Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A lot of Americans seem to have short term memory loss, especially when it comes to who they voted for, when that person and/or party sucks enormously. Here's a reminder of how liberals seek to muzzle the opposition.

EXCERPT: "Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn is taking issue with a Tuesday posting on the official White House blog in which the Obama administration asks supporters to report back when they receive “an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy” to an official e-mail address." (flag at whitehouse dot gov.)

Any wonder why DHS and ICE are more concerned with shutting down websites than shutting down and securing our southern border with a nation one step away from full-blown revolution and anarchy?


  1. So I totally get the whole comparing Obama to Socialism. Makes sense. But why the comparison of Obama to Hitler?! Dont you think that's going a little far?

  2. frankie,

    I've compared Obama to Hitler on my old TH Blog because both of them had/have NPD. Both of them really did not care about their nation, Hitler being Austrian and Obama being Kenyan, and they led them to destruction.

    The fascism point is in reference to having Americans inform on Americans, an idea started with Woodrow Wilson during WW1 and picked up again by this regime.

    I self-reported MANY TIMES in defiance of Obama and I am PROUD to stand AGAINST him and his agenda.

    But in retrospect, I could have compared Barry to Stalin, who suffered from NPD as well, and had Russians inform on Russians.

  3. Dont see any relevance in that one Gunny, more like propaganda to me. My grandfather forged his age to fly half way around the world to stop Hitler from continuing his genocide. No one is having to shed an ounce of blood to stop Obama. Once his term is up he will leave peacefully. Shitty president YES! Genocidal maniac hell bent on world destruction, NO! But hey, just my two cents...

  4. frankie,

    Don't get me wrong, Obama is NOT a Hitler but his is Hitler-like, i.e., a tyrant. Hitler ruled by decree, Obama rules by Executive Orders. Hitler basically bypassed their version of a Congress, Obama does the same now, i.e., appointing more Czars than ever before AND leaving cabinet seats empty so that the czars can rule by default.

    In fact, observe what is happening with offshore drilling. They slapped a moratorium on it, a fed court vacated it. They slapped it on again, a fed court vacated it. They simply did not remove it. Now, they're going BACK on a promise made (I think) back in March, by shutting down all offshore drilling.

    Now they're taking over control of the food via SB 510.

    This is how totalitarianism gains control, a little at a time. Remember when they sneered at Sarah Palin who brought up the death panels? Then a few weeks ago Berwick confirmed them?

    I pity the bureaucrat that denies me or mine health care. They won't live through it.

  5. frankie,

    Don't forget, Obama wants a civilian national security force, as strong as the US military and as well funded. Hitler and Stalin had one too, the Gestapo and NKVD respectively.

    Also, look at how disconnected Obama is with America. He's "offering" to cancel his upcoming Hawaii vacation to discuss tax breaks?


  6. There we go! Hitler-esk is what I was looking for! All valid points, except the whole Czars issue. I have seen in multiple articles that Obama has around 18-28 czars. I agree, shitty way to rule because you remove the people and elected officials from discussion. But lets not leave out the king of czars Bush43 who had 47! I know its shitty company to be in, but hey lets give credit where credit is due...Dubbayuh come on down! hahaha!

  7. frankie,

    I love deabting fiesty chicks. HOWEVER, he who laughs last, laughs best.

    First number is: # of czar titles
    Second number is # of appointees
    Third # is appointees not
    confirmed by Senate.

    George W. Bush 2001–2009 32/47/27
    Barack Obama 2009–[2012] 39/44/33

    It appears that Obama has more czars AND more appointees NOT confirmed by the Senate. And yes, WE slammed Bush over it all as well. There should be NO ONE serving as an appointee NOT vetted and confirmed by the Senate.

  8. ,

    Meant to add, Bush43 was not a Conservative and he got my vote because he was merely the lesser of two evils. I mean OWL GORE or HANOI JOHN FONDA KERRY and John "who's your daddy?" Leftwards?

    Bush43 was great for calling out who our enemy was and going after them but not much else. He and the Republican Congress could have done so much, i.e., Fannie and Freddie reform, SS reform, but they are RINOs and as such, are liberal-lite and weaklings.

  9. Checkmate there gunny! either way though as mentioned still shitty company to be in. Well played sir. The fiesty chick comment was a bit of a low blow in my opinion.

  10. frankie,

    It was actually meant as a compliment. We on the right appreciate and encourage our females to be fiesty and spunky. To embrace their pioneer spirit. I am not PC but in place of chick, how about babydoll? haha

    And you are right about the sh*tty company. The enemy is ANYONE who tramples on, craps on, ignores, or shreds my Constitution.

  11. Frankie
    If you, "totally get" comparing Obama to socialism but cannot understand comparing Obama to Hitler, let me educate you.
    Hitler was a NAZI. "The term Nazi derives from the first two syllables of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei
    (National Socialist German Workers' Party, NSDAP). ...
    In other wordsm, Hitler was a socialist.

    As far as your statement, " No one is having to shed an ounce of blood to stop Obama."
    No. Not yet. But what is his "Civilian Security Force as large and as well funded as the Army.." for? Civilians? What else?