Yes
Maria Cantwell D WA $159,115 $20,000 Yes
Robert Casey D PA $71,513 $9,850 Yes
Susan Collins R ME $39,650 $14,088 Yes
Bob Corker R TN $53,300 $15,650 No (The heat must have been too much for Bob)
Richard Durbin D IL $43,835 $15,200 Yes
Al Franken D MN $146,188 $10,350 Yes
Kirsten Gillibrand D NY $79,309 $28,200 Yes
Thomas Harkin D IA $140,569 $105,700 Yes
Mark Kirk R IL $55,910 $4,605 Yes
George LeMieux R FL $0 $0 Yes
Jeff Merkley D OR $86,945 $7,500 Yes
Lisa Murkowski R AK $15,800 $10,500 Yes
Harry Reid D NV $96,302 $58,800 Yes
John Rockefeller D WV $71,150 $2,000 Yes
Charles Schumer D NY $101,300 $8,000 Yes
Olympia Snowe R ME $12,650 $3,636 Yes
Jon Tester D MT $124,227 $9,140 Yes
Mark Udall D CO $325,772 $7,950 Yes
Tom Udall D NM $142,879 $2,750 Yes

It appears that the pigs have quite a bit of appetite although some pigs here have a bigger appetite than others. Once again, hat tip to Owl Gore for inventing the internet that allows us to track the elites in their purple togas. One has to wonder how much of the money paid out in FAVOR of the Monsanto bill comes from Soros, since he just added over 897,813 shares of Monsanto, hitherto an underperforming stock. Maybe if one buys enough Senators and Congcritters, Monsanto might become a "STRONG BUY" stock huh with Spooky Dude Soros again making out, at the expense of others. But as Beck pointed out, Ol' Spooky Dude likes to play god and thinks it is fun.

Oh, and one more tidbit not reported by the Lapdog Media? One Deepak Chopra, the Chairman and CEO of the Open Society Institute, accompanied Obama on his past Asian trip that netted NOTHING for the United States but probably fattened Soros' our expense.

"Oh what a wicked web..."

The full list can be viewed at:


  1. Ah, yes. It has been said before, the best Congress money can buy.

    Actually, it's more like a red light district.

  2. It is indeed interesting to see the money "path". Like you said Gunny, Monsanto (who I have done work for) was not an exceptional company.

    When are we going to arrest George Soros, confiscate his money, and toss him in jail?

  3. Damn good case for TERM LIMITS,if you ask me.It is SO past time to flush all these turds out. Proof again(as if we need it) the American Congress,whoring itself out. A pox on ALL of them.

  4. it's laughable---if the situation was'nt serious I WOULD be laughing. The GOP is has RINO conpromise kool-aid dripping from their nose and they cannot even see that Americans VOTED this past elections for a REASON!!!!

  5. There is no honor among thieves (democrats and Rinos)

  6. How many of those senators are up for re-election in '12???
    Quit bitchin' about B0 (pronounced, The Big Zero) flying to the far east.
    Every moment out of the country is good for the country. Besides, think of the great liberty all those sailors had at Yokosuka or Sasebo....

  7. Pack Rat,

    You're exactly right. Term limits need to be implemented.

  8. Gray Ghost,

    Soros should have been deported when he was convicted in France and living here. We deport Nazi guards for trial yet Soros continues to live here. But since Hanoi Jane and John continue to live here, it is not surprising.

  9. clyde,

    I thought Nutsy Pelosi was gonna drain that swamp of corruption. Now I know when that truck that drains my septic tank dumps its load!

  10. 8th Man,

    INDEED! Steele MUST GO! Palin needs to run the RNC. She'll whip their asses into line and nail the RINOs as it should be.

  11. Nanna,

    We need to get the pitchforks and torches together and get that tar a bubblin'!

  12. Buck,

    HAHA! Maybe we can send him a letter telling him that there is a basketball game deep in the Antarctic that wants him to play there and send Barry out via dogsled pulled by turtles!

  13. Nice write Gunny,

    On a side note, I just read Boehner is attempting to keep Paul from becoming chair on the house monetary policy subcommittee. Whats up with that?

  14. Well, when I take over the White House, Executive Order number 1 will be to arrest Soros and deport him to whichever country (of the many he has screwed over) will give him the harshest treatment.

  15. Gunny and Everyone,

    Update on the bill:

    “If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.” ~Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistle blower

    Now we will have the garden police to worry about.

    This bill was advertised to make food safer. Instead it curtails regular citizens from growing vegetables and other farm products.

    Be sure to contact your congress critter and voice your concerns. This bill is REAL BAD.

  16. JPKnowMad,

    I had not heard that! We NEED someone with a chainsaw and the guts to use it on that cmte!

  17. The Crawfish,

    Actually, you will draft it but I, as the President, will sign it. But I WILL allow you to hot glue gun the EO to Soros's forehead as we BOTH chuck his ass on a plane out.

  18. Hardnox,

    Check back into November and you'll see my essay on SB 510. It is even worse than what you posted. It also allows Monsanto, etc, to control SEEDS and allow unannounced inspections of farms to ensure that they do not "unlicensed" seeds.

    Heirloom seeds would likely be prohibited for ownership.

  19. Gunny,

    I completely understand.

    A farmer buddy of mine planted regular corn next to an adjacent tract farmed by another that was planted with Monsanto “Round-Up ready” corn. At harvest he had some of the corn seed from his standard corn processed as seed corn for next year’s planting which is a standard practice.

    Out of nowhere here come the Monsanto lawyers and tag him with a suit for patent infringement, blah, blah, blah. As it turns out some of his standard corn was pollinated by the Monsanto corn.

    They are still in court and it has cost my friend tens of thousands so far.

    Monsanto has put many seed processors out of business as well. All with legal terrorism.

    The bottom line is that Monsanto and others want farmers to buy only their seed and only their seed otherwise a lawsuit.

    Small farmers cannot defend themselves against such things so they naturally submit or quit farming.

  20. Mmmmm! Look at how Republicans are there. I expected the Democrats to support this bill.

    Where is the outrage? Did the 11/02 election not tell our politicians that we wanted our government back? Now they vote like this.

    Need to read a new book out that's a must read about Americans finally taking a stand. It's about each of us & I'll be giving it out this year. I recommend it.

    SB510 is not in our favor but I am shocked to see so few of my friends even knowing about it. good article!

  21. Another way for the left to impose on anything we do....

    Most of the conformists on the left won't know how much their freedoms matter until it's gone.